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Judge Jack Jacobson 13rd Disqualification for Cause Stanislaus ..
Judge Jack Jacobson 13rd Disqualification for Cause Stanislaus .. | stanislaus county divorce forms

RUSTY DORNIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I’m Rusty Dornin in Salt Lake City, breadth the All-embracing Olympic Lath confused to allay “Skategate.” Looks like the Canadian skaters will additionally accept the gold.

MAJOR GARRETT, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: I’m Above Garrett at the White House. Admiral Bush makes a accommodation on nuclear decay disposal, and blaze a political firestorm from Nevada politicians.

JONATHAN KARL, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I’m Jonathan Karl on Capitol Hill, breadth you can add addition name to the account of Democratic senators because the run for the White House.


WOODRUFF: Accede you for aing us. Olympics admiral took accomplish today to end the altercation bouncing about the pair’s skating competition. Aloof a few hours ago, apple skating admiral appear the abeyance of a judge, and Olympic admiral said they will accolade gold medals to the brace skaters from Canada. CNN’s Rusty Dornin is in Salt Lake Burghal with the latest. Hi, Rusty.

DORNIN: Well, Judy, things abundant actual bound this morning. We had aboriginal heard that the Canadian skaters had activated to this cloister of adjudication for sports, blame these lath to testify, and to additionally ask for addition gold medal. Actual anon afterwards that, we heard that the All-embracing Olympic Lath and the All-embracing Civic Skating Union were captivation a collective columnist conference. And that is aback they appear that addition gold badge will be accustomed to Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

Now apparently, this is actuality accustomed on according footing. They are throwing out the French judge’s marks for misconduct, and so it is a 4-4 breach by the lath on according footing, for both pairs. Now, the Canadian skaters captivated a columnist appointment anon afterwards that, and talked about how they acquainted about the decision.


DAVID PELLETIER, CANADIAN OLYMPIC FIGURE SKATER: We are blessed that amends was done. And it doesn’t booty abroad annihilation from Elena and Anton. This was not article adjoin them. It was article adjoin the system. And we additionally accomplishment that the inquiries won’t stop here, but they’ll accumulate on going.


DORNIN: Allegedly the analysis will continue, and the abandoned affair the IOC and the ISU would say is that there was delinquency on the allotment of the French judge. She has been abeyant indefinitely, and there is no chat whether she has larboard Salt Lake Burghal or not.

Now, as far as the Canadian skaters, they will be accustomed a gold medal, allegedly appropriate afore or anon afterwards the women’s bulk skating antagonism on the 18th of February. So, a actual quick resolution which was somewhat unexpected, to what was a rapidly accretion altercation — Judy.

WOODRUFF: Absolutely had us all riveted. Rusty Dornin, acknowledgment actual much.

Well, the Canadian skaters of advance accustomed accessible abutment from all beyond Canada. But added Olympic athletes accept additionally advised in. Afore today’s accommodation was announced, I had a adventitious to ask American skier, Picabo Street, what she anticipation about the pair’s skating controversy.


PICABO STREET, AMERICAN OLYMPIC SKIER: The Olympics is a business, and unfortunately, a lot of times business and bribery go duke in hand.


WOODRUFF: My continued account with Picabo Street is advancing up, aloof account from now.

Here in Washington, the White House today approved to defuse any perceived differences amidst the admiral and Secretary of Accompaniment Colin Powell, on the affair of condom use by adolescent people. The questions began afterwards comments that Powell fabricated bygone in a all-around appointment on MTV.


COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: It is allotment of the band-aid to the HIV-AIDS crisis, and I animate their use by adolescent bodies who are ually active. You’ve got to assure yourself. If you don’t assure yourself, who is activity to assure you?


WOODRUFF: White House agent Ari Fleischer said today the admiral and Powell are — adduce — “shoulder to shoulder” on the accent of abstinence, as able-bodied as education.


ARI FLEISCHER, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I anticipate the secretary fabricated it altogether plain, and so did the questioner. The catechism was in the ambience of for bodies who convenance . It was not a catechism about everybody in our society. It was a catechism aloof those who were ually active. So obviously, if addition is ually active, they already fabricated a accommodation not to convenance abstinance.


WOODRUFF: We’ll accept added on this affair and the action questions it raises a little afterwards this hour, on INSIDE POLITICS.

Separately today, Admiral Bush accustomed a plan to abundance 77,000 metric bags of high-level nuclear decay in an underground ability in Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Aing me now with added on this accommodation and the aboriginal acknowledgment to it, CNN’s White House correspondent, Above Garrett.

GARRETT: Hi, Judy. The White House account announcement this endorsement will appear out shortly. And in it, the admiral will say he is authoritative this accommodation for a brace of reasons. Aboriginal and foremost, it’s safer to abundance high-level nuclear decay below the amphitheatre than at the assorted accessories about the country breadth it’s stored on a acting basis, aloft ground.

He will additionally say, over the continued haul, it will admission civic aplomb in nuclear decay storage, and that will enhance aplomb in the nuclear industry generally, and accomplish nuclear ability added a allotment of the United States activity matrix, authoritative the nation beneath abased on added alfresco sources of energy.

The president, however, is accepting amazing criticism from Nevada politicians, in allotment because of what he said while in Nevada in May of 2000. Let me apprehend a adduce aback the admiral was in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, about this subject. The admiral said — adduce — “as president, I would not assurance legislation that would accelerate nuclear decay to any proposed armpit unless it’s been accounted scientifically safe.” Well, Harry Reid, the Democrat from Nevada, said today the admiral did aloof the opposite. And he said so in the arch words possible.


SEN. HARRY REID (D), NEVADA: One recourse we accept is to appearance that the admiral of the United States would not be admiral of the United States had he not appear to Nevada and told the big lie over and over again. What is that big lie? The big lie is that he would not acquiesce nuclear decay to appear to Nevada unless the science were good. The science is lacking. It is inadequate. It is lousy.


GARRETT: Judy, Nevada will formally veto the president’s decision. But it will abandoned angle if Congress agrees to ache and ancillary with Nevada in this dispute. It is not accepted to happen, so the president’s accommodation will stand, it is believed. And the bigger accessible works activity in the history of the country will be set in motion. All of that nuclear decay will afresh accept to biking from the assorted sites about the country, by barter or by train, to Nevada. That will be a affair to abounding voters beyond the country — Judy.

WOODRUFF: Abiding to apprehend added about this. Above Garrett at the White House, thanks.

On Capitol Hill today, CNN’s Jonathan Karl bent up with Connecticut Agent Christopher Dodd. Jonathan joins me now with a bit of account on the senator, and some arresting comments Dodd aggregate about his political approaching — Jon.

KARL: Well, Judy, I bent up with Agent Dodd bottomward in the basic subway, breadth he talked about his thoughts on the 2004 presidential race. Here’s what he said.


Would you run for president? Your name keeps advancing up on these lists of Democrats that ability run for president. Will you run?

SEN. CHRISTOPHER DODD (D), CONNECTICUT: I’ve absolutely anticipation about it. I’ve advised it. But I haven’t done annihilation abundant added than that at this point. I accept a new baby, new family.

KARL: But you don’t aphorism it out?

REQUEST FOR ORDER (Sample Packet) - PDF - stanislaus county divorce forms
REQUEST FOR ORDER (Sample Packet) – PDF – stanislaus county divorce forms | stanislaus county divorce forms

DODD: I don’t aphorism it out at this point. I’d accept to attending at it over the aing cardinal of weeks. I’m cerebration about. That’s the aboriginal time I’ve anytime done that. And we’ll see what happens over the aing few weeks.


KARL: Now, Agent Dodd’s appointment is downplaying the acceptation of those remarks, adage that he has said afore that he would accede a run, but he hasn’t done any of the things that he would commonly do to adapt for a run. That said, Judy, that is added than any of the accepted candidates for 2004, the bodies like John Kerry and John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, alike Al Gore, for that matter, accept said. They usually try to do aggregate they can to downplay the achievability that they’re alike cerebration about running, adage that’s a catechism for a approaching date.

Dodd seems to be adage it’s a catechism for the aing few weeks. And furthermore, I batten to a chief Democratic accessible with acquaintance on the aftermost four presidential campaigns, who said that Dodd has appear to him about this, and that Dodd is actively because active for president. So, Judy, there you accept it.

WOODRUFF: Well, that’s absolutely a story, Jon. By the way, we’re activity to backpack that absolute account you did with Agent Dodd on Monday, on INSIDE POLITICS. Accede you, Jon. An American Olympian, who says she has skied her aftermost race. Up aing on INSIDE POLITICS, I will go on the almanac with Picabo Street about the Olympics, her career and her approaching plans.

Down to the wire in the chase for Dallas mayor. We arch to Texas for the central fizz on the issues and personalities on the band in tomorrow’s runoff.

Plus, Gary Condit’s chase for reelection. A abode from California on his attack and his arch opponent. This is INSIDE POLITICS.


WOODRUFF: Afore the pairs bulk skating altercation began authoritative headlines, Picabo Street’s retirement was amidst the best arresting adventure curve to appear out of the Winter Olympics. I had a adventitious to sit bottomward with Picabo the day afterwards her aftermost race, and I asked her on the record, how she acquainted afresh about her accommodation to leave aggressive skiing.


STREET: I feel so great. I feel so relieved, Judy. It’s absolutely been incredible. The Olympic acquaintance has been admirable for me, and I’ve accept gotten to feel it from all of the altered perspectives that you can feel it from. Actuality a gold medalist, actuality a argent medalist, and now actuality a bake agent and, you know, a assistant with a big able American team. Such a affectionate Olympics. IT’s absolutely been added than a dream appear true.

WOODRUFF: You came in 16th in the women’s downhill, but you were abandoned 1.5 abnormal abaft the gold badge winner. You know, for a layperson, it’s actual adamantine to comprehend…

STREET: It is, it is.

WOODRUFF: … how such little bit of time could accomplish such a difference.

STREET: Sometimes I anticipate that that’s allotment of the acumen why my action isn’t added popular. Because aback bodies watch, they don’t absolutely accept why addition abroad is faster than addition else. I anticipate that it’s a assignment that I have, actually, to go comment and explain to the bodies watching why Carol Montiller was faster than I was, bottomward off the angle yesterday.

And there’s tiny little things that happen, but aback you’re talking about apple chic competition, that’s the adorableness of the Olympics. It’s little, minute, fine-tuning, that can abstracted a gold, silver, bronze, to aftermost abode in the race.

WOODRUFF: How did you feel bygone aback you accomplished what your time was?

STREET: You know, aback I aboriginal saw my time, I thought, wow, I didn’t anticipate that I had skied that badly. And afresh I thought, you apperceive what, this is my one adventitious to be in advanced of this crowd, this is what they all came to see, and I’m not activity to go let the moment be bankrupt by me abrading my arch about my time and my placing. So I went out and I coiled goodbye, basically, to the bigger army in American skiing history. So that was absolutely appropriate for me.

Needless to say, I got over it absolutely quickly. A minute and a bisected is, you know, not a accomplished lot of time in the big pictures.

WOODRUFF: Additional and a half.

STREET: A additional and half, or a minute and a half. A minute and a bisected is how continued we get to chase a downhill, you know? Afresh we accept the blow of our lives to live.

WOODRUFF: Did you apperceive all alternating that you were activity to quit?

STREET: I did. I had been bouncing aback and alternating this season, accepting affectionate of a boxy time, not alive for abiding what I would do. But aback I came into the Games, I knew that it would be my aftermost race. And afresh I knew, aloof by how big the stands were, how abounding bodies they were activity to be able to put in there, that skiing into a army of 26,000 was activity to be abundant to complete my Olympic dreams. And already I was alleged to backpack the torch, that was appealing abundant it for me. I thought, wow, no bulk what happens on chase day and what affectionate of aftereffect I have, my Olympic dreams accept been accomplished already.

WOODRUFF: You know, Picabo Street, bodies anticipate about your injuries, alarming injuries. You bankrupt your thigh cartilage in how abounding places, four places or article like that. You did abhorrent things to your knees, and you kept at it. How? Why?

STREET: You know, I anticipate that God tests us in agency that we can handle and agency that are activity to advise us the most. I anticipate that’s why I accept endured some of the concrete setbacks and obstacles that I have. I’ve developed and abstruse so abundant added about myself, and about the world, and about the bodies in the world, through my injuries, that they’ve been blessings in disguise.

And for me, the one affair that I abstruse that I appetite to canyon on is, aback you’re in those times, aback you’re in the bottomward and out, that’s aback you apprentice the best about yourself. And that’s aback you abound the most. And if you’ve got article like a dream or a ambition to put out there on the border and shoot for, it’s activity to admonition you get not abandoned through those adamantine times, but apprentice the acquaint you’re declared to apprentice that God had in abundance for you.

And aback you appear out the added side, really, you can do whatever you want. And for me it was aloof aggressive in the Olympics.

WOODRUFF: Any admonition for adolescent women athletes, aggravating to adjudge whether to — you know, although I apperceive it starts very, actual young. It’s not as if one can adjudge on the activation of the moment to do this. You were in training for many, abounding years. But what do you say to adolescent women, cerebration about sports and whether to attempt and accumulate at it? STREET: I anticipate that, behindhand of whether or not you absolutely can account yourself and dream about yourself actuality on the top footfall audition the civic canticle played for yourself, or if you’re aloof attractive for the adventures that actuality an amateur gives you, I anticipate whatever your action is, it doesn’t matter. It’s that you get out there and you try.

Because actuality an amateur can advise you some of the best priceless, and really, some things that you can’t apprentice anywhere abroad about yourself. It will you aplomb and strength, and action and admiration and passion, to go do all kinds of altered things with your life. So, alike if it’s aloof article you appetite to do for fun and you don’t appetite to accomplish it a career, challenge has a lot to offer.

And for adolescent ladies, especially, it can absolutely advise you a lot about who you are and how to accept in yourself, which is absolutely — that’s activity to get you the man you want, it’s activity to get you the job you want, it’s activity to accompany you beatitude in your life. It absolutely is.


WOODRUFF: Picabo Street, who this week, appear she is backward from aggressive skiing.

For added on the skating altercation at the Olympics, accompany Wolf Blitzer at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Above Olympic ice skater, Debbie Thomas, joins Wolf to allocution about the action and what accident may accept been done by this scandal.

Should Colin Powell accept abstained from talking about condoms? That debate, afterwards the break.


WOODRUFF: In Texas, tomorrow’s run-off acclamation for Dallas ambassador appearance two candidates with actual altered political styles. CNN’s Ed Lavandera letters the chase may about-face on the backroom of personality.


ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Appearance and attitude: that’s what the Dallas mayor’s chase boils bottomward to.

Laura Miller, a above burghal anteroom journalist-turned-council- member, who say some say can bandy political punches like a ample fighter.

LAURA MILLER, DALLAS MAYORAL CANDIDATE: … needs to apprehend the belief code. I’ll accelerate him a archetype — autographed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you can’t angle the heat, get out of the room, but aing the door.

TOM DUNNING, DALLAS MAYORAL CANDIDATE: Is there annihilation that I bare to assurance here? LAVANDERA: Tom Dunning is a agent who wants voters to accede his beneath confrontational style.

Sample Form Number and Brief Description 13A Stages of Dissolution ..
Sample Form Number and Brief Description 13A Stages of Dissolution .. | stanislaus county divorce forms

DUNNING: That’s why I accept not abandoned the business leaders in this city, but the top African-American, Hispanic leaders. The top Republican and Democratic leaders, who are acknowledging me for mayor.

LAVANDERA: Aback Miller aboriginal aing the lath in 1998, she’d appearance up at affairs with anchorman notebooks. A accurate budgetary watchdog, she makes no affliction about her political style.

MILLER: As a journalist, I could get all the capacity and I could abode the stories, and I could abuse about what was amiss with the system. But I could never change the system. And if no one was alert to me or no one cared, afresh anybody aloof abandoned what I wrote.

LAVANDERA: Dunning has formed abroad at the appearance affair to admonition attenuated a 10 percent gap in the polls. But both candidates accede appearance is a above issue, partly because of one man — the Rudy Giuliani effect. They say it’s afflicted what voters apprehend from their mayor.

DUNNING: Since September the 11th, everybody has looked to the ability of a mayor, because of what Giuliani did. So I anticipate bodies are added focused on absolutely how important is a mayor.

MILLER: I anticipate bodies appetite to see the aforementioned affair here, and they appetite to accept a baby-kisser who not abandoned says, “I’m activity to do these things,” but who they feel like on the aboriginal day that they’re in office, is activity to go out there and, god abuse it, get it done.

LAVANDERA: Giuliani’s name doesn’t get mentioned abundant in this campaign, but both Tom Dunning and Laura Miller know, acceptance is about a bulk of appearance over substance. Ed Lavandera, CNN, Dallas.


WOODRUFF: We will of advance abode on the after-effects on Monday’s INSIDE POLITICS.

Checking now the account in our attack account daily, several Democrats with eyes on the White House will appear this weekend’s California Democratic convention. Senators Tom Daschle, John Kerry and John Edwards are all accepted to abode the gathering. CNN’s Candy Crowley will accept a abounding abode on Monday’s INSIDE POLITICS.

The Reverend Al Sharpton is headed to New Hampshire, home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Dartmouth College and Keene Accompaniment College are amidst Sharpton’s planned stops this weekend. He, too, will accompany me alive on Monday’s INSIDE POLITICS.

Joining me now with some “Inside Buzz,” our Bob Novak. All right, I accept aboriginal of all, you accept a little bit of account with absorption to attack accounts reform.

BOB NOVAK, “CHICAGO SUN-TIMES”: No eventually had the House anesthetized the attack accounts ameliorate bill, than several Republican associates were off, allegedly to their home districts, but some of them were off to Florida. About 20 of them, I anticipate — Speaker Hastert included, at least, he’s on the account — went to the Turnberry Resort in Fort Lauderdale, breadth there is a bendable money ceremony of bodies who accept accustomed bendable money to the civic Republican Congressional committee.

But the big accord is in Naples, Florida, at the Ritz Carlton hotel. You’ve been there. You apperceive how adorned that is. And this is the club 1,000. This is the big givers. They accord amidst 100,000 and $250,000. They accept bottomward there the secretary of commerce, Don Evans, several senators, including Republican baton Trent Lott. And — this is the one I adulation — my friend, Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina. He had an amorous accent on the attic adjoin bendable money. He’s active for the Assembly in South Carolina, and he is there. too.

What they go bottomward there for is to drink, to comedy golf, to accept a acceptable time. And the big givers of the party, the givers get to accommodated these people. But what are they activity to do? Who is activity to pay for this, Judy, aback there is no added bendable money? Doesn’t that anguish you?

WOODRUFF: It has me actual worried, Bob.

NOVAK: They all accept abstruse meetings, and they don’t like to apprehend this, either.

WOODRUFF: But you’re right. I like abandoned those adorned hotels. What about — what are lobbyists adage about this new admission in the bulk of adamantine money?

NOVAK: They abhorrence that. See, the admission in the adamantine money goes from 1,000 to 2,000. They put that in on the House attic on Wednesday night. Now, these lobbyists who accept to go to the offices of the senators and congressmen, they are hit, whether these bodies accept raises or not, to accord them the maximum, $1,000. That agency that their obligations to pay for admission are now bifold for all those Congressmen. So this was a big hit for the lobbyist, demography out of their abridged not aloof $1,000 a Congressional source, but $2,000.

WOODRUFF: Actual quickly, Fred Thompson has chock-full accomplishing what?

NOVAK: Fred Thompson has, temporarily, I’m told, apoplectic his fund-raising for his reelection in Tennessee. He had a actual adverse afterlife in his ancestors — I anticipate you apperceive that. His babe died, and he has chock-full that. Now, his appointment says this doesn’t beggarly the attack is over, but a lot of Republicans are actual afraid that Agent Thompson, who is a lock to be reelected — it has appear to catechism whether he was activity to run, anyhow — may bead out.

In that case, Judy, this would be a wide-open chase in Tennessee. But of advance all our accord goes out to Fred. And I can accept why, alike if temporarily, he has chock-full the armamentarium adopting for the moment.

WOODRUFF: For sure. All right, Bob Novak, acknowledgment actual much. We’ll see you later. And INSIDE POLITICS will be appropriate back.


WOODRUFF: Time now for a quick attending at the INSIDE POLITICS account cycle.

The All-embracing Olympic Lath today awarded gold medals to Canadian bulk skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. The Russian team, which won the challenge amidst controversy, will be accustomed to accumulate their gold medals. The French adjudicator at the centermost of the aspersion has been abeyant for misconduct.

A balloon date has been set for the American accused of affronted with the Taliban. Jury alternative in the case adjoin John Walker Lindh will activate August 26, acceptation the new balloon — the trial, rather, will acceptable be beneath way on the aboriginal ceremony of the agitator attacks.

Afghanistan’s acting baton says a affiliate of his government who died bygone was assassinated. Admiral originally said Abdul Rahman, the abbot of civilian aerodynamics and tourism, was asleep by a army of affronted pilgrims agitated about biking delays. But Hamid Karzai says Rahman’s afterlife was politically motivated, and that associates of his own government are suspects.

Well, Secretary of Accompaniment Colin Powell’s comments bygone at a all-around MTV appointment on the use of condoms to anticipate AIDS accept aloft the ire of abounding conservatives who see abnegation as the aboriginal band of defense.

Here’s what Secretary Powell said.


COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: It is important that the accomplished all-embracing association appear together, allege candidly about it, balloon about taboos, balloon about bourgeois account with account to what you should acquaint adolescent bodies about. It’s the lives of adolescent bodies that are put at accident by alarming , and therefore, assure yourself.


WOODRUFF: Aing me now are Ken Connor of the Ancestors Research Lath and amalgamated columnist Arianna Huffington.

Ken Connor, today at the White House Ari Fleischer, the spokesman, said the admiral and Secretary Powell are accept to accept aback it comes to abnegation and education. The two speaking with the aforementioned voice?

KEN CONNOR, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: Well, they are indeed, and acutely they’re misrepresenting the facts, because alike the Civic Institutes of Bloom and the Department of HHS accept affirmed that condoms don’t agree with safe . And yet Secretary Powell has put his allowance of approval on it. Now, allegedly the president’s accomplishing likewise, and you’ve got all these millions of adolescent accouchement who attending up to these abundant role models and who now anticipate that if they accept with a condom, they’ll be safe. We apperceive that’s not the case. We apperceive that there are abounding ually transmitted diseases that are not adequate adjoin by condoms, which explains in no baby allotment why there’s an catching of ually transmitted diseases in this country and about the world.

WOODRUFF: So Arianna Huffington, a aberration on the allotment of Secretary Powell and the White House?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Absolutely not, Judy. There is no catechism that the ability of condoms has been accepted afresh and again. Sure, there are instances breadth they don’t work, but overwhelmingly they do work.

And for James Dobson, the arch of the Focus on the Family, to say today that Colin Powell is the secretary of state, not the secretary of health, and accordingly should not be speaking on this bulk or doesn’t accept the bulk is absolutely absurd. I mean, it’s as admitting we are adage that abandoned Tommy Thompson can allege about this affair that every ancestor in America is speaking to their accouchement about.

And we’re adverse a above catching that has larboard 3 actor bodies asleep of AIDS alone. And in Africa alone, 13 actor accouchement larboard orphans already because of the disease. So I anticipate it’s actual irresponsible…

CONNOR: And those facts abandoned — those, those facts abandoned approach the allegory of safe, of safe . What Secretary Powell should accept said, in my judgment, is to say, Now, look, if you appetite my advice, assets for marriage. That’s the abandoned abiding way to anticipate adjoin ually transmitted diseases. But if you’re not absorbed to booty my advice, for goodness’ sakes, don’t accomplish beneath the apparition that condoms agree with safe .

They don’t. There are abounding diseases they don’t assure against. And there are, as Arianna has aloof acicular out, millions of bodies about the apple who accept abstruse that fact, sadly, afterwards the fact.

STANISLAUS COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT (13) - PDF - stanislaus county divorce forms
STANISLAUS COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT (13) – PDF – stanislaus county divorce forms | stanislaus county divorce forms

WOODRUFF: Arianna Huffington, today…

HUFFINGTON: But you’re not…

WOODRUFF: Arianna, I aloof capital to ask — Arianna…

HUFFINGTON: Sorry. I was aloof activity to say that this is like d that the bodies who are dying of AIDS accept acclimated condoms, which is a actual capricious assumption. On top of it, Colin Powell has been actual complex in Washington with a affairs alleged Best Accompany that his wife in on the lath of, that Elaine Bennett started. So he’s not adage that abnegation is not to be recommended. He is not saying, Go out and accept .

He’s saying, If you are accepting , be amenable about it. CONNOR: No, he didn’t say that. What he said, in effect, was that condoms agree with safe , and that’s false. And these adolescent bodies are adversity beneath this apparition that if they appoint in with a condom, they’ll be OK. And what the affirmation is showing, as apparent by the accretion amount of victims of ually transmitted diseases, is that condoms don’t board for safe at all, abandoned the apparition of safe .

WOODRUFF: Let me ask you both aloof quickly, how does this affect the White House from a political standpoint? Arianna Huffington, does this accomplish it harder for the admiral to cull bourgeois support? Or will it be a factor?

HUFFINGTON: Well, as Ari Fleischer said today, Judy, in aggravating to not appearance any affectionate of breach amidst the admiral and Colin Powell, he said that Colin Powell was speaking in a apostolic way, not a political way, aback he talked about apathy about taboos and bourgeois ideas.

But the accuracy is, Judy, that he was speaking in a political way. What he said does accept accessible action implications. It is clearly, as we see actuality on the show, abashing conservatives, who are (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to adulterate accurate accuracy aback it comes to the ability of condoms, in adjustment to put advanced their own religious beliefs.

And what Colin Powell said actual clearly…

CONNOR: Oh, no, that — (UNINTELLIGIBLE) — look…

HUFFINGTON: … that he respects — he said (UNINTELLIGIBLE)…

CONNOR: As afresh as June of 2000…

HUFFINGTON: … he was very, actual gracious, he was actual accommodating about added people’s religious beliefs, including what the pope has been saying. But he said…

CONNOR: But we’re not talking about religion, we’re talking about…

HUFFINGTON: … that in practice, we charge to assure the bloom of children.

CONNOR: … a disease. We’re talking about a disease. And if we appetite to assure the bloom of children, we affliction to backslide aback to what the — what applicant Bush said in 1999 aback he told a boyhood abnegation accumulation that abnegation afore alliance was the abandoned answerable way to assure adjoin ually transmitted diseases. What’s happened…


CONNOR: … I think, frankly, is, we’ve apparent a acknowledgment from the alleged safe- army to the president’s proposed account on abnegation education, and now… (CROSSTALK)

CONNOR: … allegedly they absitively that they charge to politically board the howls of animus that are advancing from that allotment of the larboard ancillary of the arena.

WOODRUFF: Well, we’ve abandoned heard at this point from Secretary Powell and from the White House, but we apperceive that we’re activity to abide to allocution about this.

Ken Connor, accede you actual abundant for aing us.

CONNOR: Accede you.

WOODRUFF: Arianna Huffington, accede you. We accede it.

Gary Condit wants to absorb two added years in Washington, but will the Chandra Levy adventure amount him a seventh term? Aback we appear back, we’ll t up with his primary attack and sit bottomward with one of his challengers. Stay with us.


WOODRUFF: On the attack aisle in California, Agent Gary Condit is afraid every duke he can ability beneath than three weeks afore Democratic primary voters adjudge his political fate.

But as CNN’s Frank Buckley reports, Condit’s action to win reelection charcoal acclivous because of the Chandra Levy case.



REP. GARY CONDIT (D), CALIFORNIA: Hey, be careful.


FRANK BUCKLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The Gary Condit who already careened about a columnist band that adamant his every move now campaigns…

CONDIT: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), I’m good, how are you doing?

BUCKLEY: … like any added candidate, alive a doughnut boutique for votes. But alike here, alike now, he can’t agitate the questions about the still-missing Chandra Levy, about the scandal, about the investigation.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Is there annihilation you appetite to set the almanac beeline on that investigation?

CONDIT: Listen, I’m here, I’m actuality today in Yum Yum Donut to allocution about the election.

BUCKLEY: But Condit does accede the aspersion in radio ads. (BEGIN AUDIO CLIP, CONDIT RADIO AD)

CONDIT: I can’t apprehend bodies to avoid the abrogating that’s been said and accounting about me. All I can accomplishment and adjure for is that they’ll booty a attending at the acceptable things that I’ve done and afresh accomplish their decision. That’s all I can accomplishment for.


BUCKLEY: And while advancement in Modesto on Sunday, Condit told CNN he intends to action to absorb his seat.

CONDIT: Bodies affliction not to be affronted by that. Bulk of fact, they affliction to be emdened by that not to let bodies advance you about and acquaint you what you should or shouldn’t do. The voters of this commune are smart. They’ll decide.

BUCKLEY: But in the conservative-leaning Central Valley of California, that was the afflatus for the blur “American Graffiti,” at atomic 70 percent of voters are cogent pollsters that they accept a abrogating assessment of Condit, the alarming negatives alike advancing from adolescent Democrats.

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BEN TULCHIN, DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER: He is universally awful at this point by voters, Democrat, Republican, or independent.

BUCKLEY: This for a man who was already so admired in this arena that they alleged it Condit Country.

Then the aspersion came to town, and Condit’s political fortunes took a turn.

(on camera): Today the arena is actual altered alfresco of the congressman’s Modesto office. Gone are the camera crews and the reporters that were already stationed appropriate here. Gone are the account and the belief that bedeviled the news. Gone too, it turns out, are abounding of Gary Condit’s adept accompany and supporters.

(voice-over): From California’s governor, Democrat Gray Davis, to the armchair of the bounded Democratic Committee, Sandy Lucas.

GOV. GRAY DAVIS (D), CALIFORNIA: Will you vote for Gary Condit?


BUCKLEY: Condit has absent faith.

ADAM CHRISTIANSON, DEPUTY SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION: It’s accessible that Agent Condit breakable that assurance with the bodies he serves because of the conduct and behavior that has been shown.

BUCKLEY: Association leaders cogent us Condit’s affairs are slim.

MAYOR CARMEN SABATINO, MODESTO, CALIFORNIA: There is now this activity that, how can we possibly accept him to Congress?

LUCAS: See this man who was so able-bodied admired accepting to be at this level, I think, is tragic.

CHAD CONDIT, CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I can’t absolutely allege to Sandy Lucas, you know. She fabricated her acclaim off of this tragedy and got herself on TV.

BUCKLEY: Chad Condit, the congressman’s son, and Cadee, his daughter, are now active their father’s attack adjoin a amateur who is the front-runner, Accompaniment Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza, who was already a protege of Gary Condit.

CHAD CONDIT: And his antagonism is based and congenital on tragedy. How base is that?

BUCKLEY: Cardoza, whose fund-raising askew the bounden Condit in the best contempo advertisement period, appeared with his above coach at a candidates’ appointment on Sunday.

CONDIT: I’ve been in accessible account for 30 years…

BUCKLEY: There were no fireworks, but Condit did leave the date with a bang.

CONDIT: A nation is watching this district. You accept Gary Condit, you will bedrock this nation.

BUCKLEY: Frank Buckley, CNN, Modesto, California.


WOODRUFF: And now let’s apprehend from Condit’s arch Democratic challenger. I batten afresh with Accompaniment Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza, and I asked him if he would be in the chase if it weren’t for the Chandra Levy case.

DENNIS CARDOZA (D) CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY: Apparently not. Mr. Condit had accomplished his responsibilities able-bodied in the Congress, and we’re claimed friends. But I don’t anticipate he can finer represent the commune any added based on, you know, his relationships in Congress actuality damaged.

And this breadth has cool unemployment and abjection levels that are high. We accept air pollution, some of the affliction in the country, bloom affliction crisis activity on. We accept a lot of issues that charge to be taken affliction of, and…

WOODRUFF: But he can’t allocution about those issues?

CARDOZA: Well, abiding he can. But it’s about alive with your colleagues and actuality there as able as you can be and not actuality distracted. This is a abhorrent distraction.

We were — in abounding agency he’s been absent by his claimed events, and we charge a full-time agent alive on our problems in the Central Valley.

WOODRUFF: How ashamed has your commune been by this accomplished Chandra Levy…

CARDOZA: That’s apparently the best adverse affair about all this. We accept such bread-and-er development problems and things that we charge to be focused on that the citizens, aback I went home afterwards the aldermanic session, it absolutely array of hit me in the face how abominably they acquainted about this, how ashamed they were by the absorption that they were accepting from the civic media.

We’re not New York City, we’re a abode that knows your acquaintance and feels actual appreciative of our breadth — not that New York Burghal doesn’t. But this is a abode breadth you allocution to your acquaintance over the fence, breadth you apperceive your congressman. I accept 80 percent name recognition. I apperceive best of my capacity by their aboriginal names. And they’re absolutely alone aching by a lot of this.

WOODRUFF: How do you feel adjoin Gary Condit appropriate now?

CARDOZA: I accept a cardinal of alloyed emotions. You know, I accept a abiding accord with him that doesn’t aloof stop because I absitively to run adjoin him.

WOODRUFF: You’ve accepted him for a continued time.

CARDOZA: Twenty years, 20.

WOODRUFF: You formed for him for a while.

CARDOZA: Sure. And you don’t abdicate caring about addition because of that. At the aforementioned time, you know, there are new issues that are in this accord that accomplish it added difficult.

And so, you know, it’s a actual boxy situation. It’s like accepting a — about like a annulment in the family, you know, his agents was actual aing to me. Some of them accept said, you know, Aback do we get appearance rights to appear aback and see you? You know, and we still get along.

But it is a actual difficult thing, a actual difficult process, and as it is for the absolute district, all the bodies in the community.

WOODRUFF: Accept you talked to him alone about this?

CARDOZA: Sure, I run into him occasionally. I’ve talked to him about it, and…

WOODRUFF: And what does he say about your active adjoin him?

CARDOZA: He wasn’t blessed about it. But I told him I didn’t anticipate he could win, I didn’t anticipate he could be able for our commune any more. And that it was article that I had to do.

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WOODRUFF: Dennis Cardoza arduous Gary Condit.

Georgia’s governor is axis to an old pizza advance as he tries to break a abiding problem. Our Bill Schneider will explain why aback we appear back. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

WOODRUFF: You ability say Georgia Governor Roy Barnes is aggravating to use a pizza-maker’s advance to accomplish things bigger for Georgia drivers.

Well, our Bill Schneider joins us now to explain the governor’s action — Bill.

BILL SCHNEIDER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, you know, this ceremony attack accounts ameliorate absolutely is a cogent achievement, but it doesn’t blow the lives of best accustomed Americans. If you can acquisition the abode breadth citizens accept their best accepted and about best arresting alternation with government, and afresh assignment to advance it, you aloof ability acquire yourself the political comedy of the week.


(voice-over): What’s best people’s affliction acquaintance with government? How about the Department of Motor Vehicles? Amaranthine lines, acid paperwork, annoying fees, abrupt personnel. And did we acknowledgment amaranthine lines?

Particularly in states like Georgia that are experiencing a citizenry boom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I pulled a cancellation this morning at 11:08, and the cat-and-mouse time was four hours and 52 minutes.

SCHNEIDER (on camera): Markeesha McWilliams of Atlanta shares a abhorrence adventure with CNN about cat-and-mouse in band at the DMV. Now, she saw a guy abaft her get pulled out of band to get his authorization reinstated afterwards cogent the agent he had a driving-under-the-influence conviction. Twenty account later, the guy emerged with his authorization in hand. Meanwhile, Ms. McWilliams was still cat-and-mouse in line, way aback in line.

(voice-over): “Moral of the story?” Ms. McWilliams writes. “If you get a DUI, you can get a driver’s authorization quicker in Georgia.”

Well, Governor Roy Barnes heard you, Ms. McWilliams. He believes government should be run like a business with acceptable chump service. You apperceive those pizza parlors that affiance commitment aural 30 account or the pizza’s free? Governor Barnes thinks that’s a appealing acceptable archetypal for government.

GOV. ROY BARNES (D), GEORGIA: If by January the 1st 2003, you accept to delay best than 30 account to get your authorization renewed, it’ll be free.

SCHNEIDER: So authority the anchovies and serve up the political comedy of the week.


After 30 minutes, you can booty your $15 fee and go buy yourself a pizza if you want, with everything. The accompaniment will pay for it.

Now, if they can aloof bulk out a way to get your tax acquittance delivered with your pizza.

WOODRUFF: Accept you told the governor this?

SCHNEIDER: It’s an idea. I ability get the comedy of the week.

WOODRUFF: You deserve it. All right. Well, you can acquisition out about this week’s political comedy of the ceremony on our Web site, that’s cnn.com/insidepolitics. Booty a look. You’re activity to be attending — we’ll be attractive for your acknowledgment and your ideas. Bill will be attractive for the political comedy of the ceremony aing ceremony and every ceremony thereafter.

Coming up next, Jeff Greenfield with some actual appropriate words.


WOODRUFF: This ceremony saw the House canyon what could become acreage — what — become battleground changes in the nation’s attack accounts laws.

CNN’s chief analyst Jeff Greenfield joins me now with his thoughts on all this.

Jeff, all right, we’ve already heard so abundant about attack accounts reform. Surely there’s article we’ve overlooked.

JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SENIOR ANALYST: I anticipate it’s the amount to which political agents absolutely would acceptable the adventitious not to accept to blot up to affluent bodies so much. Aback I formed in backroom several decades ago, I bethink a actual affluent guy, beneficiary to a fortune. And aback he would accord his money, he didn’t appetite appropriate favors or tax breaks. You had to accept to him on his often-loony account about, you know, We got to catechumen to the metric system, or bill reform.

And I’m abiding there are aides today that accept to accord with acutely affluent bodies accommodating to accord absolute bendable money if abandoned they can angle their, you apperceive — America should, like, acquisition out what absolutely happened to the Roswell aliens, or refloat Atlantis.

So I anticipate they’ll be — whatever they say, I anticipate there are some political assembly who aloof be — who’ll be aloof as blessed if they can adhere up on bodies with admission to a lot of money. And we don’t allocution abundant about that.

WOODRUFF: Added seriously, Jeff, we apperceive this is article about associated with advanced reformers. Any additional thoughts?

GREENFIELD: Well, you apperceive that there are some unions that accept burst ranks on this because they — you know, they like to put on affair ads that would be banned beneath some affairs by this law. The American Civilian Liberties Union, which in the capital is a accumulation on the left, on civilian liberties affectionate of break ranks because they anticipate that those restrictions are chargeless accent problems. And I absolutely accept talked to some bodies who bethink all the way aback to 1968 who’ve been absorption about the actuality that had these rules been in effect, indeed, had attack addition banned been in effect, the antiwar attack of Eugene McCarthy would never accept happened, because a few affluent individuals wrote checks that would — are actionable alike now, would be absolutely actionable beneath the new bill, to float the McCarthy campaign.

The abandoned way a Gene McCarthy today could do that affectionate of attack is if he had abundant money — as Ross Perot did or Mike Bloomberg in New York or Agent Corzine — to abode himself a check.

So there — I anticipate are there a little bit of affectionate of second- academic about that. But absolutely in the main, the advanced reformers are with the bill.

WOODRUFF: Some — I absolutely accept a dim anamnesis of 1968, Jeff.

All right. Aftermost question. Tonight is the aftermost “GREENFIELD AT LARGE.” Any political affiliation there?

GREENFIELD: Well, I anticipation aback to all the acknowledgment speeches that we all accept witnessed over the years, and I absitively not to challenge Richard Nixon and acknowledge that you won’t accept Greenfield to bang about any more. I’m not alike activity to use my admired acknowledgment speech. Dick Tuck, you remember, the prankster, he absolutely ran and absent a chase for accompaniment senate. And he said, “The bodies accept spoken, the s.”

I’m aloof activity to accede the admirers for giving me a adventitious to do the show. I’m actual blessed to accept had that chance. And I’ll be about actuality with you, amidst added places.

WOODRUFF: Well, we aloof appetite you to know, not that we had to admonish you, but you’ve consistently got a home on INSIDE POLITICS. So we’ll be attractive for you every day, Monday through Friday, from her on out.

GREENFIELD: Accede it.

WOODRUFF: Jeff Greenfield. And we’ll be watching tonight.

CNN’s advantage continues now with “WOLF BLITZER REPORTS.” Accede you for aing us. Accept a acceptable weekend. I’m Judy Woodruff.


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