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One party. application for Order dissolving a marriage or civil ... | divorce forms nz

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Caught in a aeon of guns, gangs, abandon and meth addiction, she absent aggregate she anytime cared about. Now she is rebuilding her life. This is Rachel’s story. VICKI ANDERSON reports.

One party. application for Order dissolving a marriage or civil ..
One party. application for Order dissolving a marriage or civil .. | divorce forms nz

As she regains consciousness, she feels every atom of beach below her algidity body. Rachel*, 19, discovers her eyes is hazy. She cannot acquaint from attractive up at the sky if it is dawn or dusk. As the after-effects crash onto the bank nearby, acclaim abatement and abounding with driftwood and added offerings from the sea, she wakes absolutely to realise her bedmate is raping her.

Wildly she searches the all-inclusive amplitude of beach about her and sees an old man walking with a dog.

“Help me,” she yells to him with all of her strength. “Help me.”

But the old man doesn’t stop. To do so would acceptable aftereffect in him actuality baffled too. She anticipation “I am gone”.

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While active with her husband, Rachel* was generally a victim of calm violence, sometimes alike for accepting a array afterwards permission. (File photo)

Their accord had been calumniating from the start. “For the aboriginal six months I got the best hidings of my life.”

In the assemblage he was associated with, he had accomplished a aerial rank.

She recounts capacity of the beatings absolutely and with little emotion. Her face is anemic but her articulation is able and doesn’t falter. Her eyes go bare in the retelling.

At one point I am so abashed by what she is adage I gasp out loud and she is jolted aback to the warm, airless room. 

Rachel, now in her aboriginal 30s, is in ambuscade beneath badge advice. She moves her easily aback and alternating on her knee as if she is rolling a cigarette.

“It is what it is,” she says, attractive me in the eye, tap, tap, borer her leg area the abstract tobacco should be.

“The aftermost harbinger was aback he chased me bottomward the alley with an axe.”

Before that, badge had been to their home “seven or eight times” on calm abandon callouts.

“There were a few accessible incidents too.”

Her bedmate would advance her for having a array without permission.

As he commonly exhausted and bent her, she held her Bible tight, mentally admonition God to accomplishment her.

“Eventually I absent acceptance in my faith.”


Rachel was active at Oranga Tamariki, the Admiral for Children, while absorbed to meth.


Rachel grew up in Wellington with her mother,  an “alcoholic”.

At 13, one day she came home to find a agenda adage her mother had confused to Palmerston North with her new boyfriend.

Rachel began active on the streets.

“I started activity to assemblage pads. Maybe I was aggravating to acquisition a ancestor figure? With the gangs I acquainted a apocryphal faculty of security.”

A pastor from a abbey “committed to classical evangelical Christianity” begin her aback she was 15. He took her into his home, area she lived alongside his children.

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“He accomplished me how to attending afterwards myself, apple-pie myself, he was an amazing man.”

She became a adolescence accumulation leader. Life was acceptable for two years.

Aback she was 17, the pastor, who was accomplishing admiral in prisons, took a man into his care.

“Long adventure short,” says Rachel with a barbarous expression. “I get affiliated to this man. He is 32 and I am 17. He is a senior gang affiliate now.

“Because you accept to be 18 to be accurately affiliated and I wasn’t 18, he took me to Palmy and absorbed my mum to assurance the papers. He gave her a brace of boxes of booze and a agent that wasn’t account $2000 … my mum was absolutely blessed with that.”

Afterwards he threatened to kill her with an axe, her husband was arrested and served time in prison.

Rachel wasn’t the aboriginal woman he’d assaulted and raped. She knew she wouldn’t be the last.

“I acquaint the church that I am activity to affirm adjoin him. The abbey tells me to absolve and balloon as I chose him as a activity partner. I said ‘I amount my face, my teeth, I’m not activity to be one of those girls who stays in these relationships, stick the abbey – see you later, I’m gone’.”

While he is in prison, she serves him with annulment papers.

Eventually, she finds adulation with a “good” man. They accept a babe calm and build a life.

“Then my ex-husband starts contacting me from central prison,” says Rachel. “I acquaintance the bastille and ask how he is accomplishing that and he acutely has a banned cellphone…

“At the age of 20 I thought, ‘I’ve got my babe now, a bobcat has appear out of me, no way … I am not activity to let him win’.”


A meth pipe.


She was alive in the accessible sector during the day, and activity home to smoke a methamphetamine (meth) aqueduct at night.

Describing herself as a “high-functioning meth addict” she says she “kept it beneath wraps.”

Aback she talks about this allotment of her life, it is bright she cared about her work.

Aback contacted, none of her employers in the seven or eight years of her addiction problems had any abstraction she was on meth at work.

Attractive back, she knows it was the breakdown of her accord with her daughter’s ancestor in 2010 that afire her biologic addiction.

“I concluded up in a new relationship. This actuality was acclimatized to meth and this was the aboriginal time I approved it.”

A year later, the couple moved to Australia and her addiction bound escalated.

“In Australia meth, or ice as it’s accepted over there, was a accomplished lot cheaper and easier to access. I became ill with the affection of actuality absorbed for a acceptable eight months.”

Rachel became associated with a high-rolling meth supplier in Brisbane she nicknamed the Crack Queen.

“She was affairs aerial volumes of ice, there was a lot of money involved. Sometimes if she was not able to assignment out her bills with her suppliers they would corruption her with a cossack ride – them demography her earnest and assaulting her. I would see her sleeping with her suppliers and she had absolutely a few suppliers.”

Aback Rachel and her accomplice “had issues”, she stayed with the Crack Queen.

“One night she told me she capital a threesome. I concluded up with bristles pipes and three affair in my allowance to attract me. I saw her for what she was. The adherence is alone to the meth.”

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Rachel jumped on a alike for a weekend appointment to ancestors in New Zealand.

“While I was in New Zealand the Crack Queen’s abode was raided and she concluded up accomplishing a big lag (time in prison). It absolutely hit me afresh that I bare to apple-pie up.”

​The longest she backward “up” afterwards any sleep, aerial on meth, was eight days.

“When I was aerial I noticed my eyes was going. Financially … I was missing assignment so I chock-full working.”

She endemic two backdrop in New Zealand, affluence cars and alike a boat, but any money advancing through for the mortgage was spent affairs ice.

In 2013 “things were starting to accumulation up”.

“I noticed I was acceptable suicidal.”

Rachel capital to apple-pie up her activity for her daughter’s sake.

“I anticipation ‘I am activity to apple-pie up, get stable’. I got clean.”

Her babe confused to Australia and lived with her for aloof over a year.

Activity was attractive up. They confused home to New Zealand.


On her return, a much-needed job befalling fell through. Rachel began self-medicating with marijuana and wrestled with depression.

“I afresh begin addition application befalling with Oranga Tamariki, alive with adolescence in affliction age-old 9-17.”

She managed to adumbrate her addiction while active as a accidental or fixed-term adolescence artisan for the organisation, regularly working an aboriginal about-face afresh activity home to “smoke the aqueduct with the people”. She was additionally ambidextrous meth.

“Some of the kids had been taken from meth homes and actuality I was on meth attractive afterwards them.”

By that date Rachel’s new accord had attenuated into affecting abuse.

“He was calling me a fat c…, that array of thing, exact abuse. My self-esteem was at an best low and I started application meth again.”

She formed adamantine to adumbrate her addiction from her colleagues. She acquainted abashed and ashamed. But no concerns were aloft formally about her biologic use or addiction. 

“I anticipation I was accomplishing a acceptable job of ambuscade it. I was what you’d alarm a high-functioning addict.”

Aftermost year, if she was accomplishing aboriginal shifts, she’d go home for a nap and t up with friends.

“The aqueduct would appear out,” she says. “Sometimes I would not accept slept for three days and I was working.”

Her addiction grew.

“Before I knew it, I wasn’t advantageous rent. All the money was activity against my addiction.”

A q or “quarter” of meth amount $250.

“But generally what happens in that army is you tee up with people, you put added money calm to get a bit added and afresh maybe you ability advertise to get some of your money back.”

That was the arrangement Rachel fell into.

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“The types of bodies I got complex with were assemblage members, patched members, I was fortunate, I didn’t appetite to become affronted to any accurate assemblage so I went across the lath … afresh I had boarders who were meth suppliers, so now my addiction becomes free. Go to work, appear home, breath with the people.”

She’d deathwatch up to find “random strangers” abnormality about her house.

“My abode had opened up, had become accepted as a meth house.  I was absolutely abashed about that because my job. It came to a date area I was like, ‘no, enough, out’ and I kicked my flatmates out. I could apprehension the types of bodies that were advancing in were criminal, organised bodies … and I acquainted quite vulnerable.”

At the end of aftermost year, in the bosom of her addiction, her abode was beggared three times.

As a high-functioning addict, she wants others who acquisition themselves in this amplitude to apperceive that they should not adumbrate their problems but allege up and get help.

“At that time I would never accept I was absorbed to meth. Over that seven or eight-year aeon there were times aback I wasn’t application frequently and times aback I was in the bosom of my addiction. I’m so embarrassed about it but now I accept appear through it, I can be accurate about it.”

Bodies from all walks of activity approved to account meth from her.

“It’s in the aerial activity of association too, the attorneys … I had radiologists and gynaecologists asking me area to get some from … Like myself, they adumbrate it beneath the carpeting because they are ashamed.


The booty from a mega meth apprehension by badge on 90 Mile Beach in Northland in 2016, with an almost artery amount of $448 million.


Why meth? 

“I smoked meth because it is easier to get meth than it is to acquisition weed.”

In a accord with a assemblage member, and ambidextrous meth herself, she observed the way meth affiliated gangs.

“There is no animosity in the gangs aback it comes to meth,” she says. “Cobras, Tribesmen, Mobsters…  At the end of the day if they accept got none they end up acrimonious up some. I was complex with Black Power, Killer Beez, Mobsters, those were my go-tos. Generally the Killer Beez would bead off meth to the Mobsters to advice them alpha off again.”

A gram of meth, at artery amount at top end, is $600.

“If you were afterpiece to the baker or, say for the brand of higher-up assemblage members, it is $450 basal end. A dollar bag, a point, is $80 in some places.”

She’s been apple-pie for several months but has occasionally “slipped up”.

Aback it happens, she confesses she ends up “crying on the end of a meth pipe”.

When burning the pipe, she says, if it is chicken or amber it’s been cut and isn’t pure.

“Sometimes they ability accept added glucose or a bit of Ritalin in there to accomplish the admeasurement added for the scales … Meth, if it’s pure, should appear aback clear, it should be a pillowy white. You should get a feijoa aftertaste appear back, afresh you apperceive you’re aing to the pure.”

She admits she’s had some “funny-tasting” meth.

“Some tasted like array acid, some tasted like perfumes… A meth user’s d is to get aing to the cook, the afterpiece you can get to the baker the cheaper it is and the added authentic it is, the added bottomward the alternation the more cut it is activity to be.”

Assemblage associates are accomplishment meth themselves but they are additionally paying, and sharing, meth cooks.

“I apperceive in a accurate case a baker wasn’t assigned to a assemblage but he had altered gangs advancing to him, advantageous him top dollar, to accomplish the baker so he was affable for a amount of altered gangs.”

She recalls sitting in car in a driveway of one Wellington assemblage headquarters when, through the commuter window, she saw arch-rivals from addition gang walking accomplished the car.

“I anticipation ‘shit, article is activity to go bottomward now’,” she says. “But they were aloof there to buy meth.”

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Those in debt to the gangs accept their cars or, as she’d apparent in Wellington, their homes taken from them.

“Go to the badge and you face a cossack ride,” she says. “I’ve apparent that appear over a $3000 debt. I alike saw one assemblage member stand a watching addition affiliate of his own gang being atrociously attacked by a battling gang. They were all on meth. Aback in the canicule their ability would be to stick up for anniversary other. It’s altered now, they’re not alike loyal to their own colours because of the meth.”

Rachel doesn’t alarm it meth or P, she calls it “demon”.

“When it comes to gangs it doesn’t amount what colour they are wearing, that’s what I accept seen. It is absolutely the aforementioned person, aforementioned demon but in a altered colour. Regardless of the person, aback it comes to meth I am ambidextrous with that demon.”


Meth crystals


New Year’s Eve, 2018.

Rachel is accepting a tattoo when one assemblage member starts talking to another in a language she doesn’t understand. She cracks a antic allurement what they are talking about.

One of the men produces a gun from “nowhere” and holds it to her throat..

She leans advanced in her armchair to appearance me how he captivated it. Her baby anatomy is tense. But she’s not frightened, she is still angry.

“I said ‘pull a gun on me, afresh you cull the activate mate’,” she says. “He had it at my throat. I confused it to my arch and captivated it there for ages. He was aggravating to booty the gun abroad but I said ‘you cull the trigger’ but he didn’t. He was testing me to see if I was afraid. In the bosom of my addiction I hated myself anyway. I knew my babe was safe, it didn’t absolutely amount if he pulled the trigger.

“But afresh we accomplished accepting a aqueduct and there was added to go around.”

Accepted as a car enthusiast, the aing day one of the assemblage associates suggests she go with him to aces up a vehicle.

“He said ‘Let’s go for a spin, acquaint me what you anticipate of the car’, that’s what it was.”

The man afresh told Rachel he’d bead her home.

“We were branch appear my acreage aback we got pulled over by police. He said ‘I appetite to accomplish a run’. I said ‘no, you’ll be appropriate mate’. He said ‘no, because of this bag’ and he acicular at the bag in the backseat… I ambition I had accepted what was in the bag and what he was carrying.”

Aback badge opened the bag they begin firearms, ammunition, a sawn-off shotgun, a pistol and 11 circuit of ammunition, and “multiple grams of meth”.

Now she’s in ambuscade because the assemblage is aggravating to actuate her to booty the rap.

It was the prompt she bare to “seriously lay the drugs down”.

“It’s amount me enough.”

Aback she begin herself in aegis in January, amidst by former colleagues she’d known and respected, she was “overcome with shame”.

“That was my better axis point, ‘have I appear this low?’ I lost face with alike my colleagues. I achievement they apperceive I am innocent, aloof bent in a bad abode at a bad time.”


A point bag of meth crystal.

‘REHAB 101’

Rachel says women on low incomes who are using meth are actively “targeted” by gangs and suppliers.

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“It’s aspersing … girls sleeping with men for the drug. Men adage ‘if you appetite a basis action a quick pipe’. Some women accept a weakness on the drug, they’re absolutely blessed to be complex in that and a allotment of me break for them. I had too abundant account to airing that aisle but I saw it all the time. These women were mocked for their addiction… abnormally women on allowances aback their money is restricted.”

Now that she’s charwoman up her life, she is in counselling. Telling her story is allotment of her cleansing. One day she ability address a book. For now she wants to ability out to added addicts, abnormally women.

She has additionally reconnected with her mother.

“At aboriginal I was like ‘I haven’t bare you back I was 13, I don’t charge you now’. But now we are talking account and she is accepting updates on how my counselling is going.

“In the bosom of it I alien meth to the aing bodies aing to me, abominably my brother is now an addict, my accessory too. It hurts because I alien it to them… Now they alarm my abode Rehab 101.”

She’s been apple-pie for added than six months but anniversary day is a struggle.

“The ache for it is consistently activity to be there, I think. I get the aftertaste in my aperture … There is an odd break area it ancestor into my head, ‘I can do with a puff’. If I capital to I could accept it in my duke in bisected an hour.

“The biologic still has control. I’m powerless, abandoned … Abominably in the meth d it does end either in death, guns or you are attractive at a lag.”

One day she wants to use her adventures to advice others airing a altered path. She could accept remained bashful – her administration were blind of her addiction – but she is accomplishing the appropriate affair and continuing up. She wants added high-functioning addicts in positions of albatross to apperceive they should face their “demon”, not alive a bifold activity as she did.

“That’s addition drive for me to why I’m speaking out. I appetite to try and save at atomic one woman from the grips of meth and becoming victims of the biologic and the things that go with this meth life.”

The aing time I see Rachel she is continuing on the street, cigarette in hand, talking to a friend, smoke wafting up about them. A woman is answer her afflicted accord with a agitated boyfriend.

“Girl, you charge to aloof let him go,” Rachel advises her definitively, accoutrements aloft Oprah Winfrey-style. “Let him go and attending afterwards you and your babies, that is the absolute gold.”


Booze Biologic Helpline – 0800 787 797

1737, Charge to talk? Free alarm or argument 1737 any time for abutment from a accomplished counsellor

Lifeline – 0800 543 354 or (09) 5222 999 aural Auckland

Youthline – 0800 376 633, chargeless argument 234 or email [email protected] or online chat

Samaritans – 0800 726 666

Suicide Crisis Helpline – 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)

What’s Up – 0800 942 8787 (for 5–18 year olds). Phone counselling is accessible Monday to Friday, midday–11pm and weekends, 3pm–11pm. Online babble is accessible 7pm–10pm daily.

Kidsline – 0800 54 37 54 (0800 kidsline) for adolescent bodies up to 18 years of age. Open 24/7. – or email [email protected] or chargeless argument 5626

Anxiety New Zealand – 0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389)

Supporting Families in Mental Illness – 0800 732 825.

Alcoholics Anonymous – 0800 AA WORKS, or

* Name afflicted to assure her identity.

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