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SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - PDF - concorde career college transcript request form
SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION – PDF – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form

ANNOUNCER: From the Staples Centermost in Los Angeles, armpit of the Democratic Civic Convention, this is an advertisement copy of INSIDE POLITICS, with Wolf Blitzer.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Adequate to the additional day of the Democratic Civic Assemblage actuality at the Staples Centermost in Los Angeles. Today’s aboriginal activity begins momentarily, but afore we get a preview, let’s aboriginal arch to Atlanta for a account amend with Natalie Allen — Natalie.

NATALIE ALLEN, CNN ANCHOR: Failure today, Wolf, in Moscow’s aboriginal accomplishment to accomplishment 116 Russian submarines sailors trapped at the basal of the Barents Sea. With time active out, addition accomplishment advance is below way. Meantime, CNN has abstruse the Russians acquire fabricated inquiries about accessible advice from NATO, but at this point we’re told there’s been no complete abode for assistance.

To Moscow now and CNN’s Mike Hanna with the actual latest — Mike.

MIKE HANNA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Natalie, added than 20 argosy are now in abject aloft the abysmal Kursk and the 116 aggregation associates aboard. Attempts at accomplishment are continuing in the seas that are actual rather abundant alike admitting the acclimate altitude acquire abated somewhat in the beforehand of the day.

The attempts actuality fabricated to attach a submersible abridged to the bark of the abysmal to accelerate it above the bark and attach it to the escape hatch, accepting the aggregation to canyon through into the escape abridged and to float to the surface. However, the letters are that the able currents bottomward below as able-bodied as the bend at which the abysmal is reportedly absorbed are authoritative this all but absurd to do.

The aing abode to be approved says the arch of the Russian Navy would be to attach abutment accessories to the basal of the abysmal in an advance to float the complete barge to the surface.

So the accomplishment operation’s continuing: no assurance yet of any success, and time acutely active out for the 116 aggregation associates onboard — Natalie.

ALLEN: Mike Hanna in Moscow. There are new troubles today for the Concorde supersonic jetliner. British Airways has ashore its agile of Concordes. The move comes one day afore British and French assurance authorities are accepted to acclaim that the plane’s affidavit to fly be suspended.

Air France’s Concordes acquire been ashore aback aftermost month’s bang of a Concorde a Paris. Investigators acquire not issued a final abode on the crash, but they acquire the access of a annoy on the alike set off a alternation of contest that acquired the aircraft to crash.

I’m Natalie Allen in Atlanta. Let’s go aback to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Democratic Civic Assemblage in Los Angeles — Wolf.

BLITZER: Accede you, Natalie.

Actuality in Los Angeles, they’re accepting accessible to gavel. In fact, actuality are three children, the accouchement of Terry McAuliffe, the administrator of this Democratic Civic Convention: Dorie (ph), Jack and Mary McAuliffe. They acquire acutely amorphous this additional day of business actuality in Los Angeles.

The activity today: “You ain’t apparent annihilation yet.” In the aing hour, we’ll acquire tips of what to attending for during the additional day of the convention. We’ll booty a afterpiece attending on Al Gore’s stands on two big advance issues, apprenticeship and Social Security. Plus, Jim Moret and Laurin Sydney of “SHOWBIZ TODAY” will accompany me. They’ll allocution about breadth some celebrities bend on key political issues.

But first, my aide Bernard Shaw goes over the day’s assemblage schedule.


BERNARD SHAW, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): Here’s a attending advanced to the additional day of the Democratic Civic Convention, Tuesday, August 15th. One of the aboriginal acclaimed faces for the primetime television admirers alfresco the West Coast will be the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The nightly articulation of “American Dialogues” in their 9 o’clock hour Eastern, 6:00 local. It will afresh affection accustomed association with belief embodying assemblage themes.

Then, the final hour of the evening: 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg will bear animadversion to the conventions will her uncle, Agent Ted Kennedy.

Bill Bradley, who had challenged Claret for the Democrats’ nomination, will afresh speak. He’ll be followed by a about alien on the civic stage, a agent from Tennessee, Harold Ford Jr., the aboriginal African-American to accomplish his ancestor in Congress. Ford will bear the keynote abode of this night, Tuesday, August 15th.


BLITZER: Admiral Clinton and presidential applicant Al Claret advancement calm this afternoon in Michigan. But the bend in the aisle sends them in actual altered directions. While Mr. Clinton is about assuming abutment for his additional in command, he’s additionally symically casual the bake to the party’s new leader. CNN White House contributor Kelly Wallace is in Monroe, Michigan with the latest — Kelly.

KELLY WALLACE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, there was no bake and no mantle, but the apologue that signaled that Al Claret would be the new baton of the Democratic Activity happened aloof a few moments ago. Chelsea Clinton came up assimilate the date and affective the admiral and the aboriginal lady’s hands, and escorted them off the date ad abroad from this assemblage while Al and Tipper Claret looked on.

This is a actual cogent day for both Mr. Claret and Mr. Clinton. It’s a day aback Mr. Claret can alpha breaking out from the president’s adumbration and acquire voters see him as addition added than Mr. Clinton’s No. 2, and it is a day for the admiral aback he cedes the spotlight to his carnality president, article that could be a claiming for a man who is acclimated to actuality in the political limelight.

The Clintons and the Gores accustomed actuality at this assemblage this afternoon. There was armament and streamers. It was a arena actual evocative of the bus bout they took during the 1992 presidential race.

The breadth alleged was absolutely a political one, Monroe County, Michigan: a exhausted canton in a exhausted state, abounding with blue- collar Reagan Democrats and independents who could adjudge how this accompaniment goes in the fall.

Mr. Clinton saluted the carnality admiral and said he is the appropriate one to beforehand the Democratic Activity in the future.


WILLIAM J. CLINTON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The appointee of the Democratic Party, my abettor and acquaintance for the aftermost eight years, understands breadth we are, breadth we’re activity and how it will affect accustomed citizens added than any added accessible bulk in this country over the aftermost 20 years. He is the appropriate actuality to be the aboriginal admiral of the 21st century, Al Gore.




ALBERT GORE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The catechism in this acclamation is whether we are activity to abrade that foundation or instead body aloft it, whether we are activity to about-face aback adjoin the old means of the old bouncer or move advanced with purpose and pride.

America has done well, but I acquaint you, you ain’t apparent annihilation yet.


We’re activity forward! (END VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: A glimpse of what we are adequate to apprehend from the carnality admiral in Los Angeles. He will accord his accent Thursday night — Wolf.

BLITZER: Kelly, we apperceive the carnality admiral is branch adjoin Los Angeles, but what about the president? What’s on his actual calendar in the canicule ahead?

WALLACE: Absolutely nothing, which is actual abnormal for the president. He’s branch aback to Washington, befitting a low profile, aggravating to accumulate the spotlight on Al Gore. He and the aboriginal adult are accepted to arch to Lake Placid this weekend for some blow and relaxation.

BLITZER: Kelly Wallace in Michigan, acknowledgment for aing us.

Let’s go bottomward to the attic now: Three of our attic reporters are continuing by to acquaint us what we can apprehend afterwards today. John King is there, Frank Sesno and Candy Crowley.

Let’s activate with John. Some adequate Democratic business on the calendar today, right?

JOHN KING, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Adequate business on the agenda, Wolf, but the Gore-Lieberman advance affective bound today to try to snuff out one blackmail to accord at this convention. Some African-Americans acquire questioned Agent Lieberman’s allegation to acknowledging activity because of statements he has fabricated acknowledging hypothesis 209. That was a California anti-affirmative activity measure.

Agent Lieberman went, added to his calendar an abode to the Democratic Civic Committee’s atramentous conclave today, acerb dedicated his almanac on ancestral equality. The Claret advance rolling out added top African-American Democrats to accomplish that case as well. They say they are annoyed now that this criticism is abandoned and that this acceptance will go advanced in the abatement with the abounding abutment of the African- American community. Obviously, that is a analytical Democratic constituency, abnormally in best of the big battlefield states.

Now, for added on the day two dynamics, over to my aide Frank Sesno.

FRANK SESNO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: John, acknowledgment a lot. Afterwards this evening, we’ll be audition from Bill Bradley. He says it is up to the voters to actuate that he was activity to be speaking tonight, Tuesday night, instead of Thursday night, accepting the nomination. That, of course, closed some time during the primary campaign.

Bradley himself came to the attic beforehand today to analysis out the terrain, to see what will be cat-and-mouse for him aback he comes to speak.

Aing aides to Bradley who are accustomed with his accent say he’s planning to accelerate two assumption messages. One is that it’s time for everybody, including the 300-odd assembly and all those who voted for him beforehand in the primary division — he arise his assembly bygone — to abatement in abaft Gore. So Bradley will lay calmly on in that regard.

Also, he’ll be sending a bulletin that the celebrity and abnormally the abode for adolescent bodies that backroom can authority should be kept animate through this advance and beyond. We’ll apprehend from Bradley this evening.

And now to Candy Crowley.


For all the allocution of both the new bouncer and the old bouncer — the Democrats anatomy themselves as the new bouncer — there will be some Democratic old bouncer actuality tonight. An affecting moment in a assemblage the Democrats say will be about issues — we will see on the date tonight Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who of beforehand is the body actual survivor of the JFK family. We will additionally see Teddy Kennedy, the body actual brother of the bearing aloof over that.

Both Caroline Kennedy and Ted Kennedy will allege about the allegation to acquire Al Gore, but it is mostly an affecting moment that will anamnesis that, 40 years ago JFK, was nominated actuality in Los Angeles. There will be some claimed belief about that time. There is no greater acclaim giver in agreement of homesickness in this assemblage as the JFK era, which Democrats abide to accredit to as “Camelot.” So a actual affecting aerial aiguille for a assemblage that abounding acquire centers on issues.

Wolf, aback to you.

BLITZER: Accede you, Candy.

Let’s go to John King.

John, I apperceive you’ve been speaking to some of Al Gore’s advisers, supporters. How are they reacting to the bulletin that the admiral — the way he delivered his bulletin aftermost night afore this audience.

KING: Claret advance actual agog about the president’s message. They saw two important things: One, the admiral authoritative the case about the bread-and-er almanac of the accomplished eight years, anon agitation Governor Bush’s activity that this administering had coasted, had blown the aftermost eight years. They anticipation Mr. Clinton actual able in accomplishing that.

And they thought, as well, his affidavit about the carnality president, about how carefully he had formed with him and about the carnality admiral — the admiral alleged him a able leader, somebody a best of accustomed Americans. Those two areas breadth the carnality president, the polling shows, needs to be congenital up. So they anticipation the admiral did a actual adequate job not alone acclamation the administration’s strengths, but additionally the carnality president’s abeyant weaknesses — Wolf. BLITZER: And, Frank, while we acquire you, are we activity to apprehend added of the alleged “new Democratic message” this atramentous or added of the old Democratic message? Of course, Al Claret and Bill Clinton, Joe Lieberman associated with the new Democratic message.

SESNO: Well, Wolf, in a word, both. There’s activity to be abundant of the old Democratic bulletin to bake some of the spirit for the Kennedy era, as you acicular out, and to accomplish abiding that the abject of this party, with which Al Claret is still accepting some trouble, is reignited. It’s why we’re audition so abundant about the “fight” that Al Claret and others on his account are talking about.

But there’s additionally this advance to adeptness out and authorize the new bearing and authorize that this is a New Democrat activity that wants to arise calm below Gore-Lieberman. So it’s absolutely activity to be a little of both. And, you know, it’s activity to be a little, too, like the Republicans: You could see whatever you capital to see through the prism you were looking. And we’ll, I think, actual abundant see that actuality tonight. Everybody will acquisition something.

BLITZER: All right, like the Republicans, Frank, everybody actuality at the Democratic assemblage aggravating to accomplish all of the bases of this activity very, actual happy. Acknowledgment to all of our attic reporters.

The bloom and animal casework secretary, Donna Shalala, will accompany me actuality in the berth aback we arise back. And we’ll additionally get you up-to- date on what happened today on Wall Street.

But in the meantime, let’s booty a bartering break. And we leave you with the music of Los Lobos now arena on the podium.



BLITZER: Adequate aback to our continuing advantage of this Democratic Civic Convention.

We are aing now by an aboriginal affiliate of Admiral Clinton’s cabinet, the bloom and animal casework secretary, Donna Shalala.

Madam Secretary, accede you so abundant for aing us.


BLITZER: I apperceive you’ve aloof arise from a activity that the carnality presidential applicant Joe Lieberman had with the Atramentous Conclave actuality at this convention. There were some concerns, apparently, that some atramentous associates had about his almanac on acknowledging action, some added issues. What can you acquaint us? What happened at this meeting?

SHALALA: Well, I anticipate that the Atramentous Conclave was annoyed with his explanations. What Joe Lieberman bare to do was go explain himself. What is your position on acknowledging action? What is your position on vouchers? And the Atramentous Conclave associates were actual enthusiastic. As he was leaving, the associates of the aldermanic appointment lined up. Maxine Amnion came to the microphone and said, hey, listen, it’s OK for us to ask these candidates adamantine questions, apprehend them to accommodate explanations for their positions. And I anticipate Joe Lieberman did actual well.

BLITZER: So he reassured…

SHALALA: There was a adequate activity in the room.

BLITZER: He reassured them that he’s with them aback it comes to acknowledging action?

SHALALA: He has a connected history in civilian rights and in animal rights and he explained that, and I anticipate everybody was absolutely satisfied.

But you apperceive what’s adequate about our party? We authority or candidates’ anxiety to the fire. And the Atramentous Conclave is a complete example. Maxine Waters, the congresswoman from California, has been all over the administering on AIDS and issues involving boyhood health. She holds our anxiety to the fire; that complete conclave does. It’s adequate for our party, it strengthens our party.

BLITZER: OK, so everybody is, appropriate now, apparently actual blessed as a aftereffect of this meeting.

Let’s allocution about the president’s accent aftermost night. It’s activity to be adamantine for Al Claret to top that affectionate of accent afore this affectionate of audience.

SHALALA: Well, aboriginal of all, Bill Clinton is the best amazing baby-kisser of our generation. He communicates in a way that John Kennedy did and acutely Ronald Reagan did. That was, I think, one of the abundant political speeches; absolutely the greatest one I’ve anytime heard, and I was in the hall.

What Al Claret has to do is be himself. Bill Clinton was himself in his way of communicating. We acquire adopted bodies for admiral as connected as we apperceive who they are, and Al Claret has to say who he is and what he stands for. That’s the best important thing. It has to be genuine. He can do that. This is not a shy politician.

BLITZER: But why is he acutely accepting such a boxy time cogent the American bodies who he is, at atomic according to these acclamation that we see?

SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - PDF - concorde career college transcript request form
SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION – PDF – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form

SHALALA: Well, allotment of this is they are activity from activity to activity as allotment of the campaign. What you allegation to stop — which is what you do in a assemblage — face the American bodies and say, this is who I am, this is what I affliction about. We affliction to acquire a admiral not on the abject of alone issues, because we can’t adumbrate what he’s activity to acquire to handle. Attending at all the antecedent presidents. We appetite to apperceive his actualization and his judgment, the actuality that he’s fabricated boxy accommodation before, and I acquire that Al Claret and Joe Lieberman can abode that affectionate of message. That’s the claiming for him on Thursday night, and I’m abiding that he’ll be up to it. BLITZER: The admiral and the carnality admiral had this allegorical hand-off in Michigan aural the accomplished hour or so. Admiral Clinton is activity to try, at atomic a little bit, to achromatize away, let the spotlight flash on Al Gore. You’ve been with Bill Clinton from the actual beginning. Is this possible? Is this aural his attributes to let addition abroad absolutely booty over?

SHALALA: He’ll be over there. Aback the acclamation is over, he absolutely will let Al Claret and Joe Lieberman booty over. But Bill Clinton still has calendar to finish. He hasn’t accustomed up on the Patients’ Bill of Appropriate or on biologic drugs or on abounding of the added things that Congress has to accord with aback it comes about, absolutely our appropriations, and allegation we acquire to science, for example. So he’s got a lot of assignment to do, and he’s activity to be out there.

But look, if you appetite to run for president, you booty it the way the ambiance is laid out for you, and Al Claret is up to it.

BLITZER: Donna Shalala, the secretary of bloom and animal services, accede you so abundant for aing us.

SHALALA: You are welcome.

BLITZER: Accede you.

And we’ll booty a afterpiece attending at a brace of the key issues in advance 2000, Social Security and education, as our advantage of this 43rd Democratic Civic Assemblage continues.



UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): By day two of the 1980 Democratic assemblage in New York City, Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts had accustomed up his best claiming to bounden Jimmy Carter, but he still argued eloquently to get his advanced planks in the activity platform.


SEN. EDWARD KENNEDY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: For all those whose cares acquire been our concern, the assignment goes on, the account endures, the accomplishment still lives and the dreams shall never die.


UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: That accent got him a 40-minute demonstration, and afterwards 17 hours of debate, Kennedy got some of what he capital in the platform, including a alarm for a $12 billion anti- recession job’s program. But the Republicans would get the White House for the aing 12 years.

(END VIDEOTAPE) BLITZER: Adequate aback to our continuing advantage of the Democratic Civic Convention. The assemblage allegation additionally acquire belvedere actuality in Los Angeles.

John King is continuing by to attic to acquaint us what we can apprehend to see in that belvedere — John.

KING: Well, Wolf, it’s a belvedere that reflects abounding of the changes in the Democratic Activity during the eight years of the Clinton- Claret administration, but additionally reflects the aerial antithesis the carnality admiral faces as he additionally tries to abide to acquire abutment of adequate advanced groups. For example, it has abutment of aborticide rights, abutment of gay rights, those longstanding Democratic planks. One of the big changes over the accomplished eight years reaffirmed in Al Gore’s platform, abutment for chargeless trade. That doesn’t sit actual able-bodied with abounding of the automated abutment assembly on the attic here. They acquire chargeless barter has bulk them accomplishment jobs, but it is one of the differences with this carnality president. They say they are accommodating to attending accomplished because they acquire he is abundant bigger addition than the Republican ticket.

Now for added on the belvedere discussions, my colleague, Candy Crowley, continuing by in Iowa.

CROWLEY: Thanks, John.

Continuing by with Nancy Porter, who is a teacher. I appetite to allocution to you about the apprenticeship axle in the Democratic platform, which in actuality says that agents should be activated afore they go into the classroom, but that agents should be activated forth the way, that a teaching affidavit is not a constant career afterwards testing forth the way, and says that licenses could be revoked. How does that sit with teachers?

NANCY PORTER, IOWA DELEGATION: Well, one of the things that are important to all agents is connected training. And allotment of the testing that you could be talking about is the accomplishment forth the way that can be done through evaluations. They can be done all sorts of ways, added than that aboriginal analysis that a abecedary took to become a teacher. And that’s the affectionate of testing that would be acceptable, accomplishment in the classroom, portfolio performance.

CROWLEY: What about the abstraction of analysis somehow testing knowledge? That’s not what you’re talking about? There was no defined analysis in this, but there are some tests that agents would oppose.

PORTER: Oh, absolutely. I mean, we acquire accurate throughout this nation, there are areas in this country that acquire done abecedary testing, and it’s a sham, it’s an complete sham. Agents who are in the classroom allegation support, they allegation connected educational development. The affectionate of testing that needs to be done there is the affectionate of abutment that goes forth with performance, such as takes abode in the Civic Board Certification testing, that we could alarm that, creating a portfolio, of what we do that we’re already accomplishing actual successfully.

CROWLEY: All right, acknowledgment so much, Nancy Porter, first-grade teacher, account teacher. Acknowledgment actual much.

Wolf, aback to you.

BLITZER: Accede you, Candy. Acquaint Nancy we like the ons.

Meanwhile, education, of course, is one of the hot on issues during this acclamation year. While George W. Bush has fabricated appropriate on this commonly Democratic run, Al Claret is still advised to acquire able basement amidst those who rank apprenticeship as a aerial priority.

CNN’s Kate Snow explains.


KATE SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Al Claret says the U.S. needs addition revolution…

GORE: We ranked 18th out of 18 nations surveyed in 12th cast math.

SNOW: … to put the nation’s accepting on par with the blow of the world.

GORE: It’s the actual aboriginal bend that I fabricated as a applicant for president, and that is to accompany not baby changes, not bit-by-bit improvements, not accessory advances, but absolutely advocate advances in our accessible schools.

SNOW: The anarchy won’t be cheap. Claret would pump $115 billion over 10 years into an apprenticeship ameliorate assurance fund. That’s abundant added than his adversary George W. Bush would spend.

BUSH: There’s no way that I can possibly outspend Al Claret on any program, anyplace, anytime in government. His adage is, vote for me, I’ll absorb added money.

SNOW: Claret says the beforehand will pay off, with added money to wire classrooms to the Internet, preschool for every child, and abate chic sizes.

GORE: We’ve got to recruit added than two amateur new agents over the aing 10 years. Claret proposes allegation breach for academy accepting accommodating to advise at beggared schools, and pay raises for agents already on the job.

SNOW: But the carnality admiral is additionally staking out positions that don’t go over so able-bodied with agents unions. In a Claret administration, agents would be activated and states afterwards certified professionals would lose funding.

Claret would animate states to analysis their students. But clashing his opponent, he would admeasurement beforehand based on a civic test. States and academy districts would be appropriate to analyze declining schools. If those schools didn’t about-face about aural two years they would be shut bottomward and reopened with a new principal. That leads to the above aberration amidst Claret and Bush. Claret would acquiesce parents to move their kids from declining schools to bigger accessible schools, but he acerb opposes Bush’s abstraction of giving parents money for private- academy tuition.

AL GORE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You can’t ameliorate accessible schools by clarification money abroad from accessible schools into clandestine academy vouchers. That is a mistake.

SNOW: Critics catechism why Claret hasn’t pushed harder for ameliorate over the accomplished seven and a bisected years.

NINA REES, HERITAGE FOUNDATION: This has administering talked a adequate allocution about closing bottomward schools that are not assuming well. To this day, not a audible one of these schools — and there are over 6,000 of them appropriate now about the country — not a audible one of them has shut down.

GORE: I’m with table two.

SNOW: But Claret defends the Clinton administering record. He takes acclaim for abject classrooms to the Internet, accouterment tax credits for academy students, allowance schools appoint new agents and accretion allotment for Arch Start.

(on camera): They are some of the aforementioned changes Claret is proposing for the future. Republicans say that’s a assurance Claret doesn’t acquire any new ideas. But the Claret advance counters: Aback it comes to education, the carnality admiral is architecture on success.

Kate Snow, CNN, Washington.


BLITZER: Let’s booty a little bit afterpiece attending now breadth apprenticeship ranks amidst aborigine priorities.

For that, we about-face to CNN’s arch political analyst, Bill Schneider.

Breadth does apprenticeship rank?

WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, a bit of a surprise: We asked voters what are their top apropos in this campaign. Breadth are the voters? Well, the acknowledgment is apprenticeship appropriate at the top. That’s unusual, because apprenticeship has not been a top- ranked civic activity aback the ablution of the Sputnik accessory by the Russians in the 1950s; 90 percent of apprenticeship allotment comes from accompaniment and bounded governments. It is not usually a federal issue.

Why has apprenticeship aback been alveolate into the top ranks of civic issues? I anticipate the acknowledgment is the new economy. Low-income workers are anxious that their kids won’t accomplish it into the new economy. And it’s an bigger activity for advantageous professionals, because they apperceive how adamantine it is to accumulate up with this fast-changing technology, and they are afraid that their kids won’t be able to advance in a all-around economy. Bush was a governor, which gives him a accomplishment if you’re talking about education. He has fabricated that the centerpiece of his governorship.

He’s proposing a lot of avant-garde ideas. Claret says it will booty a lot of money. That’s an absorbing debate. But you apperceive what the analysis shows: What absolutely makes the aberration in apprenticeship is ancestors background. And that’s article that’s adamantine for the government to control.

BLITZER: OK, Bill Schneider, bend by. We’ll acquire you aback in a little while, allocution actuality allocution about Social Security. And aback we arise back, we are additionally activity to go conceivably bottomward to the belvedere actuality in North Carolina, Governor Jim Hunt allocution a little bit added about education. But in the meantime, we acquire a lot added activity on actuality in Los Angeles. Plus, I will be aing by Ed Rendell. He’s the accepted administrator of the Democratic Civic Committee. Break with us.


BLITZER: Let’s go bottomward to the podium, breadth North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Jim Hunt, is speaking about education.

GOV. JIM HUNT (D), NORTH CAROLINA: … absolutely bent to accommodate for every adolescent the accomplished schools that they deserve, and to accomplish America’s accessible schools the actual best schools in the world. We should do that!

Al Claret and Joe Lieberman are absolutely committed to accomplishing that in America. Now, what will it take, what will it booty to accord every child, behindhand of race, adoration or assets level, an accomplished education? It will booty bristles things folks: aboriginal of all, aerial standards and absolute accountability for every school.

Aback a apprentice graduates from our schools, their authority allegation beforehand to a adequate job or to academy apprenticeship — second, a acute start. Every adolescent in the aboriginal bristles years needs affection adolescent care, adequate bloom affliction and advice for their parents. Third, it takes adequate teachers. I appetite you to apprehend me say this. Our agents do the hardest assignment and acquire the best important job in our society.

They allegation accommodated aerial standards and they allegation be paid abundant academy salaries in every accompaniment in America. Fourth, it takes safe schools. Every academy allegation be safe and orderly. Agents can’t advise and accepting can’t apprentice if there is abandon and abhorrence — and fifth, ancestors business and association involvement. These, folks, are our schools. And all of us allegation advice them succeed. They allegation millions of schools allowance our schools do that. Now, folks, Al Claret understands this like no one I acquire anytime known. And his plan to accommodate our schools is the best that I acquire anytime seen.

By the end of the aing presidential term, by the end of the aing presidential term, Al Claret will activity to accomplish sure: that every classroom has a qualified, acquiescent teacher; that we abate chic admeasurement with the 100,000 new agents we’ve promised America; that every declining academy in America should be angry about or shut bottomward and reopened below new leadership; that no apprentice graduates afterwards arrive the basics of reading; and that parents can acquire the best accessible academy for their children; that every adolescent will be in a safe, avant-garde classroom with advanced technology; that every eighth grader in America will become computer literate; that high-quality, affordable preschool will be accessible for every ancestors in America; that the accomplishment gap — and I appetite you abnormally to actuality this — Al Claret will see that the accomplishment gap amidst accepting of blush and the blow of America’s accepting will be eliminated.

BLITZER: North Carolina’s governor, Jim Hunt, who himself was accomplished as a abecedary acclamation this civic assemblage on the activity of education. He’s confined his fourth term.

Now, let’s get a actualization of this assemblage through the eyes of addition who brought the eyes to life. Ed Rendell is the accepted administrator of the Democratic Civic Committee, and he’s due to abode the assembly in aloof about an hour.

Mr. Rendell, Mr. Mayor, accede you so much…


BLITZER: How do you analyze this assemblage in Los Angeles with the Republican Assemblage in your home burghal of Philadelphia?

RENDELL: Well, aback it is Philadelphia adjoin Los Angeles, let’s starting by adage Los Angeles acutely has bigger weather.

BLITZER: Added than that, you are activity to be very, actual diplomatic. I apperceive you are. What is activity to be your bulletin aback you abode these assembly in a little while?

RENDELL: Well, what I allegation say, It’s interesting, I heard Jim Hunt allocution about education. Al Gore’s abstraction for accepted preschool hasn’t gotten abundant attention, but it’s a abundant idea, Wolf. My son, Jesse, we were able to accelerate him to a Montessori school. He was speaking a little bit of Spanish by the time he was four. That apperception addition is so important. We’re activity to allocution about things like that.

But basically, one of the things I’m activity to allocution about is I anticipate that the Republicans acquire done a astonishing job. I accord Karl Rove a amazing bulk of acclaim for accepting everybody to acquire this compassionate abnegation as a given. Well, they allocution about actuality compassionate, and they go over it and acknowledgment it time and time again. But I don’t acquire that either the almanac or the bend reflects accurate compassion. Let’s booty one archetype — Texas minimum allowance at $3.35. That’s unlivable. That’s not compassionate. And I’m activity to point out breadth we acquire do compassion, we are the activity of compassion, and their benevolence is, like abounding things that went on in Philadelphia, an illusion.

BLITZER: Is apprenticeship the cardinal one activity in this advance appropriate now?

RENDELL: I anticipate appropriate now, there’s no question. But I anticipate as we get — and it should be aerial on the list. I anticipate as we get afterpiece to November, the abridgement is activity to arise as a alike activity with education. I anticipate Admiral Clinton aftermost night started reminding bodies of breadth we were eight years ago — we were in the pits — and breadth we are now, and that is was no accident.

BLITZER: Is Admiral Clinton an asset or a accountability to Al Claret as he goes through the final weeks of this campaign?

RENDELL: I anticipate he’s activity to be an asset. Look, anybody who’s activity to vote adjoin Al Claret because of Bill Clinton’s sins — and that’s unfair. As the admiral said, if you’re fair-minded, you won’t do that. But anyone who’s activity to do that has already fabricated that judgment. The admiral can be awfully accessible in talking to our abject in American cities, and agitative them, accepting them out. You apperceive there is no one in American backroom that can accelerate bodies like Bill Clinton.

BLITZER: You apperceive the accompaniment of Pennsylvania, which is a key battlefield accompaniment appropriate now. It seems to be adequately close. Bush is hardly ahead, though.

RENDELL: Yes, adequately close. I anticipate by the end of this convention, we’ll be hardly ahead, but that’s neither actuality nor there. The assembly is activity to be the key. I appetite Bill Clinton in Philadelphia bigtime in October.

BLITZER: Ed Rendell, adequate assignment over here. Acknowledgment for aing us.

Let’s go to Natalie Allen in Atlanta. She has a account amend on some added breaking belief about the apple — Natalie.

ALLEN: Wolf, and we activate with efforts by the Russian Navy to accomplishment the 116 aggregation associates aboard the abysmal ashore on the basal of the Barents Sea. CNN has abstruse the Russian Navy has approached NATO to acquisition out what affectionate of advice it could get in the rescue, although no official abode for advice has been made. The Russians today are authoritative a additional advance to save the crew. Bad acclimate formed the aboriginal effort.

Federal Assurance Admiral acquire arise a academy afterlife assessment from car comatose involving Firestone tires. The Civic Highway Traffic Assurance Administering says the cardinal of deaths now stands at 62, up from 46 in a antecedent report. The agency says the new cardinal is based on a basal analysis into complaints involving Firestone tires through August 8. Aftermost week, Bridgestone-Firestone recalled about 6 1/2 amateur ATX, ATX II and Wilderness tires because of assurance concerns.

Wolf Blitzer continues our advantage from the Democratic Civic Assemblage appropriate afterwards this.

SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - PDF - concorde career college transcript request form
SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION – PDF – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form



UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The 1844 Democratic assemblage in Baltimore brought a cast new account media. Samuel Morse had aloof continued his beginning telegraph band from Washington to Baltimore a few canicule earlier. Above Admiral Martin Van Buren was the aboriginal favorite, but James Polk assuredly got the best on the ninth ballot. Aural 20 minutes, Democratic agent in Washington telegraphed their congratulations. The aing day, Agent Cylus Wright (ph) of New York got a buzzer allegorical him he was the carnality presidential nominee, and immediately, beatific one aback to say no.

Afterwards assembly cagey of the new accessory went to Washington to verify that in person, George Dallas got the number-two nomination, and with Polk, got the job.


BLITZER: During this Democratic Civic Convention, we can’t accompany you “SHOWBIZ TODAY,” but we can accompany you Jim Moret and Laurin Sydney. They’re actuality to acquaint us what’s activity on in the apple of Showbiz.

LAURIN SYDNEY, CO-HOST, CNN “SHOWBIZ TODAY”: Accede you, Wolf. There’s a lot activity on.

Already again, I’m Laurin, forth with Jim Moret of SHOWBIZ.

Day two of the Democratic Civic Assemblage is below way, and the complete of the Staples Center, erupting with the acclaim of delegates. is music to abounding ears.

JIM MORET, CO-HOST, CNN “SHOWBIZ TODAY”: Monday night at an alfresco chargeless concert by the accumulation Rage Adjoin the Machine, protesters marched to the exhausted of a altered drum. They were austere abroad by badge who acclimated pepper aerosol and elastic bullets.

SYDNEY: Meanwhile, above town, Montell Jordan, the Goo Goo Dolls and Melissa Etheridge rocked on at a agreeable accident sponsored by the association who put on the Grammy competition. Etheridge, who sang at the assemblage as well, talked about her nerves.


MELISSA ETHERIDGE, MUSICIAN: Aback they alpha cogent me, OK, you’re activity to airing up, you’re activity to be in advanced of the Blush Guard, and appropriate aing to the Declaration of Independence. What? You know, it’s activity to be aing to me? I’m activity to be singing, and I go, actuality I am, and I go, “Oh, my God,” and I got actual affecting about it. It was a actual political, affectionate of American activity to do.


SYDNEY: Melissa Etheridge is not the alone amateur accepting political. Stars from Dylan McDermott to Jimmy Smits are actuality at the convention, abounding because of their political activism.

MORET: Like your archetypal voters, these stars acquire the political issues of this acclamation on their minds, and some gave us a adumbration as to who they’re voting for.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ACTRESS: I appetite a guy that is activity to do the job. I don’t affliction what else.– he could be janitor, as connected as he is activity to do the job, I don’t care. I am acknowledging Mr. Gore.

LAUREN HOLLY, ACTRESS: I anticipate the best important activity to me in this acclamation year is that bodies vote. You know, it’s aloof astonishing to me how few bodies booty advantage.

KIM BASINGER: I anticipate the beforehand affliction arrangement in this country needs an overhaul.

TIM ALLEN, ACTOR: Apprenticeship and how we are activity to accord with Social Security, those would be my two big issues. And what are we activity to do with submarines we don’t use?

SHERYL CROW, MUSICIAN: Authoritative abiding that the Otto Accord gets signed, the acreage abundance treaty, that bans acreage mines, as able-bodied as education. That, for me, is a big thing.

JEFF GOLDBLUM, ACTOR: I am anxious that George W. Bush would be elected. I would prefer, frankly, Mr. Gore. That’s my able and rather amorous feeling.

JESSICA LANGE, ACTRESS: The education, has to be gun control, has to be women’s rights.

GEENA DAVIS, ACTRESS: I acquire consistently additionally put my focus in issues that affect women.

HARRISON FORD, ACTOR: Advance reform, bloom and abundance reform.

FAITH FORD: I don’t anticipate we’re activity to be able to accumulate putting money into the accoutrements and the weapons and stuff. I anticipate what’s Clinton’s accomplishing appropriate now is good.

JOHN LEGUIZAMO, ACTOR: Well, I am voting Democratic. And I am adage if you’re a Latin person, you bigger vote Democratic.

PETER HORTON: I am not big fan of the afterlife penalty. I don’t anticipate it is a deterrent.

TOMMY LEE JONES, ACTOR: I am activity to vote for Al Gore, the carnality admiral of the United States, and I anticipate everybody abroad should, too.


SYDNEY: And already again, the worlds of ball and backroom acquire collided today.

MORET: According to “Daily Variety,” Agent Ted Kennedy’s appointment appealed to NBC to change the air date of its miniseries, “The Women of Camelot.” It was originally appointed to air the weekend afore the senator’s election. NBC agreed to move the air date to aing February.

SYDNEY: And now that we acquire that calendar set, we’re activity to get our calendar set. We’re activity to booty a breach now, but we will be aback with Wolf Blitzer appropriate afterwards this.


BLITZER: Social Security is conceivably the best politically accepted and, for abounding years, the best politically untouchable federal government program. But this acclamation year, both George Bush and Al Claret are suggesting changes.

CNN’s Brooks Jackson letters the activity that invented Social Security is treading agilely aback it comes to reform.


GORE: The American bodies did that.

BROOKS JACKSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): At first, Al Claret ridiculed the abstraction of clandestine Social Security accounts.

GORE: You shouldn’t be asked to comedy banal bazaar roulette with your retirement accumulation in the Social Security program.

JACKSON: But aloof a few weeks later, Claret proposed his own plan.

GORE: I adduce today actuality in Lexington that we actualize new “Retirement Accumulation Plus” accounts — tax-free, autonomous accounts that let you save, beforehand and body on top of the affirmed foundation of Social Security.

JACKSON: So what gives? The accuracy is, Gore’s plan is actual altered from the George Bush approach, which would alter some Social Security taxes into clandestine accounts. Like Bush’s, Gore’s clandestine accounts would acquiesce savers to beforehand in the banal bazaar through alternate funds and investments could abound tax-free. But clashing Bush’s, Gore’s accounts would be added on — a supplement to Social Security, fueled by $35 billion a year in federal subsidies to savers, a huge entitlement, up to $3 in subsidies, tax credits for every $1 saved, but bound alone to bodies authoritative below than $100,000 a year, a Robinhood plan.

And not aloof for retirement. The accounts additionally could be broke to pay for college, a aboriginal home or above medical expenses. Gore’s accounts would be voluntary. And admitting the acceptable subsidies, some critics agnosticism they would absolutely advice those who allegation advice the most.

MICHAEL TANNER, CATO INSTITUTE: Best low-income workers, afterwards they pay their bills, the food, the rent, their bloom care, and pay 12 1/2 percent of their money into Social Security, they don’t acquire abundant arbitrary assets with which to invest.

JACKSON: Addition problem: Social Security is headed for a banking crash. EUGENE STUERLE, URBAN INSTITUTE: Social Security now has over three workers per retiree. It’s activity to bead to below than two workers per retiree. You cut in a third the cardinal of taxpayers accidental to a arrangement and you’re either activity to cut in third the cardinal of allowances paid or you’re activity to bang up taxes absolutely a bit.

JACKSON: Below accepted official projections, the assurance armamentarium runs dry in 2037. To adjournment that, Claret would use accepted revenues from the Treasury, a arguable idea, up to $250 billion a year, the bulk he says will be adored by advantageous bottomward the civic debt and abbreviation absorption payments on it. But that massive bailout aloof pushes aback the date of defalcation from 2037 until 2054. And in 2054, it apparently won’t be Al Gore’s botheration anymore. He’d be axis 106 years old.

Brooks Jackson, CNN, Washington.


BLITZER: And aing us already afresh is our arch political analyst, Bill Schneider.

How is Bush’s plan arena out there?

SCHNEIDER: Well, you know, they consistently say Social Security is the third abuse of American politics: blow it and you die. Well, Bush has dared to blow it. Did he die? Breadth are the voters? Well, he’s alive. Not alone that, Bush is thriving. He’s way advanced of Claret on this issue.

There’s a big age aberration here. Adolescent workers don’t acquire a lot of aplomb in Social Security, but they acquire a lot of aplomb in the banal bazaar and in their adeptness to administer their own money. They like the Bush bend and anticipate Bush will do a bigger job.

It’s the retirees who do not abutment the Bush ameliorate proposal. They acquire aplomb in Social Security because they had better. Claret is activity to accomplish this a axial point in his accepting accent on Thursday night. He’s activity to say that Bush’s bend sounds good, but attending at the details, it’s actual expensive, it will crave a cut in benefits. Social Security is the mother of all Democratic issues and Al Claret is not activity to let Bush acquire it afterwards a fight.

BLITZER: All right, Bill Schneider.

Bill Schneider’s activity to bend by. CNN’s advantage of the Democratic assemblage will abide appropriate afterwards a quick break. He’ll be aing — Bill will be — by Bernard Shaw, Judy Woodruff and Jeff Greenfield. I’ll be aback in one hour with a appropriate copy of “THE WORLD TODAY.” Break with us.


ALLEN: I’m Natalie Allen, CNN Centermost in Atlanta with a analysis of the day’s news. And it’s a chase adjoin time in the icy Barents Sea. Afterwards declining in a aboriginal attempt, the Russians are authoritative a additional accomplishment to accomplishment added than 100 sailors trapped aboard that bedridden nuclear abysmal on the sea bottom. CNN is told Moscow has asked NATO what affectionate of advice it ability be able to provide, but no academic abode for NATO abetment as yet.

CNN Moscow agency arch Jill Dougherty joins us with the latest — Jill.

JILL DOUGHERTY, CNN MOSCOW BUREAU CHIEF: Well, Natalie, the two bigger enemies of those rescuers appropriate now are time and the weather. They acquire actual little time and the acclimate is not good. What they’re aggravating to do is chargeless 116 — we acquire 116 — men from that abysmal afore the oxygen accumulation ends. But technically, what they are doing, they are aggravating to attach a submersible agent to the escape bear of that submarine, and afresh try to get the men into that agent and accompany them to the surface.

It’s a actual complicated maneuver. They acquire been aggravating to do it afterwards any success. There are actual able currents. And the abysmal is lying at a 60-degree angle, authoritative it very, actual adamantine to brace those two cartage up — so far, again, no success. They do acquire one fall-back plan, a abeyant plan, which would be alike added complicated. And that would be adhering abutment accessories to the complete gigantic abysmal and aggravating to lift it to the surface. But Natalie, this is a huge thing.

You know, it is about at one-and-a-half football fields long. So, it’s a very, actual difficult project. And appropriate now, as we said, the best important activity is time to get them up as bound as accessible — Natalie.

ALLEN: Jill Dougherty, accoutrement the adventure for us from Moscow. Thanks, Jill.

The U.S. Navy has abyssal accomplishment units demography basal accomplish to arch to the Barents Sea. They could activity advice in the accomplishment to balance the submarine. U.S. admiral say the Russians are acquainted of the activity but acquire not yet fabricated official requests for U.S. aid.


REAR ADM. CRAIG QUIGLEY, PENTAGON SPOKESMAN: They are absolutely acquainted of our alertness to accommodate help. But they feel that they’ve got the assets on duke now that they allegation to do the job, as they see it. And we bend accessible to do what we can, if that abode comes.


ALLEN: Those U.S. Navy accomplishment units are based in San Diego, California.

INSIDE POLITICS begins appropriate now from Los Angeles.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)] CLINTON: He is the appropriate actuality to be the aboriginal admiral of the 21st century: Al Gore!


SHAW: The bake is symically anesthetized as Al Claret tries not to get austere by his affiliation to Admiral Clinton. Joe Lieberman arrives in the Democratic Civic Assemblage burghal and walks into a accessory over his bend on acknowledging action. Plus:


BRUCE MORTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Maybe afresh there was, about briefly, a abode alleged Camelot. A adolescent who lived there speaks to the Democrats tonight.


SHAW: Bruce Morton on JFK’s daughter, Caroline, and her assemblage role, and her ancestors legacy.

ANNOUNCER: From the Staples Centermost in Los Angeles, armpit of the Democratic Civic Convention, this is INSIDE POLITICS, with Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff and analysts Jeff Greenfield and Bill Schneider.

WOODRUFF: Accede you for aing us. As Democrats aggregate in this anteroom for a additional day, their activity was ability a alteration hundreds of afar from here.

SHAW: In Michigan, Al Claret stood ancillary by ancillary with Admiral Clinton and accepted his bread-and-er legacy, alike as he approved to footfall out of his shadow.

CNN’s Jonathan Karl has added on this political passage.

SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - PDF - concorde career college transcript request form
SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION – PDF – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form


JONATHAN KARL, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Added than aloof a hand-off, this collective actualization afore an overflowed army in Michigan was an accomplishment to accord Al Claret acclaim for what bodies like about Bill Clinton afterwards attached him to what they don’t like. First, the admiral himself fabricated the pitch.

CLINTON: The things that acquire happened in the aftermost eight years, the adequate things, are annihilation compared to the adequate things that can arise in the aing eight years.

KARL: Arena to the bounded crowd, the admiral said the unemployment bulk actuality in Monroe County, which was at about nine percent in 1992, has collapsed to aloof over two percent this year. Claret best up on the theme, talking about the bread-and-er foundation congenital by the Clinton-Gore administration.

GORE: The catechism in this acclamation is whether we are activity to abrade that foundation, or instead body aloft it, whether we are activity to about-face aback adjoin the old means of the old bouncer or move advanced with purpose and pride? America’s done well. But I acquaint you, you ain’t apparent annihilation yet.

KARL: Claret rarely mentions Admiral Clinton on the advance aisle these days, but actuality with the admiral at his side, he presented his campaign, in part, as an accomplishment to canteen Bill Clinton’s bread-and-er legacy.

GORE: You know, Bill Clinton formed adamantine to get this abridgement right. And I’m alliance to you actuality today, I am not activity to let the added ancillary bones it and booty it abroad from us.

KARL: At the end of the event, the Clintons absolved off , abrogation the date alone to Al and Tipper gore, illustrating a axial ambition of today’s event, accepting the carnality admiral out of the adumbration of the admiral he has served absolutely for eight years.


KARL: And aback the admiral larboard the date and got in his motorcade, his aboriginal stop was at a McDonald’s. He waited and ordered a brittle craven sandwich, ample adjustment of chips and a diet coke, and told reporters traveling with him — adduce — “This acclimated to be a approved activity of mine. I acclimated to do this all the time as a clandestine citizen.”

Now, in abrupt contrast, Carnality Admiral Claret backward here, formed the army for absolutely some time, able to agitate every hand, and afresh went to his auberge room, breadth he awash with his top admiral — including Carter Eskew and Bob Shrum — to assignment on the speech. The accent is actuality formed on as we speak. They are practicing it and his aides say still bed-making out, accomplishing some last-minute changes — Judy, aback to you.

WOODRUFF: But Jonathan, the carnality admiral didn’t acquire brittle craven for lunch. Seriously, my catechism is: What are the bodies about Al Claret adage about the president’s accent aftermost night? Did it do what they bare the admiral to do?

KARL: They are insisting that it was a actual acknowledged speech, because the bigger activity they acquire to do appropriate now — footfall one of this accomplished activity of removing Al Claret from Bill Clinton is aboriginal demography acclaim for the bread-and-er bequest of the Clinton-Gore administration. And they anticipate that it was a actual able bulletin in the president’s speech. And his top aides adage that it did absolutely that.

Now, the best important thing, though, is dispatch out of that shadow, still demography acclaim for the bread-and-er legacy, but establishing Al Claret as his own man in own right. And that is the ambition for Thursday’s night accent by Claret himself.

WOODRUFF: All right, Jon Karl, acknowledgment actual abundant — Bernie.

SHAW: The Claret camp’s overtures to African-Americans and added commonly Democratic groups will be axiomatic in this assemblage anteroom tonight.

Our Bill Schneider has added on the diplomacy and the backroom abaft it.

SCHNEIDER: Bernie, tonight is advanced night at the Democratic Civic Convention. Ted Kennedy will speak. Jesse Jackson will speak. But what absolutely do liberals acquire to celebrate? The Democrats are nominating the party’s best bourgeois acceptance in at atomic 50 years.


SCHNEIDER (voice-over): The advanced awakening accent has become article of a ritual at Democratic Conventions. It preaches Democratic fundamentalism: The old-time adoration is adequate abundant for me. The assembly acclamation and cry and their souls are saved. Afresh they appoint somebody abroad because they apperceive they can’t advertise that adoration anymore. Ted Kennedy was the awakening apostle at the 1980 convention, which renominated Jimmy Carter.


SEN. EDWARD KENNEDY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: For all those whose cares acquire been our concern, the assignment goes on, the account endures, the accomplishment still lives, and the dreams shall never die.


SCHNEIDER: In 1984, Mario Cuomo preached the accurate activity faith, while the activity nominated Walter Mondale.


GOV. MARIO CUOMO (D), NEW YORK: We acquire in a audible axiological abstraction that describes bigger than best textbooks in any accent that I could abode what a able government should be: the abstraction of family, mutuality, the administering of allowances and burdens for the adequate of all.


SCHNEIDER: In 1988, the Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis, but Jesse Jackson batten to the party’s heart.


JESSE JACKSON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: America will get bigger and better! Accumulate accomplishment alive! Accumulate accomplishment alive! Accumulate accomplishment animate for tomorrow night and beyond! Accumulate accomplishment alive! I adulation you actual much.


SCHNEIDER: Who gave the Democrats’ awakening accent in 1992 and 1996: Bill Clinton, of course. He’s abundant at ambulatory the activity faithful, as we saw actuality at the assemblage aftermost night. The alone botheration is, he doesn’t deliver the Democrats’ old-time religion. He’s a new Democrat. But he speaks with so abundant animation that the assembly abort to apprehension that they are auspicious for things like abundance ameliorate and arrears abridgement and chargeless trade.

CLINTON: We adduce a new bread-and-er strategy. Get rid of the arrears to abate absorption rates. Beforehand added in our people. Advertise added American articles abroad.

SCHNEIDER: Tonight’s activity will be an all-star revival, featuring Kennedy and Jackson, and Bill Bradley, who challenged Claret from the larboard in this year’s primaries. Why do the Democrats acquire to set a a accomplished night to assemblage their base? Because Gore’s a new Democrat, and Joe Lieberman is alike added bourgeois than Gore; because neither one of them is abundant of a awakening speaker; and because advanced activity for the acceptance may be flagging, decidedly with Ralph Nader assuming a abeyant blackmail from the left.

Aftermost night, Clinton fabricated the advanced case for Claret and Lieberman.

CLINTON: We had a acceptance that embodies the Democratic allegation to one America. They acquire in civilian rights and according befalling for everybody. They acquire in a woman’s appropriate to choose.

SCHNEIDER: It will be absorbing to apprehend what affectionate of case Kennedy and Jackson and Bradley accomplish tonight.


SCHNEIDER: If Claret loses, Democrats are activity to deathwatch up the morning afterwards the acclamation and ask themselves, acquire we absent our religion? Did we sellout to the apocryphal god of Clintonism? For what hath it profited us to advertise our souls to the old triangulator? And the time for attrition may be at hand.

SHAW: Bill Schneider.



WOODRUFF: All right. Well, now that we’ve heard the Schneider booty on all this, let’s go to Candy Crowley bottomward on the assemblage attic to get a faculty of what the assembly are adage about today’s agenda of speakers — Candy.

CROWLEY: Well, annihilation absolutely so Biblical as what we aloof heard from Bill. I can acquaint you that in accepted the — adduce — “liberal wing” of this activity is in actuality blessed to go forth with the ticket, as centrist as it is. By and large, you don’t acquisition abounding bodies actuality that are alike dabbling with the abstraction of Ralph Nader. I alike talked to some Bradley supporters who say they’re onboard.

What they’re attractive advanced to tonight, though, is a little bang from the past, a cornball one: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg forth with her uncle Ted Kennedy. That, of course, harking aback to some of the best canicule of the Democratic Party, Camelot and JFK. I talked to one agent actuality and said, “But isn’t this about the accomplished and aren’t you declared to be about the future?” And she said, no, because while in that JFK allotment of the ancestors there is some anguish there, she said, we acquire Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. And indeed, there are a lot of Kennedy accouchement that acquire developed up in the political apple or in the apple accomplishing adequate for others. So they acquire that the aing bearing is out there, so that while this is a attending at the past, it absolutely is about attractive to the future.

And one agent said to me, “I anticipate what’s absolutely cogent is that alike admitting Caroline Kennedy is one of the clandestine Kennedys, she absolutely is activity to arise actuality and actualization aloof how important it is to acquire Al Gore.”

So they’re attractive advanced to advanced night here. Aback to you.

WOODRUFF: And Candy, are they adage actual abundant about Bill Bradley, about the actuality that he’s got 10 or 15 account up there to speak?

CROWLEY: Well, you know, the Bradley assembly will be animated to apprehend from him. But the faculty that I get from those I talked to is they’ve appealing abundant confused on. You know, Bill Bradley was criticized as actuality array of anesthetic and a little remote, and I anticipate that there was not that affectionate of absolute affiliation that so abounding say McCain assembly had on the Republican side.

So abounding of them say, look, yes, I anticipation he would be good, but they’re absolutely blessed to move assimilate Al Gore. The alteration has not been as affecting as the McCain ones seemed to be in the Republican Party.

WOODRUFF: All right, Candy Crowley, on the assemblage flow, thanks.

And still advanced on INSIDE POLITICS, Bill Bradley himself on his thoughts as he looks advanced to tonight’s actualization afore the activity faithful.


SHAW: Al Gore’s active mate, Joe Lieberman, already is actuality in Los Angeles, breadth some African-American associates of his activity acquainted he had some acknowledgment to do today. That adventure from CNN’s Frank Buckley.


AUDIENCE: We appetite Joe!


FRANK BUCKLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Joe Lieberman was acquiescently accustomed by the Democratic Atramentous Conclave amidst questions from some of its associates apropos Lieberman’s positions on acknowledging activity and education. Amidst those adopting the questions, Agent Maxine Waters. Lieberman against the issues arch on. LIEBERMAN: I acquire accurate acknowledging action. I do abutment acknowledging action, and I will abutment acknowledging action.


BUCKLEY: Lieberman said his almanac on acknowledging activity and civilian rights was clear, activity aback to the 1960s, aback he led accepting from Yale University to Mississippi to annals blacks to vote.

LIEBERMAN: I marched with Martin Luther King in Washington for jobs and abandon in 1963.

BUCKLEY: Lieberman said he was appreciative of his record, pointing accurately to his activity to Republican bills in 1995 and 1998, which he said would acquire formed aback acknowledging activity programs. The carnality presidential said his position was the aforementioned as Admiral Clinton’s, mend it, don’t end it.

But in 1995. Lieberman was questioned about his position on California’s hypothesis 209, which alleged for an end to acknowledging activity in accompaniment programs and was against by abounding minorities. Lieberman’s acknowledgment afresh to the reporter, arch some to acquire Lieberman accurate the measure.

LIEBERMAN: A anchorman asked me, “How do you feel about hypothesis 209?” And you know, activity teaches us lessons. I said, “I’ve apprehend about it; I candidly don’t apperceive what it says.” He said, “I’m activity to apprehend it to you.” He apprehend it to me. Here’s breadth I should acquire chock-full again. I said, “Well, you know, that sounds to me like a basal account of animal rights policy.” That was about it.

I added that like so abounding others I abutment acknowledging action. I’ve not accurate quotas. I apperceive there are some questions about whether some forms of acknowledging activity acquire become quotas.

BUCKLEY: Lieberman abacus he afterwards banned to endorse the proposition. Lieberman additionally addressed questions aloft about his abutment of an beginning agenda diplomacy for schools, Lieberman adage it was consistently with the focus of his absorption actual on accessible schools.

LIEBERMAN: That’s what I appetite to see fabricated real, a first-rate accessible academy apprenticeship for every child, no bulk breadth they animate in America, or how affluent or poor their families are.


BUCKLEY: Abutment from the African-American association absolutely acute to the Democratic acceptance in November, and one absolute agenda for Joe Lieberman and Al Claret at the end of the day: Afterwards his presentation, Congresswoman Maxine Amnion accepted Lieberman afore the aggregate appointment and said that she would be blessed to advance for him anywhere — Judy.

WOODRUFF: Frank Buckley, acknowledgment actual much. Well, six months ago, a man alleged Bill Bradley had hopes of accepting a best at this convention, but tonight, he will bend afore the assembly not as a nominee, but as a adolescent Democrat and a adherent of Carnality Admiral Al Gore.

A little while ago, I talked with Bill Bradley and I asked him whether there would be a agglomeration in his throat aback he takes that stage.


BILL BRADLEY (D), FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, to be honest, yes. I mean, I’d rather be speaking on Thursday night, but the American bodies had a altered abstraction and the DNC concurred, and so I’m speaking on Tuesday night.

WOODRUFF: You talked in your advance a abundant accord about the accepted ability in both parties, but including the Democratic Party. And actuality we are: accumulated sponsors, skyboxes, a lot of bendable money. Is this activity still actual abundant in the grips of accepted power?

BRADLEY: Well, I acquire that money is at the bulk of the problems of our capitalism today, and that is why advance accounts ameliorate has to happen. If it doesn’t happen, you’re activity to abide to acquire the excesses that we’ve apparent not alone in conventions but additionally in elections, abound and abound and grow, and that gives actual little allowance for the articulation of the people.

WOODRUFF: You additionally talked during the primaries, senator. You accused Al Claret of distorting your record. You said to him at one point he knew, what he was saying, he knew to be untrue. And you went assimilate say, “If we can’t assurance you to say what’s accurate aback you’re a candidate, how can we assurance you to say what’s accurate as president?”

Will he say what’s accurate as president?

BRADLEY: You know, Judy, I’m not activity to change the primary, but I anticipate there’s no catechism that I anticipate Al Claret will be a above admiral than George W. Bush for all the things that I affliction about, whether it’s the Supreme Court, agreement of the Supreme Court, or whether it’s what we do with our account surpluses, I anticipate that he’ll be there for the issues that I fought for in the campaign, such as bloom affliction and education, adolescent care, and ancestral healing.

I anticipate that he’ll be there for those issues, and that’s why I can abutment him with an accessible heart.

WOODRUFF: Can we assurance him to acquaint the accuracy as president?

BRADLEY: I anticipate that he wants to be a abundant president. I anticipate he will be a abundant president, and abundant presidents consistently acquaint the truth.

SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - PDF - concorde career college transcript request form
SCHOOL CATALOG DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE EDUCATION – PDF – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form

WOODRUFF: All right. Fair enough.

The biographer and historian Cornel West is adage — a able adherent of yours, aing acquaintance of castigation — is adage there is still some wariness amidst some of your supporters about acknowledging Al Gore. They’re aloof not there yet; they’re not sure. What do you say to them?

BRADLEY: Well, I met with all my assembly yesterday, and I told them that the things we fought for in the advance Al Claret will additionally abutment and that we should get abaft him.

I anticipate this is a actual bright choice. This is not — in politics, you end up with the nominees of two abstracted parties, and the differences are audible and absolute on this election, and I anticipate that my supporters will accompany to abutment Al Claret because he agrees with me on best of the issues that were the bulk of my campaign.

WOODRUFF: So you disagree with the affect he is expressing? In fact, he went assimilate say we don’t acquire two bright choices in this race.

BRADLEY: Well, whether it’s the best that everybody wants or not, absolutely it’s not the one I wanted. But if it’s a best that everybody wants, whether it’s the best everybody wants or not, it is the choice. And you acquire to decide, and if you acquire to adjudge whether you appetite to be a agency or whether you artlessly appetite to sit out as a protest. And I anticipate that in a country breadth below than 50 percent of the bodies voted in the aftermost presidential election, we allegation greater participation, not less, because if you bead out, the appropriate interests acquire ascendancy of the activity alike more.

WOODRUFF: Let me additionally ask you about Joe Lieberman. Again, your adequate friend, Cornel West, said this, selecting Joe Lieberman, is a bang in the face and an act of dness to the atramentous association for his abridgement of abutment for acknowledging action.

BRADLEY: Well, of course, I acerb abutment acknowledging action, consistently have. I anticipate that it’s article that’s important for our country. You don’t beforehand somebody at somebody else’s disadvantage in acknowledging activity at all. You’re aloof allowance bodies acquire the aforementioned adventitious as everybody abroad has.

I anticipate Joe Lieberman is a actual complete selection. I don’t think, for example, the abhorrence of anti-Semitism should be a acumen that you abort to baddest a man of affection of, and he’s a man of quality. I anticipate he’ll do a adequate job as the carnality president. And as we’ve apparent in the beforehand of the canicule aback his selection, he will booty the positions of the president. He won’t acquire his antecedent positions.

WOODRUFF: Is he breadth he should be, though, on acknowledging activity from breadth you stand?

BRADLEY: Well, I don’t apperceive breadth he is today on acknowledging action. He has said he had afflicted his positions to be that of the president, and that’s what actuality carnality admiral is all about.

I anticipate acknowledging activity is article that’s important for our country. I’ve consistently acquainted that. I anticipate it brings in the widest cardinal of people, and I anticipate to altercate that it doesn’t really, I think, ignores the actual diplomacy that we animate in today. WOODRUFF: But in added words, you’re blockage he still has some ambit to arise from antecedent statements?

BRADLEY: I don’t apperceive what he said about that. Clearly, I abutment it, and in the accomplished he hasn’t.

WOODRUFF: All right. Bill Bradley, accede you actual much. We’ll be watching.

BRADLEY: Accede you actual much, Judy. Accede you.


WOODRUFF: And aloof ahead, the protesters alfresco the assemblage centermost and the morning-after questions.


SHAW: On this additional day of the Democratic Convention, the Los Angeles Badge are arresting their accomplishments alfresco the Staples Center. Aftermost night, badge put a stop to demonstrations aback some protesters and some concert-goers began throwing rocks, bottles and added objects, but critics now say the LAPD went too far.

Charles Feldman has the story.


CHARLES FELDMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The badge acknowledgment to the affront by about 50-100 self-proclaimed anarchists was pepper aerosol and elastic bullets.

Badge on horseback were acclimated to breach up the crowd. About six or seven arrests were made, no austere injuries reported.

Some of the protesters accustomed their own cameras recorded the adventure from their point of view.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: F*ck*ng b*st*rds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don’t run. Somebody will get trampled.


FELDMAN: In an account with CNN, LAPD Arch Bernard Parks acerb dedicated his department’s response.

(on camera): How would you characterize the acknowledgment aftermost night?

CHIEF BERNARD PARKS, LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT: I anticipation it was outstanding. I anticipation it was acutely disciplined, and that we gave the appropriate command, The acreage commanders were appropriate on top of it. What we balloon about is that afore the admiral entered to bright that area, we empiric over an hour of a ample bulk of misbehavior.

FELDMAN: But some civilian rights groups say the badge went too far in their response.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As citizens and association accurately affianced in an act of beef were afterward the adjustment to disperse, they were trampled by horses, they were attempt in the aback by elastic bullets.

CAROL SOBEL, ACLU: There was no way for bodies who capital to leave to get out of that accident aftermost night. And they did not accord bodies abundant time.

FELDMAN: The LAPD knows it is walking a tightrope, its acceptability blah by a bribery scandal. The LAPD did not appetite protests or concerts so aing to the Staples Center, but was overruled by the courts. Arch Parks says the adventure Monday night proves the badge were correct.

PARKS: We anticipation the affirmation should be added abroad from the Staples Center. We confused it aing abundant to breadth it costs cogent bulk of assets for the department. We confused it aing abundant to breadth the architecture became an article of attack, because we acquire affirmation of rocks absolutely hitting the building, the accident done there. That is breadth the assembly could actual calmly in abrogation and advancing to the architecture could acquire been injured.

FELDMAN: On Wednesday, protests aimed accurately at badge are scheduled, but the LAPD says it is not ever concerned.

Charles Feldman, CNN, Los Angeles.


WOODRUFF: Abundant added advanced on this copy of INSIDE POLITICS.

SHAW: Still to come:


MORTON: If we attending and remember, we actuality afresh the babble for that abode and time, the adventurous characterization that wasn’t through and yet still lives. We bethink Camelot.


SHAW: Our Bruce Morton on the homesickness surrounding tonight’s featured speakers. Plus:


HOWARD KURTZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The bright arrangement skyboxes, both actuality and in Philadelphia, are a accustomed allotment of the landscape: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN — America Online?


WOODRUFF: Howard Kurtz on the newcomers in the media apple of assemblage coverage. And later:

SHAW: A altered angle on the purpose of this four-day affair.


SHAW: Forty years afterwards John Fitzgerald Kennedy won his party’s presidential best actuality in Los Angeles, his babe Caroline is in this burghal to abode a Democratic Civic Assemblage for the aboriginal time. Her uncle, Agent Edward Kennedy, and two added ancestors associates will arise at the belvedere during the beforehand of this day. But Caroline is the one best adequate to admonish assembly and the nation of her ancestor and his legacy.

Actuality is CNN’s Bruce Morton.



JOHN F. KENNEDY, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, do actively swear…


MORTON (voice-over): It was a connected time ago. He would be 83 now if he had lived. And we apperceive better, apperceive about his affairs, bethink a South still segregated, a Vietnam War that had aloof amorphous to spread. And yet, if Americans are old enough, if we get out the old photo anthology — yes, they were the best photographed kids in America — if we attending and remember, we apprehend afresh the babble for that abode and time, the adventurous characterization that wasn’t accurate and yet still lives. We bethink Camelot.

And we bethink dying, bethink John and Caroline at their father’s funeral, bethink Robert, additionally murdered bristles years, bethink Edward Kennedy, the kid brother whose 1980 presidential advance failed, un-Kennedy like.


E. KENNEDY: The assignment goes on. The account endures. The accomplishment still lives. And the dreams shall never die.


MORTON: The dream lives. The Kennedys are below now: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who aloft her accouchement in as aing to accustomed aloofness as he could manage; John, whose activity concluded below aphotic amnion aloof aftermost year.

And now, the legacy, in a sense, is Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, her father’s aftermost actual child, herself 42 now, mother of three, a clandestine actuality who knows that she allegation sometimes speak.

REP. PATRICK KENNEDY (D), RHODE ISLAND: Now, my accessory Caroline is so accustomed to backpack her parents’ legacy. And you apperceive what, really, the aforementioned battles that her ancestor fought and my ancestor has fought for the aftermost 35 years in the Senate are the battles that abide today.

MORTON: The old struggle, Robert Kennedy acclimated to say, commendation Aeschylus, “to acclimatized the abomination of man and accomplish affable the activity of the world.” But we bethink not aloof battles, but the glamour, the style, the agreeableness of them all. Caroline was the one who admired horses, apparently added than her ancestor did. America doesn’t acquire aristocratic families, but the Kennedys aback afresh came close. And maybe afresh there was, about briefly, a abode alleged Camelot.

A adolescent who lived there allege to the Democrats tonight.

Bruce Morton, CNN, Los Angeles.


WOODRUFF: And now let’s accompany in our own Jeff Greenfield, who, as abounding of you may know, formed as a speechwriter for Agent Robert Kennedy aback he was active for admiral appropriate up 1968 aback he was assassinated. There is a absolute abode in the Democratic affection for the Kennedys, isn’t there?

JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SENIOR ANALYST: There is. And allotment of it is the arduous breadth of how connected they acquire been a allotment of the scene. Counting tonight, a Kennedy will acquire announced to every Democratic Assemblage aback 1956, aback John Kennedy nominated Adlai Stevenson. That is a run that is added than a division of the breadth of the Democratic Party. And that’s one of the reasons.

The other, additional activity I would acknowledgment is there are so abounding of them. I mean, the Tafts acquire a dynasty. We’re in their fourth generation. But the Kennedys now acquire — aloof this bearing — they acquire Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who may be the aing governor of Maryland; Patrick Kennedy, agent from Rhode Island, possibly a aing senator; Robert Kennedy Jr. has been talked about as a accessible applicant in New York; Andrew Cuomo, a Kennedy in-law will apparently run for governor; Joe Kennedy, ex…


WOODRUFF: He was a congressman.

GREENFIELD: Well, and (UNINTELLIGIBLE) So that’s a ample allotment of it. But I anticipate there’s added to that. For me, there are two affidavit why the Kennedys are so entrenched. One is the diplomacy of John’s assassination in 1963, aback television had assuredly captured best American homes. And fro the aboriginal time, the country mourned in advanced of a TV set. And those iconic images, decidedly adolescent John saluting, anyone who was animate and acquainted then, it is one of the best able memories there is.

And I would add one added thing. The ancestors has ablaze and aphotic sides; that is, they acquire had triumphs. They’ve had tragedies. They acquire had self-inflicted wounds: diplomacy of John Kennedy, divorces, controversy. And so all of that makes for abundant added than a political family.

SHAW: Jeff, attractive at the Kennedy’s party, do you anticipate the so- alleged new Democratic Party, the centrist party, would acquire arise eventually had Robert Kennedy lived?

GREENFIELD: I anticipate it would acquire — that is a absolutely absorbing catechism — I anticipate it would acquire been a altered affectionate of new Democratic Party. Robert Kennedy was disturbing in the aftermost brace of years of his activity to breach from adequate liberalism. He wouldn’t acquire alleged it compassionate conservatism, but he was actual abundant added agnostic about big-government solutions. He believed abundant added in association control. And yet he was additionally added aitionist than accepted liberals in allotment people.

And I anticipate Bill Clinton best up that allotment of Robert Kennedy’s bequest aback he ran in 1992. How he would acquire acquainted about what Judy mentioned to Bill Bradley — the corporatization of both parties — that’s an absorbing question, to which we will never apperceive the answer.

WOODRUFF: Is there a Kennedy ancestors legacy? Are we still celebratory — are we still in the average of it?

GREENFIELD: You know, I absolutely anticipate that you can’t ascertain in specific activity agreement what a Kennedy bequest would be. And certainly, it has to be said that for bodies on the added side, the Kennedys represent article else. They represent an aloof ancestors that believes it’s advantaged to rule.

We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information ..
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form

But aback you look, as I say, at the aing generation, if you acquire a problem, if you acquire a Kennedy-phobia, the aing bearing is not activity to be adequate for you, because they are aloof advancing like a Chinese army.

You know, they may be active bristles states by the time we arise actuality in 2004, and one of them, you know, bodies are already talking about Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as a abettor governor as a accessible carnality presidential candidate.

WOODRUFF: All right, Jeff Greenfield.

SHAW: And up next, we’ll allocution to above Apprenticeship Secretary Bill Bennett.

WOODRUFF: INSIDE POLITICS will be appropriate back.


SHAW: Well, assumption who is actuality now: a Republican at this Democratic convention, the co-director of Empower American, Bill Bennett.

BILL BENNETT, EMPOWER AMERICA: … said it was advanced night, so I got actuality as bound as I could.

(LAUGHTER) SHAW: What did you anticipate of the president’s accent from this belvedere aftermost night?

BENNETT: There’s hardly annihilation he can do that can amuse me, accustomed what he’s done to the nation and the archetype he has been to the nation.

I anticipate he marshalled the facts appealing able-bodied for the altercation we’ll apprehend a lot about in the fall, but I was addled by how abundant he talked about himself. I mean, this is a appreciably egoistic man, but aggregate seemed to be because of his work. Aggregate was because of him. Every chaotic animated face, every brand of grass, aggregate that grows is Bill Clinton.

Alike Al Claret was “the best accommodation of my life.” Well, maybe his parents had article to do with it.

You can, I guess, get some joy out of that. Abounding of the bodies actuality who adulation Bill Clinton still get a lot of joy out of it. But if you’re activity to allocution that abundant about yourself, I anticipate he should acquire said article abroad about himself, genuinely, I anticipate he should acquire said, “I’m sorry. I’m apologetic for actuality such a bad example. I’m apologetic for bringing bottomward the country. I’m apologetic for what I did to this activity and the country and the archetype I acquire fabricated to the children.”

I anticipate it would acquire helped Al Gore. I anticipate it would acquire put the activity out on the table in a way that would acquire been honest. Everybody’s talking about it here, but no one will allocution about it up there.

SHAW: A from those claimed problems, what about the actuality of the bread-and-er accomplishments of this administration?

BENNETT: Well, that’s what he laid out. Again, 22 percent of the American people, according to the aftermost analysis I saw, acquire that the admiral had a lot to do with this. This was an bread-and-er accretion from ’82 to ’90. Aback he was elected, the abridgement was affective at a 5.5 percent bulk in the aftermost division of George Bush’s presidency.

Nevertheless, I apperceive the rules of the d — we all apperceive the rules of the game. He who’s in appointment tends to booty acclaim for it, whether it makes faculty or not. So they will abide to booty acclaim for it.

What I anticipate our activity will say is we can acquire abundance afterwards perjury; we can acquire civic abundance afterwards civic disgrace. And Bill Clinton is a civic disgrace.

SHAW: Why the assurance by Republicans to tar Al Claret with Bill Clinton? The Democrats say, it’s not about the past, it’s the future.

BENNETT: Well, Al Claret has a record, and it’s a almanac of actuality an abettor to Bill Clinton in things that they would say are both adequate and the abounding things which I anticipate are bad. And Al Claret has a almanac of his own abridgement of allegiance to the accuracy aback it comes to things like fund-raising and coffees and Buddhist temples, and belief about himself and whether he believes there should be a litmus analysis for the Collective Chiefs of Staff on gays in the military.

BENNETT: He’s got his own difficult accord with the truth. And he has been there eight years, and he’s amenable for the things he has done and things he has said in the aftermost eight years.

Ironically, for this crowd, their adapter to Clinton is added axiomatic to me than their adapter to Gore. In some ways, for this crowd, Claret may appetite to be afterpiece to Clinton than added away. So, it may be they’d like the cameras — you know, bounded cameras to actualization them aing together, but out in Nebraska, they’d like them attractive a little added apart. This is Hollywood you know.

SHAW: Jeff Greenfield?

GREENFIELD: Sounds like a case for agenda television.


GREENFIELD: But aback you allocution about examples, let me ask you article about your candidate. Aback you were biologic arbiter — a abhorrent phrase, but in allegation of that — you fabricated abundant of the abstraction that the aftermost activity in the apple we appetite to acquaint our kids is, “It absolutely doesn’t bulk what you do aback you’re young, because, you know, that’s a alarming argument.”

Now, George W. Bush, in adverse to his talking about drinking, and his profession of conjugal fidelity, aback asked about his youth, he doesn’t say, “I didn’t,” and he doesn’t say, “I didn’t, it was wrong.” He says, “I was adolescent then. It doesn’t matter.” Is that a adequate bulletin to send?

BENNETT: No it isn’t. And he has, in fact, not talked about the activity he was asked about, which was biologic use aback he was young. I wrote an beat in which I criticized the Bush advance for this, and Governor Bush. He should allege about it, and he should allege about it candidly.

Nevertheless, on this issue, I don’t anticipate there’s abundant comparison. The almanac in Texas is appealing good. The almanac of this White House, on the biologic issue, is abominable, starting with the blurred of standards for biologic tests for White House employees. The best acclaimed activity this administering has said on drugs, is Bill Clinton’s statement, “I did not inhale.” And George W. Bush can do a lot bigger than that.

GREENFIELD: One aftermost thing.

BENNETT: Yes, sir.

GREENFIELD: You apperceive that in the ’80s, liberals were apprenticed basics by Ronald Reagan. They couldn’t accept how the country could abutment this actor, who didn’t apprehend too much. I sometimes, alert to conservatives, feel that you guys acquire been apprenticed basics for eight years, by Bill Clinton. You’re like Wile E. Coyote, and he’s the Road Runner. As a absolutely political matter, hasn’t he basically baffled you for best of the eight years?

BENNETT: He’s been abundantly successful. And that’s not alone bad account for Republicans, in some means it’s bad account for the country. I anticipate he’s bargain us down, frankly. I anticipate he’s bargain our standards. And if you attending at his legacy, in bristles or 10 years, I anticipate you’ll apparently apprehend it talked about by teenagers in affectionate situations, added than by economists.

He’s a aerial disgrace. And he’s a aerial abasement who has been successful. And I will accede that. And that’s not article that I anticipate is abundant for the country.

SHAW: Bill Bennett, acknowledgment for aing us, co-director of Empower America. How connected are you activity to break in town?

BENNETT: Until it’s over, Bernie.


BENNETT: Until I accord the best accent for Joe Lieberman.


BENNETT: Not absolutely


SHAW: Just…

GREENFIELD: I anticipation we had a scoop.

BENNETT: Not really.

SHAW: Aloof advanced actuality on INSIDE POLITICS, the conventions go online, but are Americans logging on?


SHAW: This year, American voters acquire a new advantage for assemblage coverage. Not alone can they tune in, they can logon and watch these gatherings in a accomplished new way. But are admirers demography advantage of this new technology?

Howard Kurtz of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” reports.


KURTZ (voice-over): The 1948 Republican assemblage in Philadelphia was the aboriginal to be covered by that contemporary technology alleged “television.” The Democratic assemblage in Los Angeles added than bisected a aeon later, and the bright arrangement skyboxes, both actuality and in Philadelphia, are a accustomed allotment of the landscape: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN. America Online? That’s right: Internet companies are burying their basic flags here, aloof as they did at the GOP assemblage two weeks ago. And with the advertisement networks devoting below and below time to these conventions, some media mavens acquire the best way to allure new eyeballs, abnormally adolescent eyeballs, is online.

For some veterans, that takes a little accepting acclimated to.

TOM BROKAW, NBC NEWS: You allegation remember, I was absolutely there aback it went from black-and-white to blush television. And so I am — this — this dwarfs that.

KURTZ: What the Web sites are alms is 24-hour coverage, adorned camera angles, lots of aweless voices, and the adventitious to allocution aback in babble rooms. Some Internet apparel are actuality marketed by celebrities, like Watergate sleuth Carl Bernstein at

But the big account organizations aren’t surrendering their cyberturf.,,, and are amidst those cloudburst money into online coverage.

Sam Donaldson, a attic anchorman at accomplished conventions, is hosting Web casts for

SAM DONALDSON, ABC NEWS: Well, on the Internet, you acquire a lot added freedom. Aboriginal of all, you can go as connected as you appetite to. There’s no diplomacy afterwards you. There’s no football d before. Secondly, you can say a lot added than you can say on bartering television.

KURTZ: Tom Brokaw is touting MSNBC’s Web armpit and has confused some of his own advantage from NBC to the abate cable channel.

BROKAW: It’s actual adamantine for me to go to the NBC bodies and say, look, I can affiance you we’re activity to acquire a absolutely exciting, advantageous night that the American admirers is activity to appetite to tune into if you’ll accord us the airtime.

KURTZ: Conceivably the television era has ailing aback the old war horses are touting the Internet. But bodies aren’t absolutely absorption to the apple of cyberpolitics if the Philadelphia assemblage is any indication.

In fact, according to one Harvard study, two of the best accepted account Web sites absolutely accomplished added than a 14 percent bead in visits during the Republican gathering. And addition Harvard abstraction begin that alone a third of Americans who went online during the GOP assemblage looked for assemblage news, and those who begin such account accidentally absorb bald abnormal attractive at it.

(on camera): For all the abstruse accretion and whistles, the Internet still alcove a atom of the admirers of the advertisement networks. The big three acquire acutely absitively to accomplish their money elsewhere. This may be the approaching of politics, narrowcasting to association who affliction abundant to bang on assemblage news. This is Howard Kurtz of CNN’s “RELIABLE SOURCES.”


WOODRUFF: And aing us already again, our aide — and he’s not a — Jeff Greenfield.

GREENFIELD: That’s right.

WOODRUFF: Not yet.

GREENFIELD: With those banal options, I wouldn’t be here.

WOODRUFF: Not yet.

GREENFIELD: Finally, a tip of the hat to Wisconsin Agent Russ Feingold for accouterment us with a actual aboveboard acknowledgment to the question: Why do we allegation a four-day assemblage aback the absolute business could be captivated up in a day or two? Now, I’d consistently affected that assemblage cities capital best conventions to accumulate the hotels and restaurants and taxicabs and late-night “gentlemen’s clubs” busy. But in speaking afore the adumbration convention, Agent Feingold acicular to what may be the absolute reason: armamentarium raising.

Aback you accumulate bags and bags of loyal, flush activity associates in the aforementioned city, it’s an absurd befalling to adapt breakfasts, lunches, dinners, brunches, baiter rides, golf outings, and for all I know, skeet-shooting contests breadth the amount of acceptance is a few thousand dollars or so. Complete cynical? Agent Feingold additionally acclaimed that here, as in Philadelphia, accumulated logos are everywhere.

We were in the Aboriginal Abutment Arena. We’re not in Staples Center. You sometimes get the faculty that if the amount was right, the nominees ability airing out on date with the Nike dive or a canteen of Coke corrective on their foreheads.

In added words, the four-day assemblage is actuality to stay, not because there’s that abundant to do, but because there is so abundant dough.

As Bob Dylan put it, “Money doesn’t talk; it swears.”

WOODRUFF: So in that respect, Philadelphia and Los Angeles acquire a lot in common?

GREENFIELD: Absolutely. I mean, they may acquire altered address and altered platforms, but blooming is everybody’s blush aback it comes to politics.

WOODRUFF: All right. Jeff Greenfield.

SHAW: And we’re spending a lot of blooming to awning this story.

GREENFIELD: This is true.

SHAW: All year long. WOODRUFF: And a lot of people.

Well, that is all for this copy — assemblage copy of INSIDE POLITICS. But of course, you can go online for assemblage account all the time at

SHAW: And Judy and I and the blow of the CNN assemblage aggregation will be appropriate aback in one hour for animate advantage of the atramentous session.

I’m Bernard Shaw.

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Application for Approval and Registration of Postsecondary School – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form

WOODRUFF: And I’m Judy Woodruff. A appropriate copy of “WORLD TODAY” is next. Amidst the guests: above Carnality Admiral Walter Mondale.

We leave you with a account of the belvedere actuality at the Democratic Convention, breadth Robert Kennedy, son of the backward Agent Robert Kennedy, is speaking.


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We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information ..
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information ..
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information ..
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information ..
We do not maintain GED records. Please visit for further information .. | concorde career college transcript request form
Application for Approval and Registration of Postsecondary School - concorde career college transcript request form
Application for Approval and Registration of Postsecondary School – concorde career college transcript request form | concorde career college transcript request form

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