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This column address into how you can use WordPress to run a regular, non-blog website.

Bootstrap Form Elements - bootstrap form design
Bootstrap Form Elements – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

WordPress began as a blogging belvedere and has a accepted ascendancy in the apple of blogging. No amount what affectionate of blog you’re intending to run, WordPress can advice you get it done with ease.

Be it a photo blog, a video blog or alike a simple account for your thoughts, WordPress comes loaded with all the bells, whistles and appearance that a blogger ability ask for!

With that said, we can additionally use WordPress for creating a non-blog armpit — one that doesn’t absolutely charge a blog at all, but instead, is aloof a simple and aboveboard website. Despite actuality primarily a blogging tool, WordPress can actual able-bodied be fabricated to run a non-blog website.

WordPress comes with a ample arrangement of blogging-specific appearance out of the box. These include, but are not bound to, things such as comments, blog posts, categories and tags, etc.

Now, it’s accessible that best of these appearance are basic for active and managing a blog site. However, back architecture a non-blog site, a acceptable cardinal of such appearance may not prove useful. We can, obviously, accept to leave them as they are.

contact form templates - Yaman.startflyjobs
contact form templates – Yaman.startflyjobs | bootstrap form design

But what about things on the advanced end? If we’re absolutely accomplishing abroad with the blog posts, won’t blog athenaeum accord a “no posts found” bulletin to users? What about the “Uncategorized” category? Such taxonomies too tend to accept athenaeum of their own.

The easiest way to fix this is to attenuate the athenaeum altogether. Beyond that, we can additionally accept to attenuate abounding added blog-focused features.

Before activity any further, let’s aloof face the truth: WordPress, in its accepted appearance and form, expects its users to address and broadcast posts. If all you’re acquisitive to do is body a changeless armpit with a accustomed cardinal of pages, and accept no claim of publishing or consistently afterlight posts and added forms of content, the blogging sections are redundant.

Thus, it’s capital for us to acquaint WordPress that we don’t charge the absence column archives, anatomy or columnist archives, and so on. The afterward code, for example, helps you aish all absence blog pages and athenaeum from your site:

The cipher aloft disables all blog archives, distinct column templates as able-bodied as blog basis templates. Now, WordPress will alter users from distinct column templates or blog athenaeum to a 404 page. You can added set custom redirects in your .htaccess file, via a WordPress plugin, or in the cipher itself to alter users to a specific folio in lieu of 404 page, alike the home page!

The 10 Commandments of Good Form Design on the Web – Mono - bootstrap form design
The 10 Commandments of Good Form Design on the Web – Mono – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

The aloft cipher should alluringly be placed in the functions.php book of your affair or adolescent theme. This footfall is all-important to anticipate the conception of abandoned annal pages that may contrarily aching your chase rank. With that said, you can also, to some extent, attenuate several athenaeum by agency of a acceptable SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO (refer to plugin-specific affidavit for abundant guidelines accompanying to the same).

There’s no curtailment of WordPress capacity to accept from. Alike for non-blog websites, there are affluence of amazing WordPress capacity out there both in chargeless and exceptional variants.

Now, it goes after adage that you should aces your WordPress affair alone from reliable sources. It’s actual accessible to abatement casualty to a bad WordPress affair and get your website compromised or afraid with minutes.

As far as chargeless WordPress capacity are concerned, the alone abode that you should attending is the official affair repository. WordPress capacity in the repo are quality-tested and about appear with better-quality code. Aloft aggregate else, chargeless WordPress capacity in the official athenaeum are bare of awful cipher or malware.

For non-blog websites, the official athenaeum has several tags that you can use to shortlist the absolute theme. For example, the “Education” affection clarify about provides capacity meant for education-specific sites, but you can use these on around any non-blog site. The aforementioned applies to the “Holiday” clarify as well.

Tutorial: Bootstrap Form Builder - YouTube - bootstrap form design
Tutorial: Bootstrap Form Builder – YouTube – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

When selecting a exceptional WordPress theme, accomplish abiding you opt for a accounted affair seller. Furthermore, the tags or genres of capacity that you should focus on are frequently termed as “Business” or “Corporate” WordPress themes. Best such capacity tend to appear with a custom blog folio arrangement or layout, which should not be abundant of a anguish as you would accept disabled the annal folio affectation application the aloft cipher anyway.

However, there is one accurate footfall of attention that you should booty back acrimonious a WordPress affair for your non-blog website. By all means, abstain WordPress capacity that appear loaded with a abundant ambit of “custom” features, abnormally ones with custom shortcodes, custom ons, custom folio templates, and so on. Such WordPress capacity tend to assignment out of the box alone back you’re application WordPress the way it’s declared to be. Back you’re attempting to body a absolutely non-blog website in WordPress, the custom folio templates and shortcodes can alone get in the way. What will you do with a filigree annal blog folio arrangement back you do not accept blog posts to affectation in the aboriginal place?

Certain exceptional WordPress themes, such as Divi by Elegant Themes, are an barring to the aloft rule, as these capacity tend to accept an ecosystem and pre-made templates of their own. You can, in fact, baddest a Business arrangement in Divi and accept a non-blog armpit alien to your WordPress accession in no time! But for the best part, it’s bigger to use a alternation of WordPress plugins to accomplish such customized functionality.Speaking of WordPress plugins …

Nowadays, it’s become a barometer to about-face appear WordPress plugins for extending and accepting added out of WordPress. With such a ample ambit of WordPress plugins at our disposal, it’s alone accustomed to accomplish use of some advantageous plugins to added advance our site.

Bootstrap 10 Form Examples – WDstack – Medium - bootstrap form design
Bootstrap 10 Form Examples – WDstack – Medium – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

While the accepted attributes of WordPress plugins — such as those for SEO or aegis — tend to abide the aforementioned for both blogging and non-blogging sites, we can apply a brace specialized WordPress plugins that are accurately meant for non-blogging projects.

To activate with, the Attenuate Comments WordPress plugin can advice you attenuate comments globally on your site. This agency all instances of animadversion administration and moderation, as able-bodied as animadversion forms on the advanced end, are alone from your non-blog site. Not alone can this ensure that you don’t accept to accord with spam anymore, but the Attenuate Comments plugin can additionally de-clutter your WordPress admin console by removing the comment-related items from WordPress Dashboard, admin menu, admin panel, etc.

Next, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin can prove advantageous for non-blog sites as well. As the name suggests, this accurate plugin helps you actualize and administer your sitemaps added efficiently. It’s recommended that you use a committed sitemaps plugin, because there will be several aspects of your armpit that you would not appetite to accommodate in your sitemap — decidedly ones accompanying to blogging, such as anatomy archives. Application a specialized sitemaps or SEO plugin can advice you ensure chase engines are not ample any exceptionable area of you non-blog website.

Now, at this date you’ve installed some advantageous WordPress plugins and additionally alone blogging-specific appearance from your WordPress installation.

You’ve additionally shortlisted a acceptable WordPress affair that apparel the needs and requirements of your non-blog site.

Metronic Admin Theme #10 | Bootstrap Form Controls - bootstrap form design
Metronic Admin Theme #10 | Bootstrap Form Controls – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

Naturally, it’s time to get things started. Generally, for a non-blog site, you’ll mostly be alive with pages. Depending on your site’s needs, you may add as abounding pages as necessary. However, there’s about a three-step archetypal to follow.

The aboriginal step, obviously, is to add a custom home page. You can cross to your site’s Reading submenu beneath the Settings menu, and again specify a custom home folio therein. Often, the WordPress affair that you accept will accept a custom home folio arrangement that you can use on the accustomed page.

The additional footfall is to add the appropriate pages to your armpit and body your content. Since the Pages column blazon in WordPress doesn’t accept categories or tags associated with it as taxonomies, you can artlessly abode your agreeable and conceivably specify a bureaucracy if needed, in the anatomy of adolescent pages. It ability be a acceptable abstraction to accomplish use of a folio architect plugin at this point.

Elementor, for example, comes with a preset ambit of elements that you can add to your pages’ agreeable and accord your website a added different look.

10 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms For All Sites 10 - Colorlib - bootstrap form design
10 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms For All Sites 10 – Colorlib – bootstrap form design | bootstrap form design

Finally, you can additionally add custom column types to your site. For example, testimonials and added custom elements can be apparent as custom column types. Jetpack, the accepted WordPress plugin, comes with Testimonial and Portfolio column types, admitting for added circuitous column types you can accomplish use of a plugin such as Custom Column Blazon UI.

So there you accept it! It’s adequately accessible to body a non-blog website in WordPress and the absolute action can be able in simple steps. All that’s bare is to attenuate the blogging-specific appearance and again about-face appear WordPress pages (and, if required, custom column types), and get the job done!

WordPress is the world’s best accepted agreeable administration system. Naturally, it goes after adage that it can, and does, actual finer empower both blogging and non-blogging websites. As a result, WordPress is a acceptable best for architecture non-blog sites, and if you’re planning to body one anytime soon, you should accede giving WordPress a spin!

Seven Things You Need To Know About Bootstrap Form Design Today | Bootstrap Form Design – bootstrap form design
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