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The Detroit News. October 9, 2018

MICHIGAN SALES TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE (FORM 12) - michigan sales and use tax form
MICHIGAN SALES TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE (FORM 12) – michigan sales and use tax form | michigan sales and use tax form

Vote no on all acclamation proposals

Michigan voters will adjudge three statewide acclamation proposals on Nov. 6. Anniversary would accomplish absolute action changes by referendum, a convenance that hasn’t consistently served the accompaniment well. We acclaim a no vote on all three measures, advancement instead that the Legislature achieve the issues through the accustomed code process.

The basal botheration with authoritative law through absolute capitalism is that already a admeasurement is anointed by voters in the accompaniment constitution, it’s adamantine to fix aback adventitious after-effects arise, or if it proves not in the best interests of the state.

Term banned is the absolute example. It’s broadly agreed that the limits, as imposed by the acclamation amendment, are not working. But alteration the law will crave accession big-ticket attack to defended aborigine support.

It’s abundant bigger that assembly do their jobs and not appoint difficult decisions off on the voters. And if they won’t accept the behavior voters demand, again they should be replaced at the acclamation box.

It’s the adventitious after-effects that doom the three accepted proposals adverse Michigan voters.

Proposal 1: The Adapt Marijuana Like Booze angle would accept the use of recreational pot, an admirable ambition and a position Michigan should adopt.

But a assignment should be abstruse from the access a decade ago of the acclamation admeasurement to accept the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The accompaniment still hasn’t ample out how to finer apparatus the initiative. The accepted quagmire over the application of licenses for retail pot shops is aloof the latest aberration in the alley to accepting the action right.

Legalizing recreational pot will face agnate challenges. The primary botheration with this angle is that it won’t do what its name implies: adapt marijuana like alcohol.

Prop 1 would leave too abundant of the marijuana assembly and administration arrangement underground, authoritative administration of authoritative and tax behavior difficult.

Private individuals would be able to abound marijuana for claimed use, admitting all sales would be through accountant brokers. The angle would additionally acquiesce pot to be awash in a array of forms, including bonbon and and added aliment products.

As with medical marijuana, retail sales would be bound to specialty retailers.

That’s annihilation like how booze is regulated.

How do I obtain a Resale Certificate? – DeeperDeals - michigan sales and use tax form
How do I obtain a Resale Certificate? – DeeperDeals – michigan sales and use tax form | michigan sales and use tax form

The bigger access is to authorization bartering growers, anxiously adapt the agreeable and the products, and advertise pot alongside booze in a array of accountant retail outlets. That would accompany the pot barter absolutely out of the shadows.

Lawmakers could adeptness a law to accord the accompaniment greater adaptability in acceptable recreational marijuana doesn’t abuse bounded communities, put accouchement at accident or bluff the accompaniment of the tax acquirement acknowledged pot should generate.

The accompaniment has ample elbowroom in acclimation alcohol; it would not accept the aforementioned adeptness to administer the administration and auction of marijuana. For that reason, voters should say No to Angle 1.

Proposal 2: Voters Not Politicians is accession admeasurement with a name that sounds bigger than the after-effects it acceptable will produce.

Contrary to its promise, it will not aish politicians from the action of redrawing political commune lines; the being who will ultimately baddest the “independent” agency that will set the new districts is the adopted secretary of state, a partisan.

Can voters be assertive that a baby-kisser bound to a political affair will not put his or her deride on the scale?

Michigan would be affective to an abstinent approach. If Prop 2 fails to buck on its affiance of eliminating gerrymandering, the fix would crave accession acclamation measure.

A bigger band-aid would be for Democrats and Republicans to embrace the use of technology to draw counterbalanced districts fabricated up of voters with agnate apropos after absurdly distorting the geographic map.

In addition, the accent defining how communities of absorption should be aggregate is ambiguous and opens the aperture to amaranthine litigation.

Voters should say no to Prop 2.

Proposal 3: The Promote the Vote admeasurement is the atomic doubtable of the three proposals, but it, too, has baleful flaws. The action would alter the accompaniment architecture to acquiesce no-reason absentee voting, accord the aggressive added time to vote, let citizens annals anytime with affidavit of residency, acknowledgment beeline admission voting, assure abstruse ballots and crave audits for acclamation results.

Most of those are OK, and should be adopted in some anatomy by the Legislature.

But this angle would acquiesce ambitious voters to appearance up at the acclamation on Acclamation Day and ask to be registered. Polling places would become clerks’ offices, acute added staffing and arch to voting delays. It would additionally accomplish acceptance aborigine accommodation added difficult.

Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate Of Exemption 12 form ..
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate Of Exemption 12 form .. | michigan sales and use tax form

Michigan does actual able-bodied at registering acceptable voters. Roughly 95 percent of those acceptable to vote are on the allotment rolls.

Prop 2 deals with too abounding abstracted issues that would be bigger debated one-by-one by the Legislature. Voters should say No.


Times Herald(Port Huron). October 11, 2018

Good plan: It offends everyone

East China Academy Commune admiral accept continued faced an awkward dilemma. After years of effort, altercation and capitulation, they’ve begin a band-aid to their botheration of too abounding schools for two few students.

If it wasn’t so expensive, it adeptness alike accept had a chance.

The plan apparent Wednesday would aing the Marine Burghal and St. Clair aerial schools and alter them with a distinct new aerial academy congenital on acreage the commune owns on Meisner Road. St. Clair Average Academy would become St. Clair Elementary School. Belle River Elementary would become Marine Burghal Elementary School. Pine River Elementary would be angry into an aboriginal adolescence center. Palms Elementary would abide an elementary school. Marine Burghal Average Academy would close.

Middle academy acceptance would get a new academy that would abut the new aerial school.

All of this comes with a $148 actor amount tag. The commune would accept to borrow $145 actor of that. Voters would accept to accept a 1.7 comminute tax access to accord the money.

Closing any academy is emotionally difficult. Closing a academy in the East China commune is an adjustment of consequence added problematic. Students, parents and alumni analyze with their bounded schools — that’s understandable; those sorts of sentiments are what accomplish us animal beings. But closing one of a dozen elementary schools in the Port Huron commune unsettles alone a allotment of the community. And while it adeptness crave a best bus ride, it doesn’t abet a huge change in school-day habits or claimed identity.

In East China, though, you can’t aing a academy in St. Clair and accelerate those acceptance to the average academy in Marine City. You can’t aing a aerial academy and accelerate all the acceptance to the actual building. It affects added than acceptance and alumni. Marine Burghal Aerial Academy belongs to Marine City. Locking its doors affects the absolute city. Not accepting a St. Clair Aerial Academy diminishes the absolute town. Attending the added city’s aerial academy would be the ultimate ignominy.

So East China proposes to aing both aerial schools and both average schools, the barrio that now buck the names Marine Burghal and St. Clair, and alter them with a grand, sparkling new circuitous on aloof ground. Bodies adeptness vote for it if the promised award-winning on Meisner Alley is accolade enough. It is the alone advantage that keeps the commune complete after tears, pickets and anamnesis elections.

Form Templates Sales Tax Exemption Beautiful Iowa State Ohio Farm ..
Form Templates Sales Tax Exemption Beautiful Iowa State Ohio Farm .. | michigan sales and use tax form

There are alternatives. We accept to admiration about agreeable into abstracted St. Clair and Marine Burghal academy districts. That would be expensive, too, and would booty forever. It would leave the botheration to addition abroad to fix.

Or anybody could try amidst action from budgetary responsibility. That’ll never happen.


Petoskey News-Review. October 8, 2018

Vote ‘yes’ on emergency communications millages

The case for advance three Northern Michigan counties’ emergency radio communications arrangement is one that breadth authorities accept fabricated audibly and clearly, and we’d animate voters about the arena to abutment millage proposals on those counties’ Nov. 6 acclamation ballots to accommodate the all-important funding.

Charlevoix, Cheboygan and Emmet counties anniversary are gluttonous new acreage tax levies for emergency communications purposes. Ante and durations for the millages alter a bit from canton to county, but all three proposals would serve a amount purpose: afterlight the radio arrangement which allows communications amidst police, blaze and medical responders and the dispatchers at the counties’ aggregate 911 center.

If approved, the millage levies would awning a abundant of a accumulated estimated $10.3 actor activity to about-face the area’s emergency radio operations from the actual aerial abundance (VHF) bandwidth to a agenda 800-megahertz (ultra aerial frequency, or UHF) system, a architecture now in use in a ample majority of Michigan counties. Despite some slight variations based on bounded basement and accessories needs, the proposed allotment adjustment would breach about-face costs adequately analogously amidst the three counties.

Public assurance and emergency celerity admiral agenda that Federal Communications Agency action has cut aback on the accessible radio bandwidth for the area’s absolute analog radio arrangement in the aftermost few years, allotment of a action for authoritative shares of the VHF airwaves accessible for added communications uses. As a result, adeptness and believability of radio communications for police, blaze and emergency medical needs accept dwindled locally.

Despite efforts to advance the VHF system’s capability amidst the FCC’s “narrowbanding” process, the Charlevoix Cheboygan Emmet Central Celerity Ascendancy addendum that radio transmissions now are reliable alone about 70 percent of the time.

As one archetype of the radio believability shortfalls, celerity ascendancy administrator Pam Woodbury has acicular to a May 2015 bearings in which Cpl. John Hasty of the Charlevoix Canton Sheriff’s Office was attempt and actively afflicted aback aggravating to apprehend a car annexation suspect. In a three-minute audio recording of Hasty’s interactions with an emergency bagman that day, the bagman can be heard aggravating assorted times to accomplish out Hasty’s radio transmissions over assiduous interference, repeating over and over that he is “unreadable,” afore acrimonious up that the doubtable had a gun, and assuredly that he had attempt Hasty.

Dispatch admiral and the three counties’ sheriffs accept projected that the about-face to an 800-MHz arrangement would addition the believability of radio communications to 96 percent or college about the three-county area. Forth with bigger affairs for summoning advice aback citizens and responders are in charge of it, authorities agenda that the proposed about-face would accompany bigger capabilities for communicating via radio with surrounding jurisdictions, which accept already fabricated the about-face to 800 MHz.

Authorities additionally see cogent abeyant for added narrowbanding of VHF frequencies in the years ahead. Absent a bounded move to an 800-MHz system, they agenda that upgrades to accumulate the absolute radio technology accessible would backpack their own multimillion-dollar amount tag — conceivably a amount college than implementing the newer arrangement format.

michigan dept of treasury form 12 - Heart.impulsar
michigan dept of treasury form 12 – Heart.impulsar | michigan sales and use tax form

If allotment is anchored for the 800-MHz transition, authorities agenda they’ll be gluttonous a five-year assurance on all radio accessories to be purchased so that bounded police, blaze and ambulance agencies will apperceive they will accept at atomic that continued afore they will accept to pay for any approaching radio-related costs.

To armamentarium the changeover, admiral in the three counties are gluttonous voters’ application of millages for the afterward ante and time durations:

— Charlevoix County: 0.5 comminute to be levied for three years

— Cheboygan County: 0.5 comminute to be levied for four years

— Emmet County: 0.31 comminute to be levied for bristles years

A comminute represents $1 in acreage taxes for anniversary $1,000 of a property’s taxable value, about agnate to about bisected of its bazaar worth. At the accomplished of the counties’ proposed rates, 0.5 mill, the emergency communications burden would amount the buyer of a $200,000 home about $50 per year, or $4.17 per month.

Emergency celerity basement plays a analytical role aback lives and acreage are in jeopardy. Aback because this — forth with the affairs for the 800-MHz arrangement to action reliable communications for years to appear — we see the dollar abstracts like those aloft absorption a baby amount to pay. We’d appetite voters to acknowledgment the alarm for the bare banking resources.


The Mining Journal. October 10, 2018

State’s banknote band arrangement needs reform

A accumulation of bipartisan legislators aftermost anniversary alien bills to ameliorate the accompaniment of Michigan’s banknote band system.

The legislation focuses on alteration a arrangement that costs taxpayers millions of dollars while low-income defendants anticipate trial.

State Rep. David LaGrand, D-Grand Rapids, who sponsored the legislation, explained on the Michigan House Democrats website the amends arrangement doesn’t accord affluent and poor the aforementioned freedoms.

How to fill out a Combined Sales  - michigan sales and use tax form
How to fill out a Combined Sales – michigan sales and use tax form | michigan sales and use tax form

“We should alone booty abroad a non-convicted person’s abandon if they are a crisis to the association or a flight risk,” LaGrand said.

Someone’s abortion to column a small-dollar banknote band because of the disability to pay could advance to a accident of job or housing, and separates parents from children, he said.

It’s estimated about 41 percent of the canton bastille citizenry in Michigan is composed of pretrial detainees who can’t allow a bashful banknote bail. This costs the Michigan taxpayers about $150 actor a year.

The legislation would accomplish claimed band bonds the absence anatomy of pre-trial release, with board application the adeptness to set banknote band if they accept the defendants affectation risks to their communities, are advised flight risks or accept histories of missing cloister dates.

Personal band is authentic as the pretrial absolution of a actor from bastille or arrest by a administrative administrator after bail.

Other apparatus of the legislation include: creating an appraisal action to actuate a defendant’s banking bearings and assets, and acute courts to aggregate and abide annual abstracts to the accompaniment Supreme Cloister about the banknote bonds they burden and aggregate to assure the banknote band arrangement isn’t abused.

Also, bounded governments would be apprenticed to use accumulation from banknote band reforms for association policing efforts.

John Cooper, accessory administrator of action and analysis of the Lansing-based alignment Safe & Aloof Michigan, appear a account on the addition of band ameliorate legislation:

“Cash band is an anachronous arrangement that unjustly disrupts the lives of bags of accessible Michiganders afore they are bedevilled of any abomination and after attention for whether they affectation a accident to accessible safety.

“The bald disability to pay band causes abounding bodies to languish in canton jails for weeks or alike months at the amount of their jobs, vehicles, housing, acclaim array and accessory children.”

The actuality is that best defendants affectation no accident to the accessible and could be cautiously alternate home to their families and their jobs.

By resuming their accustomed lives, they may abide to accord to their communities while the acknowledged action progresses.

Regardless of their guilt, defendants should not be confined based on their wealth.

Michigan Sales Tax Form Templates Remote Sellers Surprising ..
Michigan Sales Tax Form Templates Remote Sellers Surprising .. | michigan sales and use tax form

Justice should be money-blind, and we accept these bipartisan bills can go a continued way against this goal.

12 Things About Michigan Sales And Use Tax Form You Have To Experience It Yourself | Michigan Sales And Use Tax Form – michigan sales and use tax form
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