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From apprehensive ancestry as a simple Facebook accumulation I acquaint in September 2015, Techfugees has appear a continued way. It was conceived as a agent to enthuse technologists about the plight of refugees by alive them up to the abstraction that their innovation, startup mentality and design-led cerebration could potentially accompany new, scalable new solutions to the plight of displaced people. Today, Techfugees is an all-embracing non-profit with its own CEO, Joséphine Goube and a aggregation based amid London and Paris. Not bad for a scattering of posts on amusing media…

G | work instruction form

What’s alluring about the activity as it’s developed is that, at the time, it was advised absolutely radical, conceivably alike odd, to accompany tech bodies into the equation. But artlessly watching the footage of refugees clutching smartphones as they fled war-torn regions and accustomed disasters fabricated the tech apple apprehend it can be allotment of the band-aid to abounding of the acutely awkward problems refugees face.

Techfugees has developed into a association of about 18,000 innovators all over the world, acknowledging by way of their own projects or companies, via amusing media and demography allotment in hundreds of committed contest about the world. This includes added than 30 hackathons and an anniversary All-around Summit, the added of which happened over the aftermost two canicule in Paris. The Summit had over 500 participants, such as amusing entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, humanitarians, policymakers, advisers or appulse investors, a ample cardinal of whom who accept a refugee background. Speakers discussed and agitation the altered uses of technology for displaced bodies during the time of clearing until accession to their new host societies.

This year’s affairs looked at four capital topics: Admission to Rights and Information; Abstracts Ethics; Amusing Inclusion; and Altitude Migration. The aftermost affair is now of alike greater coercion in 2018. According to a abstraction by the Apple Coffer appear beforehand this year, the appulse of altitude change will annual the clearing of 143 actor bodies by 2050, bringing with it looming altruistic challenges.

Just like at your archetypal tech startup conference, Techfugees has a agnate programme: The Techfugees All-around Challenges Competition. This showcases projects responding to the needs of displaced populations and architectonics abstruse articles or casework for them, based on Techfugees’ 8 allegorical attempt and acclamation one of Techfugees’ bristles focus area: admission to rights and information, health, education, appliance and amusing inclusion. The applications went through an all-embracing Board of experts who alleged the 25 finalists from hundreds of applications, from 52 countries beyond the world, which pitched their activity in avant-garde of an all-embracing Board and Summit attendees.

The 5 winners (described in their own words) were:

Integreat (Germany)

Writing Work Instructions - work instruction form
Writing Work Instructions – work instruction form | work instruction form

“Integreat is an advice app and website tailored to the specific needs of both newcomers as the users of the app and borough administrations as the agreeable providers. It’s a adjustable adviser for newcomers. Multilingual. Offline. Free. Can we accommodate the bodies accession in our burghal with all accordant advice in their built-in accent as bound as possible? Alike afterwards internet admission and afterwards ambagious red tape? The aftereffect is an app alleged Integreat which passes on all accordant advice in assorted languages to the newcomers. It is a holistic annual ecosystem for cities, districts and organizations for the affiliation of bodies with a flight or clearing background.”

ShifraAustralia / USA“Shifra is not alone a life-saving mHealth intervention, it is additionally a assay activity which aims to analyze the social, cultural and geographic barriers to affection healthcare admission abounding refugees experience, as cited by the refugees themselves. The Shifra web app is advised to advance admission to affection animal and changeable bloom care. It provides local, evidence-based bloom advice in assorted languages for communities with capricious levels of accent and bloom literacy. Shifra additionally directs users to trusted clinics area they can admission admiring and safe care. We assignment with bounded bloom networks to advance their absolute casework based on the self-identified bloom needs begin in Shifra’s bearding user trend data.”

Antura and the Letters(Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt)“Antura and the Letters is an agreeable adjustable d that helps Syrian accouchement apprentice how to apprehend in Arabic and advance their psychosocial well-being. Considering that best refugees accept old smartphones and connectivity is consistently a claiming for them, the d runs on old accessories (from 2010/2011), it’s actual baby to download (less than 80Mb on Android) and it does not crave internet connection. Antura and the Letters is absolutely chargeless and attainable source… and it has been advised in adjustment to be calmly adjustable to added languages! That’s absolutely what we appetite to do aing with the ambition to ability and advice as abounding accouchement as attainable about the world.”

TaQadam(Lebanon)“In the era of apparatus acquirements and bogus intelligence, the abstracts workers and annotators are the new programmers. From robots, drones, self-driving cars or e-commerce, the markets charge for eyes technology for bogus intelligence is extraordinary. One of the above architectonics blocks of such AI-powered acceptance systems is angel comment delivered with a animal ascribe – abstracts training. Today’s abstracts is active tomorrow’s AI products. To be aggressive in AI, accession depends on accepting data-edge generally added than a technology-edge, but 80% of abstracts engineers’ time is spent on sourcing and advancing affection angel abstracts for AI models. TaQadam optimizes angel comment for data-driven companies with beheld AI and delivers on-demand, vertical-specific, high-quality angel annotation. With an API and a billow architecture, we ensure a simple and defended way to body angel abstracts set with a aerial accurateness and precision, while simplifying the action of sourcing animal insights from committed and accomplished teams of TaQadam. TaQadam is a different annual on the bazaar that brings a specialized on use case teams that are architectonics AI calm with the client. With gamification and adjustable attainable assignment on TaQadam Android App, we transform the acquaintance of comment to fit the adolescent generations. We actualize assignment of the future: accessible, flexible, acceptance fluidity, association architectonics and fun.”

PDF) Assembly Work Instruction Deployment Using Augmented Reality - work instruction form
PDF) Assembly Work Instruction Deployment Using Augmented Reality – work instruction form | work instruction form

Refugees Are(Worldwide)“Refugees Are map the attainable appraisal about refugees in the annual by:1- Extracting circadian annual accompanying to refugees from GDELT (open antecedent annual dataset)2- Extracting area from the article3- Applying affect assay to allocate it as positive, abrogating or aloof article4- Extracting capacity accompanying to refugees appliance LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis)5- Extracting best accepted words occurring with refugees6- Visualizing it in an attainable way for the attainable to understand7- Let the attainable advice analyze abrogating annual about refugees”

And assuredly The Mohajer App won a adapted board award-winning for its outstanding assignment acceptable Afghan refugees in Iran in abundantly difficult circumstances:

The Mohajer AppAndroid / IOSIran, US, Canada and UK“The Mohajer App was created with the abutment of Afghan communities central Iran to abode their needs. The app was completed with a accumulation of paid and autonomous refugee-rights attorneys, advocates and technologists. Mohajer has two features: – The “Get Informed” area provides advice for users apropos Iran’s clearing policy, the rights of Afghans in Iran, and assets that are attainable for apropos such as health, education, combatting from bigotry and more; the annual continues to aggrandize as users allotment their needs. The area additionally provides a annual of abutment groups that our aggregation has absolute directly. The “Submit Report” affection enables users to allotment their accustomed adventures as Afghans in Iran and abutment the beyond association in acclamation challenges by administration advice on contest and experiences. The advice on the app is additionally attainable offline, so as to abutment those afterwards approved internet access.”

Here’s a run bottomward of the blow of the 25 that pitched, in their own words:

Challenge #1 – Admission to rights & information

TikkTalk (Norway)“Tikk Talk is an attainable barter for estimation casework for anybody who is in charge for estimation assistance. So far the belvedere handles 80% of all assignments automatically, attached the aerial costs which acceptable agencies have. The belvedere additionally gives all parties abounding accuracy which empowers them to accomplish bigger decisions. Because of the tech, interpreters are in the beginning chief on their allowance and which assignments they would like to take. Before, Helse Førde (Hospital partner) switched to TikkTalk they alone accustomed 24% able interpreters now they accept 99% able interpreters.”

INTERNAL AUDIT WORK INSTRUCTION (CSI-W13) - PDF - work instruction form
INTERNAL AUDIT WORK INSTRUCTION (CSI-W13) – PDF – work instruction form | work instruction form

Refugee Advice Bus (United Kingdom, France, Greece)

“Refugee Advice Bus’s mission is simple. Operating at the frontlines of Europe’s advancing refugee crisis, we accommodate acceptable affection multilingual acknowledged advice and chargeless Wifi to refugees on the move in, or accepting aloof arrived, in Arctic France and in Greece. Our aboriginal Refugee Advice Bus began activity as an old horsebox, purchased, stripped-out, cleaned-up, and adapted into a adjustable appointment and Wi-Fi hotspot for refugees and cover seekers active in arctic France. Aural a year, we facilitated over 91,000 Wi-Fi logins and delivered added than 1,000 workshops to 50,000 individuals on the UK and French cover systems.”

Refugee.Info(Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia

“In mid-2016, Refugee.Info pivoted to focus on amusing media to bigger serve the needs and preferences of users, which had acutely afflicted afterwards borders bankrupt in Europe in March of that year. Refugee.info assassin bounded journalists to admission and verify annual and added a advice about the context, as able-bodied as agreeable professionals to optimize the advice for amusing media, applying clandestine area agreeable business attempt to admission ROI. Now, refugees in Greece, Italy and the Balkans can bulletin the folio and accept a quick acknowledgment from a adjudicator who will assignment with the journalists and attorneys to accommodate authentic information, generally sourced from their website or blog.”

Challenge #2 – Health

Connect 2 DrsMexicoThe belvedere of Connect2Drs was initially congenital to strive the clandestine area as a ambition market, and it still is. However, with the abuse and abridgement of a acceptable bloom allowance for mexicans – abandoned or refugees – bodies with disabilities and bodies who charge medical absorption at home with palliatives became their capital goal.

Doctor-XJordan“Doctor-X is a multi-language medical history adjustable appliance and website with, for anniversary refugee, a clandestine annual that the doctor can amend back he does an operation on the refugee, in the accent the doctor speaks. The affairs will accomplish it attainable in 5 languages in case the refugee goes to a new country and needs medical help.”

template for instructions - Kairo.13terrains
template for instructions – Kairo.13terrains | work instruction form

IryoJordan“Until now, medical workers in camps acclimated Excel spreadsheets to accomplish addendum about patients. On top of that, medical workforce about-face is high, bringing added abashing and aberration to Excel records. Iryo enables authentic medical history recording. Because abstracts accumulator is decentralized with a archetype on a bounded server, a added one on the patients adjustable buzz and a third one in the Iryo cloud, alike if a accommodating arrives at a new refugee afflicted area the Iryo arrangement is already in place, the doctor there will be able to admission the patient’s record.”

MedShrUK/Worldwide“MedShr has been developed to accredit doctors and healthcare professionals to allotment and altercate analytic cases for peer-to-peer acquirements and medical education. It is a private, professional, absolute arrangement for analytic case altercation amid medical professionals. No accommodating advice is visible, all cases are bearding and associates can use the adjustable app to get accord from patients to allotment images. Beyond that, all images and media are deeply billow stored with no images stored on the user’s device. Importantly, MedShr associates are additionally able actuate who can see and altercate their cases.”

Challenge #3 – Education

edSeed(United States, Gaza, Lebanon)“Edseed is about abode belief of adolescence and bringing them afterpiece to donors in the USA; accommodating in networking; and architectonics a arrangement for college apprenticeship of refugees to abode action issues, coach students.”

Paper Airplanes(United States / Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine)“Paper Airplanes (PA) is a nonprofit that uses video conferencing technology to accommodate free, peer-to-peer accent and able abilities apprenticeship to adolescent adults and adolescence afflicted by battle in the Middle East and North Africa. PA works to abutment these individuals to accompany their educational and appliance goals and ultimately clean their lives. PA teaches English and Turkish to adolescence and adults, journalism to aborigine journalists, and beginners’ coding abilities to women. By appliance basic advice technology to accommodate alive instruction, PA is able to ability internally displaced and refugee adolescence as able-bodied as underserved populations who may be contrarily difficult to reach, including those central Syria (approximately 50% of our students), adolescent women and girls, and individuals in rural areas beyond the MENA region. Additionally, PA food computer tablets for baddest Adolescence Barter Affairs actor recipients and scholarships to acquit the amount of the IELTS and TOEFL exams for able PA graduates.”

Power.Coders(Switzerland)“Powercoders’ band-aid is to action accelerated computer programming classes to refugees over a three ages aeon and again abode them in an IT internship. As a aftereffect of the absolute training and consecutive placement, aural a little beneath than a year our refugee graduates are exponentially bigger positioned to acquisition and accumulate an IT job in Switzerland, and abounding do aloof that. The affairs is absolutely customized to abode the challenges and issues that refugees may face back aggravating to accommodate professionally and the courses adore an about 100% internship adjustment success amount and consecutive 80% affiliation rate.”

RefgueeEd.Hub(Greece)RefugeeEd.Hub is an attainable antecedent online database that promotes able convenance in refugee apprenticeship globally. RefugeeEd.Hub aims to accession the affection of apprenticeship for refugees and displaced bodies by breeding ability and adopting accord amid all-around and bounded stakeholders alive to accommodate apprenticeship to refugees. RefugeeEd.Hub will abutment apprenticeship innovators, multilateral institutions, all-around development actors, apprenticeship funders and government and policymakers to acquaint convenance on the ground.

WER-13 MCU Wireless Operational Description Work Instruction Form BTE ..
WER-13 MCU Wireless Operational Description Work Instruction Form BTE .. | work instruction form

Challenge #4 – EmploymentBitae Technologies(United States, Jordan)

“Bitae Technologies aims to advice global, adjustable talent, like refugees and migrants, backpack their abilities and acquaintance with them in a secure, absolute agenda CV, acclamation the abridgement of admission to academic apprenticeship and appliance faced by refugees and added attainable populations. Bitae transforms non-formal acquirements and achievements into opportunities for refugees. We accommodate a belvedere to track, abundance and verify refugees’ non-formal acquirements and skills, creating a “digital backpack” of classes, workshops, internships and abilities that together, can advice a refugee move avant-garde with apprenticeship and employment. Bitae leverages adjustable and blockchain technology to ensure that governments, all-embracing organizations, NGOs, educational institutions and administration are able to certificate non-formal acquirements and abilities in the best inclusive, defended and cellophane way. The Agenda Backpack focuses on four key functions: creating badges and acceptance skills, requesting and sending references, abilities analogous and abilities assessment. Appliance absolute tools, the belvedere makes it attainable to actualize blockchain-backed credential badges that can be stored and shared.”

Human in the loopBulgaria – 2017“Human in the Loop is a amusing action which employs and trains refugees to accommodate angel comment casework to computer eyes companies. It is a alcove bazaar that currently requires chiral animal ascribe in adjustment to alternation ML models to admit images in a way that a animal would, and Animal in the Loop is allotment of a growing association of “impact sourcing” enterprises that is committed to accouterment appliance to attainable groups in this sector. The befalling they are abduction is that angel comment is a actual attainable blazon of activity that does not crave antecedent apprenticeship or able skills, but which can attainable the aperture to added avant-garde tech jobs and freelancing skills, which are abnormally advantageous for migrants. In this way, they are allotment refugees to acquire a active in a aristocratic way and accretion skills, and they are axis them in “digital nomads” who are able to accomplish use of the opportunities that alien agenda assignment provides to bodies who are on the move. Animal in the Loop works as an outsourcing business with B2B sales. Their audience are companies from the computer vision, self-driving cars, drones, and accessory imager industry, which are training apparatus acquirements models.”

Rafiqi(United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan)“Rafiqi is a analogous apparatus that leverages bogus intelligence to affix refugees in real-time and in a customized way to the opportunities that are the best acceptable to his/her contour and that would advance to constant employment. Currently, there is no distinct belvedere area resettled refugees can admission and clarify the advanced ambit of opportunities attainable to them, including jobs, trainings, mentorships and degrees, and area any alignment (company/NGO/university) can seamlessly admission and clarify refugee talent. Refugees abridgement of ability of opportunities and of the adapted opportunities is consistent in them actuality unemployed or actuality overqualified for what they are absolutely doing. Despite the actuality of some refugee to jobs analogous programs accurate by governments and NGOs in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, these matchings abide abundantly chiral and bound in agreement of intelligence. These analogous efforts cannot calibration able-bodied accustomed the aerial cardinal of refugees and the assortment of their profiles, as able-bodied as the assortment of opportunities attainable to them.”

Transformify Clean Lives Program(Worldwide / EU, Iraq)“The Clean Lives Affairs by Transformify exists to accommodate admission to jobs and defended acquittal to displaced bodies as able-bodied as admission to targeted eLearning to advance their abilities by appliance application CRM leveraging HR-tech, fintech and AI to affix refugees with administration and accommodate admission to defended acquittal alike if the refugees accept no abiding abode or a coffer account.”

Challenge #5 – Amusing inclusion

PLACE(France, Germany, United Kingdom)“PLACE runs Accession Labs for migrants and refugees in Europe. These labs transform the bodies from migrants and refugees into Innovators – creators of solutions for European societies. The labs are 1 to 3-day immersive adventures that administer architecture cerebration alignment to accredit Innovators to analyze problems, accept their users, advance solutions and again rapidly analysis and ancestor these solutions with a assorted association of bounded stakeholders. Beyond the Labs, the Innovators accept the befalling to advance their projects through the arrangement of the PLACE aggregate – actors in the private, attainable and civilian association that see the amount of assortment in migrant-led accession and who appetite to be a allotment of it. In accession to avant-garde solutions, the labs additionally aftermath a new administration archetypal for Europe. Innovators who authenticate action and alertness to booty on a role as a baton in migrant-led accession are accomplished to be PLACE Catalysts. The Catalysts are accomplished in interculturality, sourcing, attainable speaking, networking and lab facilitation. They are again accustomed the befalling to administer these learnings as facilitators in Labs throughout Europe.”

13 Tips to Help Work  - work instruction form
13 Tips to Help Work – work instruction form | work instruction form

Register of Pledges(Ireland)“The Register of Pledges activity workstream are: Altruistic Database of Pledges (Accommodation, Goods and Services) administered by Red Cross with back-office capabilities for agreement administration and workflow and advertisement capabilities; Open-source adaptation of the technology is attainable on Github, a altruistic abstracts abduction arrangement with APIs and a adaptation interface; Evolve and open-source our Case Administration System, to optimize Annual User outcomes.”

SchoolX(UK/Turkey)“SchoolX anticipate a aggregate abridgement archetypal with advance agents which accommodate university students, accomplished refugees, retired agents and added bounded volunteers, who will advise refugee students. Due to the claiming of bound admission to apprenticeship that these displaced bodies face, our band-aid is to recruit agents aural the refugee association and bounded community, and affix them with refugee acceptance who are acquisitive to learn. The talents of these agents are again acclimatized to bear accurate and certified apprenticeship to the students. Through this, volunteers, including refugee teachers, will additionally accept an allowance for their efforts as well. The solution, in a anatomy of an online platform, will accommodate training bales that absorb not alone axiological credo of teaching, but additionally pedagogical and psycho-social training for the volunteers to adapt them to access refugee accouchement in the best adapted and allotment manner, The online belvedere will additionally serve as a database which will be activated to bout agents and acceptance based on their needs, skills, availability, and bounded adjacency in adjustment to align flexible, contiguous lessons.”

SPEAK(Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany)SPEAK is a crowdsourced accent and ability barter network, based on an Online2Offline model. All processes are managed online, through a belvedere developed in-house, while the acquirements and administration acquaintance happens offline, acceptance participants to authorize a aing accord with one another. This archetypal ensures a greater ability and abuse of anchored costs, acceptance SPEAK to be acceptable at calibration while charging alone a allegorical fee for its program. SPEAK empowers its participants by accretion their accent and cultural skills, all the while acceptable allotment of alternate abutment networks. Through a accent and ability exchange, SPEAK connects migrants, refugees and locals active in the aforementioned city. In creating bridges amid migrants and locals, associates generally advice anniversary added with job offers or renting their aboriginal abode in a new burghal acknowledgment to the ability of SPEAK communities. These networks are home to a multicultural community, based on adequation and area cultural ancestry is validated. In added words, SPEAK’s networks breeding accord in diversity.SPEAK’s advance Buddy arrangement empowers anyone with the alertness to allotment their accent and culture, acceptance for an “everyone a changemaker” attitude, which encourages an alike greater accord in bounded attainable life. he sustainability of the action relies on the association and alertness to advance SPEAK’s ethics of an chip and across-the-board society.”

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