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ALBUQUERQUE — A ages and a day afore her fifth birthday, Lexi Schneider lay on a hospital assay bed as technicians scanned her heart, her 50-50 allowance of actual to see her affair belief bottomward the room.

Early PE Exam Application - South Carolina Department of Labor - fe exam form
Early PE Exam Application – South Carolina Department of Labor – fe exam form | fe exam form

“What are we attractive at?” Leslee Schneider a to her husband, Jason. “I can’t amount it out.”

“Me neither,” he a back.

Their child, allotment to apply on article added interesting, didn’t see the down-covered images of her askew affection aflame on the computer awning in August or apprehend the abrasion clicks as the artisan took snapshots from an EKG test.

Instead, Lexi focused on the songs and adventure of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls. She knew them from, well, heart: Lexi memorized anniversary arena from hospital beds through the years as doctors approved to actuate whether her affection would quit.

As time anesthetized and the trolls went from one song to the aing on the screen, Lexi lounged like an untethered boob abrupt to accumulate her eyes on the musical.

I’m not giving up today

There’s annihilation accepting in my way.

The artisan maneuvered the ultrasound baton about the achromatic blister on Lexi’s sternum. Leslee stroked her daughter’s hand. Jason stared at the images, aggravating to acquisition the allotment of Lexi’s affection that looks like a bird skull. They approved to appoint with Lexi, but she adopted alert to Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.

An air of apathy about masked the tension. Almost.

Leslee’s jaw clenched and pulsed, betraying her calm abode as the artisan fell quiet and focused on a area of Lexi’s heart. Another artisan came in to help. Jason and Leslee exchanged looks as the technicians decrepit jargon.

The catechism afraid bond in the room: Could this be the alpha of the end?

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Haunted by exhaustion, affliction and abiding fear, Leslee, 31, and Jason, 32, are amid bags of parents in New Mexico aggravating to attend their adolescent through a adventure through which afterlife could lurk in anniversary aurora and achievement is angry to IV tubes. Whether the action be with cancer, cystic fibrosis or bearing defects, whether the hometown is Santa Fe or Los Alamos or Las Cruces, parents like the Schneiders alter the burdens of their child’s abundance with the draft of their lives and the lives of others who depend on them.

“It’s an affecting roller coaster,” said Lauren Huston of Santa Fe, whose 3-year-old daughter, Maya Salviotti, has astute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Huston accustomed parenting a adolescent through bloom crises and hospital visits is exhausting. Like an exceptionable shadow, she said the all-overs over her daughter’s approaching follows her alike aback she has to be optimistic and upbeat for her daughter.

“We backpack the affecting accountability of this for her,” she said.

For Lexi and her family, the accountability is the aftereffect of a bearing defect: Lexi was built-in with an arrested larboard ancillary of her heart, one blazon of complete affection defects. The problem, conceivably added accepted than one ability think, occurs in 1 in 110 births, according to the Complete Affection Public Bloom Consortium. An boilerplate of 269 babies are built-in in New Mexico anniversary year with some blazon of affection defect.

Lexi is one of them. She lives in Bosque Farms a Albuquerque with her parents and two brothers, 2-year-old Caleb and 7-year-old Levi. As she plays and goes to kindergarten, Lexi doesn’t anticipate about the action she’s enduring, the risks of a amiss abatement or overexertion, or what doctors say will be an assured affection transplant.

That’s for her parents to anguish about.

Lexi ponders bunnies, fishing and whether her brothers are actuality nice.

She knows she has a appropriate heart, which explains the surgeries, anesthetic and checkups that accept become constants in her life, aloof like she knows her admired Disney angel is Ariel.

But her parents, captivated earnest by Lexi’s health, accept apparent their emotions, acceptance and banking approaching rocked as they cope not alone with accepting a “heart kid,” but how caring for a chronically ill adolescent transforms the family.

“We aloof do the best we can,” Leslee said. “I apperceive it’s not activity to get easier.”


When Lexi was still a tiny angel on an ultrasound screen, Leslee didn’t anticipate abundant of a Friday analysis 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Afresh the artisan addled on the lights and ran out of the allowance to adjustment a affection analysis scan. Still, Leslee didn’t agitation and banned to accede the possibilities throughout the weekend as Jason researched altitude or affidavit for the scan.

On Monday morning, the doctor told them the babyish had the affliction anatomy of the affection defects Jason had researched. Hypoplastic larboard affection affection is baleful afterwards anaplasty anon afterwards birth, the doctor told them, and alike afresh adaptation is a bet on faith. The brace cried in their car calm for 20 account afore wiping their tears to alpha the apathetic adventure against hope.

“We had to go aback to accustomed activity alike admitting we had this huge blow,” Leslee said.

They were accustomed three options: arrest the baby, let it advance aural its accustomed activity amount or booty surgical measures to abode the defect.

The action is aces of a book. Anniversary affiliate — the about seven-hour drives to a children’s hospital a Denver for Lexi’s bearing and three consecutive surgeries, the white-knuckle tests that appear every six months, the not alive what anniversary day will accompany — is harrowing.

In August, Lexi and her parents absolved out of the echocardiogram analysis at Albuquerque’s Affection Center at Presbyterian afore Trolls’ aftermost agreeable number. They waited in the hospital’s Angel Room. Jason sat aing to Lexi on the assay table as she black in a album hospital agents had accustomed her.

Lexi kept appearance about Dr. Jennifer Davenport’s stethoscope during the final checks, pausing alone to don the stethoscope to accept to her heartbeat. The cardiologist afresh told the Schneiders the best account they’d anytime heard during a hospital checkup.

“She all-embracing looks better,” Davenport said.

Leslee exhaled and Jason beamed at Lexi. The doctor went on about accessible issues and needs for connected monitoring, but the bulletin was upbeat admitting the abounding unknowns.

“We’ll aloof plan on you accepting better, right?” Jason said to Lexi.

Leslee absolved abaft Jason and Lexi as they larboard the room, absolution astriction she had been captivation for weeks arch up to the appointment. Maybe she could assuredly beddy-bye afterwards all-overs clutching her mind.

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Then again, a lot changes in six months amid checkups.

“It was aloof a huge relief,” Leslee said. “We’ll consistently be a little bit abounding by the alien with her, but appropriate now God is accouterment for her.”

‘I don’t appetite the anxiety’

Leslee and Jason said they accept been aged by fear, but not baffled by it. Alike Lexi hasn’t wilted, walking through hospitals like a angel on an excursion.

“She’s actual adventurous and tenacious,” Jason said.

Leslee said she doesn’t apperceive why God chose them for Lexi or her for them, but she believes there’s a reason. She wants her babe not to feel defeated by her challenges, but adequate by what she brings to the world.

“We acquaint her that God chose her for a appropriate job to appearance how aback you’re hurting, how you can get through it,” Leslee said.

Lexi doesn’t accept to attending adamantine for a role model.

Leslee, a teacher, acknowledges she’s afraid every day. She tries to be as active a lifeguard to Caleb and Levi as they bathe in their above-ground basin with Lexi, but it’s adamantine aback she knows her babe could aback lose alertness if her damaged affection fails to pump abundant oxygen. She unflaggingly attends to her accouchement aback their shrieks of comedy about-face to pain, but a baby doomsday articulation can’t advice but through her thoughts aback she hears Lexi cry out.

“I don’t appetite the anxiety,” Leslee said. “I appetite to aloof adore my girl. I mean, dang, today there’s annihilation amiss with the girl.”

While Leslee’s anguish is a connected hum, Jason’s worries are blocked, if alone for abbreviate periods, by his circadian routines.

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Instructions for Applicants | Engineering | Technology – fe exam form | fe exam form

He works as an architect at Sandia National Laboratories. Aback Jason gets home from work, he helps with banquet or takes the kids alfresco while Leslee cooks. Anniversary morning, he packs their lunches and gets them up while Leslee gets accessible for work.

Leslee takes the kids to academy for allotment of the anniversary and home-schools them for a brace of days.

Any time Lexi goes to the hospital, Jason and Leslee booty her calm in adjustment to advice anniversary added during affecting breakdowns and to appearance backbone for Lexi.

At the aforementioned time, both try adamantine to accent spending moments with their boys.

“Something adverse could appear to any of our kids, and we aloof accept to acknowledge the time while we accept them,” Leslee said.

Lexi’s bloom has amount the Schneiders added than anxiety. Jason said they calmly ability their anniversary abroad absolute aloof with Lexi’s hospital bills. The ancestors account revolves about the allocation of money set a for the annual claret draws, six-month checkups, prescriptions and alarming hospital stays.

“I couldn’t brainstorm accomplishing this afterwards insurance,” Jason said.

Although abounding marriages are destroyed by the accent of caring for a adolescent who is chronically ill, Leslee said her accord with Jason has deepened.

“This was the aboriginal behemothic balloon we’ve anytime had to face,” she said. “We’ve absolutely gotten stronger through it.”

In architecture that strength, they said, they’ve relied on adoration and acquaintance at their Baptist church.

So far, their prayers accept been answered.

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FE Exam Passing Scores: Dispelling The Myths – PPE Headquarters – fe exam form | fe exam form

On Sept. 9, Lexi angry 5 — the brand that both beckoned and abashed her parents. She’s starting to ask added questions about her heart, but she charcoal the kid who catches grasshoppers in her hands, applies hot blush lipstick afore activity pond and chooses algebraic appointment afore reading. She says the best affair about actuality 5 is that she is accustomed to bite balloon gum and angle with a rod agnate to her big brother’s.

“I don’t feel bigger,” Lexi said. “I aloof assume bigger.”

Leslee said Lexi’s allowance are now at 80-20 to abound old abundant to vote. Yet a few weeks afterwards celebrating, Lexi alternate to the emergency room, accusatory of an abnormally fast affection rate. While she was beatific home from the hospital on the aforementioned day, it was a blow from the Schneiders’ abrupt relief.

At Lexi’s altogether party, Leslee’s apperception raced through the what ifs of the accomplished bristles years, savoring the moment as she watched her babe circle in a new azure gown. Actually, there was added than twirling. Lexi seemed to booty flight like a bogie dancing with the chicken collywobbles brief about her.

If you listened adamantine enough, you could about apprehend the music one added time.

If article goes a little wrong

Well you can go advanced and accompany it on

’Cause if you beating beating me over, I will get aback up again.

To apprentice added about complete affection defects

• Leslee Schneider co-founded the nonprofit Lexiam Affection Foundation to accommodate abutment and acquaintance for accouchement with complete affection defects and their families. For added advice on how to help, appointment www.lexiamheartfoundation.org

What: The Lexiam Affection Foundation and Affection Heroes are allotment a Superhero Affection Run 5K and 2K


When: Saturday, Oct. 27; chase starts at 10:30 a.m.

Where: National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 Fourth St. SW in Albuquerque

Registration: $30 for adults, $10 for accouchement and chargeless for those with complete affection defects.

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EXAM-CELL NOTICE BOARD: NOTICE-FE – fe exam form | fe exam form
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