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ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, to Retire

Form Templates Page112 1121200px W12c 1122112 Pdf Irs I Stunning 12 11224 ..
Form Templates Page112 1121200px W12c 1122112 Pdf Irs I Stunning 12 11224 .. | irs w2c form 2014

ARRL’s arch controlling administrator for the accomplished 2 years, Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, appear his retirement as CEO, as the ARRL Lath of Directors prepares to accommodated January 19-20. He will footfall bottomward on March 2. Gallagher, who had beforehand brash ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, of his ambition to resign, bidding his acknowledgment to President Roderick and the ARRL Lath for giving him the befalling to advice adviser the organization.

“It has been my abundant advantage to serve in this accommodation for 2 years, and I am acutely beholden to the Lath and President Rick Roderick, K5UR, for their abutment and encouragement,” Gallagher said.

President Roderick bidding acknowledgment for Gallagher’s contributions to ARRL. “ARRL is in a alteration to a new bearing for Abecedarian Radio. Change doesn’t appear easy,” Roderick said. “Tom helped us in demography that footfall forward, and for that we are actual beholden for his account to the League and to Abecedarian Radio,” he said.

Gallagher, 69, cited contempo changes included in the new federal tax law that fabricated it airedale for him to abide alive in Connecticut, breadth ARRL is headquartered.

Among Gallagher’s arch accomplishments during his administration as CEO were creating an added akin of professionalism and ability in the alignment that represents added than 150,000 US Abecedarian Radio operators. Gallagher additionally oversaw a cogent turnaround in the organization’s banking performance.

Licensed in Pennsylvania in 1966 as WA3GRF (later N4GRF in North Carolina), Gallagher is a affiliate of the West Palm Beach Abecedarian Radio Group. He has declared himself as “an cureless HF DXer and abiding tinkerer” and credits his aboriginal appointment to the Franklin Institute’s Abecedarian Radio base W3TKQ in 1963 for alarming his absorption in ham radio. Abecedarian Radio led to an aboriginal career in broadcasting.

Gallagher aing ARRL afterward 3 decades as an all-embracing advance broker and banking casework executive, afterwards adept CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ. Apprehend more.

ARRL Lath of Directors to Meet

The ARRL Lath of Directors will authority its 2018 Annual Affair January 19-20 in Windsor, Connecticut. The aboriginal adjustment of business will be the acclamation of officers. The Lath will acquire candidates to the advance posts of ARRL President, Aboriginal and Additional Vice President, and All-embracing Affairs Vice President, as able-bodied as to the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Arch Controlling Officer, and Arch Banking Officer. CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, has appear that he will retire on March 2. The Lath will appraise and actuate the aing accomplish to booty in a chase for his backup back it meets this week.

The Lath additionally will acquire and/or apprehend — and conceivably after accede recommendations from — a advanced ambit of letters from officers, the Accepted Counsel, and committees and coordinators, including the Access Akin License Committee, the Official Observers Program Study Committee, and the Aldermanic Advancement Committee. The Lath additionally will apprehend and accede proposals to alter the ARRL Articles of Association and Bylaws. It will accede the appliance of SKNAARS to become the IARU affiliate association for St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Doctor Will See You Now!

“Antenna Wire” is the affair of the latest (January 18) adventure of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn!

Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an advisory altercation of all things technical. Acquire on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — whenever and wherever you like!

Every 2 weeks, your host, QST Editor-in-Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and the Doctor himself, Joel Hallas, W1ZR, will altercate a ample ambit of abstruse topics. You can additionally e-mail your questions to [email protected], and the Doctor may acknowledgment them in a approaching podcast.

Enjoy “ARRL The Doctor is In” on Apple iTunes, or by application your iPhone or iPad podcast app (just chase for “ARRL The Doctor is In”). You can additionally acquire online at Blubrry, or at Stitcher (free allotment required, or browse the armpit as a guest) and through the chargeless Stitcher app for iOS, Kindle, or Android devices. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, download our beginner’s guide.

A Message to Associates from ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR

In the aftermost few weeks, the ARRL’s Lath of Directors has been the accountable of an organized misinformation campaign. It is actuality orrated by a accumulation of hams, some of whom are well-intentioned but acquire been misled. This effort, which consists of a alternation of mis-characterizations, initially dealt with (1) the ARRL Board’s admonishment of an ARRL Director, and (2) some proposed revisions to ARRL’s Articles of Association and Bylaws that are acceptable to be brash at the accessible ARRL Lath affair and which were advertisement by a affiliate of the Board. None of the proposed Article and Bylaw changes has yet been addressed by the Lath of Directors. Added recently, added appropriately erroneous and apocryphal statements acquire been fabricated with account to actually different issues, in an accomplishment to draw into catechism ARRL’s controlling processes. The arch advancement is that ARRL operates beneath some “cloak of secrecy.” The criticism is arbitrary and undeserved.

IRS W-12c Form - ExpressTaxFilings - YouTube - irs w2c form 2014
IRS W-12c Form – ExpressTaxFilings – YouTube – irs w2c form 2014 | irs w2c form 2014

ARRL’s adumbrative arrangement of governance, which has formed awfully able-bodied in the advancement and advance of Abecedarian Radio and the interests of ARRL associates for added than 100 years, is unchanged. And the aldermanic and added advancement positions currently actuality pursued are analytical to the abiding survivability of the Abecedarian Radio Service.

The ARRL Lath does seek thoughtful, a ascribe on action issues apropos Abecedarian Radio from its almost 150,000 members. ARRL’s babyminding anatomy provides that regionally elected, advance Directors will represent the interests of the associates in their corresponding Divisions, alive collectively and collegially aural our Lath to accomplish action and to apostle their constituents’ interests. ARRL’s Lath associates authority chiffonier affairs and forums at hamfests and conventions, and they agents ARRL booths at hamfests and conventions in adjustment to acquisition out what interests and apropos you acquire as ARRL members. They booty this acknowledgment from you, and they appear to Lath affairs alert a year to accomplish action for the organization. They assignment calm collegially to advance the best action decisions. This anatomy presumes that the Board’s aggregate acumen is far greater than that of any one Lath member, and anniversary Lath affiliate is answerable by our Articles and Bylaws to appear to affairs with a acceptable abstraction of what the associates allegation and what is best for Abecedarian Radio as a whole.

As is the case with best large, civic nonprofit associations, ARRL Lath affairs are not accessible to the public. It has consistently been that way, as a amount of necessity. That is because, at all such meetings, cabalistic issues such as spectrum protection, agent compensation, banking information, and FCC submissions are candidly discussed, and the members’ interests at those affairs are advocated by the Directors on a adumbrative basis.

Unfortunately, it was all-important for the Lath to booty the awful abnormal action of about analytical one of its associates recently. The Lath heard the allegations fabricated by an ARRL affiliate of what transpired at an Abecedarian Radio event; it heard letters from added amateurs who were there, and it heard all the advice that the Director complex chose to present. Everyone had a adventitious to allege and to appraise the presentations. The Board, in an 11 to 3 vote with one abstention, took action to assure the organization’s artlessness based on the advice presented. This action and action are what nonprofit associations acquire to be able to employ, and do employ, to advance adjustment aural their organizations and to ensure that the interests of the afflicted Director are adequate as well. This is not a action that any nonprofit alignment would conduct publicly.

ARRL Directors are volunteers. They are smart, committed radio amateurs who anniversary allot bags of hours per year of their own time to apery you as best they can. — ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR

The ARRL Action on Lath Babyminding and Conduct of Associates of the Lath of Directors and Vice Directors has been fatigued into question, apparently as the aftereffect of the actuality that the Board’s admonishment accommodation was based aloft a abuse of that action by the Director involved. The Action is brash to assure the autonomous controlling processes by which ARRL has operated finer for so long, and to set alternating attempt to adviser an organization’s accommodation authoritative and the behavior of alone lath associates back acting on account of ARRL. Back it was adopted by the Lath a year ago, it was acquaint for ARRL associates to read. The action calls for honesty, integrity, transparency, confidentiality, and equity. The purpose of adopting such a account formally is to accommodate employees, volunteers, and lath associates with guidelines for authoritative ethical choices and to ensure that there is accountability for those choices.

When lath associates of a nonprofit acquire a cipher of ethics, they are cogent their allegation to ethical behavior. It is brash to assure the Board’s deliberations and to assure the agents from inappropriate accomplishments by Lath members. It seeks to avert actually the blazon of careful disclosures and unilateral and abstruse characterizations of proposed Lath accomplishments that acquire happened recently. There is annihilation at all insidious about the policy, which is accountable to approved assay and modification, as are all added ARRL authoritative documents.

As to the criticism of the proposed Articles and Bylaws changes, the Lath has not yet brash them. It may or may not acquire some or all of the changes recommended by its Controlling Committee or by an alone Director. Any amenable Lath of Directors consistently reviews, apology and updates its Articles and Bylaws. And ARRL affiliate ascribe is acceptable on all such subjects. Indeed, the recommended Article and Bylaws changes were not brash to be Lath confidential. The problem, however, is that it is not fair to members, or to the adumbrative Directors who acquire yet to appraise them collectively, to acquire the proposals mischaracterized or misrepresented.

ARRL Directors are volunteers. They are smart, committed radio amateurs who anniversary allot bags of hours per year of their own time to apery you as best they can.

To those who try to advance that the Lath has alone its obligation to the associates in favor of the alignment — you draw a acumen that doesn’t exist. The Lath actually understands that the associates are the organization. The associates of ARRL are consistently best served by an a Lath that works calm to accomplish action that is in the best interests of the organization. The alienated approach that are actuality acclimated now, commenced through bamboozlement and a abridgement of candor, are adverse not alone to the organization, but to Abecedarian Radio operators everywhere, the acceptable assignment of the ARRL staff, and the Account that we adulation so much.

Club Accumulation Will Accomplish W1AW for Winter Field Day

Maxim Memorial Base W1AW will host a accumulation that will booty allotment in Winter Field Day after this month. Sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA), Winter Field Day will booty abode over the January 27-28 weekend, and it can be an appropriate time to basal for ARRL Field Day in June.

“Assuming the acclimate holds out, a accumulation of hams will be actuality the aftermost weekend of January to accomplish W1AW in the Winter Field Day,” W1AW Base Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, said this week. Headed by Frank Gitto, KA5VVI, the accumulation will abide of associates of the Warren Canton Abecedarian Radio Club (W2WCR) in New York. Gitto said the club is acquisitive to acquire a dozen associates at W1AW, operating in accouterment of six. Carcia said the Warren Canton ARC operators will abstain the acrid elements and accomplish from axial at W1AW, in the “home” base category.

For the hardier aural the Abecedarian Radio ranks, Winter Field Day is an alibi to get out of the abode and adore the abundant outdoors, and — let’s face it — it’s not algid and albino everywhere during the winter. Gitto said that some Warren Canton ARC associates will be operating WFD from Indian Lake, New York, application appropriate accident alarm assurance W2C.

The event, which got its alpha in 2007, is not belted to North America. There are three access categories — indoor, outdoor, and home. The rules are agnate to those for ARRL Field Day. Apprehend more.

Fox-1D Abecedarian Radio CubeSat Launches Successfully, Now Designated as AO-92

Right on agenda on January 12, the Indian Amplitude Assay Organisation (ISRO) Polar Accessory Launch Vehicle (PSLV) launched, demography AMSAT-NA’s Fox-1D CubeSat and 30 added satellites on lath against a sun-synchronous orbit. By 27 account into the flight, acceptance came that all nanosatellites had been deployed. Fox-1D was in orbit!

w12c tax form - Sivan.yellowriverwebsites
w12c tax form – Sivan.yellowriverwebsites | irs w2c form 2014

“At about 0517 UTC, the accessory came to life, and its antennas deployed over the North Pole,” AMSAT reported. “The AMSAT Engineering aggregation and Abecedarian Radio operators common were watching assorted WebSDRs for signs of life. About 0525 UTC, the appropriate ‘Fox tail’ of the Fox-1 FM transmitter was apparent on assorted WebSDRs. Fox-1D was alive!”

In accession to a Fox-1 U/V FM transponder, Fox-1D will backpack several university experiments, including a MEMS gyro from Pennsylvania State University-Erie, a camera from Virginia Tech, and the University of Iowa’s High Energy Radiation CubeSat Instrument (HERCI) radiation mapping experiment. This anniversary the Virginia Tech beginning camera burden alternate some actual bright photos of our planet as apparent from low-Earth orbit.

The PSLV launcher additionally agitated the French PicSat, which includes a V/U FM transponder.

The accessory will not be accessible for accepted use until the on-orbit checkouts are complete. Apprehend more.

Florida Ham Radio Club Aids Abandoned During Algid Snap

Uncharacteristically algid acclimate in axial Florida in aboriginal January prompted associates of the North Brevard Abecedarian Radio Club (K4NBR) to abetment the area’s abandoned population. The New Year began with a absinthian algid advanced bottomward aloft axial Florida, bringing below-freezing temperatures, abnormally apropos for those defective approved apartment from the elements. NBARC associates Ricky Deluco, K4JTT; Robert Ortiz, KJ4VEH; William Klosowski, K4SVT, and Michael Ellixson, KE4MWZ, set out in their own vehicles, analytic the burghal of Titusville for abandoned residents. For the aing two evenings, and application Abecedarian Radio as communications, the accumulation formed in the cold, wet acclimate for added than 12 hours, logging some 120 afar on the anchorage about Titusville.

The Disabled American Veteran Center in Titusville had opened its doors as a algid acclimate apartment and offered a balmy abode to beddy-bye and eat. The ham radio accumulation alerted bounded law enforcement, so they were acquainted of the accomplishment and in the achievement that on-duty admiral ability additionally ability out. The accumulation was able to locate bristles abandoned individuals on its aboriginal black bout of the boondocks and accommodate them with busline out of the cold. Bounded badge additionally contacted the aggregation to advice and to accommodate busline for added abandoned individuals amid by on-duty officers.

One added abandoned being amid backward on the aboriginal night had a allegation for actual medical absorption and was transported to a bounded hospital. — Thanks to Ricky Deluco, K4JTT

Department of Defense Interoperability Advice Exercise Deemed a Success

A November 2017 Department of Defense (DoD)-sponsored communications interoperability exercise involving Abecedarian Radio was a success, according to advice accustomed from US Army Aggressive Auxiliary Radio Arrangement (MARS) Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY. The November 4-6 drill, which focused on interoperability amid DOD elements including MARS, added federal agencies, and the Abecedarian Radio community, apish a chaplet accumulation casting (CME) event. Army and Air Force MARS organizations formed in affiliation with the Abecedarian Radio community, primarily on the 60-meter interoperability channels as able-bodied as on HF NVIS frequencies and bounded VHF and UHF, non-internet affiliated Abecedarian Radio repeaters.

The Abecedarian Radio allocation of the exercise kicked off with a high-power advice advertisement on 60-meter approach 1 (5,330.5 kHz) from a aggressive base on the east bank and the Fort Huachuca HF aperture base in Arizona. The high-power advertisement provided basal exercise advice and requested that abecedarian stations accomplish acquaintance with MARS stations on 60 meters and accommodate county-by-county cachet letters for the 3,143 US counties and canton equivalents, in adjustment to accretion situational acquaintance and to actuate the admeasurement of appulse of the scenario. Radio amateurs additionally were accustomed the befalling to abide a accession address and acquire a QSL card.

Registration Now Accessible for HamSCI Workshop

Registration now is accessible for a 2-day HamSCI — the Abecedarian Radio aborigine science action — branch February 23-24 at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark. The 2018 HamSCI Branch will be captivated in the NJIT Campus Center Ballroom. Complimentary parking is available.

“The 2018 HamSCI branch will focus on after-effects of the 2017 Abundant American Concealment and the development of a claimed amplitude acclimate station,” said Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, Assistant Assay Professor at NJIT’s Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research. “We are abnormally attractive for speakers with presentations assuming assay of 2017 Abundant American Concealment ionospheric observations, account and proposals for the architecture and accomplishing of a claimed amplitude acclimate station. We will additionally acquire added presentations accompanying to Abecedarian Radio and science.” Frissell expects that presentations will run amid 20 and 30 account in length. Acquaintance Frissell if you would like to present and accommodate an abstruse by February 15. Presentations should be on any affair about how the ionosphere and/or radio advancement was afflicted by the eclipse.

Frissell said all hams and scientists absorbed in ham radio science are welcome. “The aim of this branch is to advance collaborations amid the ham radio and the amplitude science and amplitude acclimate assay communities through presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. This year’s affair will focus on solar concealment analysis, ham radio abstracts sources and databases, and the development of a ‘personal amplitude acclimate station.'” Apprehend more.

Past ARRL Abundant Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE, SK

Past ARRL Abundant Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE (ex-WA8COA), of Mason, Ohio, died on January 14. An ARRL Action Member, he was 82. Weaver served as ARRL Abundant Lakes Division Director for 11 years, from 2003 until 2014, and he was a approved attendance at HamventionĀ® and ARRL EXPO and chastened the ARRL Forum.

Form Templates Page112 1121200px W12c 1122112 Pdf Irs I Stunning 12 11224 ..
Form Templates Page112 1121200px W12c 1122112 Pdf Irs I Stunning 12 11224 .. | irs w2c form 2014

During his time on The ARRL Lath of Directors, Weaver served on the Administration and Finance, Programs and Services, and CEO Candidate Screening committees. Aboriginal in his years on the Board, Weaver was one of the antecedent associates of the Ad Hoc Committee on Grassroots Lobbying.

Within the Ohio Section, Weaver served as an Official Observer from 1997, and as a Accessible Advice Administrator from 1996. For about 10 years in the 1970s and 1980s, he wrote a cavalcade on Abecedarian Radio and the accessible for the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Ham Call.” Until recently, he had served as an Official Emergency Base and an Official Relay station.

Weaver was alive in adversity advice and formed carefully with the Red Cross in Cincinnati. At the Abundant Lakes Division Convention aftermost October, Weaver was presented with the George S. Wilson III, W4OYI, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Arrangements are pending. Apprehend more. — Thanks to Tom Delaney, W8WTD, and Steve Ewald, WV1X

In Brief…

The affair for HamventionĀ® 2018 is “Amateur Radio…Serving the Community.” Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, Hamvention Accepted Chairman, said the affair acknowledges the role that ham radio operators comedy in their communities, abnormally in times of emergencies. “During contempo disasters, hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico and wildfires in the west, Abecedarian Radio operators were already afresh alleged aloft to accommodate emergency advice abetment back approved casework bootless or were overtaxed,” Cramer said. Hamvention is planning to acquire forums on emergency advice and displays of Abecedarian Radio emergency advice vehicles. Cramer thanked the abounding hams who actively advance with association groups and thanked the accessible and organizations for their abutment of Abecedarian Radio. Hamvention 2018 will booty abode May 18-20 for the additional year at the Greene Canton Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio.

The NCVEC Catechism Pool Committee has appear some errors in the 2018-2022 FCC Element 2 (Technician class) Catechism Pool appear on January 8. These changes acquire been fabricated in the download files as of January 12: T1F11 — Distractor A; change “They” to “The”; T4A01 — Change to actual answer; actual acknowledgment is D; T5B13 — Distractor A; change “GHZ” to “GHz”; T6A07 — Modified question. “What electrical basic is usually complete as a braid of wire?” T8C08 — Distractor A; change “VOIP” to “VoIP”. ARRL VEC teams are brash to analysis the NCVEC website consistently for updates to the Catechism Pool, which may accommodate errata and aloof questions. The new Element 2 Catechism Pool goes into aftereffect on July 1, 2018.

The K7RA Solar Update

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: January 11-17 was a quiet anniversary in amplitude weather, with aught sunspots over the weekend and geomagnetic indicators ascent alone slightly. Compared to aftermost week, boilerplate circadian sunspot numbers beneath from 11.9 to 7, but boilerplate circadian solar alteration went from 69.9 to 70.7. That seems counterintuitive, but these are all actual low numbers anyway, and any change is slight. Also, there are no sunspot numbers amid aught and 10 due to the cabalistic and somewhat ambagious way they are counted; the minimum accessible sunspot number, if there is any sunspot activity, is 11.

Geomagnetic indicators were quiet, with boilerplate circadian all-embracing A basis affective from 5.4 to 6.1, and mid-latitude A basis from 4.6 to 4.9.

Predicted solar alteration is 71 on January 18-24; 72 on January 25-27; 70 on January 28-February 17; 72 on February 18-23; and 70 on February 24-March 3.

Predicted all-embracing A basis is 5 on January 18; 8, 15, 18, and 12 on January 19-22; 8 on January 23-24; 5 on January 25-27; 10 on January 28; 5 on January 29-February 3; 8 on February 4-5; 5 on February 6-8; 8, 12, and 10 on February 9-11; 5 on February 12-14; 20 on February 15-16; 18 and 12 on February 17-18; 5 on February 19-23; 10 on February 24, 5 on February 25-March 2, and 8 on March 3.

Sunspot numbers for January 11-17, 2018 were 12, 0, 0, 0, 12, 13, and 12, with a beggarly of 7. The 10.7-centimeter alteration was 70.8, 70.9, 70.8, 70.5, 70.2, 71.1, and 70.9, with a beggarly of 70.7. Estimated all-embracing A indices were 2, 4, 7, 14, 9, 4, and 3, with a beggarly of 6.1. Estimated mid-latitude A indices were 2, 3, 7, 11, 7, 3, and 1, with a beggarly of 4.9.

Send me your letters and observations.

Just Ahead in Radiosport

January 20-21 — North American QSO Party SSB

January 20-21 — Hungarian DX Challenge (CW, phone)

W12 Form Templates Employee Best Of Irs Installment Agreement Line ..
W12 Form Templates Employee Best Of Irs Installment Agreement Line .. | irs w2c form 2014

January 20-21 — Feld Hell Sprint

January 20-22 — ARRL January VHF Challenge (CW, phone, digital)

January 21-24 — Classic Exchange (CW)

January 22 — Run for the Bacon QRP Challenge (CW)

January 24 — SKCC Sprint (CW)

January 24 — NAQCC CW Sprint

See the ARRL Challenge Calendar for added information. For all-embracing advertisement on Abecedarian Radio contesting, subscribe to The ARRL Challenge Update via your ARRL affiliate contour e-mail preferences.

Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions

January 19-20 — North Texas Section Convention, Forest Hill, Texas

January 20 — GARS TECHFEST Convention, Lawrenceville, Georgia

January 21-27 — Quartzfest Convention, Quartzsite, Arizona

January 26-27 — Delta Division Convention, Jackson, Mississippi

February 3 — South Carolina State Convention, North Charleston, South Carolina

February 3 — Virginia State Convention (Frostfest), Richmond, Virginia

February 9-11 — Florida State Convention (HamCation), Orlando, Florida

February 16-17 — Southwestern Division Convention, Yuma, Arizona

February 24 — TECHCON Conference, Winter Haven, Florida

Getting to Know the IRS W-12 Form - irs w2c form 2014
Getting to Know the IRS W-12 Form – irs w2c form 2014 | irs w2c form 2014

February 24 — New Mexico TechFest, Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 24 — Vermont State Convention, S. Burlington, Vermont

March 2-3 — Alabama State Convention, Irondale, Alabama

March 9-10 — Louisiana State Convention, Rayne, Louisiana

March 9-10 — North Carolina Section Convention, Concord, North Carolina

March 10 — Nebraska State Convention, Lincoln, Nebraska

March 16-17 — South Texas Section Convention, Rosenberg, Texas

March 17 — Southern Florida Section Convention, Stuart, Florida

March 17 — West Texas Section Convention, Midland, Texas

March 24 — MicroHAMS Agenda Conference, Redmond, Washington

March 24 — Utah Agenda Communications Conference, Sandy, Utah

March 24 — West Virginia Section Convention, Charleston, West Virginia

March 30-31 — Maine State Convention, Lewiston, Maine

March 31 — North Carolina State Convention, Raleigh, North Carolina

Find conventions and hamfests in your area.

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w12c form – Sivan.yellowriverwebsites | irs w2c form 2014


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W12 Form Templates Employee Best Of Irs Installment Agreement Line .. | irs w2c form 2014
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