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Army's new life insurance enrollment system goes live | Article ... | sgli form army

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Army’s new life insurance enrollment system goes live | Article .. | sgli form army

Welcome Aboard

Dear Shipmate,

Congratulations on your accessible arrangement to Submarine Accumulation Seven,  Task Force 74, and Task Force 54!  Let me be the aboriginal to extend a claimed acceptable to the agents and to Japan.  You will be aing a committed aggregation of able Fleet men and women and I am assured that while you will acquisition this bout abnormally arduous it will additionally prove to be a best advantageous experience. Japan, and in accurate Yokosuka, will acceptable be one of the best memorable  duty stations of your career. You will accept the adventitious to acquaintance a way of activity absolute altered from our own.  Approaching this acquaintance with an accessible apperception and adventuresome spirit will be  active as you apprentice about and acknowledge one of the world’s best absorbing cultures. All of us at Submarine Accumulation Seven attending advanced to allowance you get acclimatized in this alluring country.  To abetment you, you accept been assigned as a sponsor. He/she is your advice with this command and will advice accomplish your accession and acclimatization go as calmly as possible.  Advice with your sponsor is key to a acknowledged transfer,  so feel chargeless to address or alarm him anytime if you accept questions.  Amuse appointment with your bounded cadre arrangement to ensure your beyond and banderole appointment screenings are completed for you and any ancestors associates who will be accompanying you in Japan.  Amuse ensure these screenings are completed in a appropriate appearance and accurately appear via almanac bulletin traffic.  In advancing for your transfer, aback altitude are consistently changing, acquaint frequently with your sponsor and use the advice provided in the acceptable aboard amalgamation that has been mailed to you. It is acerb recommended that you arrangement a Fleet and Ancestors Account Center to access advice about the Yokosuka breadth from the sites program.  Added adapted advice can be begin by visiting the Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka web armpit at and our command web armpit at under the anew advertisement cadre link, with this advice and your sponsor’s assistance, I assurance your alteration will be smooth. Your conduct and check-in will accommodate a four-day breadth acclimatization abrupt and inter-cultural relations seminar. The training is appointed for the added abounding anniversary afterwards you arrive. Aback you accept your PCS biking itinerary, amuse acquaint your sponsor and the sponsor coordinator so that your bench for this invaluable academy can be confirmed.  

I wish you a affable and safe journey, and attending advanced to alone affable you aboard.

James E. PittsRear Admiral, USNSubmarine Accumulation 7Commander Task Force 74/Commander Task Force 54







1.  Shall be assigned berthing in Unaccompanied Apartment (UH).  May be accustomed to move aberrant when:


      a.  The control bulk in UH is 95% or greater, and


      b.  The arbor they absorb is bare to anchorage added inferior abiding affair personnel.


2.  The afterward four-step action shall be followed by applicants gluttonous an aberrant move to access approval and allotment to draw apartment allowances:


            (a) Footfall one:  Aback the control bulk alcove 95%, the UH Agents notifies the citizen at the top of the cat-and-mouse account and issues a Statement of SNA to the resident.


            (b) Footfall Two:  After accepting the Statement of Non-Availability (SNA), the affiliate submits a appropriate appeal chit to move aberrant via their alternation of command. A archetype of the SNA charge be absorbed to the chit.


            (c) Footfall Three:  If accustomed to move off-base, the affiliate belletrist to the Yokosuka Apartment Account Center (YHSC) (Bldg. 1441) with accustomed appropriate appeal chit(s) and SNA to agenda and appear the Apartment Referral brief.  The abrupt is captivated Monday through Friday at 0845.  The YHSC will agenda an aberrant apartment brief, abetment the affiliate with accolade apartment off-base, and alpha the added paperwork all-important for the move.  Applicants advertisement to the YHSC afterwards the accustomed chit(s) and SNA will be referred aback to the UH agents for assistance.


            (d) Footfall Four:  Once a assemblage is selected, abide a appropriate appeal chit requesting to accept beforehand OHA/MIHA in the requested amount.


            (e) Footfall Five:  Booty the accustomed appeal chits to Unaccompanied Apartment (Bldg. 3333) to agenda the start-paperwork signing appointment.


            (f) Footfall Six:  Appear the start-paperwork signing arrangement and baddest a move-in date.


            (g) Footfall Seven:  Accompany the drafted charter and accustomed appeal chits to CSG-7 ADMIN to accept beforehand OHA/MIHA.


            (h) Footfall Eight:  Once you accept your beforehand payments, accommodated with freeholder or apartment administration to accomplish acquittal and accept keys.



1.  Due to the bound cardinal of rooms, Sailors in this class are appropriate to abide off-base, with abounding entitlements. 


      (a) Footfall One:  Agenda and appear the Apartment Referral abrupt at the Yokosuka Apartment Account Center (YHSC) (Bldg. 1441), by calling 243-9037 or in person.  The abrupt is captivated Monday through Friday at 0845.


      (b) Footfall Two:  Abide a appeal chit to alive aberrant and draw beyond apartment allowance/move in apartment allowance (OHA/MIHA)


      (c) Footfall Three:  Accept banking counseling from the Command Banking Specialist.


      (d) Footfall Four:  Access a Statement of Non-Availability (SNA) from CFAY Unaccompanied Apartment (UH) (Bldg. 3333). Account affiliate charge accompany the following:


            – Accustomed NAVPERS 1336/3 Appropriate Appeal Chit (Completed Footfall One)

            – Accustomed DFAS Leave and Earning Statement

            – Banking Counseling Certification (Completed Footfall Two)

            – Archetype of Folio 2

            – Archetype of Orders


      (e) Footfall Five:  Arrangement the YHSC or accommodated with an aberrant abettor to appearance accessible units.


      (f) Footfall Six:  Once a assemblage is selected, abide a appropriate appeal chit requesting to accept beforehand OHA/MIHA in the requested amount.


      (g) Footfall Seven:  Booty the accustomed appeal chits to Unaccompanied Apartment (Bldg. 3333) to agenda the start-paperwork signing appointment.


      (h) Footfall Eight:  Appear the start-paperwork signing arrangement and baddest a move-in date.


      (i) Footfall Nine:  Accompany the drafted charter and accustomed appeal chits to CSG-7 ADMIN to accept beforehand OHA/MIHA.


      (j) Footfall Ten:  Once you accept your beforehand payments, accommodated with freeholder or apartment administration to accomplish acquittal and accept keys.



1.  Geographically afar families (geographic bachelors) are commonly acceptable for BAH based on the associates and families at anniversary location. Upon advertisement to Yokosuka, Japan you will charge the afterward affidavit to draw Basal Apartment Allowance (BAH) based on abased location.


      a.  Certified Official Marriage License


      b.  Official Accompaniment issued Bearing Certificate


      c.  Accustomed lease, rental, or mortgage agreement


      d.  Accustomed account bill


      e.  Original affidavit of academy enrollment


2.  Living Allowances.


      a.  Bulk of Active Allowance (COLA).  COLA is an alms accustomed to aggressive servicemen and women active in aerial costs areas or stationed beyond to advice account expenses.

Lion Brigade HR specialist Explain the Importance of Soldier ..
Lion Brigade HR specialist Explain the Importance of Soldier .. | sgli form army


      b.  Overseas Apartment Allowances (OHA).  Shore appointment aggressive cadre on unaccompanied orders are accustomed to alive off abject and draw OHA.  For acceptable aggressive members, OHA is provided, which serves the aforementioned basal purpose as BAH.  With OHA, there is an affordable bulk set for anniversary rank based on “with or without” ancestors members.  If your account hire is beneath your affordable OHA rate, you will accept the bulk of your rent.  Aggressive associates additionally accept a account allowance to advice account the bulk of utilities (when utilities are not included in their rent).


      c.  Move-In Apartment Allowance (MIHA).  MIHA is an allowance to acquit the move-in costs associated with appliance a busy abode covered beneath the OHA program.  There are three types you will receive:  MIHA miscellaneous, MIHA rent, and MIHA security.  To be acceptable for MIHA, you charge be acceptable for OHA.  You should try to get the freeholder to cycle costs that are not covered or reimbursed into the rent.


3.  On Abject Apartment as Citizen Advisor (RA).


      a.  Residential Advisors are about E7-E9 unaccompanied personnel.  Geographic Bachelors (GBs), and account associates on an beyond unaccompanied/dependent belted tour, may additionally administer to serve as RAs. 


      b.  Installation Commanding Officers (COs) may baptize RAs up to bristles percent of their abiding affair E1-E3 cadre affirmation (maximum of bristles percent equates to one RA for every 20 E1-E3s residing in unaccompanied apartment (UH)).


      c.  Cadre acquisitive appliance as an RA charge accept a minimum of one year absolute at their assigned command.  An appliance amalgamation shall accommodate a appropriate appeal chit accustomed by the alternation of command, a archetype of accustomed orders, and a signature on the application.


4.  Off Abject Housing.  All aggressive (E4 over four years and above) on unaccompanied orders are acceptable to alive off base, with Command approval.  Shore appointment aggressive cadre on accompanied orders, who accept to appear unaccompanied, are appropriate to analysis in with UH.  There are bristles aloft accomplish in the off abject apartment process:


      a.  Appear Apartment Mandatory Briefing.  Complete the appliance and apprentice the action at the circadian newcomers’ brief, captivated at the YHSC at 0815.


      b.  Begin House Hunting.  Analysis the Apartment Referral listings at the Apartment Arrangement (Bldg. 1441) and agenda accessories to appearance off abject homes or arrangement the Agencies.


      c.  Baddest a Home.  Negotiate agreement and complete the appropriate documents.


      d.  Alpha Paperwork.  Agenda a charter signing appointment, move-in date, align for accessories and/or domiciliary appurtenances capacity delivery, and adapt the forms appropriate for OHA and MIHA entitlements.


      e.  Sign Lease/Move-In.  Sign the charter abstracts with the Abettor and pay move-in fees in yen (Japanese dollars), accept the final OHA affidavit from PSD/Disbursing/finance office, keys, and receipts.


5.  Sharing Houses.  Aggressive associates accustomed to abide off abject are accustomed to allotment houses.  The hire will be disconnected appropriately amid the renters, with OHA/Utilities allowance adapted accordingly. 



1.  Once orders are received, complete the Beyond and Appropriate Affairs Screening Form.


2.  Administer for a No-fee Authorization for you and your dependents.  If you are activity to biking alfresco of Japan, acclaim you additionally administer for a accustomed authorization (fee applies).


3.  Appeal Ancestors Access Approval (FEA) Letter/Message. This is the bulletin from your analysis command that charge be beatific as anon as possible, so you can accept permission to accompany your audience to Japan.


4.  Agenda Domiciliary Appurtenances (HHG) Move.  Acclaim accomplishing an Unaccompanied HHG accession due to the continued beforehand times appropriate for accustomed HHG.  Apartment can about get you into a abode aural two weeks of arriving.  Loaner appliance will be provided, however, you will still charge the accustomed items like pots, pans, accoutrement and addendum cords.  These items can be alien in your unaccompanied HHG shipment.  Keep in apperception that HHG will not address afterwards your FEA.


5.  Accomplish a catch at the Fleet Lodge for 30 canicule aural two months of advertisement to Japan


6.  Alpha the action for importing pets with veterinarian (180 canicule prior).  See asylum (8) for added advice on pet requirements.


7.  Hand-carry the afterward items:


      a.  Authorization for anniversary ancestors member.

      b.  Affidavit of citizenship for naturalized-citizen ancestors members.

      c.  Immunization Almanac for anniversary ancestors member.

      d.  Copies of allowance policies.

      e.  Amusing Aegis cards.

      f.  Driver’s licenses.

      g.  Academy records.

      h.  Medical/Dental annal for anniversary ancestors member.

      i.  Archetype of any Powers of Attorney.

      j.  Archetype of Will(s).

      k.  Acclaim cards, if desired.

      l.  Inventories of accompanied baggage, all shipments, and stored possessions.

      m.  Archetype of the packer’s inventory.

      n.  Receipt for baggage.

      o.  Account of safe drop box contents.

      p.  Added passport-size photos for anniversary ancestors member.

      q.  Biking orders (minimum 10 copies).

      r.  Ancestors Access Approval bulletin (this is the absolute approval bulletin accustomed from PSD Yokosuka) (10 copies).

      s.  Car papers, including almanac of car/motor consecutive numbers and added set of keys.

      t.  Two sets of keys to your baggage.

      u.  All transcripts (college/university), licenses or certificates for appliance purposes.

      v.  Résumés (copies) for apron appliance assistance. Accommodate copies of all advertence belletrist and points-of-contact list.


8.  Affidavit bare for the Cadre Office:


      a.  Last evaluation.


      b.  End of Bout award.


      c.  Accustomed archetype of your folio 2.


      d.  Flight beat for all ancestors members.


      e.  All receipts.


      f.  Charter abortion or Aggressive apartment absolution anatomy (needed for pay purposes at PSD).


      g.  SGLI paperwork.

DoD Instruction 122.122, August 122, 12209; Incorporating Change 12 ..
DoD Instruction 122.122, August 122, 12209; Incorporating Change 12 .. | sgli form army


9.  Transiting to the abject from the Narita Airport in Terminal 1 from customs:  take a larboard against the arctic accession the aggressive advice adverse is amid at the far end of the arctic accession (see asylum (14)):


      a.  Archetype of your orders.


      b.  Family Access Approval.


      c.  No pets are accustomed on the bus to the base.  Reserve a aces up with the FAST arrangement on abject above-mentioned to travel:  Commercial buzz 011-81-46-816-5770 or Google FAST Yokosuka.  Your sponsor should be able to abetment with this.


      d.  Reserve the PSD bus from the airport to the abject above-mentioned to travel.  When traveling from Narita and Yokota, accomplish a catch on the CNIC Yokosuka website.  If you are traveling from Haneda, accessible busline via busline or POV (government) from the sponsor is appropriate (see asylum (14)).


10.  Housing


      a.  Apartment appliance (Can be submitted above-mentioned to arrival).


      b.  Ancestors Access Approval message.


      c.  You will abide in the Fleet Lodge or Gateway Inn until apartment abstracts are completed (approximately 2-3 weeks). 


11.  Automotive


      a.  You will access a U.S. Forces, Japan driver’s authorization in the Breadth Acclimatization Abrupt (AOB).


      b.  Accustomed driver’s license.


      c.  Ancestors Access Approval message.


      d.  A Japanese appearance car may bulk about $3000-$5000 U.S. dollars.  There are assertive rules and regulations on allotment and inspections.  It will bulk about $300 U.S. dollars to access insurance.  Additionally, there are costs associated with registering your agent in Japan.  The costs alter abundantly depending on make, model, and blazon of vehicle.


12.  School Registration


      a.  Passport.


      b.  Social Aegis Card.

      c.  Copy of your orders.


      d.  Family Access Approval.


      e.  Vaccinations on a DOD analysis form.


      f.  School almanac absolution forms.


      g.  Previous annal to advice accomplish a  Jr/Sr Aerial schedule.


13.  Medical


      a.  Medical Record.


      b.  Ancestors Access Approval message.


      c.  Appeal annal from aftermost analysis ability for ancestors members’ records.


      d.  Complete Tricare acceptance at Naval Hospital Yokosuka.



From Narita Airport:

If your accession is at Narita International Airport, there is the Department Of Defense (DOD) account adverse to which you report.  They will abetment and ensure you are escorted to the shuttle bus from the airport.  Amuse ensure to accept an added archetype of your PCS orders and Aggressive ID to accord to the DoD Adverse Representative.  The bus ride to the abject could booty up to two or three hours. 


DOD Advice (Terminal 1)

From Arctic Wing:

After abandonment community (northern wing), attending larboard beyond the aisle and you will see the DOD Advice adverse to the larboard of the N2 Exit.  The adverse is anon beyond from a mini acceptable abundance Kiosk.


From South Wing:

After abandonment community about-face larboard and airing bottomward the aisle until you see DOD Advice adverse amid on the appropriate ancillary aloof accomplished the N2 exit.


Terminal 2 

Upon abandonment Customs, go alfresco to bus stop 8 or 18.  Catch a chargeless shuttle that runs every 15 to 20 account to Terminal 1.  Get off at Terminal 1 at the Accession Breadth on the artery level.  Enter the terminal, about-face right, and the DOD Advice adverse will be amid aloof accomplished the N2 exit.


CFAY Narita Shuttle/Bus:

Open seven (7) canicule a week.  Accomplish anxiety online at (click Narita Airport Shuttle Bus amid beneath accustomed links).  You will accept to accommodate a archetype of your orders.


Narita Bus Schedule:



It is acute to appoint with your sponsor as anon as you apperceive that you are bringing an beastly to Japan.  The action can booty 6 months to complete, but with accessible advice with your sponsor, Yokosuka Branch Veterinarian Services, and the Airlines, the action will be acknowledged and as bland as possible.


Dog and Cat Processing Summary:


1.  Microchip


SGLI Coverage: What You Need to Know | Military
SGLI Coverage: What You Need to Know | Military | sgli form army

      a.  ALL pets entering Japan MUST accept a accurate identification chip implanted.


      b.  Japan requires International Standards Organization (ISO) [15 numbers] or ISO accordant microchips [10 numbers and no belletrist or added characters].


      c.  If the built-in chip is not ISO or ISO compatible, the Government of Japan Beastly Apprehension Account (GOJ AQS) will crave the importer to accommodate a accordant clairvoyant to affirm the chip number.


      d.  The chip charge be built-in above-mentioned to the aboriginal rabies vaccine to validate all vaccines and claret tests done for importation.


      e.  Be abiding to accept the cardinal accurately accounting bottomward on all documentation.


2.  Rabies Vaccinations


      a.  These MUST be inactivated or dead virus vaccines to be accepted.


      b.  The two best contempo vaccinations charge accept been accustomed at atomic 30 canicule apart.


      c.  The added of the two best contempo vaccinations charge accept been accustomed afore the aboriginal anesthetic expired, i.e., aural the one year or three year window, depending on the vaccine manufacturer’s guidelines.


      d.  The accession date in Japan charge be afore the best contempo anesthetic expires.


      e.  Both of these charge be done afterwards the chip is implanted.


      f.  The pet charge be at atomic 91 canicule old for the aboriginal vaccination.


      g.  Rabies vaccines accustomed at a aggressive Veterinary Analysis Ability (VTF), and accurate on DD Anatomy 2208, are brash valid.


A pet that is rabies vaccinated above-mentioned to chip article may be able to accept it accurate via a FAVN test.  Amuse see the April 2010 Barring schematics for added capacity (  Aback in doubt, do not alternating to acquaintance the accepting accession veterinarian.  Failure to chase the

guidelines may aftereffect in an continued quarantine.


If the pet has lived in Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, or Guam for at atomic 180 canicule above-mentioned to aerial anon to Japan, rabies vaccinations and a FAVN are not required.


3.  FAVN (Fluorescent Antibody Viral Neutralization) Test


      a.  This charge be done afterwards chip article and both rabies vaccinations given.


      b.  FAVN may be fatigued the aforementioned day as the added rabies vaccine per GOJ AQS regulations. For best results, both accustomed laboratories acclaim cat-and-mouse a minimum of 21 canicule afterwards the added rabies anesthetic afore cartoon the FAVN.


      c.  The sample charge be taken afore the best contempo anesthetic expires, i.e., aural the one year or three year window.


      d.  To abstain quarantine, the accession date in Japan charge be amid 180 canicule and two years afterwards the sampling date.


      e.  A casual akin of ≥ 0.5 IU/mL charge be documented


      f.  The afterward are the two accustomed laboratories:


            (1) DoD Aliment Analysis and Diagnostics


                  ATTN:  Aliment Analysis Lab

                  2899 Schofield Road, Suite 2630

                  JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7583

                  U.S. Phone:  (210) 295-4604

                  DSN:  (312) 421-4604

                  U.S. Fax:  (210) 295-4612

                  Sample Accepting Area:  (210) 295-4210

                  Email:  [email protected] or 

                  [email protected]







            (2) Kansas Accompaniment University Rabies Laboratory

                  2005 Research Park Circle

                  Manhattan, KS 66502

                  U.S. Phone:  (785) 532-4483

                  U.S. Fax:  (785) 532-4474/4522


                  Email:  [email protected]


4.  Beforehand Notification


      a.  The GOJ AQS requires a notification anatomy be beatific to the pet’s anchorage of access 40 canicule above-mentioned to travel, if traveling on a bartering airline.  This footfall is NOT appropriate for animals traveling on aggressive air (MILAIR).  In best cases, if traveling on a bartering airline, your antecedent anchorage of access is Narita Airport.  If you do not accept your flight information, the GOJ AQS recommends sending the notification with as abundant advice as possible, with an estimated date of entry.


      b.  The anatomy can be begin on the GOJ AQS website at:


            (1) Dog:


            (2) Cat:

Group Life Insurance: Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Form - sgli form army
Group Life Insurance: Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Form – sgli form army | sgli form army


      c.  Use the afterward to advice you to ample out the forms:


            (1) Examples:


            (2) Ports of Access acquaintance information:


            (3) In the “Remarks” breadth of this form, accompaniment “This pet belongs to a US SOFA sponsored ancestors and will be assigned to (list appointment site).”


      d.  Once your biking affairs are finalized, you may acquaintance your anchorage of access with the adapted advice on a modification form.


            (1) Website: html


            (2) Modification Form: modnotification.pdf


5.  Bloom Certificate


      a.  GOJ AQS recommends that this be acquired aural two canicule of travel, but no added than ten canicule above-mentioned to travel.

      b.  Aggressive Veterinarians (VCO and GS) should use the Anatomy MDJ OP 2209 (  With this anatomy there is no affirmation for added endorsement or Forms A & C.


      c.  Noncombatant Veterinarians (including NAF) charge be USDA accustomed and are appropriate to use the APHIS 7001 and GOJ AQS Forms A & C: 


APHIS Anatomy 2001:



GOJ AQS Anatomy A:



GOJ AQS Anatomy C:



            (1) The accompaniment USDA Veterinary Casework Breadth Arrangement MUST endorse APHIS 7001 and Forms A & C, with a aloft seal.


            (2) Although the APHIS 7001 is accurate for 30 days, the GOJ AQS will alone admit it if it was issued aural 10 canicule of travel. A added APHIS 7001 may be issued afterwards USDA endorsement, to awning the biking period, as continued as the dates for the accustomed archetype is still valid.


            (3) Rabies certificates charge be submitted to the carbon USDA arrangement forth with the bloom affidavit for review.  However, a aloft allowance endorsement by the USDA is not required.


6.  Added Forms and Documents


            (1) The GOJ AQS recommends that an added Export Declaration anatomy be abounding out by the pet’s veterinarian with USDA endorsement. It can be begin at: http://www.maff.go.  jp/aqs/english/animal/dog/pdf/CertificateA041126.pdf


      a.  Accept added copies of the Abiding Change of Station Orders accessible to verify SOFA status.


      b.  If the pet is travelling alone on a bartering flight as freight, the airline carrier will acceptable affair an “air waybill” or air appointment note. It is recommended that you beforehand added copies.


      c.  If the pet is traveling with accession added than the SOFA cachet account affiliate or dependents, a ability of advocate acceding that alone is required.



7.  Apprehension in Japan


      a.  The GOJ AQS requires that any pet entering Japan afterwards accepting completed the 180 day cat-and-mouse period, afterward FAVN sampling, will charge to complete that aeon at a GOJ apprehension ability or an accustomed kennel. The abode at Yokosuka Naval Abject is a GOJ accustomed kennel.


      b.  The GOJ AQS has accustomed an barring ONLY for those SOFA cachet cadre residing on US aggressive bases. In this exception, a pet may complete the apprehension “at home” as continued as that pet does not collaborate with animals added than those in the aforementioned domiciliary and does not leave the aggressive abject until austere from apprehension at the bounded VTF.  Whether a account affiliate is placed in apartment that allows pets is at the acumen of the accepting installation.  If the account affiliate is active off base, the beastly charge abide in the on abject abode or accession account affiliate can booty aegis if they abide on base.


      c.  Any fees incurred for pet biking and apprehension are the sole albatross of the account member.


8.  Accession in Japan


      a.  All pets MUST analysis into the bounded aggressive VTF aural 72 business hours of arrival, behindhand of anchorage of entry(commercial or military).  This is aback the pet will be registered at the VTF and the apprehension cachet recorded.


      b.  Pets on apprehension MUST acknowledgment to the bounded VTF for apprehension checks:


            (1) One ages afterwards arrival, and


            (2) On the final apprehension date or six months afterwards arrival, whichever comes first.


      c.  Failure to accede with apprehension analysis procedures may aftereffect in:


            (1) Suspension of privileges at the bounded VTF, and


            (2) Fines imposed by the GOJ.


      d.  If the bounded aggressive VTF is on a abstracted installation, the pet may biking from one accession to the accession breadth a VTF is located.


9. Traveling from Rabies Chargeless Countries


      a.  Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, and Guam are the alone accustomed rabies chargeless countries.


      b.  The pet charge accept lived in one of these locations:

            (1) Aback birth, or

Sgli Form Awesome Army Pregnancy Profile Blogs Air Force Maternity ..
Sgli Form Awesome Army Pregnancy Profile Blogs Air Force Maternity .. | sgli form army


            (2) For at atomic 180 canicule above-mentioned to aerial anon to Japan, or


            (3) Kept in the breadth aback actuality anon alien from Japan.


      c.  If these requirements are satisfied, the pet alone requires a microchip, official bloom certificate, and beforehand notification.


10.  Exporting


      a.  The GOJ AQS requires that pets abrogation Japan be inspected at the bounded GOJ AQS arrangement in accession to any veterinary visits. The forms can be begin at:


            (1) Overview:


            (2) Dog:


            (3) Cat:


      b.  If the pet is to acknowledgment to Japan at a afterwards date, again all of the aloft requirements still administer and charge be kept up to date. Otherwise, the pet will be accountable to quarantine.


11.  Airlines.  Anniversary airline has its own requirements for biking and pet transportation, so it is important to acquaintance your bartering airline carrier or MILAIR adumbrative (Air Mobility Command) for any added information


12.  Pets cannot ride on the official Fleet buses to Yokosuka, including in the accoutrements compartment. Acquaintance your Sponsor for abetment with authoritative align for transportation.  Pets cannot break at the Fleet Lodge or NGIS.  Contact the NEX Abode for a catch for pet boarding.  The cardinal is 011-81-46-816-4530 (from the US).  The NEX Abode is accessible 0900-1500, Monday-Friday.  (Yes, accession is there on the weekend to affliction for the pets.) ALSO acquaintance the Fleet Lodge to let them apperceive about your accession with a pet.  If you will access afterwards the NEX Abode is closed, the Fleet Lodge can absolute you to a acting alternating pet shelter. 


Yokosuka Branch Veterinary Services

Yokosuka Branch Veterinary Casework are a committed accumulation of aggressive and noncombatant veterinary professionals committed to accouterment affection and affordable veterinary affliction to the Aggressive Working Dogs (MWDs), ancestors pets, and Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS) acceptance candidates on Yokosuka Naval Base.

You may anticipate that our hospital is aloof for dogs and cats.  However, you’ll be afraid to apprentice that we additionally accommodate affliction for birds, reptiles and abridged pets such as rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs, not to acknowledgment an casual coy.

We action a array of casework for your furry, feathery, and scaly friends:

Emergency VisitsYou may accompany your pet in for an emergency, non-appointment arrangement at any time during accustomed business hours. Pets with life-threatening problems booty antecedence over added abiding patients and are brash first.  If your pet has an emergency afterwards accustomed business hours, alarm the arrangement cardinal and you will be accustomed the Veterinary Corps Officer appointment buzz number.  If the Veterinary Corps Officer is not available, amuse argue the account of aberrant veterinarians accustomed to you at your allotment appointment.  This account is brash to accord you options but is not an official endorsement by the Department of Defense or the US Army Veterinary Corps.

Waiting Room ProceduresWe would like you to access 15 account afore your appointed appointment. Ensure that your pets are either on a bridle or aural a athletic carrier.  We accomplish every accomplishment to see audience promptly, but appointed accessories may get disrupted by the accession of alarmingly ill patients or abrupt emergencies.

Payment PoliciesFor outpatient visits, acquittal is accustomed at the time that casework are given.  Should your pet charge hospitalization, your acquittal is due at the end of your pet’s arrangement or aback your pet is absolved from the hospital.  Cash, claimed checks, and aloft acclaim cards with able identification (Military ID) are accepted.

HospitalizationWhen acceptance your pet for hospitalization, amuse be brash that the acceptance action will booty at atomic 15 account and sometimes longer, so it is important that you plan accordingly.  Pets accepting anesthesia or anaplasty charge not accept aliment or baptize for 12 hours afore you accompany him or her to the hospital.  Check-in for anesthesia, surgeries or dentals or added affection is 0800 to 0830.

ReferralsThe Yokosuka Branch Veterinary Casework can accommodate you with a account of Japanese veterinarians and teaching hospitals should your pet’s medical action beat our capability.

Communicating with your VeterinarianIf you accept a catechism or affair and would like to allege to your pet’s veterinarian, amuse alarm our arrangement band and leave a message. The Veterinarian will try to alarm you aback as anon as possible.

 E-mail Us: [email protected]: Bounded DSN 243-6820 / International 011-81-46-816-6820Fax: Bounded DSN 243-3988 / International 011-81-46-816-3988

Location: The Yokosuka Branch Veterinary Casework is amid in Architecture #H1230, abaft the CFAY Fire Station.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday: 0730 – 1530 (Closed 1100 – 1200 for lunch) / Friday: 0730 – 12:00

We are bankrupt the aftermost Friday of every ages for account and architecture maintenance, as able-bodied as US federal holidays.

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Again, congratulations on your orders to the foremost operational Submarine Accumulation Agents in the world!  This arrangement brings with it the different befalling to alive and acquaintance aggregate Japan has to offer.  By now, your sponsor should accept accomplished acquaintance with you, and you accept already accustomed some admired and pertinent advice apropos your accessible assignment. 

This packet serves as a supplement to the Fleet Ancestors Support Center (FFSC) Acceptable Aboard Handbook provided by your sponsor.  I animate you to arrangement the advice websites listed by FFSC and use amusing media to accretion as abundant advice as you need. 

Communicate generally with your sponsor and we will see you soon.

Safe Travels!

Shuttle #

Departure Time at Narita Airport

Shuttle 1


Shuttle 2


Shuttle 3



From Yokota Air Base:

If you are aerial from Seattle to Yokota, a bus will be accessible to accompany you to PSD, Yokosuka.  You will charge at atomic 4 copies of your orders aerial this route.  A archetype is calm in Seattle, Yokota, and Yokosuka (PSD), abrogation one archetype for you.  Pets are not accustomed on the bus.  Align abstracted busline for your pet with your sponsor.

If you fly into Yokota Air Force Base, chase these directions. Aback you bright community and affirmation your luggage, you will airing out into the terminal cat-and-mouse area.  Ask the account adverse to point out DOD buses, and lath the bus activity to Yokosuka.  It is a two hour bus ride and you will access at the aforementioned ultimate destination at your new homeport, Yokosuka, Japan.  Aback you access at your destination, you will be transported to the Yokosuka Abject PSD bldg.

Yokota Bus Schedule:

Although your sponsor will accommodated you at the airport, the afterward is provided for advisory purposes only.  No anxiety are needed.  Accompany a archetype of your orders for us to keep.  Check-in time is at 0730 and abandonment time (from Yokota) at 0800.



Yokota-Yokosuka (one way)


Yokota-Yokosuka (one way)


Yokota-Yokosuka (one way)


There is no bus shuttle for arrivals at Haneda Airport.  You will accept to alike busline with your sponsor.  If you are a sponsor, you will be able to analysis out a government agent and retrieve assessment vouchers from N1 or N41. 


Japanese Trains:

While acutely able and reliable, the Japanese alternation arrangement may be alarming for a new arrival.  There is an accurate alternation from Narita, which will booty you to Yokohama, breadth you will about-face to the bounded alternation system.  If you are traveling with a cogent bulk of luggage, this is not the way to go; booty the bus or align abstracted busline with your sponsor.  Beneath is a articulation to the Narita Accurate (NEX) schedule.  There is additionally a articulation to Hyperdia, which will affectation the alternation routes and time based on your input. 


Useful links: e_nex_u/index.html


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