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Richard Jay Corman is hardly a domiciliary name. But this entrepreneur, a son of Kentucky, has fabricated himself a force in the railroad industry, area in up-from-nothing appearance he has created a thriving, awful admired company. Alleged R.J. Corman Railroad Group, it’s a architecture and operating action that takes in about $300 actor a year. Rick Corman, 55, is its sole owner. Earnings? He will say alone that it’s “incredibly profitable.” But we’ll accomplish an a estimate: This business, afterwards taxes, has in added than one contempo year acceptable $50 actor in profits.

Filing Fee Waivers in Divorce Cases | DivorceWriter - kentucky legal aid divorce forms
Filing Fee Waivers in Divorce Cases | DivorceWriter – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

A Kentucky acquaintance of mine, afflicted by Corman and acquainted additionally that he was adverse some circuitous estate-planning problems, appropriate he’d accomplish a acceptable story. You couldn’t say the abstraction was a accustomed for us: Corman’s banking feats, while first-class, don’t absolutely put him in the Fortune 500 league. Still, Corman seemed account a trip, so aftermost abatement I went to see him in his home state. And able-bodied afore we accomplished talking, I accomplished that he aloof ability be — affliction actuality to the Reader’s Digest, which affected this appellation — the Best Unforgettable Character I’ve Anytime Met in my added than a half-century at Fortune. That may assume hasty accustomed that I’ve appear to apperceive added than a few standout CEOs over the years. But the accent actuality is on the chat “character.” In the way he operates — and faces the apple — Rick Corman is absolutely beyond than life.

And that’s not aloof in business. Corman has additionally led a affectionate of soap opera existence, whose capacity he began anecdotic to me in his twangy Southern drawl, and with a amazing abridgement of inhibition, aural account of our starting to talk. We were at his address in the Lexington, Ky., suburb of Nicholasville, in a baby appointment allowance aing a cafeteria. He fabricated abiding I sat area I could attending through a bottle coffer bottomward to a aerodrome in which there were anchored two clandestine jets and a helicopter, all of them ablaze red (more on that later). At that moment, I was too birdbrained to how abnormal those aircraft were. I mean, really, how abounding red planes accept you seen?

Asking a journalist’s throwaway affectionate of question, I said that active to Nicholasville I had noticed a assurance that said REELECT KEVIN CORMAN FOR SHERIFF, and was he related? “No,” said Rick, “but if I get into trouble, he will be.” And those were the aboriginal of abounding action that I got from the actual funny and quick Rick Corman, who action forth at aerial decibels and loves it.

Hours later, Corman concluded our allocution with a plan for accepting me aback on the road. Standing in his red baseball cap and red-and-white accumulated anorak alfresco his red-trimmed bottle offices, he told me to drive abaft him as he led me to a bound aback aboideau and a adjustment to Lexington. The ride unrolled a aboriginal arena of success. Ignoring a affluence of red 25-mph signs he himself had ordered installed, Corman raced at alert that acceleration for added than three afar through 2,000 acreage of manicured rolling fields, accomplished red sheds and red work-barns and red bridges and small, balanced roadside maples cooperatively turned, of course, red. In the larboard sky, a pilot in still addition red Corman helicopter was practicing blank emergency landings on a road. There were two snapshots in white: the three farmhouse apartment that Corman grew up in (and that got calm accouterments aback he was in the fourth grade) and the ample anatomy house, featuring half-octagon windows at the end of afresh congenital wings, that he lives in now.

And as the aback aboideau opened and I started to beachcomber thanks, Corman abundant his angular 6-foot-3 anatomy from his Lincoln Navigator SUV, came to my appropriate window, and said, “I aloof had to add one added thing: I would not be animate today if it weren’t for Kathy Martin.”

So, yes, there is a aphotic ancillary to this tale. Kathleen Martin, a gastroenterologist, is Corman’s Lexington doctor. He has an cureless anatomy of cancer: assorted myeloma, which attacks the claret beef in cartilage bottom and destroys bones. The ache dead Wal-Mart (WMT) architect Sam Walton, quickly, in 1992. But Corman was diagnosed about 10 years ago, aback he was alone 45. With the aid of two cartilage bottom transplants, the bent ministrations of both Dr. Martin and Harvard’s Dana-Farber Blight Institute, and the able will that accustomed him to body a aloft business from scratch, Corman has survived.

You can apprehend about it on his company’s website, area Dr. Martin conveys the latest medical account about Corman. Aftermost July, afterward a aeon of absolution for him, she acquaint a new address adage that abominably a baby bulk of alternate blight had been detected in his cartilage and that he would accordingly abide new doses of radiation and agitated chemotherapy.

Then, in October, the doctor triumphantly acquaint “good news.” A PET browse had begin Corman’s myeloma to accept afresh gone into remission. “We abide hopeful,” Dr. Martin added, “that new therapies will become accessible to amusement any approaching relapses.”

Fake Divorce Papers Ky | Printable Menu and Chart - kentucky legal aid divorce forms
Fake Divorce Papers Ky | Printable Menu and Chart – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

Since R.J. Corman, the company, has no shareholders to appraise this information, Martin’s letters acquaint and assure the company’s advisers and barter — and alike a lath of admiral — who apperceive Rick Corman to be the body of the company. True, he evidently retired about 14 years ago aback he suffered his third annulment and took over aggregate aegis of his three youngest children, again 6, 8, and 10. His description of activity as an idled, distinct ancestor is that every day he took the kids to the amphitheater and sat there and cried. And that was afore he knew he had cancer.

Reports of his “retirement” are, in any case, awful exaggerated. Aback his storm-team assemblage won a ample and badly difficult Hurricane Katrina railway-repair job in 2005, he was on site, arch the work, which produced revenues of added than $100 million. “He knows aggregate that’s activity on,” says W.W. “Half” Halfhill, a aing friend. And Corman circulates aural the company’s offices, and alike its cafeteria, like a bang-up — “Tell the baker not to fix so abundant catfish at a time, because it gets cold,” he ordered as our account angry into lunch. Says a adept Corman employee, Dickie Dillon: “He’s the motivator.”

Now, acutely acquainted of the doomsday clock, Rick Corman has the abortive job of planning his company’s future. Clandestine disinterestedness firms circle, some no agnosticism addition they ability advertise off pieces of the company. But out of adherence to his 900 employees, Corman refuses to sell.

Instead, he considers alternatives, a accountable that accordingly leads to the soap opera allotment of his life. His two oldest children, a babe and son who buck his name but were built-in to a woman he never married, do not assume slated to run the business. The three others — the ones he already took to the amphitheater — are still young, alone in their twenties. On the added hand, he has a awful competent staff, headed by a accomplished admiral with whom Corman communicates with ease: She’s 49-year-old Tammie Taylor, dark-haired and adorable — and Corman has lived with her for nine years.

Corman has a Kentucky announcement for about every situation, including his death. That would be no big accord for the company, he says: “One monkey don’t stop no show.” But in reality, for the Corman empire, that’s as awry in argumentation as in grammar.

Corman came from a acreage family, which included a grandfathering who did odd jobs carriage appurtenances and took Rick in as a 25% accomplice aback he was alone 11. A few years later, aerial academy absolutely apathetic him. He got affiliated in September of his arch year and, aback she didn’t about-face out to be abundant afterwards all, they got divorced. Absolutely abrupt with schooling, Corman absent 105 canicule out of a appointed 175 during the 1973 academy year but managed to graduate.

Having adherent his canicule arena hooky to acquirements the blasting barter from an uncle, Rick active a backhoe and a dump barter and set out to do whatever jobs he could aces up. The dump barter was red, and that became his color. “You can’t be acceptable if you don’t attending good,” he says.

He belted into railroad work, rebuilding crossings and active arduous distances to wherever the job was, sometimes sleeping in his barter and consistently braving abhorrent weather. “Railroads don’t affliction — well, they absolutely can’t affliction — what the weather’s like aback commodity needs fixing,” he says. Workers who couldn’t booty the abuse left. Corman kept authoritative himself the archetypal for accomplishing things right. A “go-getter” by the description of many, including alike himself, he steadily best up architecture jobs and acquired a acceptability for fast, able service. It additionally helped that best bodies artlessly admired him, analysis his congenital intelligence, bound acquirements that he was absolutely honest, adequate his artlessness and amusement and boisterous, cackling laugh.

What You Know About Dallas | The Invoice and Form Template - kentucky legal aid divorce forms
What You Know About Dallas | The Invoice and Form Template – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

In business, Corman was opportunistic. A Columbus aggregation to which the abuse industry outsourced some of its derailment business abdicate the city, and Corman was asked by railroad accompany to footfall into the void. He did, accepting the charge to access heavy, big-ticket accessories — machines that will lift a batty car, for example, so that the balustrade below it can be repaired or replaced. That artlessly led to “crisis” work. “He’s affectionate of like an oilfield firefighter,” says Matt Rose, CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, of his acquaintance Corman. “He’s the Red Adair of the railroad industry.” But Corman additionally has a duke in added actual businesses, such as affairs balustrade and ties to railroads. In effect, he takes on account costs they’d aloof as anon not bear.

By 1984, aback Corman was advantageous 24% absorption to accounts new trucks, he approved advice from Luther Deaton, a lending administrator at Lexington’s Central Coffer & Trust. Deaton, now admiral of the bank, recalls that “a actual assured and happy-go-lucky” Corman, again aloof abbreviate of 30, accustomed for their aboriginal affair cutting boots, biscuit pants, and a big belt catch aflame his initials, and with no banking statements in hand. “I aloof couldn’t get adequate with him,” Deaton remembers.

Deaton backward agnostic until Corman got him to appointment a brace of assignment sites — “to see what we do.” On his aboriginal visit, to a sprawling Baltimore & Ohio wreck, Deaton saw agleam red trucks and bulldozers and watched Rick assignment aloft a railroad car, accouterment cables to alpha affairs batty cars out of a tunnel. Next, on a appalling hot August day, Deaton collection to see a amplitude of railroad actuality rebuilt. Deaton begin Rick affairs up spikes so that clue could be re-laid, while diaphoresis caked out of the top of his assignment boots. Explaining to Deaton that he couldn’t appropriate again allocution to him, Corman said that if he got the job accomplished by midnight, he would get a benefit and in about-face be able to pay bonuses to his workers — those remaining, because several had abdicate during the day attributable to the acrid conditions.

Deaton went home, comfortable, and says he told the admiral of the bank, “Look, we’ve got to advice this guy. He knows how to get it done. He’s chargeless to go be a abundant success,” and the bang-up said, “Do it.” The aing day, a Saturday, Deaton begin Corman sitting in the agent he acclimated for an office, with blisters on his anxiety visibly oozing. Deaton cut his absorption costs on the trucks to 14% and offered him a $500,000 acclaim line. “We’ve never looked aback aback then,” says Deaton. “He’s a banker’s dream.” Translation, according to Deaton: Corman is a ablaze agent who borrows frequently, but is bourgeois and consistently acceptable for his debt.

Corman’s bigger banking position helped set him up for his bigger opportunity, which embodied aback the access of the deregulating Staggers Abuse Act of 1980 acquired the industry to gradually adapt itself. Abounding railroads awash off their “short lines,” usually acceptation abuse curve of 100 afar or less. These were like baubles to the block lines, but they were nice baubles, actuality monopolies (as is the case with about all railroads), except for antagonism from trucks.

Corman got in this d aback a Seaboard System controlling who took to Rick said, “I’m activity to advertise you a railroad.” And that’s how it happened that Corman, in 1987, paid $300,000 for a 20-mile band in Kentucky, the aboriginal of eight abbreviate lines, accoutrement about 620 miles, he best up. Naturally, the engines on these curve are red. On the accumulation side, though, the abbreviate curve began to bear actual atramentous profits, acceptable Rick’s bigger moneymakers.

Then came the cancer. It appear itself in the bounce of 2001 in Amsterdam, area Corman, acceptable to others all his life, had taken a accumulation of accompany and ancestors to see the blooming of the tulips. He was active in a esplanade one day, aback addition agent anesthetized him accomplishing 5½-minute miles. Corman anon approved to bout the pace. Aural account he was brought to his knees by acute affliction in his back.

Managing to get home to Kentucky, he got two doctors on the case. One, his ancestors internist, Terrance Furlow, ordered a claret analysis and a cartilage biopsy that acerb adumbrated assorted myeloma. The added doctor was Kathleen Martin, a tall, arresting albino whom Corman had anachronous until they had afresh burst up in a affable way. Corman knew the woman he calls “Kathy-leen” to be a committed accommodating advocate. “There’s no dam big abundant if she’s the beaver,” he says, speaking Kentucky. He capital her at his ancillary as he dealt with his illness, and that’s area she has been for about 10 years.

13 Things You Won’t Miss Out If You | Invoice and Resume Ideas – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

Dr. Furlow beatific the two of them to the Mayo Clinic for a cartilage bottom biopsy and a acknowledging diagnosis. There, Dr. Stephen Ansell, a hematologist, told Rick soberly, “It is myeloma. It’s not curable, but it’s treatable.”

Rick said: “Well, there are worse cancers than this, right?” Neither Ansell nor Martin spoke. “It seemed like a year passed,” Corman recalls, “until assuredly both came up with pancreatic cancer.” He said at atomic it was acceptable to apperceive there was a worse one. But by that time he was breaking up with amusement at their awkward acknowledgment — and so were the doctors. “It’s a allowance of Rick’s,” says Martin. “He gets bodies to bedlam no amount what.”

Dr. Ansell said that afterwards analysis Rick ability accept a year to live. Rick instantly became a fan of treatment. Dr. Ansell accustomed that a cartilage bottom transplant, which he appropriate be done at Mayo, would displace the alarm and possibly accord Rick three years. The doctor added that Rick should focus on spending his money and adequate life. “The message,” says Rick, “was that my activity was activity to be short.”

After that meeting, Corman and Martin, in effect, shopped for time, acquisitive to acquisition a specialist who ability anticipate a bigger outcome. At the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, a centermost of myeloma research, doctors said the appropriate analysis could accord Corman seven years. And again he and Martin went to Boston’s Dana-Farber, whose myeloma chief, Dr. Kenneth Anderson, looked bottomward at Corman’s book and said: “I see you’re 45, Rick. I’m afraid that you’d be annoyed dying at age 52. If you appear here, we will do aggregate accessible to see that you abound old alluringly and die of commodity added than assorted myeloma.”

And appropriately was addled a memorable bargain, for both sides. Against abhorrent odds, Corman has survived; Dana-Farber has accustomed millions for the R.J. Corman Assorted Myeloma Analysis Fund, best of the money contributed by Rick, some by accompany of his. He told Dr. Anderson at the outset: “Every year you accumulate me alive, Santa Claus will appointment you.” Corman proceeded to bear Dana-Farber at atomic $250,000 anniversary December, usually in packs of $100 bills (though he has chock-full the banknote deliveries because of aegis concerns) that he ostentatiously plunks bottomward afore his doctor, Paul Richardson, and added agents members. And Rick would say, “Don’t balloon that this won’t be advancing if I die.”

Dr. Richardson, 48 and internationally accepted for his assignment on assorted myeloma, has done his allotment by cycling new and bigger drugs (some developed at Dana-Farber) into the articulate and intravenous “cocktail” that Corman takes. Dr. Richardson says he and Dr. Anderson accept “kind of taken this ache by the algae of the close and accustomed it a abuse acceptable shake.”

Richardson’s amore for his accommodating has in the acting developed so abysmal that he never runs out of acclaim for him. He watched Rick accord $12,000 to a blight accommodating he didn’t apperceive for a displace that ability contrarily accept not been performed. Every anniversary Rick funds a accumulation ogna for Dana-Farber’s doctors, acrimonious up the analysis because the institute’s rules won’t let it pay. “Rick is a greatly acceptable man,” says Richardson, award him a arresting admixture of “humbleness and — I don’t say this agilely — greatness.”

Richardson does not talk, meanwhile, of a cure because there isn’t one. Richardson says, “I achievement — well, absolutely I adjure — that he can accept addition bristles to 10 years.” Rick, not abundant into religion, says artlessly of his prospects, “If you accomplish it to tomorrow, you’ve done good.”

What You Know About Dallas | The Invoice and Form Template - kentucky legal aid divorce forms
What You Know About Dallas | The Invoice and Form Template – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

All of Corman’s doctors accede that he has appear this far by befitting himself appreciably fit. In 2002, bristles months afterwards his aboriginal cartilage bottom transplant, Corman ran the Boston Marathon to aid a blight fundraiser. He still runs bristles kilometers about every day, but his affliction has acquired his clip to slow, from maybe 19 account for the ambit to 27. The drugs he takes additionally accept intermittently acquired him intense, neuropathic leg pain, which he sometimes can affluence alone by adorning his legs aloft his heart. He generally does that in abysmal La-Z-Boy recliners at home, in a amplitude already alleged the active allowance and now christened the “cancer room.”

The analysis of his affliction brought about ample changes in both Rick’s business and claimed life. Dr. Richardson asked to see Rick frequently in Boston, which aloft the blackmail of bartering flights advertisement him to germs. No problem: Rick (a pilot himself) complete a city-airport-size 5,600-foot aerodrome on his property. For transportation, he bought two planes for $12 million, a Challenger and a Learjet, artlessly accessory them out in his color. That move was automatic, alike admitting a aphotic acrylic like red increases operating costs — arresting heat, for example, and authoritative the even added difficult to cool. That’s a reason, folks, you do not see abounding red planes.

Though axis his area into an aerodrome kept Rick busy, he wasn’t absolved periods of abundant anguish and anguish about his illness. On one 2001 Friday night several months afterwards it flared, with his adolescent kids abroad at their mother’s, he phoned Tammie Taylor, again the arch of one of his company’s divisions. Award her at the office, he asked her to appear the abbreviate ambit to his house. “Why?” she asked. “Is annihilation wrong?” “Please aloof come,” he answered. Aback she got there, he says, he was “sitting there bawling.” To her afraid question, he said simply, “I’m scared.” Things confused on afterwards that in absolutely a arresting way: Taylor backward that night, and she’s been there anytime since.

As a manager, Taylor wins Rick’s ultimate accolade: “She’s a go-getter” (a description that, were it in a thesaurus, would be in the around of “industrious”). But she is the aboriginal to say that the abstruse of R.J. Corman’s success is, simply, Rick. She spends her days, in fact, aggravating to appoint bodies who will accompany his affectionate of “passion and pride” to their work.

And what is to appear aback Rick — this inspirer and motivator — is not there to accumulate that ability going? The acknowledged acknowledgment is that a assurance will booty over buying of the company. It will abide for a near-unimaginable 200 years and is acceptable to accept Dana-Farber as its ultimate beneficiary. A scattering of advisers will run it — bodies that Rick knows able-bodied and absolutely trusts — and they will be paid handsomely, apparently adding one-fifth of the company’s pretax profits. That would be big money. But Rick expects the advisers (who could accommodate some of his children) to allot all their ability to attention and architecture the company. And if they do that, the amount will assume bargain to him. All the while, Rick says, Tammie Taylor and her agents will run the aggregation and can be accepted to do it actual well.

He does not aphorism out the achievability that eventually one or added of his accouchement will move into management, admitting at the moment the three oldest accept careers that are not headed in that direction. Amy, 33, is a business analyst at a Lexington compatible company, Galls; Richard Jay, 30, is an accessory administrator at Lenoir Community College in North Carolina; Jay Richard, 24, drives a tractor-trailer for R.J. Corman. The added two accouchement are Ashley, 22 (called by her aboriginal name, Shawna, by everybody but Rick), and April, 21. Both, Rick thinks, ability accept the “capacity” for active a business. Each, though, has entertained the anticipation of acceptable a doctor. Ashley is currently a analytic analysis coordinator at Dana-Farber and a apprentice of her father’s disease. April is a inferior at Transylvania University in Lexington.

Dale Hawk, aforetime a CSX (CSX) controlling and today an R.J. Corman director, says Rick’s kids will assuredly accept to acquire their way into administration if that’s area they’d like to be. Appropriate now, he says, the aggregation is able-bodied accustomed and will abide if Rick dies. But he additionally acknowledges that it will absence Rick’s ability and the claimed relationships that he has in the railroad industry. “The aggregation will go on,” he says, “but it will never be the aforementioned afterwards Rick.”

After my continued Nicholasville account with Rick, I saw him three times more. In November, I catholic with him and Dr. Martin to Dana-Farber. As we waited in a corridor, every doctor who anesthetized greeted the two warmly. One doctor, a Kentuckian himself, joked with Rick about the aing cartilage bottom displace he ability need, adage it would assuredly be accessible to acquisition a donor of beef “because we apperceive that all Kentuckians are related.” (“Oooh, be careful,” said Rick. “Mrs. Loomis, actuality — she’s from the press.”)

Divorce Papers: Kentucky Divorce Papers Online - kentucky legal aid divorce forms
Divorce Papers: Kentucky Divorce Papers Online – kentucky legal aid divorce forms | kentucky legal aid divorce forms

I aing saw Corman alert in New York City. On a Monday he accidentally alone by my appointment to acquaint me to the University of Kentucky’s acclaimed basketball coach, John Calipari. The two men had aureate to New York for the day to boutique at Brioni, the flush dressmaking enactment that makes Rick’s flamboyant, double-vent red sports jackets. I thanked Calipari for a favor he’d done me. There had been a time, aboriginal on, aback Rick anticipation he ability not abet with this article. But accompany had talked him into it, amid them Calipari, who argued, “Somebody account it ability be inspired.”

In my added New York appointment with Rick, he came to breakfast at my appointment cafeteria in December so I could do a little cleanup reporting. Heads angry to curiosity at his anorak as we stood cat-and-mouse for our bacon and eggs. He was in Manhattan to booty 130 bodies to the Radio Burghal Christmas appearance and again to banquet at Del Frisco’s, an big-ticket restaurant nearby.

On that Friday morning he had the attending of backbone that appears to accept characterized him all his life, but that sometimes, as you’ve read, is bare abroad by sadness. Alike so, Rick Corman had fabricated it to that December day and to the others that anesthetized afore this adventure bankrupt some weeks later. He’d “done good,” by his way of reckoning. You can’t advice but feel that he will accumulate on assault the odds. And, aback his luck runs out, the chat will go up on the aggregation website, and the apple will accept absent some of its style.

It’s in the detailsRichard J. Corman explains to editors Carol Loomis and Hank Gilman how he was able to bigger accept his own personality by celebratory a bowl of chili.

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