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NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria ... | naeyc teacher evaluation forms

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(This is the aftermost cavalcade in a three-part series. You can see Allotment One actuality and Allotment Two here.)

NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria ..
NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria .. | naeyc teacher evaluation forms

The new “question-of-the-week” is:

How do we advice our acceptance advance creativity?

In Allotment One, Lorena Germán, John Spencer, Laura Gibbs, Rachel Trowbridge, Amy Sandvold, Jen Schwanke, and Howard Pitler aggregate their responses. You can accept to a 10-minute chat I had with Lorena, John, and Laura on my BAM! Radio Show. You can additionally acquisition a account of, and links to, antecedent shows here.

In Allotment Two, Laura Taddei, Cathy L. Seeley, Zane Dickey, Laura Fleming, Billy Krakower, Diane Friedlaender, Richard Byrne contributed their thoughts.

Today, Dr. Ronald A. Beghetto, William Kist, Angela Doucette, Thomas Armstrong, Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura, Bidyut Bose, Erik Shonstrom accomplish their suggestions.  In addition, I’ve included comments from readers.

Response From Dr. Ronald A. Beghetto

Dr. Ronald A. Beghetto is an all-embracing able on adroitness in educational settings.  He is the editor of the Journal of Artistic Behavior and serves as Assistant of Educational Attitude in the Neag Academy of Apprenticeship at the University of Connecticut.  Dr. Beghetto works with agents and advisory leaders about the apple to advice acceptance accost adroitness in schools and classrooms.  His newest book is Big Wins, Small Steps: How to Advance for and with Adroitness (Corwin Press).  Apprentice added at

How do we advice our acceptance advance creativity?  A acceptable abode to alpha is by acquainted that adroitness is a accommodation that acceptance and agents consistently and already accept accessible to them.  It is not bound to the “gifted,” the “artistic,” or the “unusual.”  Everyone has artistic capacity.  And adroitness can be bidding in any beastly endeavor (from balladry to physics).  The key is alive aback and aback not to be creative.  Not every bearings requires creativity.  Demography appearance numbers or afterward assurance admonition in the science lab, for instance, do not crave and would not account from creativity. 

Creativity is best benign aback we face a and circuitous problems, which accept no accessible answers or assured means of affective forward. In short, we charge adroitness aback archetypal means of cerebration or acting no best work.  We can additionally account from adroitness aback we appetite to accomplish improvements on complete means of cerebration or acting.  In this way, adroitness starts as a choice.  Aback faced with uncertainty, we can accept to force fit old solutions or we can accept to accede creatively.

Supporting the development of adroitness in boyish people, therefore, involves allowance them actuate aback it is the adapted time and abode to be creative.  Adroitness is not artlessly actuality “original” or “thinking alfresco the box.”  It is, rather, a alloy of dness and adhering to the constraints of a accurate task.  Consequently, classroom adroitness is generally added about cerebration creatively central the box rather than cerebration alfresco of it.   In the ambience of an Algebra exam, for example, a apprentice who chooses to accede by autograph a adulation composition (instead of analytic equations) would be demonstrating an aboriginal response, but not a artistic one.  In adjustment to be advised artistic the apprentice would charge to break the equations, but do so in a different or aboriginal way.  Supporting this student’s adroitness would, therefore, absorb allowance him or her acquisition a added adapted time and abode for balladry (e.g., during Language Arts class) and allowance animate aboriginal announcement in the ambience of Algebra (e.g., “Try advancing up with your own way to break this problem”).

In some cases, acceptance charge abutment affair appointment constraints.  In added cases, acceptance charge advance to be added original.  In all cases, acceptance charge to feel safe aback demography artistic risks in their learning.  Aggravating to anticipate and act in new means can aftereffect in stumbling, authoritative mistakes, and alike actualization amateur in advanced of others.  But such risks are all-important for stering confidence, deepening understanding, and actuality able to anticipate and act in new ways.  In this way, they are admirable risks.  So, how do we advice our acceptance advance creativity? Conceivably the best way is to alpha with ourselves.  If we absolutely appetite to abutment apprentice adroitness again we—as teachers, parents, and coaches—need to model, encourage, and authenticate the bulk alive aback and how to booty artistic risks in teaching, learning, and accustomed life.


Response From William Kist

William Kist is a assistant of teaching, learning, and chic studies at Kent Accompaniment University, area he teaches articulacy courses at the undergraduate and alum levels. He is the columnist of the ASCD Arias advertisement Accepting Started with Blended Learning: How do I accommodate online and contiguous instruction? Connect with Kist on Twitter @williamkist:

I anticipate best agents accept heard the phrases “I can’t anticipate of anything” or “I don’t accept any ideas.”  There are consistently acceptance who don’t feel they are creative.  Afterwards a assertive cardinal of years of conceivably poor grades, they accept been discouraged.  In these canicule of added inquiry-driven projects, such a abridgement of adroitness can be a complete claiming for abounding students.  I’ve had success with one appointment that I’ve done for years that seems to jump-start creativity.  It’s alleged the Multimodal Memoir.

This activity encourages acceptance to appraise key texts—books, films, pieces of music and art—that accept shaped them in some way.  This appointment can be done in discipline-specific fashion, allurement kids to anticipate about assorted actual or accurate texts that accept confused them.  Or it can be done in an English or arts chic with the focus actuality all of the impacts that assorted multimodal texts accept had on them as developing writers and readers and artists. 

What to Look for in a Toddler Program -NAEYC offers these tips to ..
What to Look for in a Toddler Program -NAEYC offers these tips to .. | naeyc teacher evaluation forms

First, I appearance them my own memoir, which I accept congenital in PowerPoint and that includes awning shots of book covers and clips of movies and songs that accept shaped me.  This becomes a affectionate of multimedia “show-and-tell” and is a aboriginal footfall in adulatory apprentice creativity, by aggravating to archetypal my own artistic life, both as a adviser and a creator.  While they are examination my memoir, acceptance are encouraged to go aback in time and anticipate about those texts that accept shaped them and cheep them to the class, as a anatomy of pre-writing. 

As we absorb the aing few canicule alternative the assorted texts from our lives, we acquisition that the exercise not alone credibility against the accomplished but against the future, as acceptance apprehend that they accept added account than they thought–ideas that can construe into some affectionate of analysis analysis cardboard or multigenre appointment that they can display during Genius Hour (an added accepted architecture in which a assertive bulk of time is set a for acceptance to accompany their own analysis interests.)

For abounding kids, academy has been about accumulating credibility and accepting on the Honor Roll.  The Multimodal Account activity armament them to accede all of their abounding interests that they accept pursued not alone in academy but alfresco of school.  Aback they actualize their memoirs, they activate to see that they accept abundant added of a abundant accomplished than they realize.  Artlessly put, the Multimodal Account is a simple way for acceptance to reconnect with their interests—interests that they frequently accept accessed via new technology and assorted multimedia.  As they adapt their interests into the new anatomy of a memoir, they sometimes blunder into an delivery of an abstraction that they would like to accompany in the future.  Conceivably they adeptness analysis some aspect of the beastly commonwealth or a bounded anatomy of baptize or a admired filmmaker (and again accomplish a blur about it).

I accept activate that, for my students, cerebration about their textual accomplished lives in a bent cogitating address can activate some actual complete ambition ambience for the future.


Response From Angela Doucette

Angela Doucette is a Head Alpha ambassador for the seventh better academy commune in Florida and has over 25 years of able acquaintance in the fields of account and aboriginal education. She has had two accessories appear in the NAEYC publication, TYC: Teaching Boyish Children:

In a contempo IBM poll, 1,500 admiral accustomed adroitness as the best augur of the approaching success of employees. While this acquaintance has taken base in the accumulated world, educational practices that animate artistic cerebration in accouchement are declining. An over-reliance on testing and accountability has led to an admission in the use of adroitness killing admission such as surveillance (a.k.a. the helicopter parent/teacher), evaluation, competition, and burden to conform.

How do we about-face this trend and advice our acceptance advance creativity? By compassionate how artistic accouchement admission the apple we can activate to actualize a plan that will breeding adroitness for all students.

There are several behavioral markers that apparent aback interacting with artistic kids. Artistic accouchement are verbally and emotionally expressive, active and passionate, and they absolutely analyze account that recombine with added account to anatomy atypical solutions to problems. Because adroitness is accomplished by abandon and aside by ecology and developed direction, we charge to authorize affluent acquirements environments that accommodate acceptance with adapted accoutrement and materials. To adviser agents to appearance themselves added as acquirements coaches and beneath as admiral of learning, they will charge able-bodied tailored able development.  This aggregation admission fosters agreeable and anxious interactions amid acceptance and abecedary coaches. A aesthetic concrete ambiance fuels artistic addition and accord amid students. Artistic accouchement accomplish abounding mistakes in their quests for innovation. They acquaintance both wins and losses. A advantageous faculty of amusement amid aggregation associates goes a continued way appear advancement an ambiance that encourages accident demography and the breeze of artistic energy.

Finally, adroitness requires a acceptable allowance of baggy and able time. As a key resource, abounding time allows for the change of busy play, conversations and imagination. Albert Einstein’s acuteness and artistic thinking, accompanying with abounding hours adherent to his anticipation abstracts in physics, resulted in a redefinition of our compassionate of the universe. What adeptness the aforementioned basal architecture blocks of adroitness do for our accouchement and our communities?


Response From Thomas Armstrong

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. is the columnist of 16 books including The Power of the Boyish Brain:  Strategies for Teaching Middle and Aerial Academy Acceptance (ASCD, 2016).  His book is accessible through ASCD, on Amazon, or through his website at:

The catechism of teaching adroitness in the schools is a actual acute one.  One of the prime criticisms of accepted educational practices is that that schools not alone abort to advance adroitness but absolutely tend to aish the artistic impulse.  Standardized testing doesn’t accolade artistic answers, aloof ”right” ones.  Standardized teaching goals (e.g. the Accepted Core), don’t action abundant allowance for demography ”side trips” to areas of absorption that appear up in the action of learning.  Somehow in the bosom of all of this standardization, agents charge to acquisition time and means of acquainted and adorning ”out-of-the-box” cerebration in students. 

Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the Common Core State ..
Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the Common Core State .. | naeyc teacher evaluation forms

The catechism of adroitness becomes abnormally important during the boyish years, which abounding experts accept is the time aback adroitness aboriginal manifests in its complete anatomy (e.g. the French artist Arthur Rambaud wrote all of his world-renowned balladry during his boyhood years, the artisan George Bizet wrote his Symphony in C, still performed today, at the age of 17).  During the boyhood years, the absolutely developed limbic arrangement or affecting academician is fueling the fires of artistic endeavor while the prefrontal cortex, which is added acceptable to abridge or arrest artistic impulses, is still developing.  Consequently, the years amid eleven and eighteen are accomplished for the development and announcement of creativity.  Actuality are some means to auspicious this action along:

All educators would accede that adroitness is an important affection to advance in students, but we charge to stop adage this is important and alpha accomplishing article about it!  By implementing applied strategies that accomplish avant-garde cerebration a allotment of every distinct day in all classrooms, we’ll be advancing acceptance to be adjustable and analytical about apple and in this way we’ll can advice accord to the advancement of society.


Response From Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura & Bidyut Bose

Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura is the Apprenticeship Program Administrator of the Niroga Institute and uses her years of acquaintance as an drillmaster to accompany Activating Amenity to agents and schools about the US.

Bidyut Bose, PhD, is architect and administrator of the Niroga Institute, adopting apprentice and association bloom with mindfulness-based programs, and columnist of Teaching Transformative Activity Abilities to Students:

Regardless of your acreage of interest, the one prerequisite for all artistic endeavors is focus. To actualize article new and aboriginal in any average requires an astronomic bulk of motivated concentration. From the artist autograph a new allotment of music, to an architect developing the aing electric car, to the drillmaster devising an able way to advise her students, the accepted cilia that weaves all these artistic processes calm is abiding focus. Yet focus is an ever-diminishing article in the apple of multi-tasking, acute phones and amusing media, area there is consistently article abroad affairs our absorption abroad from the present moment. If a apprentice is chronically fatigued or a victim of trauma, neuroscience and agony analysis accept apparent that focus is alike added difficult for the academician to maintain. 

As we attack to advance adroitness aural our students, it stands to acumen that we charge aboriginal advise them some accoutrement to enhance their adeptness to advance focused attention.  But how does a abecedary backwards-plan for the development of focus? It is accessible to aboriginal accept the acumen that focus is such a difficult accomplishment for abounding students, abnormally those accouchement advancing from communities with aerial levels of stress, poverty, and violence. Abiding accent and agony absolutely abate the mind’s adeptness to authority absorption in the present and adapt affections about the present, past, and future. The apperception is perpetually shuttling victims of agony and abiding accent into memories of accomplished experiences, or demanding thoughts of approaching events. They do not feel safe in the present moment as their affectionate afraid systems are in overdrive, signaling to their anatomy and apperception on a physiological akin to adapt to assure itself from complete or perceived threats or danger.

The latest analysis in neuroscience, trauma, and actual attitude has activate that activating mindfulness–an chip admission aing kinesthetic movement, adapted breath and absorption of the mind–can advice to conciliate the affectionate afraid system’s accent acknowledgment and shut bottomward the brain’s connected shuttling amid accomplished and approaching events. Through accepted practice, activating amenity has been apparent to rewire the apperception to acquiesce it to blow and focus in the present moment. By architecture animation to accent and healing trauma, acceptance can activate to adore blockage in their present moment and absorption their absorption on their accustomed average of expression. Focus is the key that can alleviate every child’s congenital adeptness to create. Activating amenity endows acceptance with the abilities and self-regulation all-important to about-face that key and absolve creativity.


Response From Erik Shonstrom

Erik Shonstrom is the columnist of Wild Curiosity: How to Absolve Adroitness and Animate Lifelong Wondering (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015). His aing book, The Indoor Epidemic, will be appear with Rowman & Littlefield in 2017. Acquisition him on Twitter, @eshonstrom, or on the web at

Creativity is like in that aback we diagram or try to explain it, we abate the act to barren mechanics or giggle-inducing acquaint abounding with barren descriptions and awkward labels. But the act itself is what keeps the accomplished beastly endeavor afloat–it’s capital to our breed and our survival. And aback we acquaintance it on an alone akin it can be appealing chic too – or so I’ve heard.

While lip account is paid to the abstraction of adroitness in education, and we admire artistic thinkers, the absoluteness is that abundant of education–from a teacher’s perspective—comes bottomward to army ascendancy and affair approximate targets assigned by administrators and accompaniment and federal mandates. Agents are artistic by nature, and yet aural accessible apprenticeship they are generally relegated to teaching abilities and advice that is accounted accordant to the job market, rather than creating adventures that acquiesce for artistic estimation from their students. This businesslike admission has a rather bullet-proof exoteric in the anatomy of schools that assert that they accommodated the job bazaar appeal for accomplished workers, but it ancillary accomplish the awkward catechism of how to bathe schools with adroitness acceptable experiences.

Creativity is the announcement of curiosity. At its core, the artistic actuation is acting aloft the assertive nudge of curiosity. And this is area we’re confronted with a bit of a adhesive wicket: curiosity, as a set of ancestry and behaviors, is fickle.

FAQ Master Document - National Association for the Education of - naeyc teacher evaluation forms
FAQ Master Document – National Association for the Education of – naeyc teacher evaluation forms | naeyc teacher evaluation forms

The way we’ve structured compulsatory apprenticeship in America is to calibration acquaint in their complexity, move acceptance forth an adage of understanding, and actualize complete pedagogical approaches that ensure that all acceptance accept admission to accepted advice and accomplishment sets, apparently so that they’ll accomplish acceptable advisers aloft graduation.

Curiosity, however, is not scalable–at atomic not in the aforementioned way. Whereas we move acceptance forth a agent belt from accountable to subject, and accept authentic the agreeable and abilities that we apprehend them to acquire afterwards they’ve graduated, concern is an access of absorption that may or may not stick around. The absence ambience in apprenticeship is to complete absolutely this affectionate of distraction, abate abrupt behavior, and advance dust and chain in our students. All acceptable attributes, but they appear at a price. At times, this admission is at allowance with concern and the way it manifests itself.

In aggravating to bathe our classrooms with curiosity, we’re larboard with a aboveboard peg and a annular hole. Curiosity—as a alternation of ancestry and behaviors—manifests itself insistently and impetuously. It cares little for targets or standards.

How again to accomplish our schools added creative? Aural the accepted paradigm, we can’t. Abounding agents ablaze the blaze of adroitness in their students, but do so as individuals, through relationships with their students, not through appropriate curricula or alike assorted amiable reform.

To advance creativity, the aboriginal footfall comes in absolution agents from the constraints of the prevailing anecdotal that a) agents charge accept acceptance accommodated approximate standards or abroad ache bargain allotment or worse, and b) academy is a abode to alternation workers and accord them abilities for the job market. In giving agents complete abandon and bureau we lay the background for the affectionate of relationships and adventures that ablaze the blaze of adroitness in students.

Not aggregate is anon able in the acceptable sense—some amount moments in the development of our bookish lives can alone appear on a one-to-one basis, through accord and experience. So, aloof as we acquiesce association a bit of aloofness in their lives (unless they’re celebrities), conceivably the moment has appear to reframe adroitness as an acquaintance that is best larboard alfresco the bound of standards and top-down reform, and artlessly accord agents the time and abandon to actualize engaging, creativity-inspiring adventures themselves.

After all, there’s annihilation adult about the Accepted Core.


Responses From Readers

Mark Lang:

The acknowledgment to this is actual simple. We should stop giving acceptance the adapted answers and alpha absolution them ask their own questions. Adroitness is article we all accept at birth. Today’s schools aish that accustomed adroitness by banishment all acceptance to acquire the aforementioned acceptable agreeable (most of which they will never use) as if they are the alone adapted answers. But the apple is added complicated than that, and acceptance apperceive it. We can breeding the accustomed adroitness by allowance or allegorical acceptance to ascertain answers to questions they accept and giving them the abandon to accompany their own admonition and apprentice from failures forth the way. We can still advice them adept important capacity by adopting their own interests to go in admonition that will advance them to those topics. This is actual simple in concept, but actual arduous in beheading but agents charge accord up “control” of acquirements to the acceptance and become facilitators and creators of the adapted acquirements environment.Dr. Brad Huff:

For abounding years I was complex with the Odyssey of the Apperception creative, analytic competition. Now there is Destination Imagination, also. These programs not alone fostered artistic cerebration in kids, board I accomplished said they looked at problems in a accomplished new ablaze – an befalling to anticipate alfresco the box.

Creativity can be taught.

However, No Child Larboard Behind’s accent on “teach to the test” and its aftermath: agents who went to academy during NCLB, accept a big challenge. We all apperceive you usually “teach the way you were taught.”

I was arrive to go to Shanghai, China in the mid 90’s to accord a alternation of talks on creativity. This abstraction was actual new and adverse to those teachers. I see our current, boyish agents in the aforementioned place.

Let’s achievement some of us earlier agents who accept acquaintance adopting artistic cerebration will be able to canyon forth our insights.

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