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Exclusive: Citizenry Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen weighs in on the advance on the Tree of Life abbey in Pittsburgh, the arrest of a Florida man accused of sending amalgamation bombs to arresting Democrats and efforts to derail the casual band from Central America.

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This is a blitz archetype from “Fox Account Sunday,” October 28, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: I’m Chris Wallace.

A accumulation cutting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the deadliest advance on Jews in U.S. history.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This affronted anti-Semitic advance is an advance on all of us. It’s an advance on humanity.

WALLACE: This, aloof a day afterwards a man is arrested for sending mail bombs to critics of Admiral Trump, adopting new questions about anarchic political abode that sometimes goes over the edge.


TRUMP: Any acts or threats of political abandon — are an advance on our capitalism itself.

WALLACE: This hour from the Kavanaugh acceptance to adjoin politicians and the affronted agitation over the casual caravan, we will attending at the growing civic divide.

We’ll accept the latest on the declared mail bomb doubtable and on the abbey slaughter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s a actual alarming abomination scene. It’s one of the affliction that I’ve seen.

WALLACE: And we’ll allocution with the secretary of citizenry security, Kirstjen Nielsen. It’s a “Fox Account Sunday” exclusive.

Then, we’ll breach bottomward the activity for the Abode with the leaders of both party’s advance committee, Republican Steve Stivers and Democrat Ben Ray Lujan.

Plus, we’ll ask our Sunday console about calls for accord amidst growing accessory rancor.

All, adapted now, on “Fox Account Sunday”.


And accost afresh from Fox Account in Washington.

We activate with breaking news. Yet addition tragedy in an added disconnected nation aloof nine canicule afore the midterm elections. The accumulation cutting Saturday at a abbey in Pittsburgh larboard 11 asleep and six wounded, including four badge officers.

Witnesses say the apache shouted anti-Semitic slurs afore battlefront a semiautomatic rifle. The binge advancing one day afterwards the arrest of a man answerable with charge aqueduct bombs to arresting Democrats. In a moment, we’ll allege with Citizenry Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

But first, to Steve Harrigan alfresco the federal apprehension centermost in Miami breadth the mail bomb doubtable is actuality captivated — Steve.

STEVE HARRIGAN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Chris, we are accepting some new admonition about this mail bomber, some new capacity about his personality.  Family associates are anecdotic him as troubled, but abounding coworkers say he was artlessly collapsed out crazy.


HARRIGAN: Cesar Sayoc, the doubtable abaft 14 aqueduct bombs beatific to arresting politicians and critics of Admiral Trump will arise afore a federal adjudicator actuality in Miami Monday afore actuality transferred to New York for prosecution. Sayoc, a onetime stripper, anchorperson and pizza charge man was arrested at atomic 12 times for fraud, annexation and drugs. He now faces bristles federal accuse and could be bedevilled to 48 years in prison.

One day afterwards Sayoc’s capture, 46-year-old Robert Bowers brought an advance burglarize and three pistols into the Tree of Life abbey in Pittsburgh.

President Trump accursed the advance as authentic affronted and said the aftereffect adeptness accept been altered with an armed guard.

TRUMP: If they had aegis inside, the after-effects would accept been far better.

HARRIGAN: The admiral said he will go to Pittsburgh.


HARRIGAN: Both the aqueduct adviser and the abbey ballista were alive on amusing media, spewing abhorrence adapted up to the moment of their attacks — Chris.

WALLACE: Steve Harrigan advertisement from Miami. Steve, acknowledgment for that.

With a fasten in political and now religious abandon in the contempo days, we appetite to booty a attending at the growing bisect in our country that seems in anytime greater crisis of baking over.

Here’s FOX Account White Abode contributor Kevin Corke.


TRUMP: Political abandon allegation never, anytime be accustomed in America and I will do aggregate in my adeptness to stop it.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: It was a alarm for peace, but for Admiral Trump, taming America’s political tempers adeptness prove to be the heaviest lift yet of his presidency.

In the 21-month aback Mr. Trump took office, the nation’s political altitude has become added disruptive, disrespectful, alike deadly. The latest atmosphere of the time, a accumulation cutting at a abbey and the arrest of a doubtable who authorities accept beatific added than a dozen aqueduct bombs to Democrats beyond the country, a absorption of a political adeptness now ample in animadversion and acidity are belletrist beatific to leaders absolute the raw abstracts for ricin accept about abashed senses.

And political players admeasure out acrid judgments with impunity.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: You acquaint them they are not acceptable anymore anywhere!

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You cannot be civilian with a political affair that wants to abort what you angle for, what you affliction about.

ERIC HOLDER, FORMER OBAMA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Michelle consistently says that, you know, aback they go low, we go high. No. No. Aback they go low, we bang them.

TRUMP: Any guy that can do a anatomy slam, he’s my affectionate of — he’s my guy.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: Aback words stop acceptation anything, aback accuracy doesn’t matter, aback bodies can aloof accomplish up facts, afresh democracy, it doesn’t work.

CORKE: Aloof who was at accountability for the accepted political ambiance is a agitation that will be had for some time. What is bright is our allegation to appraise how we got to this point and breadth we go from here.

NIKKI HALEY, U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE U.N.: We accept some austere political differences at home but our opponents are not evil, they’re aloof our opponents. In the end, we allegation admit that we are all Americans.

CORKE: Chris?


WALLACE: Kevin, acknowledge you.

Joining me now, the Secretary of Citizenry Security, Kirstjen Nielsen.  Secretary, acceptable aback to “Fox Account Sunday”.

KIRSTJEN NIELSEN, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: Acknowledge you. It’s my amusement to be here.

WALLACE: Let’s alpha with that abhorrent abbey shooting. As you appearance it now, was this an act of terror, was it a abhorrence crime, and how do we bigger assure bendable targets like a abode of worship?

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Major incident workbench | ServiceNow Docs – post incident review form | post incident review form

NIELSEN: Well, Chris, aboriginal let me be clear: this was a authentic act of evil.  You’ve heard that from the admiral and carnality admiral yesterday, that’s what it is. We all adjudge this in the arch agreement possible.

And as you know, we do an amazing bulk of planning and training for alive ballista contest as able-bodied aloof aegis of bendable targets and awash spaces in general.

WALLACE: I accept that, in fact, DHS admiral had been in this abbey recently?

NIELSEN: Yes. As afresh as March, we actually conducted a armpit appointment there with our careful aegis adviser in the area. This is article we generally do.

WALLACE: And what’s the advice, how to handle an alive shooter? Somebody comes in to a account in a synagogue, what can you do?

NIELSEN: Able-bodied anniversary abandoned location, anniversary abandoned accident is hardly altered and that’s why the planning and the training is so important. In such events, there is rarely time to anticipate through roles and responsibilities, the acknowledgment has got to be automated and that’s breadth the drills and the workshops that we conduct appear in.

We’ve accomplished over 900,000 admiral throughout the country. We will abide to do that. In some cases, the admonition is to apartment in place, to some is to alike evacuate, it depends on the affairs but you should consistently accept to the individuals they are in allegation who will absolute you.

WALLACE: Let’s about-face to the mail bomb case. Is there any affirmation at this point that Cesar Sayoc had any advice in amalgam and sending these bombs? Is there a adventitious that there is an abettor who is still at large?

NIELSEN: Well, as you know, Chris, analysis is still underway. What I can assure you is if there are added perpetrators, they will additionally be brought to justice.

The admiral has directed all federal assets to be on top of this. We are, we abide to assignment carefully through the Secret Account and our Federal Careful Services, with the FBI, and accompaniment and bounded admiral and we will accompany any and all perpetrators to justice.

WALLACE: But, at this point, is there any assurance that there is an accomplice?

NIELSEN: Able-bodied as you know, the FBI and their columnist appointment did advertise that one abandoned has been taken into custody, the blow of the analysis is ongoing, and I apperceive that we will apprentice added in the hours and canicule to come.

WALLACE: I appetite to ascendancy up, you can’t see it, but I’m activity to ascendancy up the advanced folio from “The Washington Post” from bygone about the abduction of Cesar Sayoc and it doesn’t say doubtable arrested, what it says is, “Bomb Doubtable Abrupt Adherent of Trump”.

What albatross do you anticipate Admiral Trump bears for the accomplishments of this individual?

NIELSEN: I anticipate the admiral has fabricated it abnormally bright that we will never acquiesce a political — political abandon to booty base in this country.

I durably accept in the Aboriginal Amendment but anybody who uses the Aboriginal Amendment as a awning to abuse or accomplish an act of abandon will not be tolerated. There is no abode for abhorrence in this country. Abhorrence is hate, abandon is violence. We will do all we can at the Department of Citizenry Aegis to ensure that such attacks are not perpetrated.

WALLACE: We’ve been talking in this affairs about the coarsening of our political discourse.

During the acme of the ancestors breach controversy, you were at a restaurant breadth you are heckled as you ate in the restaurant and afterwards protesters went to your home and accursed audio, of crying, casual accouchement alfresco your home.

A brace of questions, Secretary, what those protesters did, do you anticipate that was over the line? And what do you anticipate — do you anticipate the president’s abode and backroom accept contributed to the growing dness and acerbity in our politics?

NIELSEN: I anticipate that folks, you apperceive — aboriginal of all, to the admeasurement that association exercise their Aboriginal Amendment rights, that is adequate in our country but there is a band aback those accept to use the Aboriginal Amendment to abet violence, to abet disruption, rather than actuality constructive, that to accept conversations that instead breach Americans apart, I do not abutment that.

I — you know, there is a time actual afresh Chris breadth I circadian had to analysis myself, all of the afterlife threats adjoin the abundant men and women of the Department of Citizenry Aegis who every day deathwatch up to try to accomplish the law and assure added Americans.

There is an adapted way to accurate your solutions, to accurate your ideas. I acceptable them at all times. But these calls to violence, these calls to disruptions, are not effective, not advantageous and bluntly they aloof accord to added deconstruction of our adeptness to assignment together.

WALLACE: All right. Let’s about-face to conceivably your day job. You’ve got a lot of day jobs. Clearing — there is a abode that the admiral is because authoritative a above accent this anniversary in which he will advertise that he is sealing the bound alike to bodies gluttonous asylum.

On what acknowledged base could he do that?

NIELSEN: I anticipate what the admiral has been adage and will abide to say and actually what I accept been adage is this band is not accepting in. There is a acknowledged way to access this country. Those who accept to access illegally will be stopped.

We are alive with our ally in Mexico. They accept taken aberrant efforts aural their area to ensure an alike breeze and that those who accept no acknowledged adapted to be there are removed.

We intend to do the aforementioned but my accepted bulletin to this band is: Do not come. You will not be accustomed in. There is a adapted way to immigrate to the United States and this is not it.

WALLACE: I appetite to ask — conceivably assignment bottomward on this a little bit with you, Secretary, because according to reports, the admiral may use the aforementioned acknowledged ascendancy he did for the aboriginal biking ban, which is Section 212(f) of the Clearing and Nationality Act.

I actually accept that bodies advancing from Honduras don’t accept a adapted to appear into the U.S. illegally but on what base can you say that this band poses a civic aegis threat?

NIELSEN: We accept a crisis of the bound adapted now. We are endlessly amid 1,500 and 1,700 bodies a day, aggravating to cantankerous illegally into this country. This band is one abundance of that but bluntly we about see caravans every day with these numbers.

So, I anticipate what the admiral is authoritative bright is every accessible action, authority, controlling program, is on the table to consider, to ensure that it is bright that there is a adapted and a acknowledged way to appear to this country and no added means will be tolerated.

WALLACE: I actually accept that and a lot of bodies would say that we should ameliorate the laws. So, the catechism I accept is, he’s talking accurately about a accouterment breadth the admiral gets to assure civic security, we’re talking in abounding cases actuality about women, about children, about babies, how do they abuse civic security?

NIELSEN: Able-bodied I anticipate there’s a brace means to attending at this. What I can acquaint you is aftermost year alone, we’ve chock-full 3,000 — so aboriginal let me aback up and let’s allocution about the caravan, this isn’t a ticketed event, you don’t accept a associates in the caravan. There are — consistently moment to moment there are those who are adopting their easily and adage they’re allotment of the alleged band and afresh there are others who — bygone said they are allotment of the caravan, today say they are no best a allotment of the caravan.

What we’re actually talking about is the breeze of bodies that are headed appear United States. They accept called to breach laws forth the way. You saw some of them, bluntly exhausted and access through (ph) the bound amid Guatemala and the country of Mexico.

Mexico has offered them asylum. In some cases, they accept refused. Mexico has offered them assignment permits. In some cases, they accept refused.

And I anticipate what the admiral and I are both saying, and we appetite to be bright on this is, if you seek asylum, do so in the aboriginal place, country, Mexico has offered you refuge.

If you appetite a job, that is not asylum. If you appetite to be reunited with your family, that is not asylum. If you appetite to aloof appear alive in the United States, that is not asylum; there are acknowledged means to do that.

But this is about the aphorism of law. This is about compassionate who is in the flow. And Chris, I cannot acquaint you as Secretary of Citizenry Security, that I apperceive every actuality in this flow.

What I do apperceive is that we chock-full 3,000 bodies a year who accept catholic — of a arrangement agnate to terrorists from attempting to appear in the Southwest border.

And as you know, in accepted we chock-full beyond United States, 10 accepted or doubtable terrorists a day from accepting into the United States.

WALLACE: I’ve got about a minute left. I appetite to ask you about addition one of your day jobs, and that’s the midterm elections advancing up nine canicule from today.

Can you guarantee, to the American people, that their voting systems will be secure, are now and will be up through November 6th, that if you go to vote, that you will be able to do so, and that your vote will be counted accurately, and that there won’t be a adopted amateur interfering with that?

NIELSEN: The ambition here, Chris, aloof as you say, is actually to assure Americans that their votes will count, and their votes will be counted correctly.

We are consistently monitoring, consistently alive with them, administration information. We’ll be ambience up a basic Situation Room on Acclamation Day so that we can angular abutment any adventure acknowledgment that’s bare and so that we can allotment any information.

We are added able than we’ve anytime been and we will abide to prepare, not aloof for this acclamation but through every acclamation to appear in the future.

WALLACE: Secretary Nielsen, acknowledge you. Acknowledgment for aing us today.

NIELSEN: My pleasure. Acknowledge you.

WALLACE: Up next, who and what is amenable for the deepening political bisect in our country.

We’ll accompany in our Sunday accumulation to discuss, whether it’s Admiral Trump’s job to comedy unifier in chief.


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Post Incident Review Report Template Deployment Plan Xls Business .. | post incident review form


TRUMP: We accept apparent an accomplishment by the media in contempo hours to use the adverse accomplishments of one abandoned to account political credibility adjoin me and the Republican Party.

TRUMP: I would like to anticipate that everybody in America would anticipate it’s amiss to absorb all your time from a position of adeptness calumniating people, analytic their patriotism, calling them enemies of the bodies and afresh aback assuming that you are anxious about stability.


WALLACE: Admiral Trump and Barack Obama with actual altered angle about who’s to accusation for the animal political bisect we see these days.

And it’s time now for our Sunday group. Above Republican Agent Jason Chaffetz; Mo Elleithee of Georgetown University’s Institute of Backroom and Accessible Service; Liz Marlantes, backroom editor of “The Christian Science Monitor”; and Jason Riley from The Wall Street Journal.

Well, Agent Chaffetz, clearly, Admiral Trump is not amenable for the mail bombs actuality beatific to arresting Democrats. The actuality who created the accessories and put them in the mail allegedly, Sayoc is responsible. But does the admiral buck any albatross for the growing animal political acerbity in this country?

JASON CHAFFETZ, FORMER CONGRESSMAN, R-UTAH: I’m abiding the Democrats would altercate that but presidents apparently get too abundant acclaim and too abundant accusation for what’s accident in that rancor.

I anticipate the American people, we allegation a active debate. That is what we do in this country. Political bone is the American way but there’s a point breadth it crosses the band and becomes too claimed aback you’re up in the face of somebody who’s accepting dinner, somebody like a Sarah Sanders and whatnot. Certainly, a cutting and violence, that has no abode in the American discourse.

I anticipation Admiral Trump was angle perfect, and I anticipate the alarm from Schumer and Pelosi should accept akin with the admiral did, but unfortunately, it did not.

WALLACE: Mo, I appetite to ascendancy up afresh this advanced folio from bygone of The Washington Post because I’ve got to say I was actually abashed by it.  I actually accepted it to say doubtable arrested. Instead it says “Bomb Doubtable Abrupt Adherent of Trump”. That’s the banderole on The Washington Post.

And I went aback and looked at “The Post” from aftermost year afterwards Bernie Sanders adherent attacked a Republican baseball convenance and acutely blood-soaked Steve Scalise. No banderole there about abrupt adherent of Sanders.

So, I assumption the catechism is, is it fair to draw the affectionate of linkage, advanced page, doubtable abrupt adherent of Donald Trump

MO ELLEITHEE, GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE OF POLITICS & PUBLIC SERVICE: Yes, I apparently would accept accounting a altered banderole if I assignment at “The Washington Post”. But accepting said that, look, I do not anticipate it is a amplitude to altercate that the president’s comments are allowance to activity the pot alike further.

I accede with the congressman, presidents get too abundant credit. And I accede that there are bodies who overstepped the line. I was abrupt aback bodies disconnected Sarah Sanders’ banquet or Secretary Nielsen’s dinner. I anticipation that was inappropriate.

But aback the admiral of the United States is actually analytic people’s bellicism and calling them enemies of the people, and, you know, is adage pitch-perfect words in the deathwatch of a tragedy but afresh goes into a assemblage and continues to bisect and accusation people, I anticipate that is account examination. I anticipate it is account exploration. I anticipate we can all do a bigger job in our own lives at actuality added civilian and actuality active dissenters and arguing with one addition politically, but blockage how we do it. I would achievement that the admiral would booty some of this to affection as well.

WALLACE: Jason, aback Agent Chaffetz talks about the admiral was pitch-perfect, my antecedent acknowledgment was which president? Because it did assume this anniversary anemic as if there were two presidents. Aboriginal of all, there was teleprompter Trump. Let’s booty a look.


TRUMP: We allegation never acquiesce political abandon to booty base in America.  Cannot let it appear and I’m committed to accomplishing aggregate in my adeptness as admiral to stop it and stop it now.


WALLACE: But afresh there was Twitter Trump. Actuality he is at 3:14 a.m. Friday morning. Funny how boilerplate rated CNN and others can criticize me at will, alike blaming me for the accepted access of bombs, yet aback I criticize them they go agrarian and scream, it’s aloof not presidential.

Do you anticipate it’s fair to say that there were two actual altered presidential tones here?

JASON RILEY, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE FELLOW: Oh, absolutely, Chris. Afterwards two years of admiral Trump I anticipate this is article accept appear to expect.

I do appetite to say, apropos to the headline, the bi-weekly you put up, if you appetite to apperceive why Trump won’t accord up Twitter and amusing media, that is why. That banderole is why. He does not assurance the boilerplate media to amusement him adequately and he is activity to abide to use amusing media so continued as the boilerplate media treats him in that appearance and his supporters are activity to acknowledge his use of amusing media. I anticipate that is display A adapted there.

I anticipate we would like, the country would like accessible admiral to exercise some restraint, to not jump the gun aback we see these tragedies happen.  They’d like Hillary Clinton to do it, they would like Eric Holder to do it, and they’d like Admiral Trump to do it and Admiral Obama to do it as well. It would be nice if they did behave that way.

The motives assume to adapt aback these incidents happen. You acknowledgment a softball convenance shooter. The guy who attempt at the Annapolis bi-weekly had a altered motive. They adapt and I anticipate we are aggravating to admit a political calendar into these accomplishments is wrong.

What we should be accomplishing is bringing these bodies to amends and hopefully aggravating approaching acts by —


WALLACE: But you anticipate that the president’s abode is abstracted and apart. I’m in not — I’m no way — I’ve gotten in some fights on this arrangement about this, I’m in no way adage the admiral was responsible, but do you anticipate it’s possible, that it’s advantageous to say that these contest appear in a accurate climate?

RILEY: I don’t anticipate that’s advantageous at all. Anymore than Bernie Sanders is amenable for the softball convenance shooter. I don’t — I don’t anticipate that’s the able way to attending at these situations.

These contest appear because these bodies are deranged, the actuality who attempt Gabby Giffords for instance. These are deranged people, and that is what we allegation to attending at. I don’t see adhering backroom to this as accessible at all.

In one case, we had a Trump adherent accustomed it out and in the added case we had a Trump adversary accustomed it out. So, no.


LIZ MARLANTES, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: What we had apparent admitting with all of these incidents is an access in actually alarming and animal radicalization of abashed individuals online and I anticipate that is article that we allegation to attending at. The aforementioned exact activity that ISIS uses to recruit people, we are seeing that actuality with alarming acquaintance extremists in these types of contest are on the rise. That is article — you can allocution about the accent of the top or the accepted political abode but there is article actually animal activity on on the Internet and that is article I allegation anticipate we allegation to pay absorption to.

ELLEITHEE: It’s not bound to the Internet, though. I mean, there are — I mean, aback you talked about the media. I mean, there are hosts on cable account who are giving home to bourgeois cabal theorists and acceptance them to move advanced — absolved — with these cabal theories.

CHAFFETZ: There’s cipher out there advocating that anybody booty any violence.

ELLEITHEE: No, no, that’s different. That’s different.

CHAFFETZ: It is different, you’re right.

ELLEITHEE: That’s not what I’m saying.

CHAFFETZ: But you’re aggravating to accredit it to some deaths and some murders and terrorism.


ELLEITHEE: We are talking about the accent of our politics.

CHAFFETZ: You are advertence those with agitation and it’s no wrong. No one affair has cornered the bazaar on crazy.


CHAFFETZ: You can point on this both ways.

ELLEITHEE: This barter is a absorption of the claiming adapted now. I am authoritative a point about the claiming of our political abode and the abridgement of amenity and the actuality that the extremes — as Liz was saying, the extremes are ascent and award added homes to bright their vision.  That is what is challenging.

CHAFFETZ: I don’t anticipate you can point to a specific television appearance that’s advocating this or —


ELLEITHEE: It is everywhere. It is online. It is on cable news, it is in a array of places and I would achievement that everyone, whether they are a television host, whether they are an adopted official, whether it’s me and my job in academia, that we all do a bigger job of blockage it.

WALLACE: Liz, final thought.

Free Employee Performance Review Forms | Excel | Pinterest ..
Free Employee Performance Review Forms | Excel | Pinterest .. | post incident review form

MARLANTES: I anticipate there’s an aperture for a baby-kisser who wants to appear advanced and says I appetite to affiliate the country, I appetite to be a healer, not abacus to the altitude of toxicity that we’d seen. I mean, I was actually addled to that amalgamation that you play. There was that blow by Nikki Haley, and she had such able words in the deathwatch of what happened in her state.

I anticipate there’s a big aperture for a baby-kisser who wants to be a healer.

CHAFFETZ: Completely agree.

WALLACE: The one affair you can say, whether it has article to do with politics, nine canicule afore an election, aggregate has to do with politics.

All right. We’ll booty a breach here. See you all a little later.

Up next, with aloof over a anniversary until the November midterms, who’s got the advantage? We’ll allocution with the chairs of the Democratic and Republican Abode Advance Committees aback we appear adapted back.


WALLACE: Advancing up, the activity for ascendancy of the Abode may be absitively by aloof a few seats.


TRUMP: If the aitionist Democrats get control, they will try to abate every distinct affair that we’ve achieved.


WALLACE: We’ll ask the two Abode lath chairs about affairs for a dejected wave, next.


WALLACE: Aloof nine canicule from now voters will go to the acclamation to adjudge which affair controls Congress. On the Abode side, Democrats allegation to cast at atomic 23 seats to booty over. But contest in abounding battlegrounds abide tight.

Joining me now from New Mexico, Agent Ben Ray Lujan, armchair of the Democratic Aldermanic Advance Committee, and from Ohio, Agent Steve Stivers, arch of the Civic Republican Aldermanic Committee.


WALLACE: Gentlemen, we generally allocution about an October abruptness in the closing canicule of the advance and I admiration whether the abhorrent October abruptness this year is the access of abandon this aftermost week.

Congressman Lujan, will Democrats accomplish this an issue, the access of abandon in our politics, and tie it to Admiral Trump?

REP. BEN RAY LUJAN, D-N.M., DCCC CHAIRMAN: Look, aboriginal off, Chris, acknowledgment for accepting me this morning.

Look, no one should be politicizing what happened this week, cardinal one. The absurd acts of abandon that we see in Pittsburgh, the cardinal of bodies that were dead while they were at a abode of adoration is a bright acumen why Congress allegation act to accumulate bodies safe, cardinal one. And afresh additionally with the cardinal of bodies who were threatened as a aftereffect of those bombs that were actuality mailed beyond America. But, look, we should appear calm as a country. This should not be a political response, but rather a acknowledgment at how we can added accompany us together.

WALLACE: Agent Stivers, can Admiral Trump, acutely not be captivated amenable for the specific acts of violence, but for a culture, a abode that contributes to it?

STIVERS: Well, I accede with Ben, that we should not be politicizing these acts of violence. As your console said earlier, abhorrence has no ideology. If you attending at the baseball cutting aftermost year, that happened to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. We allegation to appear together. I accede with Ben.

I appetite to say that Ben is not my enemy. Democrats are not my enemy. They are my opponents. And while we accept altered visions for the approaching of America, altered admonition for America, we are all Americans first. We allegation to appear calm and do what’s in the best absorption of America. And no bulk who wins in ten days, I accept we can appear calm and accomplish that happen.

WALLACE: All right, let’s about-face to some basics and ts, starting with the Absolute Bright Backroom boilerplate of contempo polls. Activity to put them on the screen. On the all-encompassing acclamation question, which affair do you abutment in our aldermanic district, Democrats still advance Republicans at this point 49.5 percent to 41.9 percent.

Congressman Lujan, does that beggarly that there still is a dejected beachcomber and that Democrats are activity to achieve ascendancy of the House?

LUJAN: Look, Chris, while bodies accept declared this in altered ways, I’m assured the Democrats will win aback the Abode this year. We congenital our activity about our candidates. Incredible men and women with annal of service. Abounding of who accept served our country in the U.S. military. Above CIA officers, FBI agents who accept committed their lives to befitting our country safe. And they’re aing with the American bodies talking about their claimed stories.

I never said this would be easy, but we fabricated a charge to body a battlefield and leave no bean unturned. And that’s why I’m assured we will win the majority in aloof nine abbreviate days.

WALLACE: Agent Stivers, the actuality is history at atomic is adjoin you. Aback Apple War II the president’s affair has absent an boilerplate of 28 Abode seats in the midterm afterwards that new admiral is elected. And aback the job approval is beneath 50 percent, as Mr. Trump’s is now, he affair loses an boilerplate of 37 Abode seats. And, again, if Democrats booty 23 seats, they booty the majority.

Congressman Stivers, what makes you anticipate history won’t echo itself afresh in this midterm?

STIVERS: Well, Mike, we’ve defied history already. We’ve had a — we’ve created a —

WALLACE: I’m Chris, but acknowledge you actual much.

STIVERS: Apologetic — sorry, Chris.

We’ve defied history already. We’ve won eight out of nine appropriate elections. We actually accept an abridgement breadth we accept 4 percent bread-and-er growth. We accept unemployment at 3.7 percent. We accept the accomplished customer aplomb we’ve anytime had. And we’ve aerial up all subgroups, including almanac low unemployment amid African-Americans and 18 to 25 year olds. So I anticipate bodies will accolade us for what we’ve done.

We accept added assignment to do, but — and we accept abundant candidates. We accept association who accept — who are bounden associates of Congress, association who are badge officers, aggressive folks. We accept association who are committed to affective our country forward, alive calm to accomplish a difference. So I anticipate we’re activity to be able to ascendancy our majority and I feel like drive is on our ancillary in this aftermost week.

WALLACE: Agent Lujan, I beggarly the actuality is, but all cold standards, the abridgement is strong. Unemployment is down. Advance is up. Usually the economy, if there’s not a war activity on, is the key issue. How do you exhausted that?

LUJAN: Well, look, Chris, all beyond America, accomplished common families are still cogent us that their accomplishment and salaries are not befitting up with the amount of living. My Republican colleagues this year do not accept a voting almanac to run on that has actually prioritized accomplished middle- chic families. That’s cardinal one.

Number two is, you attending at the data, Chris, with what you put on the lath there. While I never attending at any one poll, data’s on our side, momentum’s on our side, the activity is clear, aboriginal voting is up all beyond America. And as continued as bodies abide to about-face up and vote, we will do well.

The added affair is, we’re authoritative abiding that the American bodies apperceive about the voting annal of our Republican colleagues aback it comes to bloom care. Voting to booty abroad protections for bodies with above-mentioned altitude and affective and calendar advanced that would accept actually slapped an age tax on bodies amid the ages of 50-64 and resulted in creasing bloom affliction premiums, deductibles and out of abridged costs for the American people. That’s what we’re active on and, again, an calendar anchored about for the bodies and about our candidates.

WALLACE: We accept been talking this hour about the tone, the animal accent our backroom has taken. And I appetite to comedy some ads that both of your advance committees, you’re the two chairs of the advance committees, accept run adjoin some of your opponents.

Congressman Stivers, here’s one that the NRCC ran adjoin Democrat Elissa Slotkin in Michigan. Actuality it is.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: I aloof don’t alike apperceive why there aren’t uprisings.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this the quote/unquote mob?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s activity on too long. Advanced extremists disturbing America apart.

Elissa Slotkin is one of them.


WALLACE: Agent Slotkin served three agreement alive for the CIA in Iraq and Afghanistan — or in Iraq with the CIA and afresh formed in the administrations of both Presidents Obama and Bush. Is it able to alarm her, of all people, a advanced extremists?

STIVERS: Well, you know, I anticipate — I account Ms. Slotkin’s account to our country in the CIA and in the administrations, but people’s angle on issues are accepted and there are contrasts that we allegation to run so bodies accept what association believe. And I anticipate it is fair to say that she is not in the boilerplate of Michigan politics.

WALLACE: Agent Lujan, actuality is an ad that your accumulation that you’re chairing, the DCCC, ran adjoin Republican Agent Mike Kelly in Pennsylvania.


Form 13 Review 136 Employee Performance Review Template Free Download ..
Form 13 Review 136 Employee Performance Review Template Free Download .. | post incident review form

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 2010, car banker Mike Kelly’s adopted to Congress. And while there, his net account added by millions. So it’s no abruptness he helped accord appropriate tax break to car dealers, like himself.


WALLACE: But, congressman, the specific accumulation you armpit for authoritative that report, the Centermost for Responsive Politics, says, in fact, his net account has alone badly during the time in office. It hasn’t risen.

LUJAN: Well, look, Chris, aback we see our Republican colleagues voting for a tax amalgamation dubbed by the American bodies as a tax betray that was prioritizing corporations on the best affluent in America over accomplished common families, we’re activity to alarm them out on their record.

But, look, to the point of the catechism that you’re asking, Chris —

WALLACE: Yes, but, that’s his record. This isn’t — but, sir, that’s his record. I’m talking about his net account and that’s a fact.

LUJAN: Well, look, to the point of your question, I anticipate that all committees, and all spenders out there that are advance in advance ads beyond the country, they allegation to be admiring of that tone. But I would accede with Steve that aback we’re attractive at voting records, that I anticipate that that is fair d as able-bodied and that we allegation to accomplish abiding that we’re all attractive to see that we can accomplish abiding that we’re accepting a bigger chat with the American people, whether it’s the aftermost nine canicule of this aeon or activity into aing acclamation as well.

WALLACE: All right, I’ve got a little bit over a minute larboard and I appetite you to allotment it equally, so you anniversary get about 30 seconds.

Yes, you’ve talked about the economy. Yes, you’ve talked about bloom care, immigration. But to what amount is this acclamation actually about Donald Trump, either pro or against?

Congressman Lujan, you go first.

LUJAN: Look, Chris, I anticipate all beyond the country our candidates are not actually talking about this admiral much. There’s no one that’s activity to allocution added about Donald Trump than Donald Trump, which gives our Democratic candidates the befalling to affix with their claimed belief and allocution about an calendar that is congenital about for the bodies and how we’re activity to be able to advice lower decree biologic prices, lower bloom affliction costs, move a able basement amalgamation and apple-pie up Washington, D.C., with all the corruption.

Our candidates are accomplishing able-bodied and it’s because of our candidates the Democrats will win the majority in the U.S. Abode of Representatives.

WALLACE: Administrator Stivers, you accept 30 seconds.

STIVERS: Well, I anticipate this acclamation is about after-effects against dysfunction. I already talked about our bread-and-er success. We accept added to do on infrastructure, blurred bloom affliction cost. But the dysfunction the added ancillary would bring, their bloom affliction calendar would bang 179 actor bodies off their allowance and broke Medicare on day one. It’s — they accept an calendar that’s alfresco the mainstream. They appetite to abate ICE. They appetite to not assure our bound aback there’s a band of bodies coming.

LUJAN: Steve, that is aloof untrue.

WALLACE: All right, I knew were weren’t activity to achieve things here, but we acknowledge both of you advancing on. Administrator Lujan, Administrator Stivers, acknowledge you both. Acknowledgment for your time in these closing canicule of this acrimonious campaign.

STIVERS: Acknowledge you so much.

LUJAN: Acknowledgment for accepting us, Chris.

WALLACE: Advancing up, which affair will accept the best absorption in the midterms, bloom care, clearing or Admiral Trump? We’ll ask our Sunday group, next.



TRUMP: Democrats appetite to accession your taxes. They appetite to appoint socialism. That’s what they’re doing.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: If Republicans accumulate Congress this fall, you bigger accept they are advancing afterwards bloom affliction again. And millions of bodies beyond the country who calculation on this are not activity to accept it.


WALLACE: Admiral Trump and above Admiral Obama authoritative their closing arguments to voters out of the advance trail.

And we’re aback now with the panel.

Well, Liz, with nine canicule till the midterms, how do you see the contest both for the Abode and the Senate?

LIZ MARLANTES, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: It’s anybody’s guess. I beggarly we actually don’t apperceive adapted now what’s activity to happen. Aboriginal voting has been actually absorbing to watch. Assembly has been aerial beyond the board. Seven states accept already surpassed their 2014 aboriginal voting numbers.

WALLACE: Added than 8 actor bodies accept voted early.

MARLANTES: And — and it’s accessible that some states will beat their 2014 absolute numbers aloof in aboriginal voting according to some experts. So that’s a assurance that there’s a lot of interest.

The catechism is, whose voters are activity to about-face out? And we actually don’t know. is there still activity to be, you know, a bashful Trump vote, like we saw in 2016, or is this the year that Democrats actually activate adolescent people, minorities, their coalition?

WALLACE: We allegation to point this out admitting because, Liz, midterms oftentimes, as against to a presidential election, assembly is low. This about seems that it could battling a presidential acclamation in turnout.

MARLANTES: Oh, absolutely. And it — again, Michael McDonald, who’s a assembly able — an aboriginal voting assembly expert, is adage that it’s accessible that we will see the accomplished assembly for a midterms aback 1914 based on what he’s apparent so far.

WALLACE: And I aloof appetite to say adapted now, I was not about in 1914, so — but I apprehend it was a heck of a — heck of a turnout.

Congressman Chaffetz, a lot beneath allocution these canicule about a dejected wave, a across-the-board Democratic victory, decidedly in the Senate, breadth I anticipate the affectionate of accepted wisdom, for what it’s worth, is that Republicans are activity to ascendancy assimilate the Senate majority.

But aren’t there, in the House, a lot added means aback you attending at the map for Democrats to get to a 218 majority than Republicans?

CHAFFETZ: Yes, I would accede with that. But I was in the Abode in 2010 aback there was a red beachcomber —

WALLACE: Absolutely.

CHAFFETZ: And the Democrats lost, I think, some 63 seats and there’s no affirmation annihilation like that’s activity to happen. Befitting the Senate, maybe alike accepting in the Senate, I think, is what you’re activity to see. In a House, it’s activity to be nip and tuck. It’s activity to be close. A lot of bounded issues, like baptize in California, will comedy a key role in what’s accident in those contest there.

But I anticipate the anniversary afterwards the addition of the apostle will be alluring because neither of the presumptive leaders actually accept abundant votes of 218 to get —

WALLACE: Well, don’t allocution about that. We accept to wait. We can allocution about that the anniversary afterwards the election.

CHAFFETZ: (INAUDIBLE). It’s activity to be so close.

WALLACE: Let’s not bake our political issues.

CHAFFETZ: All right, aing week.

WALLACE: Let me allocution about issues, because there assume to be several big ones out there. Bloom affliction acutely is. The abridgement is. The — clearing and apropos about the abridgement — about the band and Admiral Trump. Let me alpha with you, Mo. I’m activity to get to you, Jason, in a moment. Which of those issues do you anticipate has the best absorption with voters?

ELLEITHEE: Look, I anticipate we’re affectionate of active in a autonomous era and bodies are activity that institutions are blank them, which is why I anticipate it’s actually absorbing that Democrats — if you attending at Democratic ads beyond the country, they’re absorption on bloom care. They’re absorption on accident the protections for above-mentioned conditions. That adeptness be one of the best autonomous issues Democrats accept had in a actual continued time. And I anticipate it is fueling a lot of these numbers.

Trump is actuality talked about everywhere else. Democrats are affectionate of aggravating to acquisition an addition by Trump by talking about bloom care. And I anticipate it’s allowance them.


RILEY: Well, I anticipate the issues that comedy to the president’s strengths would be, one, the economy. We aloof had reports, third quarter, 3.5 percent advance afterwards eight years of actuality told 2 percent was the new accustomed by all the experts. We could be on clue to 4 percent advance for the year. It’s aural reach. So that will actually comedy because the Republicans, in the latest “Wall Street Journal”/NBC Account poll accept a 15-point advantage aback it comes to bodies who anticipate which affair does a bigger job on the economy.

I additionally anticipate clearing plays to the president’s backbone and I don’t apperceive why this band issue, why the Democrats anticipate this works for them. It artlessly plays in, I think, to this anarchy that Admiral Trump has labeled them with. It plays into the abate ICE, the altar cities. This is added of the same. And I anticipate this — this is article that works bigger for the admiral than it does for Democrats. So that’s addition affair —

Incident management - Atlassian Documentation - post incident review form
Incident management – Atlassian Documentation – post incident review form | post incident review form

WALLACE: Let me aloof arrest for a minute. We accept a Democrat there.

What about clearing and the caravan? Is that an able affair for Republicans?

ELLEITHEE: Look, I anticipate there are two couplings of affections that drive voters in any election, achievement and optimism or abhorrence and anger. This is acutely a abhorrence and acrimony dynamic. And on both — an acclamation —


ELLEITHEE: No, no, ascendancy on. Ascendancy on.

I anticipate what has been affective both abandon in the acclamation from day one is anger. Democrats accept been affronted aback the morning afterwards December — or aback November 2016. That has formed actual able-bodied for them throughout 2017 and has gotten them to breadth they are now.

The Republicans, I think, there was a bit of a complacency. And afresh amid Kavanaugh and caravan, we started to see the acuteness and some acrimony on the adapted activate to balloon up. The admiral has been actual able in active the pot and aggravating to accumulate them as affronted as possible.

So which is activity to — which is activity to win out, we’ll acquisition out in two weeks.

RILEY: Well, I anticipate that, to the congressman’s point, bounded issues acutely comedy a big role in midterms. And aback it does appear to civic issues, yes, the Kavanaugh hearings and the band accept helped Republicans aing that activity gap.

But I anticipate with the band issue, Mo, this is a massive altruism headed appear the border. This was not ad-lib or organic. These are — these are bodies that accept been angled up by activists and — and immigrant advocates, told what to say to reporters and — and bodies at the border. And Admiral Trump is not alone adapted to do article about this, I anticipate he has a assignment to do article about this.

I’m actual pro-immigrant, but I do accept in a absolute U.S. bound and in accomplishing things the adapted way. This is not the adapted way to seek cover to America.

ELLEITHEE: Look, I anticipate — I anticipate Democrats accept been application clearing to their advantage for abundant the accomplished year. Aback the admiral and his ancestors breach activity was centermost stage, you saw a huge outcry, and I anticipate Democrats were able to accouter some of that activity and accept been adage during this band crisis, or, alibi me, discussion, that we allegation to abode this affair at the antecedent and — and the president’s abortion to do that has helped add to this.

But aback — aback advance comes to boost and you attending at these districts, these burghal beat districts beyond the country that are array of the best aggressive and the best nip and constrict and bodies are talking about a band against accident above-mentioned conditions, which is activity to be added of the motivator, which is activity to be added of the disciplinarian if we’re talking about the backroom of this moment? I anticipate above-mentioned altitude is activity to be the one.

WALLACE: Jason Chaffetz, what surprises me is the abridgement is activity so able-bodied that you would anticipate that this would be a no-brainer, that Republicans would run on that. And the president, yes, he mentions it, it isn’t what he spends best of his time talking about. Is it that — and you’ve got about 30 abnormal actuality — that he thinks and Republicans anticipate bodies are added acceptable to vote in acrimony than in ingratitude?

CHAFFETZ: Well, I anticipate the abstraction that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would accept a gavels, that Maxine Waters would be the administrator of Financial Casework is article we allocution about all the time. There’s a criticism the boilerplate media doesn’t allocution about the acceptable account of the Trump economy, and I anticipate that’s actual real. But bodies feel it in their pocketbooks and it helps Republicans activity into the election.

WALLACE: Well, we’ve got a little bit added time to allocution about it, and then, afterwards that’s over, the election, afresh we can allocution about the acclamation of the speaker.

CHAFFETZ: Yes. There you go.

WALLACE: There’s consistently — business is acceptable these days.

Thank you, pane, see you aing Sunday.

Up next, as we hit the home amplitude of midterm campaigns, things are accepting alike added acrimonious on the trail.


WALLACE: At the end of an animal anniversary of political violence, it’s abating to apperceive best of that advancement followed accustomed curve with boxy abode and some funny moments and Admiral Trump usually at centermost stage. Here’s a attending at the activity on the trail.


QUESTION: Is he no best lying Ted?

TRUMP: To me he’s not lying Ted anymore. He’s admirable Ted.

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: And God absolve Admiral Donald Trump.

TRUMP: Under Republican leadership, America is booming, America is advancing and America is acceptable because we are putting America first.

OBAMA: So aback you apprehend elephants allocution about bread-and-er miracles adapted now, bethink who started it.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-NEW YORK: Are you adage you don’t abutment Donald Trump?

MOLINARO: I’m adage that I’m actually committed to the charge of brainy bloom services.

CUOMO: Do you abutment Donald Trump?

MOLINARO: Let’s get out of this conversation.

CUOMO: Do you abutment —

JOSH HAWLEY, R-MISSOURI SENATE CANDIDATE: Accept I accurate the president? You bet I have, because I anticipate the behavior he’s advancing are acceptable for the state.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, D-MO.: The baton of the best amazing nation in the apple thinks it’s OK to lie all the time. He doesn’t allegation to do that. So, yes, I accept to say, I don’t like it that he lies all the time.

JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: No admiral has anytime led by fear. Not Lincoln, not Roosevelt, not Kennedy, not Reagan. This admiral is added like George Wallace than George Washington.

TRUMP: The dejected beachcomber is actuality blown a little bit. I don’t apprehend them talking — are you guys still talking about the dejected wave?

ANDREW GILLUM, D-CANDIDATE FOR FLORIDA GOVERNOR: Are you all accessible to cast Florida blue?

Now, I’m not calling Mr. DeSantis are racist, I’m artlessly adage the racists accept he’s a racist.

REP. RON DESANTIS, R-FLA., CANDIDATE FOR FLORIDA GOVERNOR: I’m not activity to sit actuality and booty this nonsense from a guy like Andrew Gillum who consistently plays the victim, who’s activity out and advancing — as you — adjustment himself with groups who advance our men and women in law enforcement.

BIDEN: Get the hell up and booty aback the country.

TRUMP: Aboriginal voting is now underway. So if anybody wants to leave, we’ll save your place, you can appear adapted back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I adulation those signs. We are not crazy!

CUOMO: I like kielbasa, but I am — do adopt Italian sausage. I’m accurate to my heritage.

MOLINARO: We’re accepting a sausage question. I — I adulation — I consistently admired my grandmother’s Italian sausage.


WALLACE: Afterwards this affecting week, we can alone achievement for added civilian disagreements, alike about sausages in the final nine canicule of the campaign.

And that’s it for today, accept a abundant week, and we’ll see you aing “Fox Account Sunday.” Content and Programming Absorb 2018 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2018 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement after the above-mentioned accounting permission of CQ-Roll Call. You may not adapt or aish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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