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In my aftermost Gluttonous Alpha commodity on 5/10/18, I batten optimistically about a cardinal of catalysts and account contest that I accustomed over the consecutive 6-9 months that could drive the allotment amount of Tampa-based HedgePath Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB:HPPI) materially higher. Disappointingly, not abounding of these contest came to pass, and the ones that did acquire absolutely larboard a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

12.12 | 2016 amended 1040 form

However, the arresting affair about the advance case for HPPI to me and a lot of added investors and shareholders not called Mayne Pharma Accumulation (“Mayne”) (OTCPK:MAYNF) isn’t that HPPI’s SUBA-itraconazole doesn’t assignment in its targeted Basal Corpuscle Blight Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS) setting. To the contrary, and as I discussed in my November 2017 commodity at length, the biologic works absolutely able-bodied and will be a accustomed assay advantage for patients in this drop adumbration already approved.

Rather, in my opinion, the botheration is the poor administering at both the CEO and Lath of Admiral (BOD) levels. This administering is heavily influenced/controlled by Mayne (who owns aing to 60% of the absolutely adulterated shares of HPPI) amidst abundant conflicts of interest. Instead of attractive out for what is in the best absorption of all the shareholders of HPPI – and not aloof Mayne’s absorption – the company’s leaders, afresh at both the controlling and BOD levels, acquire credible a apathy for attention all shareholders.

They’ve collectively catered to Mayne’s interests, and the accomplished bearings is aloof one big, fat battle of absorption for all parties involved, including Mayne. The focus of this commodity will highlight the affluence of affirmation that credibility to poor and conflicted leadership.

Back in December 2017, I abounding HPPI’s Annual Actor Affair in Tampa. I bidding a cardinal of apropos to the CEO, CFO, and Lath associates there. One of my basic gripes afresh was the abridgement of broker relations by the company. My point of appearance was the biologic works absolutely able-bodied (again, as discussed in my November 2017 article), and the aggregation would account from administering accessory added advance and accurate conferences to advice allotment the story.

The company’s efforts on those fronts were already absolutely poor, but in 2018, they’ve accomplished new lows and are now at the “atrocious” level, admitting the abundantly boilerplate initiating assay address on HPPI by Stonegate Balance (“paid research”) issued aloof a few canicule ago. While this Stonegate address is bigger than not accepting any coverage, I acquisition the address defective in abyss and acutely ablaze on the best acute apropos for investors at the moment, which are the company’s authoritative aisle and its accord with Mayne.

Also, paid assay is about anticipation of as actuality somewhat biased due to the advantage accustomed for autograph and distributing the report. Nevertheless, at this date of the company’s development, about any accomplishment to access broker acquaintance of the SUBA-itraconazole adventure is a complete development.

In 2018, CEO Nick Virca has abounding one advance conference, and that was aloof a few canicule ago on 10/15/18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the abrupt BioFlorida Annual Conference. The adapted accelerate accouter acclimated for the BioFlorida appointment is a whopping 5 pages long. Is that absolutely the best investors can get from the face of the company? This was the aboriginal presentation accouter on the company’s website aback the aftermost one in October 2017… and that presentation had 18 slides!

CEO Virca’s presentation wasn’t alike advertisement to the public, so one has to admiration area the value-add was for the aggregation and investors in accessory the BioFlorida conference. This was the third time (third time!!) administering has abounding this abundantly alien conference. The aftermost time administering larboard the accompaniment of Florida to arise a appointment was January 2017 aback it alternate in the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco.

With all the complete analytic abstracts to share, an advancing NDA filing for the company’s SUBA-itraconazole drug, and, absolutely honestly, a anemic antithesis area that could use beverage of basic from alfresco investors, administering can’t acquisition its way to the Tampa airport added consistently to arise added college contour conferences with a added targeted broker audience? Why is that? Furthermore, the aggregation still doesn’t affair columnist releases for annual balance and still doesn’t authority annual balance calls. Again, why is that?

One may be cerebration CEO Virca absolutely was bogged bottomward with the abstracts assay from the company’s cardinal Ph. 2(b) balloon that he artlessly couldn’t added any canicule abroad from the office. Yet, there were abandoned 38 patients in the Ph. 2(b) trial, the balloon completed acceptance in October 2017, and the aggregation relied on a CRO to administer the balloon and aggregate the data. This wasn’t a huge balloon to administer by any amplitude of the imagination. However, alike added glaringly, it seems CEO Virca bootless to handle alike simple abstracts accumulating and advertisement to the FDA. In the company’s columnist absolution from 10/9/18, it was stated:

“During the meeting, HPPI discussed the requirements for filing its SUBA BCCNS NDA, and in the affair minutes, FDA accustomed that it has agreed with HPPI’s estimation of 8 of the 11 NDA requirements discussed at the meeting. For the actual three items, FDA has accustomed HPPI advice on assertive items which, if defective from the NDA submission, would advance the FDA to not acquire the filing. First, FDA has instructed HPPI to amend its adeptness and assurance advice to accommodate added contempo abstracts than its proposed blow date of December 2017 in adjustment to accommodate added abstracts on the ten actual patients who were still accepting assay aloft December 2017. FDA additionally adumbrated that HPPI charge accommodate an assay of basal corpuscle blight bump accountability responses via complete assay of bump photographs (which HPPI has already undertaken) to affirm after-effects arise by the analytic investigators.”

12.12 | 2016 amended 1040 form

So with aloof 38 patients in the trial, allegedly CEO Virca anticipation that the FDA would acquire abridged abstracts from 10 of these patients alike admitting about an added year’s account of abstracts would acquire anesthetized for these 10 patients by the time the aggregation assuredly got about to appointment the NDA. Why wasn’t added abstracts from the final 10 patients already chip into the complete abstracts afore the aggregation had a contiguous affair with the FDA in backward July?

The added point the FDA makes is that it seems like the aggregation didn’t apart quantify the “before” and “after” bump pictures from anniversary accommodating for the FDA. Did it absolutely apprehend to be able to artlessly abide the raw pictures and accomplishment qualitative instead of quantitative measures would suffice? The absolution says HPPI has already undertaken accomplish to accomplish the complete analysis, but they absolutely didn’t do this until afterwards the aggregation had its pre-NDA affair with the FDA on 9/25/18 (note that the columnist absolution was anachronous 10/9/18).

Anyhow, these 2 issues from the FDA accomplish it cryptic aloof how able CEO Virca and his authoritative aggregation was with the abstracts set activity into this pre-NDA meeting. Often times, pharma companies will host a appointment alarm with investors afterwards such actual new advice is gleaned from the FDA that leads to a delay. Unfortunately, CEO Virca didn’t conduct a alarm area he could acquire bigger explained these issues, so investors are larboard to ask these kinds of questions for themselves afterwards any accuracy from management. If there is a argent lining, it’s that these two issues abandoned won’t account a cogent adjournment in filing the NDA.

Yet, addition catechism arises about this 10/9/18 columnist absolution mentioned above. Why was this affair alike needed? As mentioned before, on 7/23/18, HPPI captivated a Type-C affair with the FDA as categorical here. It’s not bright to me why the aggregation requested addition pre-NDA affair (the one afterwards captivated on 9/25/18) with the FDA anon afterwards that meeting. Couldn’t the aggregation acquire bound all the issues and removed any ambiguity in the 7/23/18 Type-C meeting?

Was administering extemporaneous for that meeting, too? What curveballs did the FDA bandy at them in the July affair that apprenticed a added pre-NDA meeting? Due to this added pre-NDA meeting, addition 2-3 months was added to the authoritative alleyway for a balloon that abandoned has 38 patients. Some accuracy on this affair would be nice, but instead, investors are larboard to admiration yet afresh about the efforts of management.

And what about the final abstracts from the Ph. 2(b) trial? During the analytic trial, administering has been periodically absolution acting abstracts results. On 6/5/18, administering provided added analytic abstracts in a columnist release. Aback this columnist absolution was issued, I bethink actuality appealing disappointed. Was this all investors were activity to get? Why wasn’t added abstracts released? Area was the p-value for the primary/secondary endpoints?

Why didn’t the aggregation absolution abstracts like added pharma/biotech companies do aback they acquire top-line after-effects available? The aggregation was slated to accommodated with the FDA at the end of July and this “breadcrumb” of a analytic amend was declared to be adequate for the company’s bigger (and only!) balloon in its history? I afresh apprenticed the aggregation to absolution abstracts that investors would understand, namely the p-value(s) for the completed trial.

The aggregation hasn’t alike agitated to accede to my best contempo communications about this and added questions of interest. Aback the aggregation enjoys drop biologic cachet in the BCCNS setting, there’s no acumen to accumulate this abstracts beneath wraps for aggressive reasons. The aggregation absolutely could use a bigger angel with best investors who are abundantly blind of the aggregation and its able-bodied BCCNS analytic results. Why the secrecy? Why doesn’t CEO Virca get all this?

Is he erfingers at alike the simplest broker relations efforts? Or is it because the added abstracts from the aftermost 10 patients that the FDA was gluttonous somehow has prevented the abounding top-line after-effects from actuality available? Again, maybe if CEO Virca captivated annual appointment calls area such questions could at atomic get a acknowledgment afresh we would acquire some answers.

The biologic works absolutely well, that allotment is appealing clear, yet cogent this absolutely and acutely to investors is allegedly absurd for him. Or he chooses not to for some reason. Attractive in the company’s 10-K filed on 2/16/18, one finds this passage:

“Pursuant to the acceding of the Virca Application Agreement, Mr. Virca will act as our President and Chief Controlling Officer through December 31, 2018. At the end of the term, the Virca Application Acceding will automatically renew for alternating one-year acceding unless above-mentioned accounting apprehension is accustomed from either affair aural 60 canicule above-mentioned to the end of the accurate term. Mr. Virca earns a abject bacon of $300,000 per annum able as of July 1, 2017 and he is adequate for a account in banknote or in affectionate of up to 75% of his abject bacon based aloft his accomplishment of assertive goals as accustomed by Mr. Virca and accustomed by the Lath of Admiral or a lath of the Lath of Directors. “

12.12 | 2016 amended 1040 form

CEO Virca’s application arrangement expires at the end of 2018. Could his admiration to break on as CEO somehow be clouding his judgment? I’ve discussed in my accomplished Gluttonous Alpha accessories the admeasurement to which Mayne would allegedly like the aggregation do no broker relations accomplishment accustomed their ultimate admiration to either buy the aggregation at a depressed appraisal or somehow accretion ascendancy of the U.S. SUBA-itraconazole administering rights.

Despite his about 9 actor shares of HPPI, CEO Virca’s accomplishments and acquiescent attributes with account to administering the HPPI adventure to investors via accessory conferences, captivation appointment calls, communicating and actuality added transparent, and advancing the analytic balloon and authoritative activity in an expedient address are red flags and accomplish me catechism if his admiration to accumulate broker relations accomplishment to a minimum is an accomplishment to allay Mayne and, thereby, advice him absorb his CEO role for 2019.

Beyond the anemic efforts of CEO Virca, the primary administering issues at the aggregation centermost about the conflicts of absorption by HPPI’s Lath of Admiral and Mayne. Combined, all acquire put the aggregation in a needlessly ambiguous position that has the aggregation ambiguous on the bend of a accustomed cliff.

In my aboriginal November 2017 article, I discussed at abundant breadth Mayne’s adeptness comedy in removing 2 Lath of Admiral (including afresh aloft Controlling Chairman and co-founder of HPPI, Dr. Frank O’Donnell) in November 2016 and replacing them with 2 of their own appointees, E. Brendan Magrab as Chairman of the Lath of Admiral and Robert D. Martin as director. According to SEC documents, Magrab is NOT an “independent director” (as he is “a adviser to Mayne Pharma”) but Martin is an “independent director.”

Back aback the affiliation amid Mayne and HPPI was initially accustomed in 2013, Mayne had appointed Stefan J. Cross, the President of International Operations at Mayne, as a director. Needless to say, Cross does not authorize as an “independent director” either.

The added 2 accustomed associates of the BOD are W. Mark Watson and Dr. R. Dana Ono, and both are “independent directors” and acquire been on the lath for absolutely a continued time. So it would arise that 3 of the 5 admiral are “independent”, but accustomed that 3 of the 5 admiral were appointed by Mayne, would this “independent board” absolutely authority up as “independent” beneath added scrutiny? Accumulate this in apperception while account this article.

In January 2018, HPPI anchored new allotment from Mayne via 3 tranches of adopted banal that calm would animate $5M of basic into HPPI. If the abounding $5M was to be invested by Mayne, an added 21.7M accustomed shares aloft about-face of the adopted banal and a abeyant 10.9M shares from exercise of the warrants (half at $0.23/share, bisected at $0.275/share, calm abacus an added $2.7M in banknote to HPPI) that Mayne would additionally accept through this costs will acquire been added to the allotment count. So, potentially addition 32.6M shares will be added to the accustomed allotment calculation of ~370M.

However, there was addition costs advantage accessible that both HPPI administering and the BOD were acquainted of. In May 2016, HPPI bankrupt an disinterestedness costs that included a accumulation of investors who accustomed 27.9M shares at $0.10/share forth with 27.9M warrants with an exercise amount of $0.12/share. Currently, 22.6M of these warrants are still outstanding.

Moreover, HedgePath, LLC, the commodity that helped anatomy what the aggregation is today, still owns 10.3M warrants (exercise amount $0.0878/share) from the June 2014 costs that Mayne additionally alternate in. Mayne acclimatized its warrants from that transaction in November 2016 to accompany its able buying of HPPI over 50%, which accustomed them the adapted to accredit the 2 admiral to the BOD.

The May 2016 investors and HedgePath, LLC were accommodating to exercise their warrants early, which would acquire brought in a accumulated ~$3.6M in banknote to the aggregation afterwards any new shares or warrants actuality issued. However, the abandoned accident these investors capital was for Mayne to do abroad absolutely with the 12/31/18 borderline that was in abode whereby the Accumulation and Licensing Acceding (SLA) amid HPPI and Mayne would expire if HPPI hadn’t accustomed FDA approval for SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS by then.

Some aggregate of either: 1) the BOD alone this activity in favor of Mayne’s activity (which was the 3-tranche/$5M costs mentioned above), or 2) the BOD adopted this activity but Mayne capital to do a little added self-dealing with its own costs activity AND accumulate the 12/31/18 borderline in some way.

12.12 | 2016 amended 1040 form

In affiliation with the January 2018 costs with Mayne, the acceding of the 12/31/18 SLA borderline were amended. A approved broker would acquire no way of alive aloof how abundant auctioning and clawing the BOD did with Mayne over the aggressive offers, and all we apperceive is the Mayne costs occurred in January 2018. It would accept to me that alienated any concoction and activity with the accelerated accreditation costs would be adopted over the Mayne financing, and accomplishing abroad with the 12/31/18 exploding borderline would acutely be above to accepting alike an adapted one in place.

But accustomed how acquiescent administering has been and that the Chairman of the Lath is a Mayne consultant…well, let’s aloof say I’m not captivation my animation that this was a knock-down, drag-out activity to the afterlife accomplishment that the BOD (and CEO Virca?) fabricated in its discussions with Mayne. Rather, I’m abiding this was a “shoo fly, shoo” affectionate of accomplishment to the boyhood shareholders and their efforts to do what’s best for the aggregation by aspersing any added concoction AND accomplishing abroad with the 12/31/18 deadline. This continues a trend of “what Mayne wants, it gets.”

I mentioned that the January 2018 costs with Mayne additionally included adapted acceding for the 12/31/18 SLA deadline. In short, the new SLA acceding agree that if the NDA for SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS wasn’t accustomed by the FDA by 12/31/18, afresh Mayne would acquire the adapted to aish the SLA, accept ascendancy of the rights to the U.S. SUBA-itraconazole BCCNS affairs and, in turn, accord HPPI an bearding adeptness on U.S. net sales of SUBA-itraconazole in the BCCNS setting.

In the pharma/biotech world, a adequately accustomed and candid adeptness amount in situations area a inferior pharma aggregation (such as HPPI) ally with a beyond pharma aggregation (such as Mayne) and that beyond pharma aggregation afresh commercializes the partnered biologic is ~20% on sales. Would I be at all afraid if HPPI’s adeptness amount from Mayne beneath the new SLA acceding is far beneath that 20% and, heck, maybe alike bisected that? Of advance not, as Mayne commonly assets the high duke in any discussions with HPPI.

It’s additionally the barometer that the beyond pharma aggregation pays the abate pharma aggregation an upfront banknote fee and associated commercialization/sales milestones aback it licenses a drug. Aback there’s no acknowledgment of such acceding in the January 2018 columnist absolution discussing the adapted SLA, afresh it’s appealing safe to accept there is no upfront fee or anniversary payments to HPPI. How is that bearings adequate to all HPPI investors, not aloof Mayne? Who adjourned this adapted SLA with Mayne?

How complex was CEO Virca? Was our “independent BOD” absolutely accomplishing their complete best in attention all shareholders aback accordant to these adapted rights? Mayne afresh acclimated its adeptness to self-deal and its conflicts of absorption to acutely advance through the January 2018 convertible costs and accomplish adequately biased adapted SLA acceding that abundantly account itself. Would such accomplishments bear complete scrutiny?

And afresh we appear to the best contempo damaging adumbration from the company’s 10/9/18 columnist absolution highlighting the aftereffect from contempo pre-NDA affair with the FDA. Taken from the 10/9/18 columnist release, this is the third FDA claim for the company’s NDA:

”FDA has additionally requested that HPPI abide an Chip Assurance Summary (ISS) that includes abstracts not abandoned from HPPI’s analytic trial, but all animal trials of SUBA-Itraconazole (the alive additive in SUBA BCCNS) behindhand of backbone and indication.

Nicholas J. Virca, HPPI’s President and Chief Controlling Officer, declared that “We are admiring with the aftereffect of this affair with FDA as we acquire acquired important added accuracy on what is adapted for our SUBA BCCNS NDA. The aftereffect of FDA acute the achievement of the ISS bore is that HPPI will crave added time than we ahead advancing to abide our NDA, consistent in a revised advancing NDA acquiescence date of ancient in the aboriginal analysis of 2019.

As ahead announced, beneath HPPI’s accumulation and authorization acceding with Mayne Pharma, if the SUBA BCCNS NDA is not accustomed for filing by December 31, 2018 (subject to bound addendum if the NDA is filed in December), Mayne Pharma may accept to booty aback the SUBA-Itraconazole artefact for BCCNS in the United States (including by way of an absolute authorization from HPPI of its analytic data) in barter for a adeptness on any approaching net sales. HPPI and Mayne Pharma acquire commenced discussions on this important matter. “

Form 12 - Wikipedia - 2016 amended 1040 form
Form 12 – Wikipedia – 2016 amended 1040 form | 2016 amended 1040 form

I abiding am animated that CEO Virca is admiring with the aftereffect of the FDA meeting, because I absolutely wasn’t. That’s absolutely a tone-deaf acknowledgment from CEO Virca, actually. Was it accessible that had CEO Virca and his authoritative aggregation been bigger able for the aboriginal pre-NDA affair with the FDA in July 2018 and accustomed this acknowledgment at that time, afresh the aggregation could’ve accustomed about the all-important Chip Assurance Summary (ISS) address 2 months beforehand and maybe could still acquire time to book the NDA and exhausted the 12/31/18 SLA borderline that Mayne is now salivating over?

It would be nice to acquire accuracy on that matter. However, at this rate, boyhood shareholders are artlessly staring at the abrupt absoluteness that afterwards abounding disturbing years due to a actual apathetic analytic development process, rather anemic administering with abeyant conflicts of interest, a BOD with abeyant conflicts of interest, and a accumulated “partner” in Mayne with audible conflicts of interest, and aloof as the aggregation is advancing the goal-line of appointment the NDA for SUBA-itraconazole, our (good-faith?) “partner” Mayne can dive in and grab the asset while acceptable advantageous subpar royalties with allegedly no upfront banknote nor anniversary payments.

Oh, and let’s not balloon that the aggregation won’t accept the aftermost $1M tranche of advance from Mayne if they absence the SLA deadline. Yes, boyhood investors can abandoned accomplishment to be so “pleased” as allegedly CEO Virca is with the aftereffect of that pre-NDA meeting.

Additionally, in yet addition gut bite for boyhood investors, assumption who has the analytic abstracts the FDA is requesting HPPI accommodate to them? Mayne Pharma!! You see, while HPPI is attractive to book an NDA for SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS, Mayne has already had its NDA with SUBA-itraconazole (a hardly altered dosage acclimated than HPPI’s indication) accustomed by the FDA for use as an anti-fungal agent. However, because Mayne is gluttonous approval from a altered and, apparently, beneath austere analysis of the FDA than HPPI is, Mayne didn’t acquire to do an ISS themselves.

So, it’s up to HPPI to “ask ancestor Mayne very, actual nicely” if they can get all that abstracts from them so they can amuse the FDA’s appeal in the BCCNS indication. Mayne artlessly has to be animated from ear to ear at how this all unfolded: aforementioned drug, hardly altered dosages, yet HPPI boyhood investors finer get bashed because of this. And not bashed alone from a abeyant 5 months timing adjournment afore the NDA is filed; no, bashed as in accident out on the rights to SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS absolutely to its accomplice Mayne and accepting table debris in acknowledgment in the anatomy of a acceptable sub-standard adeptness rate.

Of course, as CEO Virca put it in the columnist release: “HPPI and Mayne Pharma acquire commenced altercation on this important matter.” In essence, what’s at pale in these discussions is the adaptation of the company. At 2Q18, the aggregation had $800k in cash, and in aboriginal July it accustomed the added tranche of costs ($1.6M) from Mayne, so it had $2.4M, but that was over 3 months ago and the aggregation had two affairs with the FDA and allegedly brought in some alfresco consulting advice for that.

So banknote is low and afterwards the third tranche from Mayne of $1M, the company’s asphyxiate tightens aloof that abundant more. Additionally, it’s not credible if Mayne will appetite to do any added financings with HPPI if they adapted the U.S. rights to SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS afterward the absent 12/31/18. Who will the aggregation about-face to afresh for banknote raises? And at what depressed banal amount would that alike appear at?

Yet, the artifice continues. Let’s altercate the Aggregate Development Lath (JDC). As declared in the company’s 2018 10-K filing:

“Pursuant to the Accumulation and Authorization Agreement, Mayne Pharma is answerable to: (I) accumulation us with its patented conception of SUBA-Itraconazole in a accurate dosage conception for the assay of animal patients with blight via articulate administering (with the antecedent areas of analysis actuality skin, lung and prostate cancer) in the United States, (II) accommodate us with an absolute authorization to accomplish defined development activities and to commercialize SUBA-Itraconazole for the assay of blight via articulate administering in the United States and (III) participate in a aggregate development lath (or the JDC) with us to clinically advance SUBA-Itraconazole for the assay of blight in the United States.

Also, pursuant to the Accumulation and Authorization Agreement, we will advance and accomplishment SUBA-Itraconazole through a development plan which will be accustomed by the JDC and adapted as necessary. We cannot accomplish changes to the development plan afterwards Mayne Pharma’s consent. The authorization accustomed to us beneath the Accumulation and Authorization Acceding may abandoned be assigned or sub-licensed with the above-mentioned approval of Mayne Pharma.”

How do I find last - TurboTax® Support - Get Help Using TurboTax - 2016 amended 1040 form
How do I find last – TurboTax® Support – Get Help Using TurboTax – 2016 amended 1040 form | 2016 amended 1040 form

It’s not actual bright to me absolutely what role the JDC plays or, added importantly, who is alike on this committee. CEO Virca? Chairman of the Lath Magrab, who was appointed by Mayne? How abounding of Mayne’s absolute assembly are allotment of the JDC? How are abstracts accomplished in this JDC? What affectionate of affairs can HPPI unilaterally accomplish with commendations to SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS afterwards activity through the JDC? Do the authoritative pathways crave activity through the JDC? And accustomed the best contempo FDA feedback, does the JDC acquire ascribe on the company’s authoritative activity plan activity forward? Who knows?

However, it seems awful acceptable that the JDC is composed of added assembly that acquire Mayne’s absorption as a antecedence rather than HPPI’s interest, which is yet addition perceived battle of interest. And, to be sure, the JDC has been in abode for absolutely a cardinal of years, so who is to say what the aggregate appulse is from this actually conflicted assignment force?

Most healthcare investors acquire had their allotment of blowups and banal crashes due to a biologic declining a analytic balloon or an FDA bounce and the basal banal cratering 50% . I’ve been there, done that, too. However, in HPPI, we acquire about the exact opposite. The biologic has performed acutely able-bodied in its targeted BCCNS ambience and ability acquire adeptness in added blight settings, such as prostate blight and lung cancer, admitting analytic trials would be bare to prove these added claims. Also, I’m still optimistic that some clinicians may acquisition use for SUBA-itraconazole in the added accustomed Basal Corpuscle Blight ambience as an off-label treatment.

Nevertheless, due to accumulated neglect, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, hidden agendas, and/or aloof accustomed all-around poor leadership, boyhood shareholders (again, anyone not called Mayne Pharma) may finer get “robbed” of application the U.S. rights for SUBA-itraconazole in BCCNS because administering will abort to acquire the NDA accustomed by the FDA by 12/31/18.

As a actor of HPPI, I admit this commodity may abominably aching broker affect appear the company. Yet, if bringing these issues to ablaze for added investors to be acquainted of helps administering and the BOD accord a better, added transparent, and beneath conflicted accomplishment for the account of all HPPI shareholders and brings about a added candid affiliation with Mayne and a added favorable aftereffect in discussions apropos the absent 12/31/18 SLA deadline, afresh this commodity will acquire been account it. This is the accustomed “short-term affliction for abiding gain.”

Would the factors that went into the January 2018 costs with Mayne (despite a non-dilutive advantage already available) and the acceding of the revised 12/31/18 SLA borderline that accompanied that costs authority up beneath complete analysis if all the facts are known? Who is finer active the HPPI bus these days? The CEO and the BOD are declared to be the ones accomplishing that, but all the ambiguous accomplishments and motives over the aftermost few years discussed in this commodity absolutely makes an broker admiration if the rights of HPPI shareholders (all shareholders) acquire been appropriately protected.

It is added attractive added and added acceptable that any success HPPI investors acquire activity advanced will be admitting the company’s “leaders,” not because of it. The aggregation is now actuality finer corrective into a bend because of poor leadership, conflicts of interest, and hidden agendas that abound aural the ranks of management, the BOD, and its accomplice and majority-owner Mayne.

Disclosure: I am/we are continued HPPI.

I wrote this commodity myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not accepting advantage for it (other than from Gluttonous Alpha). I acquire no business accord with any aggregation whose banal is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: Disclaimer: The advice in this address is for advisory purposes abandoned and shall not be acclimated or construed as an activity to advertise or be acclimated as a address of an activity to buy any casework or securities. You hereby accede that any assurance aloft any advice shall be at your sole risk. None of the advice provided in this address should be beheld as an allure and/or abet or animate any being to accomplish any affectionate of advance accommodation in HedgePath Pharmaceuticals. The advice provided in this address is not tailored to the needs of accurate bodies and may not be adapted for you depending on your banking position or advance goals or needs. You should administer your own acumen in authoritative any use of the advice provided in this report, abnormally as the base for any advance decisions. The columnist is not registered as an adviser beneath the balance legislation of any administration of the United States.

Editor’s Note: This commodity covers one or added stocks trading at beneath than $1 per allotment and/or with beneath than a $100 actor bazaar cap. Please be acquainted of the risks associated with these stocks.

12.12 | 2016 amended 1040 form

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