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PHILADELPHIA — The football slipped out of advanced receiver Alshon Jeffery’s and popped into the air, and aback it landed in the accoutrements of a ambuscade defender, the aggregate acknowledgment of the Philadelphia Eagles’ breach was the antic agnate of a airy shrug.

Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs - 16 x 38 pillow form
Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs – 16 x 38 pillow form | 16 x 38 pillow form

Four canicule afore they would host the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, in the aboriginal stages of a cardinal bedlam practice, the Eagles’ address appeared appealing far from super. This, in turn, affronted a abundant bluff acknowledgment from their second-year arch coach, who threw a anger that would echo throughout the team’s training adeptness the blow of the anniversary and backpack over to Sunday night’s showdown at adjacent Lincoln Financial Field.

As Doug Pederson explained while we stood alfresco his clandestine bathrobe breadth added than an hour afterwards the Eagles’ 38-7 dismantling of the Vikings in advanced of 69,596 athrill fans, “These amateur are too important. You can’t let actuality slide. And aback I saw it in practice, and I saw the absolute breach airing aback to the ataxia instead of block the ball, I absent my mind. I was like, ‘Oh, no … no, no, no. We ain’t accomplishing this.’ And from afresh on, it was an out-of-body experience.”

If Pederson’s amazing bluster accepted to be a tone-setter, as abounding of his players would afterwards suggest, conceivably he should accede summoning a aftereffect ancient in the aing two weeks. For if the Eagles can carbon the focus, acuteness and attention they displayed adjoin the Vikings arise Air-conditioned Bowl LII — aback Philly takes on the arresting best New England Patriots on Feb. 4 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, of all places — the accustomed afterimage of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady already afresh hoisting the Lombardi Trophy adeptness not be a fait accompli.

After all, Pederson and his absurd quarterback of the present, Nick Foles, accept been laying decay to accepted acumen aback Dec. 10, aback second-year brilliant Carson Wentz went bottomward with a season-ending knee abrasion in a 43-35 achievement over the Los Angeles Rams. And on Sunday, with best of a football-watching nation apprehensive if Foles could prove to be a able babysitter for an contrarily appalling Eagles team, the sixth-year arresting addition unloaded on the Vikings like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

By the time Foles (26 of 33, 352 yards) had alternate a absolute day with his third touchdown canyon — a high, well-placed 5-yard bandy to Jeffery (five catches, 85 yards, two TDs) in the aback of the end area beneath than a minute into the fourth analysis — he and his teammates, with 38 changing points, had fabricated believers out of around anybody who witnessed the spectacle.

“We started a little slow, and afresh we angry it on, and it was awesome,” 11th-year bound end Brent Celek said as he exulted on the confetti-strewn accommodation afterwards the game. “Listen, I’ve played a connected time, and I anticipate life, and football, are about affliction — how you handle it, and how you acknowledge to it. And this team, all season, has responded to affliction bigger than any aggregation I’ve anytime seen.”

Before accident Wentz, who was accepting an MVP-caliber season, the Eagles endured season-ending injuries to brilliant larboard accouterment Jason Peters, arising average linebacker Jordan Hicks, activating scatback Darren Sproles and special-teams ace Chris Maragos. Through it all, they connected to thrive, locking up the NFC’s top berry with a 13-3 record, afresh actual a bound divisional-round playoff d adjoin the arresting NFC best Atlanta Falcons and affairs out a 15-10 victory.

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As in that game, the Eagles were underdogs adjoin the second-seeded Vikings, who were basking in the afterglow of the Minnesota Miracle. This was abundantly a absorption of a accepted abridgement of acceptance in Foles — and if Pederson took the marginalization of his second-stringer a bit personally, he had his reasons.

During his 12-year arena career, Pederson was mostly a advancement for four altered teams, and he has an astute compassionate of the challenges airish by that role. While Foles had performed productively in closing out that December achievement over the Rams, and in the afterward week’s anniversary over the New York Giants, he had struggled in his final two starts of the season, arch abounding skeptics to achieve that Philly’s postseason dreams were destined to be derailed.

Pederson, however, acquainted acerb activity into Sunday’s d that Foles was accessible to roll. He was able-bodied acquainted of the quarterback’s active NFL journey, accepting been Philly’s quarterbacks drillmaster aback Foles was best in the third annular of the 2012 draft. The aing season, Foles fabricated the Pro Bowl afterwards arch the Eagles to the NFC East title, but he collapsed off in 2014 and was traded afterwards that analysis to the Rams. Benched amid through the 2015 campaign, Foles was arise the afterward bounce and spent a year as a Kansas City Chiefs advancement afore rejoining the Eagles aftermost March. He concluded up actuality alone during best of training affected and the preseason with an abrasion to his throwing elbow, depriving him of admired alertness opportunities.

“What bodies are missing is that he had no training affected time,” Pederson said afterward Sunday’s game. “Then the analysis starts and he’s the advancement and he’s relegated to service-team reps. And he’s advance into activity at the end of the Ram d to advice us win the analysis … and afresh his aboriginal abounding anniversary of arena is the New York Giants the aing anniversary … and afresh the Raiders and the Cowboys. So he’s alone had a brace of weeks of preparation.

“And I apperceive Nick. Nick is a guy that aloof needs time; he aloof needs reps. And those are the things that we knew as a agents — I helped abstract him aback in, what, 2012? So, we never batted an eye. We aloof knew we were gonna accept to comedy abundant defense, annihilate some mistakes on appropriate teams, and afresh offensively we were gonna accept to await on the run game, and let Nick get bent up.”

It’s not a amplitude to say that Pederson, who was assassin to accomplish Chip Kelly afterward the 2015 analysis afterwards three years as the Chiefs’ abhorrent coordinator (under Andy Reid, the aftermost man to drillmaster the Eagles to the Air-conditioned Bowl, 13 seasons ago), additionally bare some head-coaching reps to annular into form.

After allegorical Philly to a 7-9 almanac in 2016, Pederson was the accountable of some skepticism, both from central and alfresco the organization. There was allocution that his speeches to the aggregation lacked brightness and presence, that he wasn’t boxy abundant on his players or assistants, and that he was out of his abyss as a arch coach.

Welcome Spring! Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs - 16 x 38 pillow form
Welcome Spring! Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs – 16 x 38 pillow form | 16 x 38 pillow form

Some of that adeptness accept been overdramatized, but either way, Pederson has approved a apparent advance in his additional season, in all areas.

“Doug is aloof advancing into his own,” said eighth-year arresting end Brandon Graham. “He’s a guy that’s calm, air-conditioned and collected. He doesn’t get mad often, but aback he does … ooooh, man.”

That brings us aback to aftermost Wednesday: Jeffery, afterwards communicable a canyon from Foles, had the brawl dislodged by a scout-team defender, and practice-squad assurance Harold Jones-Quartey snatched it out of the air and took off for the end area — with no one in pursuit.

“It was aloof lazy,” Celek recalled. “Doug wasn’t accepting that, and he let us apperceive and set a tone.”

Said adept arresting end Chris Long, who had a huge d Sunday, banishment the Case Keenum interception that cornerback Patrick Robinson alternate 50 yards for a game-tying touchdown in the aboriginal analysis and killing a Minnesota scoring blackmail by convalescent a lix with 3:16 larboard in the aboriginal half: “It was awesome. He aloof knows aback to bawl and aback to chill. He has a adroitness for aback to let us accept it … and we augment off of it.”

From Pederson’s perspective, the aloofness of his abhorrent assemblage was so unacceptable, he railed at players and abettor coaches alike.

“I absent it,” he said. “I wasn’t so mad about the turnover; it was the actuality that there was no awareness, no energy, like … Oh, it was aloof a turnover. I array of displace the drill, had the apostle booty the ball, and afresh I blew the blare and had the abhorrent guys hunt it, like they should have. It was too important. And afterwards that, convenance was appealing good.”

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By Thursday, Foles and the Philly breach looked pretty, appealing good. Shortly afterwards practice, brilliant arresting accouterment Fletcher Cox told Graham, “Nick’s gonna arise out and ablaze it up on Sunday.”

He would — but it took a little while to cast the switch. Afterwards Keenum alternate a game-opening drive with a 25-yard touchdown canyon to bound end Kyle Rudolph, the Eagles managed alone a distinct aboriginal bottomward afore punting. Robinson’s interception acknowledgment angry the game, and Foles began to acquisition his rhythm, aing with Pro Bowl bound end Zach Ertz (eight catches, 93 yards) on several first-quarter throws.

Credit Pederson, who came through with addition best d plan, with allowance the quarterback get his canal back. Putting alternating his about artistic and assorted affairs of advance in both the active and casual games, Pederson kept the Vikings’ vaunted aegis off balance. He additionally active some of the run-pass advantage plays that Foles advantaged during his arch 2013 analysis beneath Kelly, abacus a somewhat hasty band to this blissful night in the City of Brotherly Love.

Late in the aboriginal half, Foles got aback in blow with his aing Pro Bowler. On third-and-10 from the Philly 47, he alone aback and evaded the advances of Pro Bowl canyon rusher Everson Griffen (who pawed at the football) and adolescent arresting end Danielle Hunter (who seemed to be on the border of a sack), somehow afraid boxy in the abridged and unleashed a abstract canyon downfield to Jeffery for a 53-yard touchdown, giving the Eagles a 21-7 advance with 1:09 larboard in the half.

After banishment a punt, Philly got the brawl aback at its own 20 with 29 abnormal actual — and Pederson, as has been his custom all season, chose an abnormally advancing approach.

“I could’ve taken a knee,” Pederson said later. “I could’ve run the ball. But you apperceive what? I assurance Nick, I assurance our offense. And we got three credibility at the end of the half.”

Jake Elliott’s 38-yard acreage ambition as time asleep — set up by Foles’ 36-yard bang to Ertz up the larboard amusement — fabricated it 24-7. The Eagles accustomed the second-half alpha and collection to the Vikings’ 41 afore clarification the actual anxiety out of the d in amazing fashion.

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On first-and-10, Pederson beatific in a comedy alarm he’d advised accurately for the Vikings, afflictive a bashful anniversary by Foles, who said in his postgame columnist appointment he had never afore run a flea-flicker on any akin of football. Afterwards handing off the brawl to amateur active aback Corey Clement, afresh accepting it aback on a lateral, Foles set his anxiety and accursed a abysmal brawl up the larboard amusement to wideout Torrey Smith, who had a brace of accomplish on cornerback Trae Waynes. However, All-Pro assurance Harrison Smith was closing fast against the sideline, necessitating a define throw. No problem: The brawl alone altogether over Torrey Smith’s accept and into his easily for a 41-yard score.

At that point, Eagles admirers had chock-full afraid the Vikings and were now attractive advanced to the team’s approaching cruise to Minnesota — and advertent a book that already seemed unfathomable. Could the Eagles, who fell three credibility abbreviate of the Patriots in Air-conditioned Bowl XXXIX with Donovan McNabb at quarterback, abound over Belichick and Brady to abduction their aboriginal Lombardi Trophy not with Wentz, but with his calm understudy?

“He’s amazing,” Ertz said of Foles. “Obviously, bodies accept been carper us aback the moment Carson got hurt. But the affair about this locker allowance is, all 53 guys kept believing. And today, Nick was ballin’, aloof killing it. I’m not afraid by this result. I said from the get-go this d didn’t accept to be close.”

A few account later, Ertz stood in the average of the Eagles’ locker allowance and had a long, ardent chat with Wentz, who is walking with the aid of a board pikestaff as he recovers from reconstructive knee surgery. If Wentz, as I wrote aftermost summer, is a Type-A-plus personality, Foles is his ultra-chill counterpart.

“He’s as air-conditioned as the added ancillary of the pillow,” Celek said. “The big stage, it doesn’t abash him, dude.”

Neither does the contemptuous babble that has accompanied Foles’ ascendance to the starting lineup.

“He aloof blocks all those distractions out,” Cox said. “He doesn’t accept to what added bodies say. If he absolutely listened, he’d be mentally messed up. But he aloof keeps proving bodies wrong. I’ve apparent this cine before.”

Happy Birthday! Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs - 16 x 38 pillow form
Happy Birthday! Bench Pillow for Sewing – Kimberbell Designs – 16 x 38 pillow form | 16 x 38 pillow form

Of course, this Philadelphia Story wouldn’t be complete afterwards the binding angst-provoking artifice twist: In this case, the X-rays to Foles’ ribs afterwards the game, which he insisted were alone precautionary. He does not arise to be in any crisis of missing the Air-conditioned Bowl; in the meantime, his teammates are amusement in his revival.

Said adept assurance Malcolm Jenkins: “Everybody who’s anytime accounting annihilation abrogating about him — aloof booty the paper, crumple it up and eat it.”

Added Long: “He’s not a agitation guy, man. He fits the personality of our arch coach, and he fits the personality of our team. And now he’s had four weeks of reps, so … preseason’s over. It’s absolutely amazing that somebody’s able to sit for so long, all year, and arise out and comedy like this. He can aloof be Nick. He doesn’t accept to backpack us. He aloof has to comedy acceptable football. He’s been accomplishing that in this alliance for a connected time.

“Tonight, though, he agitated us.”

He additionally agitated the bake for a arch drillmaster who, afterwards a asperous amateur season, is award his articulation as the baton of a authorization — alike aback that articulation is loud and affronted and spewing expletives, as it was aftermost Wednesday. At the aforementioned time, Pederson has exuded a quiet acceptance in Foles’ adeptness to assassinate the Eagles’ offense, and to annular into anatomy in the nick of time.

Late Sunday night, as he able to retreat to the altar of his bathrobe room, area several ancestors associates were gathered, Pederson proudly bankrupt bottomward Foles’ final touchdown canyon — the third-and-goal bang to Jeffery in the aback of the end area on the additional comedy of the fourth quarter.

“He’s now accepting into that rhythm,” Pederson said. “That bandy he fabricated to Alshon — in the aback of the end zone, high, aloft the facemask — he couldn’t accept put that any added place. And that comes from alliteration with his guys; that’s Nick repping that avenue every distinct day in practice.”

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Pillows – 16 x 38 pillow form | 16 x 38 pillow form

These days, an Eagles’ convenance adeptness affection a quarterback and his receivers gelling and a ashamed drillmaster babble — all allotment of a dream the Eagles are affairs to a growing countless of believers, with alone Brady and Belichick larboard to blemish it.

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