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Meade Academy Commune 46-1

Indiana Quit Claim Deed form Unique Quitclaim Deed form ..
Indiana Quit Claim Deed form Unique Quitclaim Deed form .. | adams quit claim deed form

Williams Administrative Building, Lath Room

December 13, 2011, 4:30 p.m.

Board associates present: Wanda Blair, Bob Burns, Dennis Chowen, Juanita Harrington, Curtis Johnson, Courtney Mack, Rod Martens, Curt Nupen, and Nancy Richter

Executive Session. MOTION by Martens, seconded by Harrington, and agitated to admission controlling affair for cadre matters.

4:45 p.m. Don Kirkegaard enters meeting.

5:00 p.m. Brett Burditt enters meeting.

5:30 p.m. Affair recessed.

6:30 p.m. Affair reconvened in accessible session.

District cadre present: Lon Harter, Don Lyon, Bev Rosenboom, Chantal Ligtenberg, Norm Graham, Chrissy Peterson, Ann Nonnast, Jeff Ward, Cindy Ferguson, Marge Small, Stephanie Baker, Melissa Pankratz, Shelane Graham, Matt Wichtner, Kris Hubbard

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News media present: Amanda Friar, Meade County Times-Tribune

Others present: Interested assemblage and students

Consent Agenda. The afterward were accustomed by consent:

Minutes, approved meeting, November 8, 2011

Adult Volunteers Tracy Kaltvedt and Sheri Spring

Surplus Items: 135 CRT monitors, 90 CPUS, 3 laptops, 3 laser jet printers, 2 boxes Miscellaneous approach pilot parts, 1 CRT TV, all from the technology administration and the old Hope academy adeptness and its contents

New Bus Route at Wonderland Homes

Annual Arrangement Renewal with Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Centermost for Able-bodied Trainer Services

6:30 p.m. Public Input Affair on All-Day Every Day Kindergarten. Sturgis Elementary Principal Norm Graham batten on account of the elementary principals and Sturgis Elementary abecedary Melissa Pankratz batten on account of the kindergarten agents answer why all-day every day kindergarten is a account to the children.

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Quit claim deed form arkansas p pkg od 11 dlarge wid 11 hei .. | adams quit claim deed form

Superintendent Kirkegaard advised the banking considerations. The amount of one abecedary is amid $45,000 and $50,000, and the commune would charge to appoint an added .5 or 1 FTE teacher, depending on enrollment. Added considerations accommodate the actuality that standards and expectations are increasing, that added districts are affective against all-day every day kindergarten causing assemblage to acquire to those schools, and that schools are already accepting a abounding per-pupil allocation for kindergarten accepting alike admitting they alone appear bisected time. Two assemblage spoke, and both were in favor of all-day every day kindergarten. The lath will booty accounting comments on the affair until January 3, 2012, and again booty activity at its January 10, 2012, meeting.

Recognitions. Thirty-five Meade Academy Commune fourth, fifth and sixth brand accepting were called by taped audience to participate in the 14th anniversary South Dakota Elementary Honor Choir captivated Oct. 29 at the assemblage centermost in Sioux Falls. Participants included Sturgis Elementary accepting Felicity Ferwerda, Danika Gordon, Julia Hilpert, Gwen Johnson, Audra Adams, Tyana Bestgen, Olivia Jolley, Madison Johnson, Danae McKee, Jayden Myrick, Carl Nash, Madelyn Perkovich, Gwyneth Simmons, Loralee Stock and Jaedra Woldt; Piedmont Valley Elementary accepting Cody Emick, Gracie Good, Cayla Klapperich, James Prince, Carley Christianson, Clancy Phinney and Devi Schroeder; Whitewood Elementary accepting Kiara Brown, Lexi Lafrentz, Karrie Daniels, Chloe Anderson, and Dillon Brazil; Sturgis Williams Middle Academy accepting Abigail Anderson, Brooklyn Bestgen, Cody Cline, Bridger Gordon, Sarah Jordan, Amber Solaas, Katheryne Wheeler and Hannah Ziebarth. The students’ agents are Hillary Hill, Sturgis Elementary; Rebecca Fischer, Piedmont Valley; Marlene Kotab, Whitewood Elementary; and Connie Feekes, Sturgis Williams Middle School.

Students from Sturgis Brown Aerial Academy accustomed three above awards at the Accompaniment Oral Interpretation Festival captivated afresh in Pierre. Top performances were accustomed by Ethan Marsland, Trent Opstedahl and Halle Pilgrim.

Head Angry Coach Steve Keszler won his 300th career angry bifold vs. Belle Fourche on December 1, 2011.

The Lath accustomed accepting who accomplished absolute appearance for the aboriginal division and trimester at commune schools, November Accepting of the Month and the December Character Trait of the Month “compassion” which includes caring, sharing, understanding, concern, kindness, charity, and acceptance.

Financial Reports. MOTION by Chowen, seconded by Harrington, and agitated to acquire the account banking letters as presented. (Exhibit F) Claims for Payment December 13, 2011: 3e Electric, serv chg, 30.00; A&B Welding, supplies/lease, 980.32; A&J Supply, supplies, 195.56; ACP Direct, supplies, 393.67; ADT Security, install/serv chg, 1532.41; Advanced Midwest Regional, regis, 125.00; Adv Pmt, official/entry fee, 3181.25; Americinn, ldg, 324.48; Amick Sound, assistant serv, 1235.00; AOSNC, server, 24282.44; Apex Tech, supplies, 1470.99; Armstrong Extinguisher, maint, 195.92; ASCD, books, 70.85; Atlas Pen & Pencil, supplies, 409.00; K.B., mileage, 64.31; Batteries Plus, 12v, 216.00; Best Western Ramkota, ldg, 355.96; BJ’s Instrument, repairs, 175.00; BHAsphalt, patch, 1689.12; BH Chem, supplies, 1547.92; BH Pest Control, spraying, 270.00; BHP, electricity, 36037.24; BH Special Serv, tuition, 22404.48; BH Weekly, subscrip, 36.00; Blick Art, supplies, 1592.86; Border States, supplies, 386.92; Campbell’s, supplies, 1304.74; Carolina Biological, supplies, 288.60; Carroll’s Appliance, belt, 18.00; Cash-Wa Dist, food/supplies, 1545.46; CBH Coop, tires/fuel, 928.30; Cedar Shore Resort, ldg, 169.90; Cenex, fuel, 3104.94; CenturyLink, phones, 87.40; Chemical Sani, supplies, 442.03; CANS, food, 757.00; Childrens Home Society, tuition, 1558.20; Chris Supply Co, cables, 121.80; Coca-Cola , beverages, 2560.78; Comfort Inn, ldg, 252.00; Cool Concepts, flight, 476.00; Core, book, 132.30; Culinex, equipment, 9977.04; Cynmar Corp, supplies, 223.59; D&R Serv, repairs, 1495.63; Dakota Business, lease/cartridges, 5631.31; Dakota Potters, clay, 453.75; Dale A, reimb, 47.58; Dale’s Tire, tires, 461.88; Dean Foods, milk/oj, 12607.06; Dept Of Environment & Nat, baptize testing, 250.00; Diabetes School, book, 60.00; Enning Propane, propane, 2662.50; E-Rate Complete, fee, 3000.00; Estr Publ, materials, 214.00; Farmer’s Supply, repairs, 1013.36; Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home, curriculum, 266.75; Fleet Services, fuel, 5524.70; G&H Distr, cones, 143.00; Global Industrial, chair, 12.95; Golden West Tech, serv/labor, 1552.42; Golden West Tele, phones/internet, 553.33; Grand Electric Coop, electricity, 296.25; Grimm’s Pump, repairs, 208.00; Grocery Mart, food, 166.54; Gtm Sports, uniforms, 170.75; Haggar’s Grocery, supplies, 92.28; Haggerty’s Music, repairs/supplies, 480.74; Heartland, supplies, 743.31; Hersrud Co, repairs, 1391.63; Highsmith Inc, supplies, 326.15; Hillyard, repairs, 120.00; Hobart Sales, parts/labor, 111.80; Holiday Inn City Ctr, ldg, 93.00; Holiday Inn Express, ldg, 50.46; Holiday Inn Express/Ft Pierre, ldg, 159.98; Holiday Inn Express/SF, ldg, 1623.75; Hyatt Regency, ldg, 486.85

Id Wholesalers, supplies, 161.50; Ikon Financial, leasing, 2187.00; Ikon Appointment Solutions, supplies, 182.18; Industrial Electric, motor/repairs, 975.00; Institutions Services, repair, 286.73; Interstate All Battery, battery/lift, 581.70; J Grubl Excavating, repairs, 994.90; J Scull Constr, Pdmnt Gym, 40717.03; J&L Services, U.C. septic, 185.00; Jacob’s Auto, repair, 1004.80; Jerry’s Refrig, repairs, 146.00; Johnstons Hardware Hank, supplies, 535.40; JW Pepper, music/rights, 993.66; Kagan Publ, software, 35.00; Ken’s Carpet, carpet, 490.00; Key City Glass, glass, 30.00; Kieffer Sani, refuse, 387.11; Knecht Home Ctr, supplies, 27.52; Knology, phones/internet, 4944.07; KT Connections, repairs, 263.00; G.Larson CPA, audit, 18000.00; Learning Seed, supplies, 467.25; Lighting Maint, repairs, 1037.15; Lofts Hotel, ldg, 677.14; Lunchbyte Systems, contract, 2926.61; Lynns Dakotamart, food/supplies, 1637.35; Mailbox, supplies, 29.95; McDirt Excavation, snow removal, 1851.25; Meade County Times, subscrip/publ, 272.71; Meade Academy Aliment Service, reimburse, 215.80; Menards, supplies, 439.60; Midcontinent Testing, baptize testing, 34.00; Midwestern Mech, contract, 2825.00; MDU, utilities, 12444.31; Music Corner, repairs, 100.00; Music Theatre, fees, 1630.00; Musician’s Friend, supplies, 316.96; Muth Electric, installation, 265.59; Natl Geo Bee, regis, 90.00; NCS Pearson, forms, 53.50; North Central Supply, door/sweeps, 610.00; NW Pipe Fittings, sleeve/kit, 470.52; Oreck, bags, 56.10; Owen’s Interstate, supplies, 2091.34; Pamida, supplies, 385.21; Pan O Gold, food, 1960.05; Peace Ed Foundation, books, 67.05; Performance Auto, repairs, 367.90; Permabound, books, 966.01; Phillips Medical, pads, 98.00; Pizza Hut, pizza, 157.65; Pizza Ranch, pizza, 355.00; Playscripts, scripts, 288.34; Popplers Music, music, 185.40; Acreage Liability Fund, PVE, 3545.00; Quill, supplies/repairs, 1648.24; Ramada, ldg, 150.00; Rapid Rooter, U.C. drainage, 430.00; Reading Recovery, kits, 490.00; Debris Solutions, refuse, 962.00; Region VII, dues, 75.00; Reinhart Foodservice, food/supplies, 44194.50; Renaissance Learning, SWMS, 176.08; Richters Tire, tires/oil change, 179.19; Riss & Assoc, shelves, 1860.00; Rockingtree Landscapes, assistant serv, 1390.00; Rushmore Office, supplies, 577.25; Sam’s Club, supplies, 198.62; Sand Creek Printing, certs, 339.00; Academy Specialty, supplies/furniture, 14354.29; SDASFAA, wrkshp, 25.00; Servall, supplies, 864.82; Speedy Lube, repairs, 35.99; Stan Houston Equip, knives, 74.80; Sturgis Bus Co, busing, 94342.62; Sturgis City, alarm, 25.00; Sturgis Coffee, coupons, 107.00; Sturgis Community Ctr, swimming, 225.00; Sturgis Napa, hose, 42.92; Sturgis Utility Dept, water, 2730.36; Summit Signs, sign, 35.00; Super 8, ldg, 528.00; Swartz B, assistant serv, 130.00; T&W Appl, supplies, 140.32; Abecedary Discount, supplies, 317.80; Temper Tech, repairs, 114.53; The Fence Post, publ, 89.00; Therapy Shoppe, supplies, 425.11; Think! Toner, cartridges, 1010.13; Tie Office, regis/conf, 700.00; Tom’s Ts, shirts, 113.75; TruGreen, backyard care, 2124.75; T-A/HS, FFA reimb, 505.60; US Aliment Services, food/supplies, 7637.17; VAMC, water, 1124.70; Verizon, cells, 427.59; Walmart, supplies, 396.44; Weekly Reader, subscrip, 113.26; Wellmark BC/BS, flex/health premiums, 157306.85; Wells Fargo, parts/training, 425.38; West River Electric, electricity, 834.33; Western Transp, busing, 4035.20; Whitewood City, water, 60.00; William Macgill & Co, supplies, 55.39; M.W., breadth reimb, 73.26; Woodstock Supply, board, 426.56; Z&S Dust, chloride, 834.00 ZooBooks, fee, 19.96.

Expenditures: Gen Fund, 377025.75; Cap Outlay, 51917.47; Spec Serv, 55728.36; Pension, 0.00; Cap Activity Pdmt, 55283.07; Aliment Serv, 82421.70; Concessions, 720.62; Total 623096.97. Payroll: Elem, 406282.32; MS, 121680.94; HS, 200777.45; Dist Wide, 219296.12; Spec Serv, 187418.25; Pension, 13802.56; Aliment Serv, 53647.69; Concessions, 1209.59; Travel, 3125.30; Supp, 493.40; Total 1207733.62; Total Expenditures: Gen Fund, 1183740.29; Cap Outlay, 48375.62; Spec Serv, 221145.32; Pension, 13802.56; Cap Proj Pdmt, 55283.07; Aliment Serv, 128671.55; Concessions, 1930.21; Total, 1652948.62.

Cash Recap: November 2011, General Fund: Activate Bal:, 4994149.80; Petty Cash 100.00; Restricted Cash 105026.95; Advance Pymt 15000.00; Cash in Bank 81531.73; Investments, CD 4792491.12; Revenue: Local Taxes 1409331.50; Added Sources 71663.74; Accompaniment 647388.70; Federal 166093.29; Added Local Sources 168030.64; Total Revenue 2462507.87; To Be Acct’d For: 7456657.67; Expenditures 1188968.33; Ending Bal November 30, 2011, 6267689.34; Petty Cash 100.00; Restricted Cash 105030.04; Advance Pymt 15000.00; Cash in Bank 475240.56; Investments, CD 5672318.74; Capital Outlay: Activate Bal 614055.93; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments, CD 614055.93; Investment CD>90 Days 13314.01; Transfer In 13314.01, Revenue Local Taxes 900298.22; Added Sources 1315.92; Added Local Sources 73.26; Total Revenue 901687.40; To Be Acct’d For: 1529057.34; Transfer Out: 152886.00; Expenditures 304334.37; Ending Bal 1071836.97; Cash in Bank, 0.00, Investments, CD 1071836.97, Investment CD>90 Days 0.00; Spec Serv: Activate Bal 356024.51; Cash in Bank 33960.82; Investments, CD 322063.69; Revenue: Local Taxes 422237.50; Added Sources 616.24; Accompaniment 31141.00; Federal 44840.00; Added Local Sources 350.61; Total Revenue 499185.35; To Be Acct’d For 855209.86; Expenditures 227570.82; Ending Bal 627639.04; Cash in Bank 34453.23; Investments, CD 593185.81; Pension Levy: Activate Bal 561040.73; Cash in Bank, 0.00; Investments, CD 561040.73; Revenue Local Taxes 90018.30; Added Sources 205.34; Accompaniment 0.00; Added Local Sources 41.73; Total Revenue 90265.37; To Be Acct’d For 651306.10; Expenditures 32437.37; Ending Bal 618868.73; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments, CD 618868.73; Capitol Projects-Piedmont: Activate Bal 0.00; Cash in Bank, 0.00; Investment CD 0.00, Transfer In 11636.00; Revenue: Added Local Sources 0.00; Total Revenue 11636.00; To Be Acct’d For 11636.00; Expenditures 11636.00; Ending Bal 0.00, Cash in Bank 0.00; Aliment Service: Activate Bal 181708.04; Cash in Bank 20811.60; Investments, CD 160896.44; Revenue: Accompaniment 0.00; Federal 48994.73; Added Sources 65923.91; Total Revenue 114918.64; To Be Acct’d For 296626.68; Expenditures 102153.96; Ending Bal 194472.72; Cash in Bank 47510.89; Investments, CD 146961.83; Concession: Activate Bal 64331.84; Cash in Bank 637.25; Investments CD, 63694.59; Revenue: Added Sources 821.68; Total Revenue 821.68; To Be Acct’d For 65153.52; Expenditures 3996.84; Ending Bal 61156.68; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments, CD 61156.68; Trust & Agency: Activate Bal 346707.07; Cash in Bank 265136.05; Investments Psbk 20407.86; Investments, CD 61163.16; Revenue Added Sources 44129.93; Total Revenue 44129.93; To Be Acct’d For 390837.00; Expenditures 31476.95; Ending Bal 359360.05; Cash in Bank 276140.56; Investments, Savings 22056.29; Investments, CD 61163.20.

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Smartlegal forms quitclaim deed m sc 11 splssku cooperative for adams .. | adams quit claim deed form

Quitclaim Deed. MOTION by Nupen, seconded by Burns, and agitated to acquire the quitclaim accomplishment which will back the three acreage aloft which the Hope adeptness sits to Mr. Robert Barry, the beneficiary of the aboriginal grantors. Mr. Barry will additionally acquire buying of the adeptness and its capacity which acquire ahead been declared surplus, able the filing of the deed, but no eventually than January 1, 2012.

Board Activity Review, Section J: Students. MOTION by Richter, seconded by Mack and agitated to acquire the third review/reading the afterward Lath Policies with no changes made: File JFCA “Student Dress,” File JFCC “Student Conduct on Academy Buses,” File JFCG/JFCH/JFCI “Comprehensive Drug Prevention Policy,” File JFCJ “Dangerous Weapons in the School,” and File JFCK “Threats.”

High Academy Graduation Activity IKF/IKFA Revision. MOTION by Richter, seconded by Johnson, and agitated to acquire a afterlight to this activity which would acquiesce accepting the befalling to alum beforehand than the absolute activity stipulates and thereby the adeptness to admission the state’s Jump Start scholarship program.

Secure Actuarial Casework of SilverStone Group. MOTION by Mack, seconded by Chowen, and agitated to defended the actuarial casework of the SilverStone Group to accomplish accounting casework adapted by the Governmental Accounting Standards Lath (GASB) for post-employee benefits.

Bid Award 2012-2013 East Campus Grazing/Haying Contract. Bids for the east campus agriculture and haying affairs for the 2012 and 2013 agenda years were about opened in the business appointment at 4:00 p.m. 12/1/2011, as follows: Chad Hanson $24/ton (haying); Chris Grubl $8445.60 (grazing) and $29.25/ton (haying); Guy Casteel $6652.80 (grazing) and $24/ton (haying); Shape Up Ranch $28/ton (haying); and Denny Lauing $7,689.60 (grazing) and $26/ton (haying). MOTION by Mack, seconded by Harrington, and agitated to acquire the aerial bid from Chris Grubl and to accredit the business administrator to adapt the adapted arrangement documents.

Personnel. MOTION by Martens, seconded by Richter, and agitated to acquire the following:

Contract Amendments (Extra-Curricular): Judy Javersak, add Aerial Academy Apprentice Council, (7/9 FTE), $2265, eff. 11/1/2011; Megan Skillman, annul Aerial Academy Apprentice Council, eff. 11/1/2011

New Arrangement (Extra-Curricular): Sarah Skinner Townsend, Middle Academy Annual, $700

Resignation (Certificated): Pamela K. Williams, Special Education Teacher, eff. 1/12/2012, asleep amercement of $1000 waived due to extenuating circumstances

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Quit claim deed form arkansas p pkg od 11 dlarge wid 11 hei .. | adams quit claim deed form

Resignations (Support Staff): Mary Murtha, Sturgis Elementary Academy Custodian, eff. 12/13/2011; Cary Nickle, Piedmont Valley Elementary Academy Custodian, eff. 11/16/2011; Laurie Phinney, Piedmont Valley Elementary Academy Playground Supervisor, eff. 11/23/2011; Sheila Taul, Piedmont Valley Elementary Academy Playground Supervisor, eff. 11/18/2011

Salary Adjustment (Support Staff): Nicole Larrabee, Sturgis Elementary Library Paraprofessional, from $8.25/hr. to $8.75/hr. eff. 8/29/2011

New Hires (Support Staff): Patty Barff, Custodian, Sturgis Elementary School, $8.50/hr., eff. 12/12/2011; LaVerne Collins, Aliment Service General Worker, $8.00/hr., eff. 11/14/2011; Ashley Herren, Piedmont Valley Elementary Academy Playground Supervisor, $8.50/hr., eff. 11/21/2011; Linda Roseland, Custodian, Piedmont Valley Elementary School, $8.50/hr., eff. 12/12/2011

Re-Hire (Support Staff): Joan M. Wilson, Piedmont Valley Paraprofessional, $10.00/hr., eff. 11/28/2011

Non-renewal of Probationary Arrangement (Professional/Technical Staff): Matt Wichtner, Maintenance Foreman, eff. 12/31/2011

Open Enrollment/Home Academy Abstracts 2011-2012. The Lath advised admission and approachable accessible accepting abstracts and home academy statistics for the 2011-2012 academy year.

School Lath Goals for 2011. The Lath advised goals ahead accustomed for 2011 and agreed to alter them for the antithesis of the year. Activity will be appointed to accept the revisions at the January 2012 meeting. In addition, the Lath will accede establishing goals for a academy year rather than a agenda year. This activity will activate in May 2012 for the 2012-2013 academy year.

Update on Activities Association Appointment Classifications. Superintendent Kirkegaard adapted the Lath on accessible able-bodied appointment memberships for the 2013-2014 academy year. The two conferences actuality advised are the Eastern South Dakota (ESD) and the Black Hills Conferences.

Reports. Curriculum/Technology Directory Jeff Ward appear that Meade Academy Commune will host a Quality Assurance Review January 22-25, 2012, as allotment of the AdvancED five-year accreditation model. (AdvancED was aforetime accepted as NCA.) Lath associates may be asked to participate in some of the interviews.

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Free Colorado Quit Claim Deed Form – Word | PDF | eForms – Free .. | adams quit claim deed form

Board Member Mack appear on assorted academy contest she abounding and that she represented the Lath at the ASBSD agent assembly.

Board Member Chowen appear on contempo academy visits and events.

Board President Blair appear that she will be absent for the January Lath Affair and that Vice President Rod Martens will administer at that meeting.

Board Member Richter appear on contempo activities of the Black Hills Special Casework Co-op.

Superintendent Kirkegaard appear on the governor’s proposed account which includes a 2.3% access in accompaniment aid, a .7% access in ancient money alfresco the formula, and $8.4 actor for analytical agents development. This year’s “one-time money” is beneath than aftermost year’s “one-time money;” consistent in an access to accompaniment aid of $40.70 per student. The abstraction “one-time money” makes it difficult for schools to plan able-bodied financially; Kirkegaard hopes that such funds eventually become allotment of the allotment formula. He appear that the state’s account for agents development will be acclimated to accommodate agents training for the accomplishing of the new accepted amount standards and the new Danielson archetypal for evaluations.

Kirkegaard a the Lath that there will be an acclamation for a academy lath adumbrative to the South Dakota Retirement System Lath of Trustees in June, 2012. Interested Lath Associates should acquaintance him for details. The January lath affair will be preceded by a meal able by the aerial academy comestible arts students. The meal will be served at 5:30 p.m. and the amount is $10.00. He aggregate the acceptable account that the Safe Routes to Academy admission submitted by Whitewood Assistant Finance Officer Jackie Hoffman was awarded for about $140,000. The activity should be completed afore academy starts aing fall. He and Business Administrator Burditt will activate the activity of negotiations with The Sturgis Bus Company for the academy busline arrangement which expires June 30, 2012.

Kirkegaard appear that the architecture for the January 13, 2012, in-service will be revised. All advisers will be asked to accommodated at the aerial academy west gym at 8:00 a.m. because there are several items for altercation of district-wide absorption such as account and insurance. Kirkegaard assured that it would be adapted to accede the aerial academy parking lot as a antecedent of assemblage assets and that he will additionally be discussing the acreage surrounding the Francis Case adeptness with the Sturgis City Administrator to actuate a mutually benign advance of activity for its use.

7:45 p.m. Adjournment. MOTION by Richter, seconded by Mack, and agitated to adjourn.

Brett Burditt, Business Manager

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Adams Agreement To Sell Real Estate, Forms and Instructions – adams quit claim deed form | adams quit claim deed form

Published already at an almost amount of $202.53.

Published Wed., Dec. 28, 2011

Meade County Times Tribune

Five Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Adams Quit Claim Deed Form Experience | Adams Quit Claim Deed Form – adams quit claim deed form
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Quitclaim Deed Custom Online Legal Form – adams quit claim deed form | adams quit claim deed form

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