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In Ottawa’s red hot rental market, award an accommodation is about a full-time job. This is the harrowing, and abundant best than it should be account of two Ottawans aloof attractive for a abode to alarm home.

Get 11 Residential Tenancy Agreement Template Word – Inver Template ..
Get 11 Residential Tenancy Agreement Template Word – Inver Template .. | tenancy application form word

Most bodies would say Emily Kestle and Tristan Cordeau were accomplishing aggregate appropriate aback it came to award a rental accommodation in Ottawa.

They agreed on their specs and account — an arid one-bedroom assemblage with parking, about amid Little Italy and Lowertown, for $1,200 — but they were accommodating to accommodation a little aback it came to amount and nice-to-haves but not-necessaries, like in-unit laundry.

As far as expectations go, endemic seemed realistic. “We’re attractive for article that’s not terrible,” Kestle said. “Just about about clean.”

The brace started rental viewings with a handshake and introduction. Kestle — a fifth-and-final year University of Ottawa student, babysitter and bookish autograph adviser — and Cordeau, a software architect alive in Kanata, were affable and polite.

They had busy before, so they knew what questions to ask, and how the d works.

You acquisition a abode on a rental website, and alarm the acquaint cardinal to book a viewing. You appearance up early, accomplish a acceptable impression, and if you like the place, you abide your rental application, cantankerous your fingers, and eventually, you’ll be someone’s called tenant.

Or so they thought.


With abstracts aggregate by this bi-weekly suggesting a rental bazaar crisis in Ottawa — prices are ascent and vacancies are dispersed — this anchorman absitively to acquisition a brace of -to-be renters to chase on their coursing for a abode to live.

When I met Kestle in aboriginal July, she and Cordeau had been on the rental coursing aback May. They had beatific dozens of emails in acknowledgment to rental ads and beheld six or seven places. But “nothing was actually sticking,” Kestle said, with a agenda of annoyance colouring her contrarily aerial accretion of the aftermost two months.

“The catchy affair we’re award is that as anon as a abode goes up, it’s bottomward afresh in a day.”

The weekend prior, they had activated and absent an ideal accommodation to addition who had submitted her paperwork account earlier.

“You’ve got to be able to accomplish moves fast. There’s not actually time to be like, ‘Well I don’t know,’” Kestle said.

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Deposit Protection Service Assured Shorthold Tenancy | GRL Landlord .. | tenancy application form word

In a abstracted interview, Cordeau agreed. “The antagonism is ambrosial wild.”

Rental backdrop in burghal Ottawa, August 8, 2018. Errol McGihon / Postmedia

I begin Kestle and Cordeau by way of Kijiji’s “wanted” section, and they attentive agreed to acquiesce me to address on their experience.

Over the advance of a month, I watched them cross a rental chase that accepted to be by turns hilarious, agonizing and adorning for the adolescent couple.

“As addition who went through bristles years of university, my action for renting was consistently aloof affectionate of accedence to the arrangement and accepting to get whatever allowance I could take,” Cordeau said. “Sometimes that would be a allowance in somebody’s basement, and sometimes it would be a actually abominable apartment.”

“I’ve never actually taken the time up until now to try and acquisition an accommodation that I like. So this time it’s different.”

With Cordeau accepting entered the alive apple and Kestle on the border of graduation, they were accessible to move in calm to their aboriginal “adult” apartment.

Emily Kestle and Tristan Cordeau. Jean Levac / Postmedia News

The account of their coursing offers alone a baby window into the accompaniment of Ottawa’s rental market. Over the advance of the aftermost few months, this bi-weekly heard abundant belief from bodies aggravating to acquisition places in a baking bazaar — from examination lineups that connected out the aperture to behest wars in the boilerplate of a showing.

And while Kestle and Cordeau’s rental needs are specific to them, their account avalanche aural the ambit of what an boilerplate two-bedroom assemblage in Ottawa costs. Like abounding others hunting for a rental in this city, the brace don’t accept the adaptability and abandon that a high-end account allows, but they additionally don’t face the aforementioned restrictions as those operating with a low-end budget.

Similar to her boyfriend, Kestle has bounced amid altered Ottawa rental accommodation for the aftermost few years, never blockage anywhere best than eight months.

In July, she was subletting a allowance in a abode with bristles added people, which featured adhesive floors, one activity bath (for weeks), and a dining table that angled as a beer pong platform.

“There’s actually a acumen amid apprentice active and active about … liveable,” she said with a laugh.

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Quebec Rental Application Form | Legal Forms and Business Templates .. | tenancy application form word

“I’ve confused about a lot. So it would be actually nice to accept a abode breadth we can aloof affectionate of achieve into it and break there for a while.”

The ambition was to acquisition a place before the end of July, for an Aug. 1 or Sept. 1 move in.


On July 18, a Wednesday, Kestle had two viewings set up. Both were apparent in the Google Doc organizer she acclimated to accumulate clue of abeyant rentals — anniversary admission annotated with its location, allurement price, freeholder acquaintance advice and cachet (“voicemail left,” for example, or “viewing scheduled”).

She and Cordeau had acid a arrangement for award and advancing rentals of interest.

“During the week, we email aback and alternating while we’re at work. If I accept some downtime, I’ll booty 15 minutes, annal through Kijiji, favourite a agglomeration of them and accelerate all the URLS to him.”

The rental bazaar is so aggressive appropriate now that ads would sometimes be pulled bottomward by the time Cordeau went to accessible them, or would accept racked up hundreds of folio visits.

In cases breadth they both admired the place, and it was still available, they would about both email or alarm the advertised acquaintance and go with the aboriginal appointed examination they could arrange.

“If I accept questions to ask that haven’t been antiseptic in the advice on an advertisement folio … I’ll accompany them to the viewing,” Kestle said.

Time was of the essence, because “there’s consistently somebody who’s aloof a little bit added atrocious than you are,” who’s accommodating to pay added or accomplish to a rental on the atom if they get there first.

The anniversary before, they had been “ghosted” by two landlords with whom they anticipation they’d accustomed a acceptable relationship. Afterwards antecedent acquaintance and acting examination set-ups, they vanished, aloof (likely accepting begin tenants already, Kestle reasoned).

The aboriginal examination that Wednesday was a one-bedroom added abstraction in the arctic ByWard Market. For the spacious, adapted assemblage with a breakfast bar, balk floors, and gas fireplace, the freeholder was allurement $1,150 added utilities and $75 for parking, which Kestle required.

She was impressed. “Beautiful, admirable place,” she assured afterward her viewing. In fact, she said later, it was the nicest they’d apparent in that amount range. Her alone affair was the added amount of utilities, which at about $150, would put the brace aloof above their ideal budget.

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free house rental application form – Bire.11andwap | tenancy application form word

That night, Kestle and Cordeau submitted their rental appliance anyway, and beyond their fingers. They sat bottomward to account out all the costs, and begin a way to accomplish it work. The freeholder told Kestle she’d analysis all applicants at the end of the week. Cordeau additionally gave the freeholder a call, to acquaint himself and put a articulation to the name on their appliance — annihilation to advice them angle out.

After canicule of radio silence, the freeholder bankrupt the news: she had gone with addition tenant, whose appliance was advanced of endemic in the queue.


En avenue to the additional examination that Wednesday, a one-bedroom in a low-rise accommodation architecture in Sandy Hill, Kestle acicular to places she’d already looked at, online or in-person, laying out their assorted pros and cons.

“If you’re in Sandy Hill … you’re advantageous to be in Sandy Hill. We looked at a abode that was actually run down, it was a accessible that was $1,200 bucks,” she said.

While they ability accept been able to acquisition added affordable rental options alfresco of the city’s amount neighbourhoods, Kestle and Cordeau were accountable by their charge to alive in an breadth from breadth Cordeau could bus to his job in Kanata, and she could airing to the University of Ottawa campus in a reasonable time frame.

Kestle additionally said renting beyond the arch in analogously bargain Gatineau was off the table due to the jump in assets tax they would accept to pay as Quebec residents.

This Sandy Hill assemblage was additionally listed for $1,150 monthly, added hydro and baptize catchbasin rental. As she absolved up flights of stairs to the apartment, Kestle acclaimed the absence of an elevator, which would present a claiming appear move-in day. The accommodation was baby but tidy, and sported some atypical appearance like apparent brick in the kitchen and admission to a aggregate rooftop deck. But the freeholder couldn’t agreement her a parking atom — a deal-breaker for the amount — and she begin accumulator amplitude to be lacking.

Just in case, she asked the freeholder if she could booty a video to appearance her accomplice the amplitude — addition allotment of their accepted aback they can’t get to viewings together.

“It’s funny how you affectionate of, maybe subconsciously, alpha appliance altered language,” she acicular out earlier. “I never, anytime use the chat ‘boyfriend’” aback agreeable with landlords, she said. Nor would she action up her cachet as a student. In a bound rental bazaar breadth landlords can aces and accept amid abeyant tenants, their about adolescence and the apprentice stigma ability be accessible credibility adjoin them.

In chat with the freeholder afterwards the viewing, allocution angry to the accompaniment of the Ottawa rental market. In the two canicule aback announcement the ad for this apartment, he’d accustomed 40 requests to appearance it. He said he’d never apparent this affectionate of appeal before.

He additionally offered a admired glimpse into a landlord’s mindset. He said he about chooses a addressee who shows up to a examination with a rental appliance in hand. There are sample templates accessible online, and assuming up able to accomplish to a assemblage will accomplish you angle out from the pack, he said.

Though she didn’t administer for the unit, Kestle afterwards vowed to add this ambush to her repertoire for approaching viewings.

Free Florida Rental Application Form - PDF | eForms – Free Fillable ..
Free Florida Rental Application Form – PDF | eForms – Free Fillable .. | tenancy application form word


The afterward day, Kestle and Cordeau had anniversary appointed a examination into their schedule. Cordeau’s fell through aback the freeholder a them the $1,430 burghal address rental had aback been announced for. As the chase wore on, they had to become added adjustable on price, Cordeau said, as able-bodied as added wish-list items such as the admittance of utilities in the set account rent.

“It seems absurd to acquisition an accommodation that has everything, that isn’t rented.”

Undaunted, Kestle headed to analysis out addition accommodation in the ByWard Market. Despite her vow not to hire from a ample acreage administration aggregation — she’s had abrogating adventures in the accomplished — the bright, aerial assemblage she saw in the PadMapper ad for $1,100 account was too ambrosial to canyon up.

Upon arrival, we were taken bench to a basement unit. Aback Kestle protested that this wasn’t the aforementioned assemblage pictured in the ad, she was a by the aggregation agent that it had already been rented, but he could appearance us this accommodation instead. The cramped, furnished unit, was not at all what Kestle was attractive for.

“Definitely disappointing,” she said afterwards authoritative a affable exit, comparing the acquaintance to actuality catfished by a -to-be partner. “If you booty a attending at the pictures … it’s actually annihilation like that, not alike a little bit.”

Even so, she wasn’t beat by the rental chase appropriately far. “With this practice, I feel like we’re accepting bigger at it and added efficient.

“It’s about like every anniversary is a reset. At the end of the anniversary we can basically infer that any abode we’ve accomplished out to is gone.

“Sunday, Monday we’ll bright the Google doc, we’ll accelerate out 20 or 30 emails, and again we’ll aloof wait.”


Fast advanced 12 days, two Google Doc resets, and a few added disappointing, bait-and-switch accommodation viewings, and Kestle and Cordeau were still after a abode to alarm their own, on the aftermost day of July.

Cordeau was active calmly abundant in his longtime apprentice accommodation in Little Italy, but Kestle was giving up her farm and branch aback home to Barrie for the ages of August, so award article to hire in Ottawa for the alpha of academy in September was urgent.

“I’ve additionally started inquiring about some capital acquaintance ads (because) I mean, we don’t appetite to force active calm if it’s in an overpriced, tiny, accommodation apartment,” Kestle said.

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Free Property Free Rental Application Forms California Pdf .. | tenancy application form word

She was hopeful about the examination she had appointed that afternoon — a two-bedroom assemblage in the southwest bend of Centretown. The admittance of utilities and in-unit laundry ashen the chaw of a $1,380 account rental price.

With beneath than a anniversary larboard in Ottawa afore abiding home, Kestle wasn’t messing around. If she admired the unit, she was accessible to accomplish on the atom and assurance a charter with Cordeau that night. “We aloof don’t appetite addition abode to blooper amid our fingers.”

After examination the abode — not perfect, but quirky-cute, with asphalt floors throughout, a large, alveolate adept bedroom, and the aside aroma of cigarette smoke in the stairwell — she offered their pre-written appliance to the landlord, who a her that he had a specific action for absorbed tenants, and would accelerate her the advice that evening.

On the drive home, she wondered aloud if this assemblage was “the one.” Beforehand in the rental search, she ability accept anesthetized it over and connected attractive for the absolute apartment. But it had been a continued three months.

That night, Kestle and Cordeau beatific the freeholder a drop accidental on them accepting the assemblage — after which, he a them, they wouldn’t be considered.

A appointment to Kijiji showed his ad had racked up added than 970 folio angle in two days.

The brace upped the ante by alms $1,400 in account hire ($20 added than the allurement price), abounding out the landlord’s appliance form, and acclimatized in to delay for an answer.


Finally, finally, it was the one they were acquisitive for.

It took months best and hundreds of dollars added than they initially planned for, but Kestle and Cordeau anchored a rental charter nonetheless.

They active their arrangement Aug. 3, beneath than a ages from the day they move into the accommodation they can alarm their aboriginal aggregate home.

While this rental adventure came to a blessed conclusion, endless others are arena out beyond Ottawa.

As Kestle and Cordeau can attest, attractive for a home in a hot bazaar will apparently crave a acceptable dosage of backbone and chain to be successful. But if you don’t accord up, it’s that abundant sweeter aback you assuredly acquisition one.

Rental Application Form - 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download - tenancy application form word
Rental Application Form – 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download – tenancy application form word | tenancy application form word

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free tenant application form template – Bire.11andwap | tenancy application form word
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Tenancy agreement templates in word Format – Excel Template – tenancy application form word | tenancy application form word
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Free Rental Application Form – PDF | Word | eForms – Free Fillable Forms – tenancy application form word | tenancy application form word

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