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This is a blitz archetype from “The Ingraham Angle,” October 12, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Solved: For The ODE Use The KCL And KVL Equations And If A ..
Solved: For The ODE Use The KCL And KVL Equations And If A .. | standard form 12 t

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST:  I’m Laura Ingraham and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE in Washington tonight. The aftermost 24 hours accept appear so abundant about the left’s clubhouse. No aberrant account are accustomed and sometimes they are appealing atrociously antipathetic of any political differences afresh and end up watching acutely claimed and annihilative attacks adjoin anyone who violates their orthodoxy.

Most recently, accession like a Kanye West or Amends Brett Kavanaugh. They acquainted their scorn. Tonight, as we adjoin the midterms, we will acknowledge the latest attacks and the accessible political fallout. Tucker Carlson, Raymond Arroyo, Corey Lewandowski and Howie Kurtz all actuality and abounding more.

But first, the abhorrent Kanye West pilon (ph). The abandoned attacks on Kanye West abide as the larboard pulls its beard out over this affair that Kanye had bygone with Admiral Trump. Now analysis this out, MSNBC bedfellow Michael Eric Dyson, you accept apparent him a lot on cable news. He appealing abundant alleged Kanye aloof too brainless to allocution to the admiral on any issues apropos chase and aggravating to accord the admiral awning on what he absolutely is, I guess, aloof a white nationalist. Watch.


MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR:  We as African-American bodies cannot angle idly by while you accord awning to a man who has accustomed to be a white supremacist, who has no absorption in the African-American people. This is such a beforehand of babbling ignorance. Kanye, amuse cease the interventions through media of aggravating to appoint issues about which you don’t accept adult apperception and knowledge.


INGRAHAM:  Adult ability like Beyonce and Jay-Z went in the Obama White House. All right, meanwhile, Donna Brazile is accusing Kanye of ambience African-Americans aback 155 years. Look at that. Aing me now, Pastor Darryl Scott, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, Leo Terrell, civilian rights attorney, Jeffrey Lord who served in the Reagan administering and is a accidental editor to the American Spectator anmd with me in studio, Garland Nixon, radio allocution appearance host and political analyst.

All appropriate guys, abundant to accept you all on. Thanks for aing me. And now, Leo, let me alpha with you. I aloof accept to go aback to what Michael Eric Dyson said, white supremacy by ventriloquism.  Now, to me aback apprehend that, Leo, I mean, aloof set a politics. If a bourgeois said that about an African-American celebrity who was liberal, who was assuming up with Obama or Clinton or anyone on the larboard for that matter, there would be hell to pay.

But because Kanye is in the egg-shaped with the president, it is accept to alarm it a accompanist show, alarm him stupid, alarm him insane. And now, he is aloof a archetype with Donald Trump operating his archetype body. How could you anticipate that that was a acceptable thing?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY:  Well, let me be actual clear. I am not activity to disregard the claimed attacks by Dyson. But I will artlessly say this. I was ashamed aback I saw Kanye West allege yesterday. It was a photo befalling for Trump. Why was I ashamed Laura? Because I claiming anyone on this console to say that the aishment of the 13th Alteration is a acceptable idea, that stop and bounce exist.

Kanye West does not accept the accomplishment set to allocution about the 13th amendment, which he did yesterday, stop and frisk, which does not abide and Kanye West is a guy who said that George Bush hates atramentous people. Let me be actual clear. He is not a Condoleezza Rice. He is not a Colin Powell, and you no Michael Steele (ph).

Kanye West does not accept the accomplishment set to allocution about any of those capacity and I claiming anyone on this console to acquaint me they abutment the abstraction of eliminating the 13th amendment. Please. Acquaint me if that is not whacko.

INGRAHAM:  Well, I don’t — I’m not accepting you on the 13th amendment. I’m not abiding he anytime said it in those agreement but —

TERRELL:  That’s what Kanye West said. It should be eliminated.

INGRAHAM:  So let’s go to — OK, let’s go to Pastor Scott. Pastor Scott, Kanye West is a actual anarchistic figure, let’s aloof put it that way. I mean, his music is actual popular. He is one of the top rap artists in the world. He speaks to a certain, you know, articulation of the population. Again, actual wealthy, absurd entrepreneur.

Not my cup of tea but he comes out and he says a few things about fatherhood and bodies who abridgement adult role models. I adulation this president. I appetite him to be successful. And suddenly, he becomes, oh, my god, he is the KKK. I anticipation the acknowledgment to him was aloof way over the top and I was apprehensive why? What are your thoughts?

DARRELL SCOTT, NATIONAL DIVERSITY COALITION FOR TRUMP:  Kanye West critics and detractors, they accept a botheration with how he said what he said and who he said it to. His content, aback you anatomize the agreeable of what he said, what did he say that was so wrong? Alike aback my brother was talking about his aishment of the 13th amendment. There is a basic I the 13th alteration that legalizes bullwork for abyss with blacks actuality disproportionately incarcerated.

TERRELL:  You are wrong. You are wrong.

SCOTT:  Man, I didn’t arrest you. Calm down.

TERRELL:  You are wrong.

SCOTT:  With blacks actuality disproportionately incarcerated. He is adage that and I had a brother-in-law that served years in bastille and he said it is axis into institutionalized . They don’t like that Kanye West is his own man and whatever you say he is not able to allege on, he is able to accept his own opinion.

TERRELL:  You don’t apperceive what you’re talking about the 13th amendment. You’re wrong.

SCOTT:  He doesn’t try to be a Condoleezza Rice. He doesn’t try to be anybody abroad but a Kanye West. And you apperceive what I don’t like? All the bodies that criticize the actuality that he went up there —


TERRELL:  You are bare what he said.

SCOTT:  All the bodies that banned an befalling to go themselves, Kanye West was there unfiltered and the admiral accustomed him to be.

TERRELL:  He is not qualified. He is not able aloof like you.

SCOTT:  They don’t accept the adventuresomeness to go up and sit bottomward with him and allocution him so, afresh you can’t angle alfresco and bandy rocks. Abound a brace and go up there and allocution to him yourself.

INGRAHAM:  OK. I appetite to go to Garland actuality because I absolutely anticipate this is an absorbing moment. And it is an absorbing moment because the chat about chase in America to me is stuck. It is not affective above area it is appropriate now. And again, Kanye is affectionate ifof this anarchistic guy.

He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a businessman. He’s a rapper. He starts baby business. He is absorbed in technology. I don’t apperceive him. I don’t apperceive absolutely abundant about him but to me and what he is adage is, let me anticipate for myself. Don’t accuse me because I absolutely like this guy who is admiral and appetite to achieve him successful.

And I anticipate to myself why would the liberals be adjoin that. Anybody is for abandon of thought, be who you appetite to be, accurate who you appetite to be. So why are liberals so acclimatized about one guy? You got the accomplished celebrity association on your side. One guy who says he brand Trump.

GARLAND NIXON, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST:  I anticipate there are two dynamics activity on here. The aboriginal one and let’s be absolute and let’s be honest about this. Within the atramentous voting bloc, Donald Trump is absolutely loathed. And that —

INGRAHAM:  36 percent approval is not bad.

NIXON:  I’ll acquaint you what.

INGRAHAM:  36 percent approval bygone by Rasmussen.

NIXON:  Let’s allocution about —

INGRAHAM: It’s bifold it was aftermost year. You guys are abashed about that, are you?


NIXON:  Authority on a second. I accept those numbers. Let’s allocution about the additional or third anniversary of November and see if those numbers authority up, which they absolutely won’t.


NIXON:  Cardinal two, and that’s you’ve got Kanye West, a guy with — and let’s be honest, he does accept a history of some brainy issues and some abandoned statements. A guy who is account $350 actor to $400 million. He does not allege for the atramentous community.

INGRAHAM:  Who does?

NIXON:  If Donald Trump was to ask me to allege with him tomorrow, I would but I would apprehend to be vilified, because I apperceive the atramentous association hates him so bad that I bigger be accessible —


INGRAHAM:  Garland — authority on, authority on, authority on. Garland — authority on, authority on guys, authority on. Do you anticipate aback you say the atramentous association hates him so bad, how does that beforehand the atramentous association to say that?

NIXON:  I don’t anticipate it advances the atramentous community, but let me acquaint you commodity about the history of the atramentous association in politics.

INGRAHAM:  Because they didn’t anticipate that — they didn’t anticipate that — delay a second! Wait. They didn’t anticipate that bristles years ago. He was a featured bedfellow and celebrity on music videos and movies. He was admired by the brawl industry, the sports industry but aback Donald Trump is active the country.

We got the everyman unemployment in 49 years for the country, historically low unemployment for African-Americans, still allegation assignment to do but we are authoritative some progress. So aback you say they abhorrence Donald — there is commodity that is not abacus up here, Garland.

I’m candidly aggravating to achieve advance actuality and not aloof accomplishing a talking point. There seems to be a arch that can be congenital amid what the admiral wants to achieve for America and African-Americans. Do you anticipate so?

NIXON:  Absolutely not.

form 13 - Heart.impulsar
form 13 – Heart.impulsar | standard form 12 t


NIXON:  Let me acquaint you what —

INGRAHAM:  Bastille ameliorate and what he’s doing?

NIXON:  Balloon it.

INGRAHAM:  Balloon it.

NIXON:  The atramentous association — aback they saw a agglomeration of guys in Charlottesville with Nazi flags and Donald Trump, that was it. There is no advancing back.


INGRAHAM:  Let’s go to Jeffrey Lord. Jeffrey, you haven’t announced yet. Jeffrey Lord, go ahead.

JEFFREY LORD, CONTENT EDITOR AMERICAN SPECTATOR:  Laura, you hit it absolutely on the head. Kanye West absolved off the advanced acreage and that is commodity that is not declared to be done and now they are advancing from him.

Laura, I am activity to apprehend you a line, which I apperceive you accept well, aback it was said by Amends Clarence Thomas for whom you clerked. And the band is, what he was put through, what Amends Thomas was put through  was a high-tech annihilation for above blacks who had anyhow condescend to anticipate for themselves, to do for themselves, to accept altered ideas. That is absolutely what is activity on here.

TERRELL:  What does that accept to do with Kanye West? That is irrelevant.

IMGRAHAM:  Authority on, Leo. Leo, aloof authority on.

LORD:  Kanye West said the added day, I’m an American. He is an American. He has every appropriate to anticipate whatever he chooses to anticipate and he should not be appear for and not accept bodies activity afterwards him like this in this is blameworthy performance. I mean, this is disgusting. Abominable what you’re doing.

TERRELL:  He didn’t apperceive what he was talking about.



LORD:  He is an American hero for accepting the audacity to angle up and say what he believes.


TERREL:  Laura Ingraham has done a admirable job of talking about Kanye has a right. No one is analytic that. But Laura Ingraham, you apperceive as able-bodied as I do, as a lawyer, what came out of his mouth, the content, fabricated no faculty —

INGRAHAM:  OK, I accept a catechism for you, Leo. Leo, I accept a catechism for you. Aback Lebron James comes out and says as he did some months aback that, you know, Donald Trump, I’m apery it. It’s not an exact quote, but he doesn’t, you know, he doesn’t affliction about people. It was featured everywhere.

I mean, LeBron James is an amazing person, absurd amateur but I don’t apperceive how abundant he studies politics. Maybe he studies a lot, maybe he doesn’t. But like, you know, do you bandy out a few blankity bare curve about Trump and aback you are a hero in the advanced sports world.

And afresh if you criticize LeBron James — oh my god, you can’t criticize LeBron James but Kanye West does it in the egg-shaped appointment and aback it is, you don’t apperceive anything. Does Kanye West apperceive any beneath than LeBron James knows about politics? Allegedly not.

TERREL:: Abundant point.

INGRAHAM:  All I’m adage is allegedly not, but allegedly about the aforementioned because it is not their — it is like I don’t apperceive annihilation about basketball, I don’t apperceive annihilation about rap music. That’s OK, but they accept a appropriate to allege out. That’s my point.

TERRELL:  Abundant point, Laura. You achieve a acceptable point about LeBron James and Kanye West. The point actuality is anybody on this panel, you heard the agreeable of the 13th alteration and stop and frisk. Anybody on this console knows there is no stop and bounce in this country. And that came out of Kanye West mouth, and what’s alarming about it is he has a belvedere in the White House..

INGRAHAM:  No, no, no. What you are adage actuality — no, no, no I accept what you are saying. Leo, you are arresting the console and I adulation that. You accept so abundant emotion. But there is a advance to accompany aback stop and bounce because bodies anticipate including I anticipate Rudy Giuliani, that it absolutely was acknowledged in endlessly crime.

He was advancing out and saying, we don’t appetite stop and frisk. So, he was absolutely acting I anticipate in a proactive way for what he happens to believe. I appetite to go admitting to Pastor Scott. Pastor, again, I anticipate there is an astronomic bulk of advance that can be fabricated on chase relations.

And I anticipate it is activity to allegedly appear from new people. It’s not activity to appear from allegedly anyone on this panel. It is activity to appear from new thinkers, bodies from altered walks of life. And it is activity to apprehension the old stereotypes. I don’t apperceive if it is Kanye West. Maybe it is not. But I don’t like the abstraction of casting off bodies as deplorables or he is brainless or he is mental. I don’t know. He is a person. Judge him for what he is.

SCOTT:  Laura, the atramentous association doesn’t abhorrence Trump. The atramentous media hates Trump. The atramentous media is a advocate for the Democratic Affair that hates Trump. The atramentous men on the artery they don’t abhorrence Trump. They like his policies. They like the actuality that unemployment is an best low —

TERRELL:  You don’t allege for the atramentous people. You don’t allege for the atramentous people.


INGRAHAM:  All right. Cipher speaks for anyone. We are speaking for ourselves. Go ahead.

SCOTT:  I talked to some guys beforehand from Chicago. The guys on the artery of Chicago acknowledge Kanye West continuing up for them, speaking up for Larry Hoover, speaking up for added bodies and altitude in Chicago and adage we appetite to achieve those altitude better. You guys are agitated because he is not acceptance himself to be a boob for the Democratic Party.


TERRELL:  Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

(CROSSTALK) SCOTT:  — atramentous stuff, but you don’t apperception calumniating or crucifying accession atramentous man on television. You don’t apperception accomplishing that? You’re a hypocrite.

TERRELL:  Shame on you.

INGRAHAM:  All right. Let’s go to Don Lemon. OK, authority on. I appetite to go to Don Lemon. This is commodity he said that had a lot of active axis and complex the byword accompanist appearance and Kanye. Let’s watch.


DON LEMON, CNN HOST:  I absolutely feel bad for him. What I saw was a accompanist appearance today. Him in advanced of all of these white people, mostly white people, awkward himself and awkward Americans, but mostly African-Americans because every one of them is sitting either at home or with their phones watching this cringing. I couldn’t alike watch it.


INGRAHAM:  OK, this is from accession who is accomplishing some blazon of attempt on New Year ‘s Eve on the cameras, speculated that a atramentous aperture could accept swallowed up the Malaysian airliner, talking about commodity — I usually like Don Lemon. He is like a nice guy but, again, it is the pejorative.

It is not ambidextrous with any of the absolute issues that are absolutely on table, the abridgement of ancestor figures, how African-American kids and all kids afterwards ancestor abstracts approach adjoin others who can accord them guidance. That racism as a weapon, instead of racism as commodity we appetite to defeat and afresh move beyond. I was absolutely aghast with Don Lemon and the accompanist appearance animadversion because absolutely no bourgeois could accept anytime said that. Garland.


INGRAHAM:  Authority on. Authority on. Let Garland speak, please. Authority on

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See, I don’t apperceive about accompanist shows.


INGRAHAM:  Authority on guys. Garland is speaking.

NIXON:  Yes, I got a blench because the affair about it is it’s the person. I like Kanye West. I don’t animosity him and I accept annihilation adjoin him. But, you know, you bethink the Taylor Swift issue. You never apperceive what he is activity to say and you are consistently — I am consistently on the bend cat-and-mouse for blench aback says — he’s in an alternating cosmos and things.

Let’s face it, he is not the appropriate spokesman. And now, it appears that conservatives are captivation up this guy —

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Adding – standard form 12 t | standard form 12 t

INGRAHAM:  I’m not.

NIXON:  — he is not the best agent as admitting he is like speaking for all the admirable things Trump is accomplishing for atramentous bodies in America.

INGRAHAM:  I don’t anticipate anyone speaks for any one big group. Aback Jesse Jackson comes out and he says he represents all atramentous people. I consistently accept bodies on my radio appearance who say Jesse Jackson is an absorbing guy. He was with MLK. He was big for me so, anyone who says that he speaks for —

TERREL:  And Garland doesn’t allege for me either.  Garland doesn’t allege for me.

INGRAHAM:  Yes. I get it. So, everybody is speaking for himself or herself, I accept that. All I’m adage is, I anticipate all of us are aggravating to get to the point area individuals of any blush can allege their apperception and accept their account advised for what they are, for what they are.

NIXON:  But the catechism is, is Kanye a aboveboard agent for the issues of atramentous America? And I anticipate best atramentous Americans are attractive at it and adage no. He hit on a brace of issues that I would say I agree, but it was muddled.

INGRAHAM:  Is LeBron James?


INGRAHAM:  Is LeBron James?

NIXON: No, but he didn’t say much.


SCOTT:  He can allege for himself. He can accord his truth.

INGRAHAM:  Anybody — guys, guys, anybody has their truth, and I am not putting bottomward LeBron James. He has a appropriate to allege and advance for whoever he wants, but all I’m adage is aback one of the best, if not the best basketball amateur on Earth speaks and does a assemblage for Hillary, cipher is saying, what’s his expertise.

Suddenly, they are adage Kanye has no expertise, well, adjoin whom? I don’t know. I aloof anticipate we got to be ablaze on, you know, what we are talking about actuality and who is apery what group. I anticipate the added voices, the better. That’s my view. Judge everybody for their opinions and whatever they are and I anticipate it is a acceptable thing. And I amount all my opinions tonight, every one of you.

All right, guys, for added acumen into the apperception of Admiral Trump and the bourgeois populism that drives him, achieve abiding to aces up a archetype of my new book in album now, “Busting The Barricades: What I Saw at the Populous Revolt.” It is in bookstores everywhere.

And advancing up, cable account hosts, decidedly some at CNN, accept donned their psychiatry caps to analyze Kanye as, well, absolutely crazy. Up next, one of the country’s pre-eminent attitude advisers is actuality to acquaint us why that accent ability be damaging. Don’t go away.


INGRAHAM:  You apperceive what’s not OK application someone’s brainy bloom struggles as a weapon aback you advance them for, you know, basically, you don’t accept an altercation adjoin them so you aloof say they are nuts. Well, of course, that’s what they are accomplishing with Kanye West. His political angle not all that important, but you aloof bung blame at him to try to demonize him. It is artlessly disgusting.


LEMON:  This was an embarrassment. Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.

JIMMY KIMMEL, LATE NIGHT HOST: Not alone was this a crazy chat for this White House. This is the affectionate of chat that would about be captivated amid bodies cutting hospital bracelets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I don’t apperceive if he is accessible to advice but I aloof feel like this is a accessible cry for advice and he is not accepting any help.

TREVOR NOAH, DAILY SHOW HOST:  There was a blubbering absurd in the egg-shaped appointment today.

LEMON:  Kanye, aback abroad from the cameras, go get some advice and afresh appear aback and achieve your case.


INGRAHAM:  Get help? Dr. Lemon, why are you stigmatizing bodies who action brainy bloom issues?  How cartel you try to abbreviate what Kanye is adage because he is accessible about some of the brainy bloom issues he has had? I anticipate you owe Kanye and anybody abroad ambidextrous with the attempt an acknowledgment and you allegation to do better. Don Lemon is absolutely a acceptable guy. He knows better.

Joining me now, is Patrick Corrigan, attitude assistant and columnist of the book, “The Stigma Effect.” All appropriate professor, now how deleterious is it for anyone in the media, larboard wing, appropriate wing, to accomplishment accession person’s medical history as was done aloof over the accomplished 24 hours apropos Kanye West?

PATRICK CORRIGAN, PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR:  Reducing somebody’s chat to illegitimacy by adage they are mentally ill is in the aforementioned class as a stigma accompanying to racism, ism, phobia. It is adage that your bulletin doesn’t calculation because already aloft a time you had an acquaintance with bipolar ataxia or rather illness.

The stigma and brainy affliction is not trivial. Bodies labeled with brainy affliction are clumsy to get jobs, alive independently, get acceptable bloom care. And it is all because letters like this ster them as actuality altered or worse than we are.

INGRAHAM:  And professor, it seems like it would avert bodies from accepting counseling. Let’s say they absent a parent, went through a difficult time, if they apperceive afterwards on they are activity to be declared as one of those bodies who got help. And as accession who knows a lot of bodies over the years who accept gone through abnormally with afterlife of children, afterlife of parent, gone through abundantly difficult periods of time, we appetite to animate bodies to be able to allocution to others, to get help.

And to me, in this case, it’s mostly liberals acutely in this bearings who are demonizing accession aloof because, I guess, they are in the egg-shaped appointment with Trump and befuddled in the crazytown accord as a way to demonize him and aish him.

CORRIGAN:  Any time you bandy in the chat crazy, whether it comes from the larboard or it comes from the right, it undermines the opportunities of bodies who attempt with brainy illness. And by the way, that’s a lot of people. Epidemiology suggests it could be one out of bristles bodies accept a austere brainy illness.

The stigma fundamentally comes from the label. I am seeing somebody appear out of the analyst appointment and I apperceive they allegation be basics or advancing out of the counselor’s appointment and they allegation be crazy. And so they are activity to abstain those affectionate of places so they don’t get those affectionate of labels, and they are not activity to get the affectionate of analysis you were aloof talking that we apperceive absolutely will work.

INGRAHAM:  Professor, acknowledge you so abundant for your insight. And Obama’s White House, by the way was a revolving aperture for celebrities. Bethink the action acme he had with rappers Common, Busta Rhymes and Ludacris about a bent amends reform. You allegedly don’t because the larboard accession media didn’t aberration out over it like they did aback one guy goes to the Egg-shaped Appointment yesterday, Kanye West.

Joining us now with reaction, bifold accustomed extraordinaire, of course, Howie Kurtz. Howie, of advance Media Buzz, abundant appearance on the weekends on Fox. Howie, this is agrarian because I bethink aback Kanye came and afresh he did his balladry bang at the White House. I mean, accuracy be told, I absolutely affectionate of, you know, laughed at it because I anticipation the composition was absolutely bad that he did on stage, but Obama was aloof absolutely at affluence with celebrities and obviously, they admired him. No one cared.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS HOST:  Obama’s celebrities, Obama’s rappers, they wee — they had the accustomed credo so it was OK. The media affectionate of acclaimed it. Look, what Kanye did in the egg-shaped office, it is accomplished for critics to say, it was weird, it was strange, it was bizarre. Alike Donald Trump seemed affectionate of aghast for a moment.

But the barbarous attributes of some this criticism is acutely apprenticed by ideology. Aback Kanye West was talking about George Bush doesn’t affliction about atramentous bodies —

INGRAHAM:  I criticized him for that.

KURTZ:  Yes, but a lot of these liberals said, oh, he is a absolutely air-conditioned dude. And now because he is cutting the red hat and he’s all-embracing Donald Trump, he allegation be loco.

INGRAHAM:  What are the affairs like aing anniversary he will be cutting like a Cory Booker hat? Is there any chance? All right, Jackie Speier, I appetite to comedy this for you Howie. Congresswoman from California said this about Kanye and his brainy health.


REP. JACKIE SPEIER, D-CALIFORNIA:  It was a aggregate of beck of consciousness. I acquainted like I was sitting in on a psychiatric appointment and a bartering for Donald Trump. It wasn’t contemporary absolutely but I would advance that the admiral should maybe abbreviate these kinds of engagements.


INGRAHAM:  Able-bodied Howie, 36 percent approval from Rasmussen amid African-Americans. That is bifold from aftermost year, aforementioned poll. It seems like they are added abashed about the Kanye aftereffect on the midterm elections than they are about Kanye’s brainy health.

KURTZ:  Well, actuality we see the brainy bloom affair actuality brought up again. And you know, in accession to the congresswoman, it seems like the harshest criticism is advancing from added African-American. You played Don Lemon boring Kanye’s backward mother into it. CNN contributor Tara Stmayer said he was a badge negro. I haven’t heard that byword in decades.

And so, it is acclaim in the angle that if a atramentous actuality — atramentous bodies who are for somebody like Donald Trump, they can’t apperceive what they are talking about. They are absolutely apprenticed there, they accept austere issues and all of that. And that, you know, they no best accept a monopoly. And so the axle on actuality adjoin Kanye West, who is an absorbing guy, like you say allegedly don’t apperceive that abundant about politics.

INGRAHAM:  Added so than who? Matt Damon?

KURTZ:  Yes. And he was there to allocution about absolutely a austere affair like his wife Kim Kardashian did so. The aberration out is aloof so over the top that I anticipate it can alone be accounting off as brainy action to a guy who thinks a little differently.

INGRAHAM:  We’ll be watching “Media Buzz” this weekend Howie. Thanks so abundant for actuality with us.

And the P.C. language, badge bang again. Whoopi Goldberg reveals a HeToo moment. Those are aloof some of the capacity advanced on Friday Follies with Raymond Arroyo. Plus, Hillary Clinton losses her aegis clearance. Oh, I’ll acquaint you added advancing up.

GCSE Revision Video 13 - Standard Form - YouTube - standard form 12 t
GCSE Revision Video 13 – Standard Form – YouTube – standard form 12 t | standard form 12 t


INGRAHAM:  It’s Friday.  That agency it’s time for Friday Follies.

Political definiteness is now messing with our language.  And did Whoopi Goldberg aloof accept her own he too moment?  For all the capacity we are aing Raymond Arroyo, FOX Account contributor, bestselling columnist of the “Will Wilder” series.  Raymond, I achievement you can do this afterwards abasing yourself.


INGRAHAM:  OK, what am I now not accustomed to say?  What words can I not say, P.C. police?

ARROYO:  We came beyond this commodity in a San Francisco journal area the appellation “Indian summer” may not be acclimated anymore.


ARROYO:  In political actual anticipation you shouldn’t use Indian summer.

INGRAHAM:  They’re putting up the words too fast.

ARROYO:  We’ll get to those in a second.  But the botheration is this.

INGRAHAM:  Booty those down.

ARROYO:  Indian summer may accept its agent in burden ships traveling the Indian Ocean.  It may accept annihilation to do with Native Americans.  We don’t apperceive the exact origins.

INGRAHAM:  What added words.  Now you can put them up.

ARROYO:  There are added words we cannot use any longer.  Words like “Indian summer,” “sitting Indian style,” “off the reservation,” don’t say “off the reservation,” Ingraham.  “Blackball.”

INGRAHAM:  “Blackball,” I acclimated that today.

ARROYO:  “Whitewash.”  Don’t use “whitewash,” you will affront me.  “Inmates active the asylum.”

INGRAHAM:  I acclimated that yesterday.

ARROYO:  And one you talked about earlier, “freshman.” You can’t use “freshman” anymore.

INGRAHAM:  You can’t aloof say aboriginal year.  You can’t say “freshman”?

ARROYO:  Because you are acute adjoin women.

INGRAHAM:  I anticipation it was fresh, like, don’t be fresh, man.  OK.

ARROYO:  There was a new poll by a accumulation alleged Added in Common.  They begin 80 percent of people, 80 percent begin political definiteness a problem.

INGRAHAM:  The worst.

ARROYO:  But aback you breach it bottomward by race, 79 percent of whites, 82 percent of Asians, 87 percent of Hispanics, and 75 percent of African-Americans anticipate political definiteness is a problem.

INGRAHAM:  But afresh it said abhorrence accent a problem, 82 percent.

ARROYO:  Yes, 82 percent of bodies anticipation abhorrence accent —

INGRAHAM:  Let’s allocution about Neil Patrick Harris.

ARROYO:  Wait, wait, wait.  Speaking of the P.C. police.  “The View” had a moment that few bent the added day.  Actor Neil Patrick Harris appear he did his aboriginal blur with Whoopi Goldberg, and afresh he said this.  Listen closely.


NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, ACTOR:  I did my aboriginal cine anytime with Whoopi Goldberg, a cine alleged “Clara’s Heart.” And we formed calm on that.  And she told me —


HARRIS:  She told me, I was what, 15, 16 years old.  She told me on my aftermost day of cutting that 10 years, in 10 years time she was activity to accept with me.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST, “THE VIEW”:  I ability have.  In those canicule you could absolutely accept some fun like that.  You can’t do that now.

HARRIS:  I was not offended.  I’m attractive advanced to it.


ARROYO:  Accept some fun like that.  Imagine, brainstorm if a adolescent changeable extra got up and said some Academy Award acceptable administrator had told her aback she was 15 that he would accept with her in a few years, “The View” would be allurement for that guy’s arch and able he would never assignment again.  But there allegedly is one rulebook for Hollywood and one rulebook for everybody else.

INGRAHAM:  Anybody was affectionate of like —

ARROYO:  Ho-hum.

INGRAHAM:  The cat got her argot for a few seconds.

ARROYO:  I did apprehension that.  I did apprehension that.

And James Gunn, you bethink we did this adventure several weeks ago.  In July James Gunn was the administrator of the big curiosity “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  They concluded up slicing his contract, abandoning his involvement, and they confused him to D.C. Comics now.  He is administering “The Suicide Squad.”  This is a guy who wrote these pedophilic like tweets.  They blaze him, they rehire him in a bulk of months.

INGRAHAM:  OK, so it’s a altered standard.

ARROYO:  Area is the benevolence for —

INGRAHAM:  Absolute quick, “Conners” adjoin “Last Man Standing,” area are we on that?

ARROYO:  “Last Man Standing” is the bigger blemish hit FOX has apparent in seven years, FOX Network.  Tim Allen’s show, of advance a bourgeois appearance that was bounced off of ABC.  It exhausted the “Murphy Brown” arch by a actor viewers.  And you apperceive how they pushed that.  Afresh of advance what happened aing was it exhausted “Will and Grace” this week. “The Conners” is Meanwhile in abounding agitation mode.

INGRAHAM:  Afterwards Roseanne, what a shock.  You predicted this.  Raymond predicted “Conners” afterwards Roseanne.

ARROYO:  I say three or four episodes and it is canceled.  And admiral are cogent The Circadian Mail they anticipate they may accept accursed Roseanne too early.

INGRAHAM:  You think?  They had a hit appearance and they blew it.  That’s all I can say.  Raymond, fantastic, as always.

Just hours afterwards the GOP releases an ad comparing the larboard to an unhinged mob, they are accurate right.  Vandals defacing a New York Republican club in the average of the night.  That’s next.

Convert from general form to standard form of an ellipse - YouTube - standard form 12 t
Convert from general form to standard form of an ellipse – YouTube – standard form 12 t | standard form 12 t

Plus, Tucker Carlson is actuality to acknowledge Kanye’s important bulletin about men in avant-garde society.  Stay with us.



ERIC HOLDER, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL:  Aback they go low, we bang them.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIFORNIA:  And if you see anybody in a restaurant, at a administering store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you actualize a crowd, and you advance aback on them. REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-HOUSE MINORITY LEADER:  I aloof don’t alike apperceive why there aren’t uprisings all over the country.  Maybe there will be.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-NEW JERSEY:  Please, get up in the face of some Congresspeople.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is this the, quote-unquote, mob?


INGRAHAM:  That was a new ad from the GOP capitalizing on how unhinged they accept the larboard has become.  Actuality to react, above Trump advance administrator Corey Lewandowski, and above aides to Senate majority baton Harry Reid, Jon Summers.  Let’s alpha with you, Jon.  I apperceive the chat “mob” is a actual acute affair for some people, but how can you possibly altercation what you saw aftermost week, the banging, clawing at the door, accepting in your face, accepting an inch from someone’s face, cornering poor old Susan Collins in the elevator annihilation but a mob?

JON SUMMERS, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST:  It is a lot like what we accept apparent on a cardinal of occasions on the Republican side.

INGRAHAM:  Really, where?  Area did Republicans bend bodies in an elevator?

SUMMERS:  Let’s allocution about the tea affair protests.

INGRAHAM:  Never, never.

SUMMERS:  Please.

INGRAHAM:  Cornered bodies in an elevator?  They were cutting Betsy Ross outfits.  How is that threatening?

SUMMERS:  And they were assuming up at boondocks halls for both Republicans and Democrats and aition those.

INGRAHAM:  Allurement questions.

SUMMERS:  They were aition them, with the ambition of aition them and accepting bodies upset.  We can additionally allocution about bodies assuming up at Barack Obama rallies armed.

INGRAHAM:  Armed?  Name three.

SUMMERS:  We can allocution about Cliven Bundy and his armed militia who created a standoff.

INGRAHAM:  We had bags of people.

SUMMERS:  And let’s not balloon Charlottesville.

INGRAHAM:  Charlottesville, aboriginal of all, is what the larboard continues to bandy up.  But Corey Lewandowski, what we saw over aloof the aftermost three weeks in Washington, bodies with signs, “F” Kavanaugh, predator Kavanaugh, things I can’t say on television.  Susan Collins is about the best abstinent actuality you can get.  Jeff Flake allegedly had to abrasion a brace of depends in that elevator, he was so agitated about the army advancing in on him.  I don’t know.  I aloof anticipate that’s not what America absolutely wants appropriate now.  Bodies are appealing blessed with the economy.

COREY LEWANDOWSKI, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER:  Bodies are actual blessed by and large.  This movement has gone aback to the day that Donald Trump was affidavit into office.  The aing day was the woman advance in Washington, D.C.  And if you bethink what they did, is we saw the video footage.  They bless by throwing rocks through storefront glass, lighting cars on fire, and accepting what absolutely the Republicans call as a mob demography place.

And what we saw aftermost anniversary in Washington is hundreds of bodies actuality arrested, bodies clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court, active bodies out of restaurants, agreeable at agents associates who assignment for the government.  That never transpired aback the Democrats were in office.  Never already did I see David Axelrod be befuddled out of a restaurant because the Republicans are so affronted at the policies.  Never already did I see Democrat senators accept to be removed from restaurants or chiffonier admiral because the army was so outrageously agreeable at them because of the policies, because we don’t do that.

And I bethink the Tea Parties well.  I took abode in them.  I alternate in them.  Not alone were they alike and they were apropos and they were actual able-bodied anticipation out, but in the end, there was no mess.  We didn’t ablaze cars on blaze as a assurance of our all-overs or disgust.  We larboard in an alike fashion.

INGRAHAM:  A New York Republican address was vandalized aftermost night with all sorts of Antifa-like graffiti.  Ed Cox talked about that from New York today.  It happened aftermost night.  But gentlemen, both of you, afore I let you go, Admiral Trump is charging abounding beef advanced with the administrative appointments, including on the ninth circuit, a actual advanced appeals court. We accept a actual bound time.  He is bypassing the dejected slip, acceptation Feinstein and Kamala Harris don’t get a sign-off.  John, your reaction?

SUMMERS:  It is adverse that he is accomplishing that because this is a action that’s in place.  The capacity can allocution to their senators and articulation their opinions about the nominee.  Unfortunately, that is not happening.  Not abashed it’s not happening.

INGRAHAM:  Bodies didn’t acclimated to aperture actuality out of FBI files either, but that happened aftermost week.

SUMMERS:  There is a lot accident beneath this administering that didn’t appear before, including the break of bags of kids from their families.  So bodies accept lots of affidavit to be agitated with this —

INGRAHAM:  Ninth ambit — Corey, ninth ambit decision.  We accept like 10 seconds.

LEWANDOWSKI:  Look, 84 new board this admiral has appointed.  The senators had their adventitious to assignment with the White House to put a amalgamation calm for the ninth circuit.  They couldn’t get it done because they capital to comedy accessory politics.

INGRAHAM:  All right, out of time, but actual interesting, guys.  Both of you, absurd to accept you on.

Coming up, FOX’s own Tucker Carlson, Kanye West’s bulletin for the avant-garde man, up next.



KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN:  The advance “I’m with her” aloof didn’t achieve me feel as a guy that didn’t get to see my dad all the time like a guy that could comedy t with his son.  There was commodity about aback I put this hat on, it fabricated me feel like Superman.  This hat, it gives me ability in a way.


INGRAHAM:  I am with her.  Didn’t Hillary Clinton anticipate that that byword ability alienate a ample allotment of the population?  It took accession like Kanye West of all bodies to put a ablaze red hat on and say, hey, what about us?  Actuality he is aback in August acknowledgment why the MAGA hat represents a lot added than aloof acknowledging Trump.


KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN:  It represented advantageous abhorrence and accomplishing what you acquainted no bulk what anyone said, and adage you can’t annoyer me.  Liberals can’t annoyer me, account can’t annoyer me, the hip-hop community, they can’t annoyer me, because at that point, if I’m abashed to be me, I’m no best Ye.


INGRAHAM:  Aing me is Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and columnist of the New York Times cardinal one bestseller, “The Ship of Fools” aloof agape Bob Woodward off the cardinal one atom on the New York Times album list.  Tucker, aboriginal of all, I’m so blessed that I apperceive you.  Congratulations.


INGRAHAM:  Aback I was activity through some boxy times in the aftermost year, you were amid the aboriginal bodies who ability out to me.  And you’re aloof such a — you’re a bestselling author, you’re a top TV host, but bodies accept to apperceive this about Tucker.  You’re additionally aloof a absolutely acceptable person, which in Washington D.C. sometimes is adamantine to find.

CARLSON:  Well, I’m not a acceptable person, but I accept absolutely been attacked.  So I abysmal accord for anybody, including Kanye West, who I apperceive annihilation about and I’m not absorbed in.  But I feel for bodies who are all of the abrupt accepting it from everybody.  I absolutely do.

INGRAHAM:  Yes.  And I saw your appearance aftermost night area you talked about the affair of fathers and missing fathers, and absolute segments of America.  He was talking about that.  Look, he is not a political person.  He is not activity to allege in auger terms.  He is activity to allege the way he is activity to speak.  Again, it is not my music, it’s not my thing, nor is it yours.  But that was an absorbing moment area he said the adult attendance in a ancestors is so important, and she didn’t allege to me.  It wasn’t because she was a woman, but it was because of how she was assuming her campaign.

CARLSON:  And he is absolutely right.  The Democratic Affair is anti-masculinity and anti-father.  They accept to be.  That’s their base.  And that is aloof true.  And they accept been for a continued time.  And not anybody in the Democratic Party, but the administering of the affair is — ask a arch Democrat.  It is absolutely simple.  I accept done it, actually.  You say is it better, all things actuality equal, there are a actor exceptions to every rule, but in accustomed is it bigger for kids to abound up with the dad at home?  They won’t say it, alike admitting it’s true.  And by the way, I grew up for allotment of my adolescence in a distinct ancestor home.  It was great.  I am not advancing anybody.  I’m aloof saying, if you can’t say that, afresh you are lying.  And anybody knows you are lying.  And he aloof affectionate of alleged them out in his beck of alertness way.  And I anticipate we should not advance him for that.

INGRAHAM:  David Gergen, one of your aing accompany on CNN bygone said the following.  Let’s watch.

13 in expanded form - Heart.impulsar
13 in expanded form – Heart.impulsar | standard form 12 t


DAVID GERGEN:  Is that what’s activity on with some of the men in this country and their accord to Trump?  Does actuality for Trump achieve them feel added masculine?  I aloof don’t apperceive the acknowledgment to that, but boy, there was abiding an association of it in that session.


INGRAHAM:  In added words, masculinity, the baneful masculinity, it is a barbarous blazon of actuality adult to be accumbent with Trump.

CARLSON:  Dave is accomplishing the best he can.  I am not activity to advance him.  But the accuracy is, that’s real.

INGRAHAM:  Why not?

CARLSON:  I feel bad for him.  But that’s real.  Men feel that they can’t be men, and that’s not a talking point.  I’m not a men’s movement guy or whatever.  But if you had a movement that was adjoin baneful delicacy or baneful uality, you would say you are advancing bodies for who they inherently are, and you shouldn’t do that because it is beggarly and absolutely hurts kids aback you do that.  And yet we accelerate $60,000 a year to these brainless schools, these colleges that accept absolute departments adherent for advancing men for actuality men.  Why are we putting up with this garbage?  If you accept a son, this is a huge blackmail to him.  If you accept a daughter, who is she activity to marry?  These are not accessory questions.  They’re axial questions.

INGRAHAM:  Tucker, your book has, the absorbing affair about Tucker’s book, it is such a abundant read, it’s about the elites, both on the appropriate and the left.  But in your “Ship of Fools” is Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.  And both of them were analytical to blame Kavanaugh over the —

CARLSON:  They did a abundant job this week.  And I anticipate anybody who believes in candor should be beholden to them, and I am.

INGRAHAM:  We haven’t gotten the bank yet, though, Tucker.

CARLSON:  Which is not a baby thing.  And by the way, aback Republicans face adversity in the midterms, maybe it is because the affair ran on architecture a wall, not on an abstruse wall, a emblematic well, but on a concrete wall, and afresh they array of accord the feel to their voters, well, the bank is affectionate of stupid.  Maybe it is stupid.  It doesn’t matter.  You promised it.  If you acquaint me I’m accepting a pony for Christmas, you bigger not accord me a bag of hair, because I’m activity to be absolutely disappointed.

INGRAHAM:  I got a bag of beard once.


INGRAHAM:  Acquaint me about your circadian life.  You deathwatch up.  Accord me your time.  If you had to aloof bead into Tucker Carlson’s life, aback you deathwatch up in the morning, it is about what time?

CARLSON:  I deathwatch up about 7:30 or 8:00.

INGRAHAM:  OK, afresh what’s the aboriginal affair you usually do?

CARLSON:  My wife wakes me up every morning with a cup of coffee.  She goes for a run.  She comes back.  She gets aback in bed with me with the dogs.  I sit and do e-mail and I allocution to her for a brace of hours.  I absolutely try and get all my assignment done sitting in bed in the morning.

INGRAHAM:  Like Churchill, except he didn’t accept email.

CARLSON:  Yes.  And afresh I assignment and I allocution to a actor altered people.  I don’t go to lunch.  About I go into assignment and do a ton of writing, mostly it’s a autograph job.  And afresh the appearance ends and I go out to banquet about every night, and with my admired nephew tonight.

INGRAHAM:  So how abounding dogs are in bed with you at night at any accustomed time?

CARLSON:  Two.  Two spaniels, Meg and Dave.

INGRAHAM:  Are they at the top of the bed?  Are they consistently at the bottom of the bed?  Do they achieve their way up?

CARLSON:  This is a actual arguable question.  So all four of our kids accept gone.  So we are the apology of the bodies who are actual focused on their spaniels.

INGRAHAM:  OK, good.

CARLSON:  But one I anticipate is basically mine, and my wife disputes that.  And afresh the abate spaniel, the sub spaniel, the assets spaniel, is added loyal to her.

INGRAHAM:  Are they hunting dogs?

CARLSON:  Both are them are hunting.

INGRAHAM:  So bird dogs?

CARLSON:  Both are bird dogs.

INGRAHAM:  Pheasant, quail, what do you do?

CARLSON:  Pheasant, quail, chukar.

INGRAHAM:  Anything?

CARLSON:  I’m not a huge mammal hunter.  I go shoot pigs already in a while.  But mostly I grew up bird hunting.

INGRAHAM:  How about a tennis ball?  Will they booty that?

CARLSON:  They will booty a tennis ball.  They appear fishing with me a lot. They’re my fishing dogs.

INGRAHAM:  Tucker, I am so — appreciative of you sounds condescending.  I am so blessed for you.  Tucker is one of —

CARLSON:  No one has anytime asked me what you aloof asked me.  I can’t accept I said that on TV.  I’m embarrassed.

INGRAHAM:  No, because you’re like my brother.

So Tucker Carlson, “Ship of Fools,” get this book.  It is phenomenal.  It actually, you trace the elites on the larboard and appropriate and how they try to beacon America in one administrator and bodies absolutely took it and said, we are activity to go into a altered direction.  Tucker, congratulations.  You’re such a abundant colleague.

CARLSON:  Acknowledge you, Laura.

INGRAHAM:  Will you appear on my appearance aing week?


INGRAHAM:  Can I appear on your appearance aing week?

CARLSON:  Any time.  Are you kidding?  Ratings gold.


INGRAHAM:  I’ll airing over to that studio.  Tucker, congratulations, again.  Get this book.  Phenomenal, abundant stocking stuffer.  Aboriginal arcade for Christmas.  We’ll be appropriate aback with today’s bigger champ and loser.  


INGRAHAM:  OK, it’s time for our winners and losers of the week.  I’m activity to alpha with a winner.  American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was assuredly appear by the Turkish government afterwards burden from the Trump administering with a little advice from the clandestine sector.  That is him tonight with Ric Grenell, the agent from Germany on his way aback to the United States.  And previously, a photo of him with others who helped in this attention from the clandestine sector.  Pastor Brunson, we are so blessed you are on your way aback to the United States, and acknowledge you to Admiral Donald Trump.  Raymond, also-ran of the week?

ARROYO:  Also-ran of the anniversary is accession pastor, Cardinal Donald Wuerl who the Pope accustomed his abandonment today.  This came in the deathwatch of the corruption aspersion in Pennsylvania, of which he fabricated some mistakes, but on the whole, Donald Wuerl did a lot of acceptable in attention to corruption allegations.  He dealt with them.  The botheration was abstinent he knew annihilation about the McCarrick bearings actuality in Washington.  That absolutely was his undoing.  And here’s the absolutely bad thing, a lot of victims are actual agitated about this.  Admitting he has resigned, he charcoal in allegation in Washington until his almsman is named.

INGRAHAM:  So the successor, who will be the new abbey of Washington, D.C.?

Writing Equations in Standard Form Word Problems 13
Writing Equations in Standard Form Word Problems 13 | standard form 12 t

Also achieve abiding to aces up a archetype of my new book in paperback, “Busting the Barricades.” You’ll adulation it.  “What I Saw at the Populist Revolt.”

And that’s all the time we accept tonight.  Shannon Bream and the “Fox Account @ Night” booty it from here.  Shannon?


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