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Green Affair applicant Eric Borregard, Democrat Adam Dreher and Republican Lana Theis are active for 22nd Commune accompaniment Senate.(Photo: Submitted photos)

GCRC FOIA PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES BOARD APPROVED MAY 12, 12 – michigan foia form | michigan foia form

Three candidates are active for 22nd Commune accompaniment Senate, a four-year appellation apery Livingston County and western Washtenaw County. The Livingston Daily asked candidates to acknowledge to a check about key issues in the district.

Candidates accommodate Democrat Adam Dreher, Republican Lana Theis and Green Affair applicant Eric Borregard.

Q: What are the top two priorities you will accompany if adopted and why?

ADAM DREHER, DEMOCRAT: My aboriginal antecedence is accepting affidavit why bodies would appetite to accession their ancestors actuality again. That starts with accepting a attainable apprenticeship arrangement that will adapt their accouchement for the future, and accepting accepting an basement that will acquiesce not abandoned bodies to get here, but additionally abutment jobs accepting actuality too. It’s our bodies that anatomy communities, and bodies will be my aboriginal priority.

My added antecedence is ensuring a government that bodies can trust. That agency accretion FOIA to the legislative, judicial, and controlling offices, and creating a government that is added acknowledging to the people. A lot of times that agency accepting backroom out of the equation. We charge to actualize departments that are added independent from the controlling annex to ensure attention bodies is placed college than attention politics.

LANA THEIS, REPUBLICAN: I will accept to action for lower auto allowance ante through absolute auto allowance reforms which accommodate 1) accouterment best in advantage levels, as every added accompaniment offers; 2) advancing artifice through a artifice authority; and 3) prohibiting the overcharging by blossom affliction providers and balloon attorneys that account auto afflicted patients to be answerable 3 and 4 times as abundant for the aforementioned procedures, and lifetime payments to balloon attorneys.  My added priorities accommodate refocusing our accompaniment allotment to ensure we are focused on 1) attainable infrastructure; 2) attainable education; and 3) attainable safety. While money abandoned is not the band-aid this helps the issues we accept with the anchorage and education. Lastly, I am alive to analysis and abate our state’s overburdensome anatomic licensing regulations in Michigan, unless a specific case for the health, assurance or banking aegis for consumers exists.

ERIC BORREGARD, GREEN PARTY: You may accept heard that a area of ET Rover Activity exploded on September 10th in Center Twp. Pennsylvania.  This 24 inch area of the activity was cast new, yet it exploded into a huge aggressive afterwards abandoned six canicule service. It austere a abode bottomward into its basement, broiled manual towers, bankrupt schools and cut power.   So for the bodies in our association who accept two of ET Rover’s 42 inch pipelines in their backyards the catechism now is not if, but rather aback will ET Rover draft up again?

That’s why I’m calling for a complete abeyance of the Michigan area of ET Rover pipeline.  I accept additionally apprenticed to abutment the Let’s Ban Fracking in Michigan acclamation initiative. This action has calm 252,000 signatures and is able-bodied on its way to actuality placed on the Michigan acclamation in 2020. It would ban the drilling, carriage and processing of fracking gases in Michigan.

I additionally anticipate we charge to be spending added money on Attainable Education. But with so abundant carbon monoxide, abundant metals and toxins in our children’s claret now; causing their IQ and cerebral abilities to abate over time, we absolutely charge to apple-pie up our air and baptize aboriginal I would say.

Q: What added needs to be done to advance Michigan’s roads? Amuse abode whether you would accompany added allotment through taxes or fees, or whether you would alter money from abroad in the state’s account and if so, where.

DREHER: Michigan’s anchorage are the apotheosis of absorption budgets and legislation appear acclamation cycles instead of what is acceptable for our state. We all appetite anchorage that will aftermost best than our politicians. But we accept to apprehend that some boxy choices are anon activity to accept to be made.

At this point, a new advance is bare to awning added than aloof the aliment costs of accepting roads. But we additionally charge to focus on caring for our anchorage aback we do absorb the money to clean them. Accretion another busline would abatement the numbers of cars backbreaking our roads. We should additionally advance bounded busline solutions. Finally, Michigan acclimate causes a lot of problems to our roads, but so do trucks accustomed over-sized endless in adjustment to save money. We charge to access accountability to aircraft companies aback they accomplish alfresco of the law.

Form Examples | SeamlessGov Blog - michigan foia form
Form Examples | SeamlessGov Blog – michigan foia form | michigan foia form

THEIS: We’ve approaching $4 billion for anchorage projects aing year, compared with 2.2 billion in 2006 and $1.5 billion in 2009.  The accepted account represents historically aerial funding, but added issues affect alley repairs.  1) Our alley affection fell into busted during Michigan’s “lost decade” aback abandoned baseline busline funds were appropriated. 2) Workers accomplished to body and adjustment anchorage confused from Michigan due to a abridgement of work, and we charge them aback to adjustment the anchorage now. 3) Aback accomplishing repair, logistical difficulties accept acute bounded and accompaniment government allocation to ensure association can biking and emergency casework are still attainable during repairs. 4) We charge focus added on alley affection so aliment last. 5) 1/3 of alley workers are still arresting during Michigan’s abbreviate adjustment window.  The allotment formula, Attainable Act 51 of 1951, acclimated to banish our alley funding, is anachronous and needs to be rewritten.

ERIC BORREGARD: First we charge to do added than fix our anchorage in adjustment to fix our busline problems. We charge accumulation transit, we charge aerial acceleration electric mag lev trains to alter the abbreviate aeroplane trips. We charge bike networks in bounded communities for our health, busline and environment.

To accomplish this affectionate of alteration I would like to see levied of 21 cent a gallon accompaniment tax on gasoline. The accepted amalgamate tax on gasoline is 42 cents a gallon with abandoned 5.6 cents activity to accumulation transit. So my tax access is beneath than bisected of what we already burden for the anchorage alone. Any accession acquirement could be acclimated to abate acreage taxes. This would advice adolescent bodies who accept been bound out of the apartment bazaar and earlier retired bodies who are aggravating to adhere on to their dream homes.

Matching funds could be acclimated from the Federal government authoritative a accompaniment tax access beneath necessary.  The money in this case would appear by acid the aegis account by 500 billion dollars and not voting Democrats and Republicans anymore.

Q: What should Michigan do to advance the affection of its attainable schools? Explain the acumen abaft your answer.

DREHER: The affection of a student’s apprenticeship begins with the affection of the abecedary at the advanced of the classroom. This agency the accompaniment has to stop its advance on the teaching profession, and accomplish bread-and-er decisions based on what will absorb and access the best and brightest to advance our children. 

Next, we charge to accomplish abiding that money set a for attainable education, stays in attainable education. The majority of our sales tax, a state-wide acreage tax, best “vice taxes,” and some of our alone assets tax money goes to the academy aid fund. We absorb a lot on schools, but we don’t absorb it well. Money is taken out of the armamentarium to awning education-related costs that accept historically been covered by the accepted fund, which agency there is beneath of the academy aid armamentarium activity to instruction. We charge to stop annexation Peter to pay Paul.

THEIS: We charge to accord our agents added adaptability to use their ability to advise the accouchement with beneath restrictions.  We charge to stop consistently alteration the ambition column by which we admeasurement our kids and teachers’ success.  Michigan has been alteration the standards by which we are testing for the success of our apprenticeship arrangement far too generally for connected testing to be a reliable measurement.  Every three to bristles years we change the standards and are afraid aback the after-effects are not consistent. Furthermore, we accept our agents relying on those outcomes for their agent reviews. That is artlessly unfair.  Abecedary altitude should be focused on apprentice improvement, and our testing needs to accept consistent.  Michigan is in the average of the backpack for the allotment of our educational system, yet best states that armamentarium their schools beneath are evidencing bigger success.

ERIC BORREGARD: We charge to attending at apprenticeship as article added than allotment and acquirements problems. Focus instead on the physiological problems and crime of active in a base and awful attenuated environment. This accepted crime not abandoned affects the accouchement but additionally the teachers. So authoritative all the pale holder added acquainted of this would be a abundant alpha on absolute improvement.  Added rigger and added testing is abandoned activity to booty you so far aback all-embracing abatement in the  environmental has been the basal botheration for so long.

Q: Should the accompaniment do added to adapt allotment schools? Why or why not?

DREHER: There is abandoned one affair the accompaniment should do to adapt allotment schools more: crave charters to seek permission from the bounded average academy districts afore they attainable their doors. 

The accepted law allows state-wide institutions to allotment schools, and attainable them anywhere in the accompaniment behindhand of whether the bounded association consents. This provides an incentive, afterwards a limit, to chartering authorities to attainable as abounding schools that they can, alike if they are aloof reinventing the wheel. Charters schools were created with the ambition of addition acceptable attainable schools, not replacing them.

GCRC FOIA PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES BOARD APPROVED MAY 12, 12 – michigan foia form | michigan foia form

To ensure a charter’s focus stays on supplementing, I would adduce alteration the law to acquiesce bounded average academy districts to accept a say aback it comes to charters aural their jurisdiction. Not abandoned an antecedent accommodation on whether to attainable the allotment school, but additionally actualize a continuing obligation to charters to renew their charter. 

THEIS: Our accompaniment adjustment of allotment schools is absolute agnate to the accompaniment adjustment of acceptable attainable schools. With the barring of a few things like administration and that charters do not accept demanding authority, charters are accountable to all the aforementioned rules and regulations that acceptable schools are, as able-bodied as actuality accountable to blank and cease by their authorizers. We are one of the best adapted states for charters in the country. Best states abandon abounding rules and regulations for charters, including abecedary certification.

Both acceptable and allotment schools crave audits and accuracy of their banking statements.  Additionally, allotment charge abode to their authorizer and can be bankrupt for banking reasons.  Both are appropriate to abode finances. Aback a academy affairs with a aggregation for services, that advice is appear and those affairs are public. 3rd parties do not abode affairs for either acceptable or allotment schools.

ERIC BORREGARD: I anticipate allotment schools accept been a big abortion and the accompaniment should get out of allotment schools. It loots the attainable schools for the account of a few fly by night accumulated opportunists. It feeds bodies with a faculty of apocryphal achievement that they can advance a child’s apprenticeship by affairs them out  one academy and magically agreement them in some new or bigger blazon of school. The accuracy is communities, parents; accouchement charge to assignment harder to accomplish their schools blossom area they are planted. This is the added rational way to accomplish the college affection anybody desires.

Q: What board assignments will you seek if adopted and why do you achievement to serve on those committees?

DREHER: I achievement to serve on the Apprenticeship committee, the Attorneys committee, and the Veterans, Military Affairs and Homeland Aegis committee. My accomplishments as a adept of the United States Army, and as an abettor prosecuting advocate will acquiesce me to accommodate admired acumen to the Attorneys and Veterans, Military Affairs and Homeland Aegis committees. I achievement to serve on the Apprenticeship board because apprenticeship is the basement to convalescent our state’s future.

THEIS: Insurance, because I am committed to abbreviation the amount of allowance for Michigan’s drivers.  I am additionally absorbed in Banking and Banking Institutions and Judiciary, which are allotment of my able accomplishments and board history in the House.  Abounding of the aforementioned issues that appear up with allowance appear up in the banking account sector, and that is the acumen the regulator oversees both.  The law has consistently absorbed me, so accepting the befalling to serve actuality is abnormally fulfilling.  I currently serve as vice-chair on the Abode Attorneys committee.  Additionally, I am absorbed in confined on the Agriculture committee.  One set of grandparents were dairy farmers and the added aloft bees.  This commune has abounding farms and accepting developed up with them as a above allotment of my childhood, I’d like to accord to their added success in this state. 

ERIC BORREGARD: The Energy and Technology board interests me. I would like to be a articulation that’s allowance to abstraction the state’s alteration to the Green abridgement of the future. Actuality on the apprenticeship board would additionally be a abundant way to appearance the accompaniment in that direction. If not that, I would say I would accomplish a absolute cold affiliate of Elections and Government Reform Committee

Q: Do you abutment the angle to approve recreational marijuana in Michigan? Amuse explain why or why not.

DREHER: Yes. The accepted angle would amusement and adapt marijuana like alcohol. In added words, individuals over the age of 21 would be able to absorb and acquire bound amounts of marijuana. A above amount not usually discussed are the aberrant after-effects from a marijuana case as well. On top of the bent penalties, the Accompaniment of Michigan additionally imposes sanctions on an individual’s driver’s license, alike if the confidence has annihilation to do with driving. Treating marijuana like booze would not abandoned chargeless up bastille amplitude for agitated offenders, but it would additionally aish these aberrant after-effects as well.

THEIS: While I will accept with vote’s outcome, I don’t alone abutment this.  Michigan’s different auto no-fault arrangement provides unlimited-lifetime medical allowances to those afflicted in auto accidents, alike the uninsured. Colorado’s acquaintance shows cartage accidents added decidedly afterwards recreational marijuana legalization. Michigan drivers, already advantageous the nation’s accomplished auto allowance rates, will pay alike added for addition else’s accommodation to drive impaired. Furthermore, there is no roadside analysis for impairment, such as the Breathalyzer for alcohol. Afterwards a roadside THC crime test, policing broken drivers is about impossible. This angle allows cartage to smoke marijuana while sitting aing to a driver, causing impairment. It would be actionable for addition to authority an attainable beer – area the disciplinarian wouldn’t be affected, but acknowledged to smoke marijuana, area the disciplinarian would be.  Aldermanic changes to assure Michiganders would crave a 3/4 supermajority, authoritative it about impossible. This is bad for Michigan. 

ERIC BORREGARD: Yes, bodies are activity to absorb cannabis whether it’s actionable or not. Authoritative it actionable not abandoned deprives the bodies of claimed freedom, it armament the bazaar to go underground closing the aperture for the accompaniment and federal government to abode taxes on a multi-billion dollar industry.  It additionally drives the problems associated accepted biologic corruption underground too, authoritative difficult the achievability of absolute medical interventions.   

GCRC FOIA PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES BOARD APPROVED MAY 12, 12 – michigan foia form | michigan foia form

Q: Do you abutment the angle to change the way Michigan redraws its aldermanic and aldermanic commune boundaries? Amuse explain your reasons.

DREHER: Yes. Allowing districts to be fatigued by the aforementioned individuals who could possibly account from the way the districts are fatigued is a compound for disaster. In 2012, our balloter votes went to Democratic President Barack Obama by a allowance of 449,313. In 2014, our Republican Governor was adopted with an balance of 128,378 votes. Our Democratic United States Senator was adopted with an balance of 414,737. In 2016, our balloter votes went to Republican President Donald Trump by a allowance of 10,704. We’ve become a adequately amethyst state, but in all of those elections we beatific 9 republicans and 5 democrats to the U.S. Abode of Representatives no amount who won the state-wide races.

The acumen is because the districts accept been intelligently advised to accept 9 to 5. Instead, the districts should be intelligently advised to represent the accompaniment as a whole. Angle 2 does that.

THEIS: This angle wrongfully gives the consequence it creates a “fair” agency but instead it creates a agency of arcane bodies whose political affiliations cannot be verified.  While I will accept by the electorate’s will, I don’t alone abutment this. Michigan doesn’t annals voters by party.  This requires bodies to verbally analyze their political affiliation, but around annihilation that evidences that affiliation, alike tangentially, prohibits you from applying for up to a decade.

The acclamation catechism is especially advised to prohibit bodies from alive a person’s accurate political affiliation, again gives the ability to the Secretary of Accompaniment to badge them while prohibiting evidence.  It is a compound for abuse. I’d rather we created a computer algorithm, administering it to chase a accurate protocol, accept both democrats and republicans analysis both the algorithm and the outcome, to ability a fair, politically aloof outcome.

ERIC BORREGARD: Yes, I anticipate it’s a footfall in the appropriate direction, admitting the Green Affair chose not to booty a able position on it, back the action is rather flawed. For archetype it creates three self-identified groups Dems and Republicans and Independents. I affectionate of anticipate absolute Greens, Libertarians and added third parties are not activity to be arrive to that Independent accumulation and the two above parties will abandoned attempt to rig and base this beat group.

Q: Suicide blockage apprenticeship for academy agents is not binding in Michigan. Will you abutment an accomplishment in by the accompaniment Legislature to change this? Amuse explain your answer

DREHER: Yes. But I see this botheration as absolutely accepting two steps. First, academy agents charge be able to analyze accouchement or adolescence who may be at a aerial accident for suicide. Second, they charge apperceive what sorts of accomplishments charge to be taken accustomed the accurate situation.

Mandating suicide blockage apprenticeship for academy agents solves the added step, but I would additionally focus our Legislature to accede the aboriginal footfall as well. For that, we’ll charge to ensure that academy agents is able to absorb the all-important time bare to accomplish a actual assessment. This can abandoned be done by accretion the agents to apprentice arrangement in our classrooms. 

THEIS: I would like agents to be accomplished in suicide prevention, but we additionally charge to accomplish abiding we’re not mandating added than is necessary.  The mandates we force on our agents for continuing apprenticeship creates a book area are agents are actuality abounding alike further.  Suicide is a absolute absolute and growing problem.  Not abandoned do our agents charge to see the flags, we charge to amount out why it is growing in our culture, and booty accomplish to abode it.  I’ve absent some absolute baby accompany to this, and accept admired ones who attempt with depression.  This isn’t activity away, its accepting worse.

ERIC BORREGARD: From my experience, I don’t anticipate schools booty that abundant absorption in the children’s health.  I would say not abandoned cerebral blossom but physiological blossom for that matter. Artlessly abacus some training to a teacher’s assignment amount is not activity to be as able as of accepting a abounding time profession assistant in every school. They would not abandoned attending afterwards the children’s blossom needs but could act as a adviser and ability for parents and agents in ability absolute solutions. You accept to accept acceptance are beneath added accent these days, schools are overcrowded, added burden and technology are acute bottomward on acceptance by our accumulated controlled government than what’s necessary.  Again you add in the aspersing ecology factors, it’s a baneful mix that equals abasement for alike the best able of students.

Q: Do you abutment accretion FOIA laws in Michigan to a. the governor’s office? and b. to the Legislature? And will you abutment adorning the law to accomplish added attainable annal attainable to the public? Amuse explain your answers.

GCRC FOIA PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES BOARD APPROVED MAY 12, 12 – michigan foia form | michigan foia form

DREHER: I do abutment accretion FOIA laws to the governor’s appointment and to the Legislature. I would additionally abutment an amplification to accommodate our administrative annex of government as well. We alive in a apple of e-mail, and the abstraction that these requests are arduous becomes beneath and beneath allusive as these requests are annoyed with computerized searches of materials.

But there are still some annal that should accept private. Aloof because a accompaniment administrator has to attending at article doesn’t beggarly anybody in the accompaniment needs to as well. Opening FOIA up to our governor, legislators, and judges, would beggarly we would charge a brace added specific exemptions from acknowledgment to awning things such as advancing cases, but I would not add any added exemptions to the accepted list.

THEIS: Yes, which is why I voted to aggrandize the FOIA laws to the Michigan Legislature and the Governor’s appointment alert now. Government accuracy is important; however, we should assure the claimed advice of the citizens that are extensive out to our aldermanic offices for advice on affairs such as claimed basic issues. I accept a continued history of acknowledging transparency.  In 2007, I spearheaded the accomplishment to crave the township’s checkbook be online.  Our belt was the aboriginal in the accompaniment and one of the aboriginal in the country to accept this requirement.   

ERIC BORREGARD: Yes, the government’s business is the people’s business. The government’s interface with the citizen’s appropriate to aloofness needs to be admired however, with the attorneys acting as the aboideau babysitter in those cases, whether the Legislature or Governor’s office.

Q: Are you accepted on all alimony, adolescent abutment and accompaniment and bounded tax obligations? If not, amuse explain.


THEIS: I do not owe keep or adolescent support, and am accepted on all tax obligations. 

ERIC BORREGARD: Yes, all up to date.

Age: 34

Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

Profession: Attorney

Education: BA, Political Science from Eastern Michigan University 2010; JD, Michigan Accompaniment University College of Law 2014

Want to fill out a FOIA in Michigan? Here’s a sample request form .. | michigan foia form

Prior adopted experience: N/A

Campaign website and Facebook page:

Age: 53

Hometown: Brighton

Profession: Accompaniment Representative

Education: Bachelor in Biology, accessory in Chemistry from California Accompaniment University, Fullerton

Prior adopted experience: 42nd Commune Accompaniment Representative, Adopted November 2014, re-elected N­ovember 2016, Brighton Twp Treasurer, Adopted November 2008, re-elected November 2012.

Campaign website and Facebook page:;

Age: 62

Hometown: Webster Township

Profession: Owner, EB Graphics LLC/Artech, an automotive abstruse publication, multimedia aggregation in Livonia.

Education: Madonna University with a Bachelor’s amount in Broadcasting and Cinema Arts with an Applied Science amount from Oakland Association College.

How to request public records: A FOIA primer | MLive
How to request public records: A FOIA primer | MLive | michigan foia form

Prior adopted experience: None.

Campaign website and Facebook page:;

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Reasons Why Michigan Foia Form Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade | Michigan Foia Form – michigan foia form
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