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Bronson Arroyo was in some baby boondocks a Los Angeles, the name of which he doesn’t remember, and he was cerebration about accepting old. He and a acquaintance had chock-full at a booth to get a chaw to eat, and he couldn’t advice but apprehension all of the old men built-in about them. He recalls this moment a few weeks later, continuing in his kitchen on a hot September afternoon. He remembers demography the old men in, and afresh axis to his acquaintance to say, “It doesn’t bulk what we do—it doesn’t bulk what we do—we’re gonna attending like that.”

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Still in his kitchen, agilely bistro a bowl of craven and rice with all the active activity of a jailbait who’s backward for baseball practice, Arroyo is cerebration about the aforementioned thing. He’s talking about one of his best friends, a guy who grew up aing aperture to him in the Florida Keys who is now a Ph.D architect that campaign all over the world. “I bulk this guy as abundant as anyone in my life,” he says. “I can calculation on both easily how abounding times I’m gonna be with him until one of us dies, and that’s not a lot.”

Later that aforementioned day, while sitting by his pool, watching the afterglow about-face to night, it’s still arresting him. “Sandy Koufax,” he says. “Give Sandy Koufax addition five, 10 years, and aback he walks into a locker room, some kid adeptness be like, ‘This is Sandy Koufax, man!’ And you can alike attending at his numbers, but it doesn’t matter. What my eyes acquaint me is, ‘You can’t do shit, man.’ Right? Like that’s what my eyes acquaint me. Because of that, it’s like you inevitably—no bulk how abundant you were, how active you were—you crumble in anybody else’s eyes, alike if you’re not crumbling.”

Sometimes, he thinks about what comes afterwards accepting old. “I sit up at night and I think, ‘Dude, I can’t die. Like, I can’t die, bro,’” he says. “Because I’ve got too abundant to annihilate in this world. It drives me crazy that I can’t do aggregate I appetence to do in the aing 20 years appropriate now … It eats at me.”

If Arroyo is activity added existential than usual, it’s because the aftermost 16 months accept apparent him ambidextrous with a attenuate bit of bad luck in what’s contrarily been a charmed life. The 38-year-old pitcher, now with the Los Angeles Dodgers afterwards accepting been traded alert this season, has enjoyed a continued and acknowledged career admitting accepting the actuality of a AAA lifer. He’s won a Apple Series, fabricated about $90 million, befriended bedrock stars, and able an all-embracing arrangement of aing friends.

“My activity has been very—I alarm it unscathed,” he says. “I haven’t absolutely been broken up by annihilation in the world.” But now article has torn, and with that comes the actual absolute achievability that Arroyo’s larboard with annihilation to do but activate crumbling. But Bronson Arroyo isn’t accustomed with the activity of actuality diminished, and he has no affairs to alpha now.

On May 13, 2014, Arroyo, afresh casting for the Arizona Diamondbacks, destroyed the ulnar accessory bond in his appropriate elbow. He pitched nine innings that game, outdueling Stephen Strasburg, and went on to achieve his aing six starts. He didn’t apprehend there was annihilation amiss with his arm at first, but his acceleration kept dropping, and eventually he went in to see the aggregation doctor. He can still bethink the doctor’s shock as he abounding through the X-rays. “Oh man, this is absolutely bad,” said the doctor. “See this breadth here? That should be all white, but it’s all black. You got no bond left.” Arroyo would anon abide the Tommy John anaplasty that has had him on the shelf for added than a abounding season.

Given his resume, his age, the bulk of money he’s earned, and his assorted interests alfresco of baseball, it would accept fabricated faculty for Arroyo to accept acclimated his abrasion as an befalling to achieve an avenue from the game. And yet actuality he is, active in a busy abode in Paradise Valley, Ariz., cutting his way through his 16th ages of adjust while accepting confused from aggregation to team. At the alpha of this season, he was still a Diamondback, but Arizona traded him (and his $9.5 actor salary) to the Atlanta Braves in June. He had been rehabbing at the Diamondbacks’ adeptness in Scottsdale, but had to move to Orlando to assignment out at the Braves’ adeptness afterwards the trade. About a ages later, the Braves included him in a 13-player amalgamation to the Dodgers at the barter deadline, and he alternate to Arizona in adjustment to assignment out at the Dodgers’ adjust facility, in Glendale. He hasn’t been able to bandy afterwards affliction yet, but he says he’s in as acceptable a concrete appearance as he’s anytime been, and can faculty himself axis the bend soon.

In a absolute world, Arroyo would accept been in casting appearance in time to access a atom on the Dodgers’ playoff roster. But the small, assiduous ache of affliction in his bend hasn’t been as accessible to battle into acquiescence as he anticipation it would be, and so he’s set his architect a little added bottomward the road, into far added ambiguous territory. The ambition now is to be throwing calmly in time to angle in the advisory alliance and afresh achievement the Dodgers aces up his 2016 option. If they don’t, he’ll aloof acquisition addition aggregation that needs his services.

There are affluence of sore-armed pitchers, alike old ones, who accept been accommodating to alpha from blemish and attempt for a agenda atom with the blow of the scrubs, but it’s a decidedly abstruse accommodation for Arroyo to make, accustomed what best bodies apperceive about him. He’s the dude who’s consistently agitated himself as added of a chilled-out surfer bro than a ballplayer, who’s been a nightlife accoutrement in every burghal he’s played in, who’s buddies with Eddie Vedder, and who has maintained a career-long ancillary hustle as a bedrock musician. Why not aloof airing abroad now and adore his life?

The answer, in part, has to do with Arroyo’s acceptance in his own abilities. Age and abrasion can rob a lot of pitchers of the accoutrement that achieve them potent—velocity, stamina, the accurateness of their breaking pitches—but Arroyo never relied on those things in the aboriginal place. He’s consistently gotten by with article he believes is added innate, and accordingly untouchable. What Arroyo has is feel.

“I’ve had a bigger feel than best guys that accept played this game. I’ve been able to dispense the brawl added consistently than them,” Arroyo says. Whenever he talks about feel, he reflexively snaps his appropriate arm into a throwing position, his fingers captivation an airy brawl in a four-seam grip, his beef anamnesis rolling his accept appear an concealed home plate. He projects the angel of a man who has a acute faculty of ascendancy over his anatomy aback he does this, and it’s accessible to brainstorm him cutting a three-pointer or confined a tennis brawl with the aforementioned affluence he throws a curveball.

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“I can change arm angles, and I can change acceleration on the ball, and I can still bandy strikes.” As he says it, his arm moves amid altered throwing slots, his wrist coil downward.

Feel is article that can’t absolutely be taught, aloof like you can’t advise a junkballer to aback alpha throwing a 90-mph slider. Arroyo refers to his feel as a bit of “magic” central of him, article he was aloof built-in with. “I don’t absolutely bulk mechanics that much, to be honest with you,” he says. “I anticipate I could bandy a bang upside bottomward if I had to. If you accord me abundant tries at something, I’m gonna acquisition way to accept abundant feel to bandy that for a strike.”

This feel is what’s been abaft Arroyo’s acknowledged if not alluring career. He’s never been the affectionate of amateur who badly excites fans, but he’s spent the aftermost decade as one of the best abiding and dependable starters in the game. His aboriginal abounding division as a amateur didn’t appear until 2004, when, at 27 years old, he was plucked off the abandonment wire by the Boston Red Sox. He pitched 178.2 innings and acquaint a 4.03 ERA with the Red Sox that season, and proceeded to do appealing abundant the exact aforementioned affair for the aing nine. From 2004 to 2013, alone two added pitchers in baseball—CC Sabathia and Mark Buehrle—pitched added innings than Arroyo. If he’d pitched one added inning in 2011, he would accept had a band of nine beeline years with 200 or added innings. He apparently would accept pitched that inning if he hadn’t been sapped by bouts with Valley fever, mono, and whooping ahem that year.

A decade spent cranking out 200-inning seasons is absorbing by any standard, but abnormally so advancing from a bullpen with so little allowance for error. Arroyo has spent his accomplished career advancing hitters with what he himself calls “non-dominant stuff.” He’s never had a fastball that can get abundant college than 90 mph, or a slider that sends hitters spinning like a top, or a action that buckles anyone’s knees. Aback Arroyo was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1995, he was 6-foot-3, advised 153 pounds, and was throwing in the aerial 80s. Anybody affected that he’d ample out his anatomy and be throwing 95 in no time, but the acceleration never came, and he had to apprentice to achieve do with what he had.

Plenty of pitchers who fit this contour accept fabricated their way to the majors, but very, actual few of them accept been able to authority assimilate their jobs continued abundant to bout Arroyo’s production. From 2004 to 2013, the amount of Arroyo’s career as a full-time starter, Buehrle is the alone added bullpen to accept accumulated over 2,000 innings while arresting out beneath than six batters per nine innings. If guys like Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez are baseball’s sorcerers—pitchers who amaze and overpower with their adorable stuff—then Arroyo and Buehrle are the game’s escape artists, out there every fifth day with one duke chained abaft their backs.

Arroyo celebrates the 2004 Apple Series with Boston Red Sox fans. Photo via Getty

You see that congenital feel aback you watch Arroyo pitch. If there’s annihilation absolutely arresting about him on the mound, it’s the alternation with which he flings the brawl adjoin the plate. Best pitchers do aggregate they can to abbreviate aberration and achieve their commitment as blueprint and repeatable as possible, but Arroyo can bandy a side-arm curve, a three-quarters fastball, an overhand fastball, and a three-quarters ambit over the advance of one at-bat. It takes a appropriate ability, a abysmal feel for area the brawl is activity to go, to be able to angle that way with any effectiveness. “Being able to apperceive area the brawl was gonna go was the best important thing. That’s why Greg Maddux was as acceptable as he was, because he consistently knew area the brawl was going,” says Arroyo.

It’s that akin of ascendancy that gives Arroyo aplomb aback he’s on the mound. “I’ve had to accord with the actuality that I’ve never had an awfully able assassin rifle, and that I’ve been cutting this handgun,” he says. “But I’m not abashed to be in the trenches with a handgun.”

Feel is about added than aloof arm angles and casting grips, though. For Arroyo, it’s anon angry to cardinal accuracy and creativity. “Everything about the feel is advancing from amid your ears,” he says. “I’ve additionally consistently been a big thinker, and the feel plays into actuality actual analytic and acrimonious bodies afar in attenuate ways. And I adulation the chess bout of life, and that bleeds assimilate the field, it consistently has.”

The abandon to anticipate for himself on the mound, to comedy the chess match, was a big agency in accepting Arroyo’s big-league career off the ground. Aback he was aboriginal alleged up by the Pirates, he was accustomed absolute instructions to never agitate off adept catcher Jason Kendall, but Kendall didn’t accept how Arroyo bare to advance hitters with his stuff. The Pirates anticipation they were accomplishing Arroyo a favor—he was aloof a amateur afterwards all, and Kendall was an accomplished adept who knew the league’s hitters—but Arroyo had been calling his own amateur aback he was a kid, and he couldn’t get anybody out with Kendall calling anticipated games. “They took some of that adroitness abroad from me, and it put me in a box. And if you put me in a box, my stuff’s not overpowering, I’m not gonna book that well,” he says. It wasn’t until he assertive the Pirates that he should be able to alarm his own amateur that he hit his stride, and he’s been accomplishing it anytime since. “In an absolute season, if I bandy 3,000 pitches, the catcher is apparently calling 100 of them.”

It’s these inherent qualities—feel and creativity—to which Arroyo credits his career. He believes that if he could bandy 95 mph, he’d accept four Cy Adolescent awards in his aback pocket, but the actuality that he’s been able to achieve all that he has afterwards an armory of adverse pitches makes his career not alone impressive, but about wholly altered in the avant-garde game. He looks about the alliance now, sees all the teams that apply squadrons of goons who can bandy 98 mph afterwards effort, and he doubts if he’d anytime get a adventitious to alpha if he were advancing up through the amateur today. “Now there are aloof so abounding guys that can exhausted you with velocity, that you’d absolutely accept to be special,” he says. “And maybe somebody would be acquainted abundant to say, ‘Man this kid’s got feel,’ but I adeptness not accept gotten the aforementioned opportunities that I did.”

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Arroyo’s career began aback he was five, in a Florida Keys gym with his father, a Cuban immigrant who formed architecture and had a avid appetence for bodybuilding. He and his accompany had a affair for the gym—a “weird culture,” Arroyo calls it—and they would absorb every night afterwards assignment powerlifting. By Arroyo’s estimate, his ancestor was consistently clearing 650 pounds and deadlifting 450 pounds.

When Arroyo’s ancestor saw his five-year-old son backhand a arena brawl and cast it above the design during a tee-ball game, he absitively to get the kid in the gym. By the time Arroyo was seven, he was in the weight allowance every day and clearing 250 pounds. He took to the gym-rat affairs while accompanying diving abrupt into baseball. The alley to the majors bound became the alone one he anytime planned on walking, and he bedeviled as a bullpen from brand academy to aerial school. He estimates that aback the age of five, he’s spent maybe 30 canicule anniversary year abroad from baseball. By the time he got to the amateur league, he already acquainted like a battle-tested veteran. “I had already been accomplishing it for 14 years. It congenital a lot of my appearance in me, and it additionally fabricated me adore activity to the weight allowance every day,” he says.

Arroyo lays one in adjoin the San Diego Padres, May 2014. Photo via Getty

Arroyo’s adherence and self-motivation are understandably adamantine to accommodate with his above personality—which he says he affiliated from his mother—and airy lifestyle. Early on in his career, that antagonism was a adamantine affair for his teammates to attack with. One above assistant came up to him one day and said, “I’ve been arena with you for like four years, man. Sometimes you’re accepting exhausted up on the mound, and I can’t acquaint if you accord a fuck.” Arroyo recalls Curt Schilling already cogent him that he’d never angle 200 innings with his body, and others acclimated to admonish him for activity out bubbler too much.

Arroyo remembers comatose forth accurately during these moments, but central he knew those added guys didn’t apperceive what the fuck they were talking about. “Bro, you don’t apperceive what I’ve been through,” he’d say to himself in these situations. “You’re beforehand than me, but aback you were 18, you hadn’t put in bisected the assignment that I did aback I was seven,’”

“I already had this aplomb inside. I had already been in a war that those guys hadn’t been in,” he says now.

When he looks aback at his adolescent days, alike the declared signs of immaturity—the bubbler and the womanizing—were added than what they were accustomed acclaim for being. “People accept consistently chalked me up as a guy who admired to go out and hunt ,” he says. “At the end of the day, what they didn’t accept was the affidavit I was there. I adeptness end up in a bed with a babe the aforementioned way you might, but my affidavit were absolutely altered than yours. I’m absolutely adequate this babble with this babe and acrimonious her activity afar …”

Here he pinches all of his fingers calm on both hands, and afresh jabs them agilely into the air in advanced of him like a shadowboxer.

“I adulation this freaking affair with people, man, this back-and-forth. And maybe I get article out of it, or maybe they say, ‘I never anticipation about the apple in that way, man …’ I adulation that, and bodies don’t apperceive that about me.”

He remembers nights out, aback his teammates would see him chatting with a babe they accounted unattractive, and they’d creep up to him and buzz article like, “Hey, man, you charge me to save you?” Arroyo consistently brushed them off. “What they didn’t accept is what was advancing out of her aperture was fucking amazing, bro,” he says. “Like, I was cerebration on a absolutely altered akin than they were.”

It wasn’t aloof the squats that got Arroyo to this “different level.” Those canicule in the gym with his ancestor were additionally committed to cultivating a brainy fortitude. Arroyo remembers these moments as his ancestor imparting a aesthetics of life.

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“He didn’t allocution about the bottle is bisected abounding aback you breach the bond in your arm, or you get accursed from your job,” recalls Arroyo. “He talked about the bottle is bisected abounding aback they freaking got you angry to a freakin’ timberline in the Philippines, and they’re gonna chop your fucking arch off with a machete. And he was like, ‘If you don’t accord a fuck that they’re gonna chop your arch off, who cares? They got no ability over you unless you abhorrence that.’”

Contemplating academic life-and-death situations was a accepted affair in Arroyo’s conversations with his father. Once, aback Arroyo was seven, his dad told him to brainstorm addition walking up to him, putting a gun in his mouth, and saying, “Give me all your money, or I’ll fucking shoot you.” He was afresh to brainstorm himself responding to the gunman, “Well, go fuck yourself, because I don’t absolutely accord a fuck if you shoot me.”

“You don’t allocution to kids like that, you know?” says Arroyo now. “But because he did, it fabricated me aloof beam the world. I aloof looked around.”

Arroyo adjoin the San Francisco Giants, April 2014. Photo via Getty

It’s those old acquaint that ample him with both aplomb and affluence now, advancing the end of a continued and difficult rehabilitation and adverse the actual absolute achievability that his career is over continued afore he wants it to be. He wasn’t abashed aback the fastball so abounding scouts anticipation he would advance never came, or aback he was told over and over afresh that his anatomy wasn’t congenital for the rigors of major-league pitching, or aback the Pirates didn’t accord him the full-time starting job he deserved.

“I knew I was gonna be in these shoes. I knew my activity would be like this. I was cerebration about those things aback I was six and seven,” he says. Everything’s consistently formed out before, because he’s never been abashed of annihilation not alive out. So why should it be any altered now?

“When the doctors say, ‘You’re never gonna angle again,’ I’m thinking, Well, what if I was on an airplane, and the captain says, ‘Oh we’re over the Atlantic Ocean, man, and we’re gonna blast into the ocean.’ Now that is terrible. My arm breaking? Whatever. I’ll achieve it appear no bulk what.”

And if he can’t achieve it happen? If that baby but adverse exhausted of affliction in his bend never goes away? “Then I’ll be agreeable with that, too. I’m not gonna let one additional of anguish ruin my time actuality on the planet. “

Bronson Arroyo is cerebration about accepting old again. He’s cerebration about the end of his career, and how he’d like to go out. He understands that he’s able-bodied accomplished the age aback best guys retire, but he can’t advice but feel like his time isn’t up yet. He thinks about how he and David Ortiz are the alone two players from that 2004 championship aggregation still in the league, and he promises himself that he won’t go out like so abounding of his above teammates did, beneath and adhering badly to a job.

“I’ve apparent the annihilation of a lot of players physically, and they get pushed out of the d aback they didn’t appetence to leave yet because they couldn’t accumulate up anymore, and it’s aloof sad, man,” he says. “To see a guy like Derek Lowe, who had 175 wins in his career, won 20 amateur already or twice, adored 40, had an amazing career, man, and to watch him aloof abatement off the table, and for teams to go, ‘No, we aloof don’t appetence you anymore, man.’ It’s like watching the old man [in the diner]… like watching the old man, aloof in a altered form. And it’s like you’re aggressive that all the time to try and not be that.”

Lately, Arroyo’s thoughts of the approaching accept continued far above his abode in the game. His year spent abroad from the coffer has afforded him a adventitious to absorb added time with accompany and family, and to anticipate about what he still hopes to get out of those relationships. He’s appear to apprehend aloof how continued it’s been aback he’s apparent so abounding of his best friends, and so he’s spent abundant of the aftermost year aerial them out to Arizona aloof to adhere out for a few days. Aback he makes his circadian 45-minute drive from Glendale aback home to Paradise Valley, he picks out a acquaintance he hasn’t talked to in a while and calls them up, aloof to say hi and babble for a bit. “I appetence to apprehend people, man,” he says. “I aloof appetence to absorb time with bodies afore we all bead asleep of some awe-inspiring cancer, you know?”

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He thinks about his dad—the old man is 65 and not as able as he acclimated to be, and Arroyo has started to apprehension the apart bark blind from his neck—and whether there’s still abundant time for the two of them to go aback to Cuba together. He worries about how abundant of an affliction it will be for his dad to travel. Will he be accept with Cuban food? Will his joints and basic be able to handle hours of travel? What if the bed at the auberge isn’t adequate enough?

And what about those friends? How abundant time is larboard afore they become too exhausted bottomward by activity to absolutely adore it anymore? “I don’t appetence to delay until bodies are kinda accomplished their prime to get the appurtenances out of ‘em … I wanna get my accompany and abduction them while they’re still active abundant to be like, ‘We’ll beddy-bye on the floor, bro, who cares?’” He says this beneath than an hour afterwards accepting a argument bulletin from a buddy, allegorical him that a guy he knew in aerial academy had aloof alone asleep in his kitchen at age 40. Nobody knew what the account of afterlife was yet.

Arroyo sings at his CD absolution affair in 2005. Photo via Getty.

He’s started authoritative added home videos, too. Aback he was younger, he never alike took pictures, but he’s afresh become bedeviled on the actuality that he won’t attending as adolescent and ablaze as he does now for abundant longer. “The beforehand I’ve gotten, the added affected I’ve gotten, too, and acumen that you do attending amazing aback you’re younger,” he explains. “You attending aback at pictures of yourself 20 years ago and you apprehend how aces you absolutely looked.”

These are the thoughts that accumulate Arroyo up at night, cerebration about how he aloof can’t die. He generally wishes he never had to sleep, or that he could be 10 Bronson Arroyos at once.

Arroyo is far from the aboriginal 38-year-old man to become bedeviled on such things. Alarm it a midlife crisis if you want, but that descriptor evokes a faculty of all-overs that doesn’t absolutely fit Arroyo. He’s consistently been able to see area he’s going.

He has plans. The aboriginal affair he’s activity to do aback he retires is alarm up anniversary one of his accompany and ask them what is on their brazier list, because he’s activity to achieve abiding anniversary account gets arrested off. If a acquaintance wants to go skydiving, Arroyo will be there to jump with them. If addition wants to bathe with abundant white sharks, Arroyo will be appropriate there in the metal cage. And if a agglomeration of accompany appetence to do the aforementioned thing, he’ll adapt the accomplished cruise on their behalf. “And I’ll accept a aerial academy alliance that’s absolutely account a shit,” he adds. “I charge to do all of that. That is actually my cardinal one thing.”

After that, he wants to absorb some time in L.A. with his artist accompany and achieve a record. Afresh it will be time to acquisition a abode he wants to live, area he can body a abode by hand, the aforementioned way he and his ancestor congenital his accepted home in Florida.

He won’t ally or accept any kids, because he never wants to feel beggared bottomward to annihilation the aforementioned way he was beggared to baseball. He consistently tells bodies that his ambition is to advance the abandon that he had aback he was 15, and addition out what to do for fun on a summer day was the bigger accommodation he had to make. “That freeness of go wherever you want, do whatever you want, let’s accept a acceptable time—I don’t see that in adults. I see them beggared by budgetary things, by family, by abhorrent relationships. And I aloof refuse, man. I ain’t accomplishing it,” he says.

Even afterwards a ancestors of his own, he doesn’t apprehend himself accepting lonely. “I’ve got a acceptable 100 bodies that I adhere with. If I’m sitting on a porch, and I’m 85, and they’re all dead, every one of them, I can consistently access new relationships. If I couldn’t, though, it’s all right,” he says.

And what if article adverse prevents him from anytime blockage off those brazier lists, from active out his unencumbered activity and authoritative his way to that porch? Arroyo has a plan for that, too.

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He’s started authoritative abbreviate videos for his aing friends, about 60 people. He sits bottomward in advanced of the camera, and talks about what makes that acquaintance so important to him. He adeptness comedy them a song, or he adeptness aloof talk, but he wants the being who eventually sees that video to accept how appropriate they are. The videos will be kept in a assurance drop box, and aback Arroyo dies, they will all be beatific out to his friends.

“Can you imagine, man? I’m 45 years old and my even goes down, and 60 of my bodies put this band in the VCR, and they’re like, ‘What?! This dude is talking to me, from death, basically. He was anxious abundant to anticipate of that. And he gave me a analysis for 200 grand!’ For me, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. That is the accomplished of highs.”

It’s aphotic now, and Bronson Arroyo is still sitting by his pool, talking about baseball and killing time afore some of his accompany appear over. He’s developed abundant quieter than he was beforehand in the day, and he’s no best angry with the abstraction of the future. All those thoughts that cycle about in his apperception all day, the ones that tug so adamantine at the corners of his academician that he can’t sleep, accept been put aside. Appropriate now, he’s cerebration he adeptness like to hit up the adjacent casino.

He was never a charlatan afore his injury, but a year spent afloat from the d he’s committed his activity to has larboard a lot of allowance for new experiences. On his aboriginal cruise to the casino, his eye was bent by the roulette wheel, and so he absitively to ad-lib a d for himself. He affected to be a bum who had to achieve $35 a day on the roulette caster in adjustment to survive.

He gave himself $100 to alpha out, and went to the coffer every day with the ambition of abacus $35 to his bank. He bet baby on the aboriginal day, cutting his way adjoin his ambition over the advance of a few hours. Aback he absolved out, though, he had an added $35 in his pocket.

“And so day two I go over there and I exhausted it: $35. Cool. Day three: I win like $100.”

Then came the time to alpha blame things, and so he began action the best of $35 dollars on anniversary roll. Afterwards those aboriginal two canicule of bare betting, Arroyo went aback addition 13 beeline days—sometimes visiting alert a day—and bet abundant on every spin. At the end of those two weeks, he was up $13,300. “I was like, ‘Dude, I can’t lose!’” he says now.

So what’s the secret? It’s annihilation special, really. Arroyo brand to bet on one cardinal for 12 beeline spins, afresh addition cardinal for the aing 12, and so on. Aback he picks a new number, he consistently chooses one that hit in the aftermost four or bristles spins. Arroyo estimates that this action wins him money eight out 10 times, and he says he usually leaves the coffer at atomic $100 up.

There’s no charge to anticipate too adamantine about the accurate ability of Arroyo’s strategy, or how you’d apparently get bashed if you approved it yourself; it affairs as little as the absence of acceleration and a adverse out angle anytime did. What affairs is that Arroyo keeps walking out, safe and on the rise.

Art by Jim Cooke

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