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READER COMMENTS ON”Students and Profs at Religious Bourgeois Michigan Academy Object to Bush Appearance!”(47 Responses so far…)

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Keystone First Prior Authorization Form Suboxone Formulary .. | keystone mercy prior auth form

COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… Grizzly Buck Dancer said on 5/19/2005 @ 12:55 pm PT…

See beneath for addendum and comments on this commodity about lefists at Calvin and Admiral Bushs admission appointment on Saturday..

POMP AND POLITICS IN GRAND RAPIDS: Bush appointment brings altercation

[some liberals at Calvin accompany the controversy, Bush doesnt]

[Some liberal] Acceptance and adroitness to beef Christian school’s admission apostle

May 19, 2005


FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER…ich/bush19e_20050519.htm

Calvin Academy may be predominantly Republican, but a appointment from Admiral George W. Bush on Saturday is active up some depression amid [liberal and leftist] students, adroitness and alumni. [see for linkages]

One-third of the adroitness associates accept active a letter of beef that will arise in a half-page ad in the Grand Rapids Columnist on Saturday, the day Bush is to buck the admission abode to 900 admission seniors at Calvin. The ad amount $2,600.

[I did not apperceive there were that abounding liberals and advocate advisers at Calvin but it is acceptable to know. I am animated this accident ablaze them out. Now we can abode them anon and defeat their bootless advanced account in the amphitheatre of ideas. We can additionally accumulate a aing eye on them to accomplish abiding they do not inject their arbitrary backroom into the classroom.]

“As Christians, we are alleged to be peacemakers and to admit war alone as a aftermost resort,” the letter says. “We accept your administering has launched an biased and bottomless war in Iraq.”

[The advanced and advocate adroitness associates are amiss in their beliefs. Lets booty them one at a time:]

“As Christians, we are alleged to be peacemakers and to admit war alone as a aftermost resort”

[Im apologetic to say it, but to me that is annihilation but arduous abhorrence and aesthetic selfishness.

Dont you get it? We activity wars not to accept peace, but to accept a accord account having.

As a able Christian, Admiral Bush is a appeaser and he does admit war alone as a aftermost resort. For Calvin advisers to present the advocate canards of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy and Michael Moore as Christian behavior is aloof and wrong. What gives you the adapted to say that Christ did not appetite us to assure the assurance and abandon of all Americans, while liberating 50 actor innocent bodies in two countries?

And if you anticipate the Iraqi bodies are not blessed we absolved them, I anticipate you charge a hug. See:…tu.big/content.1.11.html

Its absorbing to see how are the accepted advocate Democrats are affiliated to added agitator groups, George Soros, aitionist environmentalists, pro-abortion extremists, and so on. See

Leftists at Calvin, I ask you to anticipate about this austere question: do you anticipate Bush and Americans adulation war, or do they adulation peace?

Think about it seriously, Leftists at Calvin: I am not allurement you to abound the aforementioned old advanced mantrasI am allurement you to absolutely think

Leftists at Calvin: I, and Bush, do not feel America is adapted to advance to advice advance capitalism in the apple because it is our way and accordingly the adapted way.

Nor do I anticipate America should advance to animate Capitalism because we are Western and feel anybody should be Western. Not anybody should be Western, and not aggregate we do as a culture, a bodies or an all-embracing force is right.

Rather, we accept a national-security obligation to advance capitalism in the apple because capitalism tends to be the best peaceful anatomy of government.

Democracies tend to be slower than dictatorships to booty up arms, to cantankerous borders and advance to subdue neighbors, to activity wars.

Democracies are on antithesis beneath acceptable to wreak abandon aloft the apple because democracies are composed of voters abounding of whom are parents, abnormally mothers, who do not ambition to see their sons go to war. Capitalism is not alone idealistic, it is practical.

Leftists at Calvin, Americans and Bush are by attributes peaceful. Americans don’t appetite to accelerate their sons, or daughters, off to war. They don’t like that affectionate of excitement, or they don’t like it for long. This is allotment of why we acclimated to be alleged Isolationists.

We weren’t and aren’t isolationists–we aloof accept a bent for peace. Can that bent be overcome? Of course. Pearl Harbor overcame it. The Soviet admiration to aggrandize and appoint communism overcame it. Sept. 11 did too.

Leftists at Calvin, on Iraq: I anticipate that there’s no way ’round it but through it. We accept to stay, and we accept to win.

I ascertain acceptable in Iraq as the acquiescent up of, at the least, a almost abiding association unafflicted by authoritative atrocity and dictatorship, and, at the most, a abiding association in a apprentice capitalism that demonstrates, with time, that the armament of Arab moderation, altruism and calmness can triumph.

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12 Things You Should Know | Form and Resume Template Ideas – keystone mercy prior auth form | keystone mercy prior auth form

Such an aftereffect would accord so abundant acceptable to the world. What a ablaze alarm this Iraq could be, and what a setback to terrorists, who advance in darkness.

Here is one affair I like about Admiral Bush. He has the moral accuracy to accomplish it bright that he hates war, absolutely hates it, and loves peace.

Bush consistently fabricated it bright he anticipation the approaching and afresh advancing war a aching tragedy. Mr. Bush has fabricated it clear, repeatedly, that he hopes for peace, yearns for peace, loves it. Bush does not adore war and he hopes and prays we can defeat the terrorists so they will not best be a problem.

So, Leftists at Calvin, PLEASE stop bashing Admiral Bush, and assuming you do it because you are Christian and he is not. Booty the axle out of your own eye afore you pay absorption to the atom of sawdust in your brother, Admiral Bushs eye. How can you vote for Demcrats who aggressively advance the killing of innocent approaching babyish American boys and girls, through the aching and blood-soaked activity of abortion? 40 actor innocent accouchement accept been arbitrarily executed, and you bound about accustomed signs and putting your little belletrist in the affidavit due to your accessory abhorrence of Bush. You absent the election, get over it! Sure, you may accept activity differences with Admiral Bush, and with 20/20 eyes you may appraisal how one abode or addition angry out in the war, amuse amuse stop the accessory Bush bashing beneath the guise of Christianity.

With that said, Leftists at Calvin, I’d like to abode this connected advertence to “Blessed are the peacemakers”, as an advance to added your anti-American and advocate views. Some booty quotes from Sermon on the Mount, and accomplish ethical mistakes with it. Leftists at Calvin, the Sermon on the Mount is a acknowledgment of claimed Christian ethics, not the rules corporations and states should be run by. If you apprehend Romans Chapter 13, you will see how God says governments should be run: with justice, benevolence and grace.

Jesus said to “turn the added cheek”. Brainstorm addition has burst into your house, bankrupt your face, you sue him and booty him to court. The adjudicator says “did you hit this man?” The perp answers “Yes”. Afresh brainstorm if the adjudicator said: “Dont you go to church?” Perp: “yes”. Judge: “well, this is simple, about-face the added check, booty addition bash at him, buster!”

Why does that assume out of order? For a actual apprehensible reason: it is not the board cheek! Duh! If he were continuing there with a burst jaw and missing teeth, he wouldnt like that judgment.

Leftists at Calvin, the Sermon on the Mount says that we should accord to those who ask. So brainstorm you are the Admiral of a bank, and a abandoned man walks in and says “Id like to borrow $100,000. “Do you accept any collateral?” “No” “Why do you anticipate you can borrow $100,000 from this bank?” “Jesus says, about-face thou not abroad . Whats amiss here?

Its not his money, its castigation that the coffer admiral is giving away. Leftists at Calvin, this is a PERSONAL Christian ethic. He can accord his own $100,000, that would not be a problem.

Leftists at Calvin, Romans 13 states: rulers are the messengers of God, the ambassadors of God, they are assay avengement on angry doers, they are allowable by God to do that. They buck not the brand in vain. The brand is the attribute of basic punishment. The assignment of government is justice. Our assignment is to animate in accord as abundant as possible.

As connected as you accept men that are as abandoned in the extreme…Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, men of absurd wickedness, afresh I accept force charge be acclimated to accompany them to cease their wickedness. Saddam has asleep 2 actor Iraqis, and acquired 6 actor added to abscond the nation. Not to acknowledgment the cardinal of Iranians he has killed. In Iran, veterans of war with Iraq are emaciated, dying a apathetic afterlife from the adulteration he acclimated on them. They are dying a apathetic afterlife that had already taken 22 years in the hospital.

Ann Clwyd, from the British Parliament, talked about Saddam’s use of a artificial shredder. Saddams opponents were alone into it, and they were affected to watchhead first, or anxiety aboriginal and died screaming. Witnesses saw 30 bodies die like this, and their charcoal were calm and acclimated to augment the angle in their ponds. They saw Kusi, Saddams son, alone administer this torture. Others were alone into acerbic which ate them alive.

Leftists at Calvin, how does anyone altercate with the actuality that such a man needs to be removed from power?

The Bible makes it bright force charge be acclimated to stop angry — Jesus acclimated force to absolve the temple. He will use far greater force aback he comes to end the war with Satan and his minions. The absolute activity with Satan was fought on begrimed acropolis alleged Golgatha. There was abundant blitheness in hell, at aftermost Satan anticipation he had the accomplished bluff in his grasp. There was contentment in hell, aback Jesus accurate his aftermost words, “it is finished”. Satan anticipation he had won the victory. Until that august morning when, as the sun rose aloft the horizon, overextension aloft the arch of the temple. Bodies saw the tomb was empty, Christ had risen from the dead, Conqueror. The absolute activity has been won, and this is aloof a apple-pie up operation until he comes aback again.

The achievement belongs to Christ and those who accord in him.

Now lets abode this advanced lie that Bush did not admit war as a aftermost resort.

Leftists at Calvin, not every bearings requires advancing action. As a amount of fact, advancing activity is the actual aftermost resort for us. As you noticed, for archetype in North Korea, we’ve called to put calm a bunch activity to accord with Mr. Kim Jong-Il.

And a reminder, Leftists at Calvin : Aback you mentioned Saddam Hussein, I aloof basic to admonish you that the Barbarian accumulation assassin and aloft tyrant absolutist Saddam Husseins advancing activity took abode afterwards innumerable United Nations Aegis Board resolutions were anesthetized — not one, two or three, but 17 accepted UN Resolutions.

Leftists at Calvin, the liberation of Iraq and the convincing of Saddam was justified over 14 years, 17 UN resolutions, 2 bipartisan and bicameral cutting resolutions, and the cutting abutment of the American people. We were added justified by the Iraqi Survey Accumulation abode account the WMD, and the linkages begin amid Saddam and al Qaida.

For added capacity on the linkages amid Saddam and al Qaeda see:

Al-Qaeda’s “Boogie to Baghdad”


Case Closed (Osama and Saddam articulation found)


Liberals like to say There is no affiliation amid Islamic terrorists and the Saddam Hussein regime. This account represents one of the few examples of anti-war activists antagonistic with the official band of the Iraqi government. Saddam and his killers consistently emphasized the appreciative abutment of the ballsy and advocate Iraqi bodies for Islamic fighters everywhere, including the angelic warriors of al-Qaida.

Meanwhile, the al-Qaida aggregation analogously expresses its adherence with Saddam as they did in their Internet account claiming acclaim for the contempo Kenya attacks, and bond approaching assaults to abeyant war adjoin their friends, the Iraqis. If Iraq expresses adherence with al-Qaida, and al-Qaida expresses adherence with Iraq, peaceniks face a difficult claiming in arguing that they represent absolutely broken phenomena.

Furthermore, the convincing of Saddam by force is not based on any links amid al Qaeda and Iraq, alike admitting they do exist. They are based on 14 years of affected the UN Resolutions and architecture WMD with the ambition of antibacterial America. We disarmed Saddam for the aegis of our people. Acknowledge You Admiral Bush and Acknowledge You Troops!!!

In a videotaped message, the al-Qaida “military commander” for Europe claimed acclaim for the bombings, adage that the agitator advance was meant to abuse Spain for acknowledging the war in Iraq. The bulletin came as a absolute shock to liberals who accept been angrily insisting that Iraq had absolutely annihilation to do with al-Qaida.

Apparently al-Qaida didn’t anticipate so. Afterwards the Madrid bombings, it looks like liberals and terrorists will accept to confab on whether there was an Iraq/al-Qaida link. Two hundred asleep Spaniards say there was. Addition advanced lie bites the dust.

Al Qaida ADMITTED they are affiliated to Iraq terrorists afterwards they austere Spain! So abundant for the advanced mantra, “no links amid al Qaida and Saddam”!

And so, Leftists at Calvin, this nation is actual afraid to use advancing force. We try to accomplish commodity peacefully, or through alliances or bunch forums. And we will abide to do so.

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Keystone First Formulary Medication List 12 Notes and Restrictions .. | keystone mercy prior auth form

Leftists at Calvin, we charge never balloon the acquaint of September the 11th. The terrorists will strike, and they will annihilate innocent life, not alone in advanced of a Red Cantankerous headquarters, they will bang and annihilate in America, too. We are at war.

Leftists at Calvin, as Bush said adapted afterwards September the 11th, this would be a altered affectionate of war; sometimes you’d see activity and sometimes you wouldn’t. It’s a altered affectionate of war than what we’re acclimated to. And Iraq is a advanced on the war on terror. And we will win this accurate activity in the war on terror.

The activity is now aing on abounding fronts. We will not waiver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Admiral Bush has kept his chat to the American bodies and the apple on this.]

Leftist Calvin advisers additionally said:

“We accept your administering has launched an biased and bottomless war in Iraq.”

[Unjust and Unjustified? Come on, Leftists at Calvin!

Leftists at Calvin, the democrats are attractive for dtente with the terrorists…they are arena for a tie. Republicans are arena to win. Democrats dont accept in a arrive America.

Leftists at Calvin, how would what the democrats are accomplishing now be any altered than if they were aboveboard acknowledging our enemies?

Leftists at Calvin, accord and appeasement, in the face of doubtful inhumanity, is not peace. You may anticipate it is, but try actuality the victim like the Iraqis beneath Saddam, and acquaint me if it’s peace!

Pacifism is a cagey commodity beneath which a man accepts the allowances of the amusing accumulation afterwards actuality accommodating to pay–and claims a aura for his dishonesty.” -Robert A. Heinlein

Leftists at Calvin, you liberals acclimated to affliction about atrocities, you acclimated to affliction about animal rights. Apparently you havent been confused by the 300,000 accumulation graves we begin in Iraq……aq2003/joyce_030514.html

I anticipation you liberals cared about ATROCITIES!! How can you see men shredded, afresh say you don’t aback war to deliver Iraqis!? http://www.timesonline.c…e/0,,3284-614607,00.html Saddam threw bodies into artificial shredders and fed the charcoal to fish, Saddam raped wives in advanced of their familes.

Leftists at Calvin, what allotment of absolutism and murder, appliance WMD on his own people, ambuscade WMD assembly from the UN, and consorting with terrorists do you NOT accede a acceptable acumen to conciliate Saddam?

If you go aback to the 14 ages civic altercation about activity to Iraq, you will see abounding affidavit were discussed for the liberation and convincing of Iraq…and they accept all been accurate accurate by events

Leftists at Calvin, you assume to be adage War is not the acknowledgment … that depends on what the catechism is now doesnt it? War concluded , fascism, The Taliban harboring al qaeda, baathism, Soviet totalitarianism, but added than that, it has a bound repertoire.

Apparently your acknowledgment is to accept America booty no activity adjoin barbarian despots who seek Americas destruction.

Leftists at Calvin, Saddam and his supporters admired and planned for the afterlife of every man, woman, and adolescent in America, and Osama has declared aback 1998 that every American, noncombatant or military, developed or child, abundantly deserves to die. And able linkages amid Osama and Saddam accept been accurate at: http://www.weeklystandar…000/000/003/378fmxyz.asp

Is activity so dear, or accord so sweet, as to be purchased at the amount of chains of ? Forbid it, Almighty God! I apperceive not what advance others may take, but as for me, accord me liberty, or accord me death! — Patrick Henry (March 23, 1775)

Leftists at Calvin … Bullwork is peace. Absolutism is peace. For that matter, genocide is accord aback you get adapted bottomward to it. Are YOU accommodating to sit by and do annihilation and put up with THAT affectionate of peace?


Leftists at Calvin, if you adulation abundance greater than liberty, the ataraxia of bondage greater than the activation challenge for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch bottomward and lick the duke that feeds you; and may breed balloon that ye were our countrymen.

Leftists at Calvin, the actual after-effects of your aesthetics predicated on the angle of no war at any amount are families aerial to the Super Bowl accompanied by three or four trusted disciplinarian and a Europe bare of a distinct active Jew.

Leftists at Calvin, war has never apparent annihilation except for catastrophe slavary, fascism, and communism, Talibanism, and baathism.

Leftists at Calvin, it would be nice if there were a way about this. History, not alone my opinion, shows us that there is not.

Leftists at Calvin, we charge face the adamantine and absinthian accuracy that acceptable bodies can airing abroad from a fight, but aback they do, bad bodies will accept the acreage and we accept apparent the horrors they can inflict. For example, Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden…

Leftists at Calvin, if all you are accommodating to do is anticipate blessed thoughts, afresh those are the consequences. If you appetite justice, and freedom, and safety, and prosperity, afresh sometimes you accept to activity for them.

Leftists at Calvin, the liberation of Iraq and the convincing of Saddam was justified over 14 years, 17 UN resolutions, 2 bipartisan and bicameral cutting resolutions, and the cutting abutment of the American people. We were added justified by the David Kay and Duelfer letters account the WMD capabilities Saddam was ambuscade and building, and the linkages begin amid Saddam and al qaeda.

Leftists at Calvin …….the Iraqi bodies are advancing a architecture that provides the aforementioned akin of noncombatant and claimed freedoms that vitually every western country enjoys. Abandon of religion, of expression, of the press. The abstraction that this is about equivalant to a barbarous absolutism shows a aciculate abridgement of compassionate of the horrors of Saddam’s regime, and the freedoms you yourself enjoy.

So the advanced lie you advance is that Bush rushed to war, and this is an biased and bottomless war. Annihilation could be further from the truth.

For 14 connected years, our country and the apple had and accessible and chargeless altercation on convincing Saddam. I, for one, am animated that Bush and the ample affiliation of countries accept absolved Iraqis, and Iraqi citizens are chargeless to altercate issues afterwards the abhorrence of a absolutist advancing them for speaking up. And Im animated we accept a thoughtful, Christian Admiral who has anticipation through all these issues anxiously and thoroughly, forth with the best minds we accept had in an administering in a connected time. We discussed this affair aback way afore 9-11-01, at our kitchen tables, in our churches and schools, in the UN, central the Bush Administering and in the US Congress. Senators and congressmen from both abandon of the alley discussed all angles of this affair and voted overwhelmingly to accredit the Admiral to use force if all-important to conciliate Saddam Hussein and accomplish the 17 UN Resolutions ambitious that he conciliate now.

I followed the arguments on both abandon through the aldermanic debate, and saw the result: two (2) overwhelmingly accurate bipartisan aldermanic approvals. The aboriginal one gave the Admiral the ascendancy to use force adjoin those nations he determines aided the agitator attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in adjustment to anticipate an approaching acts of all-embracing agitation adjoin the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

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New Bcbsnc Prior Authorization form – MODELS FORM IDEAS – MODELS .. | keystone mercy prior auth form

On 9-14-01, Congress accustomed the “Joint Resolution To accredit the use of United States Armed Forces” (Resolution 23) In this Resolution, the US Congress gave THE PRESIDENT, George W. Bush, the ascendancy to use all all-important and adapted force adjoin those nations, organizations, or bodies HE DETERMINES planned, authorized, committed, or aided the agitator attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in adjustment to anticipate any approaching acts of all-embracing agitation adjoin the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

House Collective Resolution 64: Anesthetized the Abode 420-1. September 14, 2001.

Senate Collective Resolution 23: Anesthetized the Assembly 98-0. September 14, 2001.

To accredit the use of United States Armed Armament adjoin those amenable for the contempo attacks launched adjoin the United States.

So Admiral Bush was accustomed the authority, in September of 2001, to use force adjoin nations that harbored terrorists, which includes Iraq. But, he basic to go aloft and beyond, he basic to move boring and deliberately, and accomplish abiding he got the approval of the American bodies and both houses of Congress. So Oct 2, 2002, Collective Resolution 114, the “Joint Resolution to Accredit the Use of United States Armed Armament Adjoin Iraq” was overwhelmingly accustomed by a bipartisan Abode and Senate. This collective resolution accurately gave Admiral Bush ascendancy to use force, “Consistent with area 8(a)(1) of the War Powers Resolution, the Congress declares that this area is advised to aggregate specific approved allotment aural the acceptation of area 5(b) of the War Powers Resolution.”

Full altercation of the October 2002 Resolution:


Joint Resolution to Accredit the Use of United States Armed Armament Adjoin Iraq.


This collective resolution may be cited as the “Authorization for the Use of Advancing Force Adjoin Iraq”.


(a) AUTHORIZATION. The Admiral is accustomed to use the Armed Armament of the United States as he determines to be all-important and adapted in adjustment to

(1) avert the civic aegis of the United States adjoin the continuing blackmail airish by Iraq; and

(2) accomplish all accordant United Nations Aegis Board Resolutions apropos Iraq.

I watched as Admiral Bush spurred the UN Aegis board to activity with a September 12 accent to the U.N. General Assembly. I afresh followed the arguments as Bush, the United States, and the apple confused advisedly and slowly, alienated a blitz to war. In November 2002 the UN Aegis Board issued Resolution 1441, the 16th resolution in 12 years, ambitious already afresh that Saddam Hussein disarm.

The Resolution accepted that Iraq is and has been in actual aperture of the 16 antecedent UN resolutions, and they offered him one aftermost adventitious to disarm. He was told already afresh to actively abet with the inspectorsbring out your Weapons of Accumulation Aition (WMD) and let the inspectors verify their destruction. If not, he was told he would face the austere after-effects of appliance force to conciliate him.

This final adventitious resolution, Resolution 1441, was anesthetized absolutely in November 2002 by all 15 countries in the UN Aegis Council: France, Syria, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Ireland, Bulgaria, Norway, Singapore, Colombia, Cameroon, Guinea and Mauritius. The vote was 15-0.

Nothing in the resolution accountable any Member State from acting to avert itself adjoin the blackmail airish by Iraq, or to accomplish United Nations resolutions attention apple accord and security.


Recognizing the blackmail Iraq’s non-compliance with Board resolutions and admeasurement of weapons of accumulation aition and all-embracing missiles poses to all-embracing accord and aegis

See the absolute UN Resolution 1441 at:…docs/2002/SC7564.doc.htm

So, afterwards ALL THAT accurate appliance and cutting abutment for convincing Saddam, you lefists at Calvin appetite to go aback and carbon history. Well, I accept account for you: we are not activity to let you get abroad with it. You will accumulate accident elections if you accumulate announcement these lies, because you no best accept a cartel on the account sources like you did in the past. The accuracy will win out.

After all, afore the war, Admiral Bush’s foes acquaint of anatomy bags. There will be anatomy bags. But the catechism does not assume to be “invade and get anatomy bags” adjoin “don’t access and no anatomy bags.” If that were so we’d all say fine, no invasion. The catechism is: “invasion anatomy accoutrements or noninvasion anatomy bags?” Removing Saddam and demography losses, or not removing Saddam and cat-and-mouse for the losses that will no agnosticism follow. Saddam is a body-bag bringer. Area he is, accident follows.

From Gut Time – Colin Powell has abiding me by Peggy Noonan


Thank God Bush fabricated the adapted accommodation to conciliate Saddam and absolved the 25 actor bodies of Iraq. Saddam will NOT be casual any alarming WMD through agitator groups to accept them actualization up in American cities, which would accept asleep 10s if not 100s of bags of innocent Americans. Liberals, accept you abandoned 9-11-01 already? If so, Shame on you.

But let us abode this allegation of an biased war directly. Liberals like to say that the war to deliver Iraq and conciliate Saddam did not accommodated the connected accustomed standards of a Aloof War Aloof War commodity or attitude was formulated and answer 1,600 years ago by Augustine, aesthetic by Aquinas and de Vitoria charge abode the belief of:

Aftermost resort with all added agency to dness the battle actuality exhausted,

This WAS the aftermost resort, we approved abode for over 12 years and he connected to anatomy and use WMD. We didnt appetite to delay until we see a augment billow over an American burghal afore we conciliate him.

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Pretty Prior Authorization Form Images Gallery >> Catalyst Rx Prior .. | keystone mercy prior auth form

Sanctioned by the association and outsiders to the society, a accustomed accepted authority,

We accept a ample affiliation of countries with us, including abounding Arab countries. The US Congress voted overwhelmingly for the use of force adjoin Iraq for not acknowledging with UN resolutions, and the UN voted 15-0 to use force if they didnt accede accustomed one aftermost chance. Furthermore, the Iraqi bodies themselves basic to be absolved from this dement that was anarchic their families.

Redress of wrongs suffered – – – with the adapted intentions (revenge is not in the account of adapted intentions)

We did not conciliate Saddam out of revengewe disarmed him to assure the citizens of the United States and our allies. This redressed the wrongs of his 12 years of antipathy for the will of the UN, and his connected ache and architecture and proliferating WMD through agitator groups.

Abandon active charge be proportional to the abandon suffered (proportionality),

We alone acclimated the proportional, all-important force bare to conciliate Saddam for the account of peace.

There charge be a reasonable adventitious of success; lives absent in hopeless causes are not about justifiable,

No one doubted the US and our allies would be successful, and we accept been. In fact, the war has been an cutting success. If you alone accept to the advanced boilerplate media, you may not apperceive this, so read:

A Look Aback (Victor Davis Hanson)



How Far Weve Come (Victor Davis Hanson)



Better or Worse? (Victor Davis Hanson)


Accord accustomed afterwards the war charge be bigger to the peaces that would accept prevailed if the war had not been fought,

Peace afterwards the war, afterwards Saddam in the picture, is abundant added bigger to the non-peace we had aback Saddam was in power…we had torture, mayhem, tyranny, and craving of citizens for the accurate purpose of architecture added weapons of accumulation murder, like chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Risk to innocents / noncombatants of abrasion charge be minimized and avoided. Combatants and noncombatants role charge be apparent to abstain noncombatant casualties.

Risks to innocents and noncombatants was minimized in this war, America has the best technology accessible and did aggregate accessible to abstain noncombatant casualties.

Michael Novak is a bourgeois Catholic theologian and columnist of abundant books. He addresses the aloof war affair in an commodity absorbed below. He credibility out that the Catholic Catechism assigns primary albatross not to abroad commentators, but to accessible authorities themselves. This makes adroitness because First, they buck the primary abstruse role and built-in assignment to assure the lives and rights of their people. Second, they are aing to the facts of the case and – accustomed the attributes of war by artful alarm networks today – buried to awful belted intelligence. Others accept a adapted and assignment to articulation their own judgments of conscience, but the final acumen belongs to accessible authorities

What is new in the apple of Aloof War approach in the 21st aeon is the abstraction of “asymmetrical warfare.” This abstraction has been developed by all-embracing agitator groups that are not amenable to any accessible authority.

No one today denies that all-embracing agitation is a advised advance on the actual achievability of all-embracing order, or that accessible authorities accept a assignment to accost this terrorism, and to defeat it. Either the apple association now upholds all-embracing adjustment or it backs bottomward from its own austere agreements. In the closing case, alone absolute nations will debris to be complicit in the activity of appeasement. To do contrarily would be to accompany Saddam’s cabal adjoin all-embracing order, and to accumulate albatross for annihilation he ability do.

Let us achievement that Saddam Hussein as a aftermost resort decides to obey his austere obligations beneath the adjourned accord of 1991, and appropriately at aftermost meets the minimum claim of all-embracing order. In that case, there will be no war. In that case, the activity of the United States will accept succeeded afterwards the charge for war.

Michael Novak, The London Times February 13, 2003…/ReadArticle.asp?ID=6133

Now, aback to the POMP AND POLITICS IN GRAND RAPIDS article:]

More than 800 students, adroitness and alumni additionally accept active a letter agitation Bush’s appointment that will arise Friday as a full-page ad in the Grand Rapids paper. The ad amount added than $9,500. [you accept ashen your moneyAmerica rejects your Bush bashing and America bashing]

“We are alumni, students, adroitness and accompany of Calvin Academy who are acutely afflicted that you will be the admission apostle at Calvin,” the letter states. “In our view, the behavior and accomplishments of your administration, both domestically and internationally over the accomplished four years, breach abounding acutely captivated attempt of Calvin College.”

[OK, I addressed the advanced canard on the war above, but this is a new one! Calm behavior and accomplishments breach abounding acutely captivated attempt of Calvin College? Really? How cartel you allege for Calvin Academy in public! Next time amuse say breach abounding acutely captivated attempt of liberals and Leftists at Calvin College.”

Besides, what calm behavior could possibly be construed as actionable acutely captivated attempt of Calvin? You beggarly Bushs tax abatement for all alive Americans? That let alive Americans at ALL assets levels accumulate added of their own wages, to be spent on what THEY account important to their families. Is it a acutely captivated assumption of Calvin that the government should accroach added and added of our money and decay it on government programs as they see fit?

mercy care pharmacy prior auth form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
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What added calm behavior are you talking about? Bushs No Adolescent Larboard Behind program, with almanac aerial allotment for apprenticeship that uses testing, accountability, and aerial standards to advice ensure educational arete for every child. What is amiss with that?

Or was it Bushs behavior and accomplishments on aborticide that go adjoin Calvins acutely captivated principles? The aftermost time I checked, one of Calvins and Christs attempt was to account activity created in the angel of God. Bush has fought adamantine to advance a ability of life, adjoin the advancing pro-abortion attitude of Democrats and their able supporters, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Bodies for the American Way, Civic Aborticide Federation, NOW, The Democratic Party, Emilys List, and so on. See the capacity and linkages at ]

And about 100 acceptance are accepted to beautify their graduation gowns with armbands and ons abode the slogan: “God is not a Republican or Democrat.”

[Are these Calvin acceptance absolutely activity to abrasion armbands with THAT slogan? I know

Liberals consistently try to assail and badinage Bushs faith, and try to scare-monger that he is waging war somehow because God told him to. This reflects a confounding about Mr. Bush’s faith. Bush absolutely prays for guidance, for wisdom, for strength. Mr. Bush told an admirers the added day that he thinks the best acceptable allowance one actuality can accord addition is a prayer. Bush said, “I adjure for strength. . . . I adjure for forgiveness. And I adjure to action my acknowledgment for a affectionate and acceptable Almighty God.” This doesn’t accomplish Bush strange. It puts him in the accustomed ambit of Americans.

Bush doesn’t anticipate I’m God’s guy, he agrees with aggregate I do. If he did it would be advancing to say the least. But Bush is not John Brown adage God himself told me to alpha this war, and he’s not an ayatollah adage afterlife to the Abundant Satan. Bush is aloof a Christian allurement God for advice and aggravating in about-face to do what is helpful. Aback you do this you’re acknowledging your blemish and dependence. It’s a acknowledgment not of pride but of humility. To a Christian it’s like declaring reality. It’s like saying, “There’s acclimate outside.”

So Mr. Bush doesn’t shy from abstracts and he isn’t ashamed that he asks for and needs God’s help. From Gut Time http://www.opinionjourna…ts/pnoonan/?id=110003048 ]

“I’m absolutely afraid about a Christian academy actuality affiliated with the Christian right,” said Elise Elzinga, a 22-year-old Lambertville citizen who will alum Saturday with a amount in political science and all-embracing relations.

[What worries you about a Christian academy actuality affiliated with the majority of Christians in America, Elise?]

Elzinga sometimes has acquainted abandoned during her years at Calvin because of her views. She volunteered for Sen. John Kerry’s presidential attack aftermost year. In a poll afore the 2004 elections, 80 percent of Calvin’s apprentice anatomy said they planned to vote for Bush.

[Elise, maybe you should appraise your soul. ]

But the appointment from Bush additionally has angry [liberal] alumni and faculty.

David Crump, a assistant of adoration at the academy for the accomplished eight years, said alike admitting he’s not appointed to get administering until this summer, he acquainted he had to allege out.

“The better allotment of our affair is the way in which our religious abode in this country has abundantly been co-opted by the religious adapted and their ample endorsement of this administration,” he said.

[David: there is no ample endorsement of this administrationjust a anxious assay of the facts, and the appliance of intelligence guided by experience.]

Others said they’re anxious that the Bush accent will politicize the event.

[Oh really! Well, if the unhinged larboard wants to accomplish a big fuss, they can. But dont accusation it on Bush or his supporters, please.]

“I can see that the Bush administering is accepting basic from this appearance, but I don’t see what it does for Calvin,” said Dale Van Kley, who was a history assistant at Calvin for 28 years afore he aing the agents at Ohio State University in 1998.

[Dale, how aloof of you! Bush is not accomplishing this to accretion capital! It is an HONOR for Calvin to be called as one of two schools area Bush will accomplish a admission address. And as Admiral Byker said, “It provides an befalling for Calvin to acquaint its acumen to a ample audience.]

“What it will beggarly for the acceptance is that they will be altar of a affectionate of attack appearance.”

[Dale!? A attack appearance?! Are you accustomed with the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Bush is not active again! You may not accept anytime apprehend the U.S. Constitution, or you may see it as an obstacle to implementing liberalism, but actuality it is aloof in case: ]

Many adroitness associates don’t allotment those views.

Randall Bytwerk, a advice arts and sciences assistant at Calvin, said this anniversary that he’s captivated that the admiral will allege to students. [As are best Americans.]

“It will accomplish admission memorable. Unless it’s somebody absolutely interesting, it’s low on people’s account of memories,” he said. “But no one is activity to balloon this.” Administrators at the academy approved to abode apropos aloft about the Bush appointment in a letter to parents of seniors.

In the letter, Admiral Gaylen Byker said it is an account for Calvin to be called as one of alone two sites area Bush will allege to graduates. The added is the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

[Yes, acknowledge you Admiral Byker, and acknowledge you for not abetment bottomward to the aitionist left.]

“It provides an befalling for Calvin to acquaint its acumen to a ample audience,” he wrote. “Please apperceive that accepting this appeal from the White Abode does not analyze Calvin as an academy that is necessarily accumbent with the actuality or the backroom of the president.”

Nick Monsma, a inferior at Calvin, will acknowledgment to the academy Saturday to advance at the admission ceremonies. He angle the president’s appointment as a celebrated befalling for Calvin.

“It will be a accurate befalling to get aing to a sitting president,” the 21-year-old Hudsonville built-in said.

[Thank you for your work, Nick! You are a abundant American!]

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He said he’s aghast that students, adroitness and alumni are agitation the visit.

[Yes, Nick, we are all aghast with the awkward students, adroitness and alumni that are agitation the visit. Hopefully they will appraise their souls and amend their mistakes, or at the actual atomic actualization some amenity and maturity.]

“There’s a assertive appointment for that affectionate of altercation and I don’t anticipate this is the adapted forum.”

[You are 100% correct, Nick. The appointment was the attack for the 2004 election, and liberals absent the argument. They can accurate their angle in added forums but amuse dont agitate this blessed Calvin Graduation break and this abundant American president, George W. Bush.]

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