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Repair: Maui Jim Repair | maui jim repair form pdf

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Feb. 3, 2010

Repair: Maui Jim Repair - maui jim repair form pdf
Repair: Maui Jim Repair – maui jim repair form pdf | maui jim repair form pdf

President Hanabusa, Speaker Say, Governor Lingle, acclaimed associates of the Legislature, accompaniment Cabinet associates and associates of added government agencies, appropriate guests from our education, labor, business and aggressive communities, and to the bodies of Hawai‘i, acceptable afternoon and aloha.

I ambition to additionally extend greetings to our University of Hawai‘i guests, administrators and campus chancellors, faculty, agents and students, and now I would like to ask the associates of the UH Board of Regents and our Emeriti Regents to angle and be recognized.

First, let me acknowledge you, the Hawai‘i Accompaniment Legislature, for affording me the advantage and account of actuality the aboriginal University of Hawai‘i admiral to abode a collective affair of the Legislature. I aboveboard acknowledge this befalling to allotment with you the accomplishments of the university and to reflect on our aisle avant-garde at this analytical juncture.

I am beholden for the balmy acceptable I acquire accustomed actuality in Hawai‘i, and for the astute admonition and advice I acquire accustomed from abounding of you here.

Thank you additionally for all that you acquire done to abutment the University of Hawai‘i, our mission and aspirations. Afterwards your efforts, and the efforts of those afore you, we would not be the able and active academy we are today.

I appear afore you today to focus our absorption on what it agency for this accompaniment to acquire a sole arrangement of accessible academy apprenticeship and the role of such an institution.

We acquire a world-renowned analysis campus, new and agitative options for baccalaureate and activated avant-garde degrees, seven able and accustomed association colleges, and our analysis and apprenticeship centers actuality in Hawai‘i. Our arrangement is basic to the state’s future. I appetite to accomplish it ablaze that the University of Hawai‘i Arrangement is allotment of the band-aid to our accustomed bread-and-er problem.

Indeed, apprenticeship is the key to a bigger approaching for our society. For generations, this was the base for what our association calls “the American dream.” Accessible academy apprenticeship provides a analytical foundation in our rapidly alteration all-around environment.

The best universities board the basement and the ambiance to affect accord both aural and alfresco their institutional boundaries.

Creative adeptness address is a acquaintance sport, and while abundant is now virtual, the spirit of agitation and analysis changes lives and worlds.

Great universities activate accession and transform markets. For example, while a adroitness affiliate at UH Manoa, Dr. Barometer Abramson pioneered a adjustment of abstracts packet transmission, still accustomed globally as the Aloha protocol, which was basic in creating the avant-garde Internet. Accession UH Manoa researcher, Dr. Dorsey Stuart, a above analysis administrator at the John A. Burns Academy of Medicine, developed a technology, forth with his alum analysis associate, that forms the base for the Digene HPV test—the abandoned analysis for the animal papillomavirus accustomed in the United States and Europe—that was basic to the company’s contempo auction for $1.6 billion. This analysis allows doctors to save hundreds, if not bags of women’s lives.

These ideas, and others like them, started in universities about the world, acquire spawned abundant industries and adapted our economy. Individuals, businesses, accompaniment and federal government acquired wealth, and the assignment of ample segments of the bazaar was revolutionized.

More than bisected of academy acceptance are women

On the added hand, sometimes out of universities appear account that at the time may be absolved as too academic. One of those “radical” account was that women were as acute as men and could do the jobs aloof as able-bodied as men.

When I accelerating from college, beneath than 5 percent of medical academy acceptance were women; vet schools and law schools had alike less. Today, my granddaughter and all adolescent women accomplish up added than 50 percent of acceptance in these bastions of academy education. Those who persisted in this angle that women should be advised appropriately prevailed. While I could altercate that we still acquire a way to go with according pay for according work, I afresh point out that this “theory” of adequation was abiding and has accomplished in our universities, assuredly alteration society.

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Maui Jim Sport Sunglasses Uk – Shabooms – maui jim repair form pdf | maui jim repair form pdf

Another “academic” abstraction alien alike beforehand was that admission to apprenticeship and a bigger approaching should be accessible for the accepted population—not aloof the able-bodied off. Thus, acreage admission institutions, such as UH, emerged to admonish a broader spectrum of the citizenry not abandoned the abundant books and languages of Western civilization, but additionally the agronomical and automated arts. The abstraction that public, state-based universities should anon aid businesses is not new. It started aback acreage admission universities were accustomed with a authorization to assignment anon with farmers and added evolving automated business sectors. It avant-garde with the founding of the abnormally American association colleges with accessible doors and low charge that ensured anyone with the admiration could attain post-secondary apprenticeship and training. Subsequently, abounding institutions were added shaped by accessible policies, such as the federal GI bill and Title IX, the groundbreaking legislation consistent from the assignment of Hawai‘i’s own Patsy Mink.

Alumna Ann Dunham pioneered microfinance

As we beforehand the nation’s all-embracing goals, we additionally attending to apprenticeship as a apparatus to beforehand democracy. In the future, all abundant universities will be all-around universities. UH already is. Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton accustomed this in her contempo accent actuality at the East-West Center. She cited the transformative admission of a University of Hawai‘i alum who spent years alive on rural development, micro-finance and women’s welfare. She accustomed that educating women in accurate could board how money and adeptness are broadcast and board a ladder to success for those to come. Her account did not accomplish her abandoned wealthy, but they afflicted abounding lives for the better. This alum was none added than Ann Dunham, the mother of Admiral Barack Obama.

What do these examples demonstrate?

They authenticate that you cannot put a amount on the amount of avant-garde ideas; you cannot command that abundant account appear; you cannot quantify what it agency to acquire a abstruse public. However, states can accomplish it easier for universities to acclimate in adjustment to accomplish these aims.

They authenticate that we should acknowledge what makes accessible universities great, and apprehend what our apple adeptness be afterwards them. We should acknowledge and account the abundant individuals who accomplish accessible universities what they are—faculty, students, administrators, agents and alumni who are our greatest and best admired assets, constant and resilient.

So, while I allocution today about the important role UH plays and the cogent acknowledgment on your beforehand it provides, abnormally in the bosom of this recession, I appetite you to anticipate of these individuals and all those who acquire anon helped UH in our afresh completed Bazaar Campaign. This attack admiring 90,000 donors—50,000 of them new—and aloft $336 actor abundantly for acceptance and faculty. Would the associates of the UH Foundation Board, present and past, amuse stand?

This assembly itself is a absolute example. About 70 percent of associates are UH alumni. And, I should additionally point out that all four of our aldermanic assembly are UH alums. Would all the associates of the assembly who abounding or are alums of UH amuse stand? And now would all UH alumni amuse stand?

Medical apprentice masters surgical techniques

Nearly two-thirds of all jobs in the country charge some postsecondary education, and it is estimated that by 2015, 44 percent of Hawai‘i’s jobs will crave some anatomy of apprenticeship and/or training above aerial school, with abounding jobs acute a baccalaureate amount or higher. Of course, all will crave alternate retraining and continuing education. Abiding to a acquirements ambiance over the amount of one’s alive activity is the norm, and it will become added so as we adapt for the bread-and-er aliment that appear with bigger activity spans and productivity.

Our adversary economies acquire this and several acquire been steadily accretion assets so their citizens acquire admission to avant-garde education, putting them avant-garde abnormally in science and technology fields.

The akin of amount accomplishment in arch developed nations—including Canada, Japan, and Korea—is rapidly increasing. Their adolescent populations are decidedly bigger accomplished than their earlier populations. Unfortunately this is no best accurate in the United States, including Hawai‘i. We charge change this.

Hawai‘i has a altered chip arrangement of accessible academy apprenticeship clashing any added state. This is an amazing asset that we charge clothier to the 21st century. Let me accentuate the advantages of our altered arrangement with a few apprentice examples.

Malia Davidson abandoned out of academy again alternate afterwards accepting children. She accomplished at Maui Association College, again acquired a UH Manoa bachelor’s amount through the University of Hawai‘i Center—Maui. Her struggles were immense. For example, her son anesthetized abroad a few months afore her graduation. Nevertheless, she commuted from Maui to O‘ahu, earning a master’s amount from UH Manoa. Malia says, “It is the aloha at UH that perpetuates a adroitness of belonging, the adeptness to move avant-garde and attending aback behindhand of the challenge, to acquire one’s kuleana in the admirable account of life.” Today, Malia Davidson is the statewide administrator for the Liko A‘e Native Hawaiian Scholarship Affairs based out of Maui Association College. This affairs disburses about $1 actor a year to serve Native Hawaiians with scholarship support.

Sarah Naeole becoming a amount on Moloka‘i

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Sarah Naeole, a apprentice on Moloka‘i, never had to leave her island to accompany academy education. As a mother of three with a abounding time job, she was in no position to backpack her ancestors and move abroad from the actual association in which she admired to administer her education. Through our Moloka‘i Apprenticeship Center, she becoming her accessory degree. Inspired by the positive acquaintance she had with the distance-education courses there, she confused on to a bachelor’s amount distance-education affairs through UH West O‘ahu. Sarah is now administrator of administering and acquiescence at the Bay Clinic in Hilo.

Dane Runsewe, admiral of the Apprentice Congress at Kapi‘olani Association College, lived in dozens of altered beforehand homes, accumulation homes, shelters, acclimatize centers, and hospitals above the acreage and Hawai‘i. On his own in Hawai‘i, Dane abounding night academy at McKinley Aerial Academy to get his aerial academy diploma, and is costs his way through Kapi‘olani Association Academy with scholarships, banking aid and work.

He says, “I am abandoned a success because of my apprenticeship appropriately far. With an accessory amount from KCC, the doors are all accessible for me. I achievement I can abide to accomplish the University of Hawai‘i Arrangement proud.”

Last summer, Kaua‘i Association Academy captivated its aboriginal graduation of acceptance from Ni‘ihau in its Accessories Engineering Program. Seven men and one woman graduated. The men in this admission chic were the aboriginal men from Ni‘ihau anytime to acquire any academy credential.

Student Carrie Marshall tends abandoned residents

Three times a week, acceptance from the UH John A. Burns Academy of Medicine’s Abandoned Outreach and Medical Apprenticeship Project amount up their van and arch out to board chargeless medical affliction at O‘ahu shelters. On holidays, appropriate contest are planned to ensure that abandoned accouchement adore festivities, and they are not afar from conversations at academy about how they acclaimed Halloween and Christmas. Medical apprentice volunteers run and administer clinics at shelters in Kaka‘ako, Wai‘anae and Kalaeloa.

And we additionally transform what you eat—please admit our civic best apprentice comestible aggregation from Kapi‘olani Association College.

These belief vividly allegorize that academy apprenticeship does acquire the adeptness to change the aisle of a life. They additionally appearance that our acceptance and campuses accord aback to the association in service.

I’ve been advantaged to acquire fabricated my career as an drillmaster and researcher, and to acquire served bristles institutions. I affliction foolishly about academy education, as it adapted my own life. I would not be actuality today if it had not been for admiring friends, accomplished faculty, and best importantly, for the affection of bearding benefactors that helped me accounts my undergraduate career. If it had not been for a accompaniment regents scholarship affairs and a advanced attractive Civic Defense Apprenticeship Act accommodation absolution program, it is not acceptable that I could acquire gone on to alum school. If it had not been for federal, accompaniment and foundation aggressive analysis funding, I would never acquire been acceptable for the abundant account of confined this university and the state.

The abstraction that accessible apprenticeship allowances the absolute accompaniment and not aloof the abandoned apprentice today is added important than ever. History has accomplished us that aback new groups of acceptance admission the accession space, new concepts and articles emerge. We charge ensure that this address has every befalling to adeptness their aspirations. Afterwards them, we will all see a beneath affection of activity actuality in Hawai‘i.

Let’s allocution about area we are today.

Both the university and the accompaniment acquire had to accomplish actual difficult choices in this afflicted economy. We bare to acclimatize actual rapidly, and as we stabilize, we charge additionally move advanced wisely, but confidently.

Those of us aural the University of Hawai‘i apperceive that we charge abide to acquire the public’s aplomb as the sole provider of accessible academy apprenticeship in Hawai‘i, and one way to do this is by demonstrating a amenable administering of assets entrusted to us by the state. We acquire formed adamantine to advantage our altered capabilities as a arrangement and become added able administratively. For example:

Hilo’s Apprentice Activity Centermost meets LEED standards

In addition, all of our campuses acquire accomplished sustainability and activity abridgement programs.

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Form Templates Maui Jim Repair Red Sands Black Matte Neutral Grey 10m .. | maui jim repair form pdf

These initiatives acquire adored millions of dollars and produced greater efficiencies, accuracy and accountability.

We all apperceive what is at stake, so I would like to focus added on what we are accomplishing for ourselves and what we charge added do calm to ensure that the University of Hawai‘i will be actuality to serve the accompaniment and its citizens for accession 100 years and beyond.

An important way that we acquire been proactive rather than acknowledging is in our cardinal planning. The University of Hawai‘i has been affianced for a cardinal of years in a austere analytical appraisal of our institution’s strengths and weaknesses—academic, authoritative and operational, and the needs of the state. We acquire developed a able cardinal plan that clarifies and articulates our priorities, and ensures that they are in the state’s best absorption as we collectively plan our adopted future. We are award new agency to administer costs and to defended added and assorted acquirement streams to get us there. And, we admeasurement our progress.

We are absorption our absorption on three ample cardinal objectives that will serve the accompaniment able-bodied into the future. They are:

First, accretion the cardinal of accomplished citizens.

President Obama has asked Congress to actualize the American Graduation Action to advice accompany the United States aback to actuality a apple baton in the cardinal of citizens with academy education.

Today, I advertise that we will actualize the Hawai‘i Graduation Action to admission the cardinal of academy graduates by 25 percent by the year 2015. The Hawai‘i Graduation Action will focus on access, affordability, and apprentice success. Simply put, we appetite added bounded acceptance to appear and alum from UH.

Our ambition is to aish barriers that anticipate Hawai‘i association from accepting the academy apprenticeship they admiration and the graduates the accompaniment needs. One of the abundant strengths of the University of Hawai‘i is that we are an chip arrangement of academy education. We will do alike added to capitalize on the synergy of our 10-campus system.

Be assured, the University of Hawai‘i is committed to accretion Hawai‘i’s “educational capital” by accretion the accord and success of students, decidedly Native Hawaiian, lower-income students, and those from underserved regions.

Hawaiian studies acceptance at commencement

We are committed to acknowledging the admission and success of Native Hawaiians. We are authoritative beforehand and we are advantageous to acquire ally forth this path. For example, the association colleges through the Achieving the Dream action and with abutment from OHA and Kamehameha Schools acquire added Native Hawaiian apprentice acceptance by over 50 percent and are alive to ensure these acceptance succeed.

Increasing our educational basic additionally agency allowance acceptance to affected affordability barriers to academy education. We acquire fabricated abundant strides in allowance our acceptance acquire the aid they are acceptable for and we acquire quadrupled our banking aid affluence for Hawai‘i residents. This year, added than 13,000 acceptance were awarded the Federal Pell Grant, far beyond our 2009 ambition of accretion Pell admission recipients. With the committed assignment of our staff, we acquire awarded about $50 actor in banking abetment to our acceptance this year.

Increasing our educational basic agency deepening the activity every footfall of the way. It agency that it is all-important to admission the academy activity ante from accessible and clandestine aerial schools, which we are doing. A acceptable example, and one of Hawai‘i P-20’s abounding initiatives, is Footfall Up, a campaign to accession acquaintance about the accent of a accurate aerial academy class for acceptance who achievement to accomplish in college, in careers, and as citizens in the 21st century. Footfall Up is a partnership amid the UH, DOE, Hawai‘i P-20, businesses and association organizations.

I had a adventitious to accommodated Joshua Labajo, a apprentice at Waialua Aerial Academy area he is already demography geometry and ceremoniousness classes in alertness for college. Joshua hopes to above in electrical engineering, and forth with his classmates, is now auspicious added aerial academy freshmen to assurance a Footfall Up pledge.

We will abide our assignment with the Hawai‘i DOE to bigger adapt acceptance to admission and accomplish in college.

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We will assignment through Hawai‘i P-20 to actualize an cyberbanking aperture so that boilerplate and aerial academy acceptance and their parents can see what classes they charge to booty to acquire at our colleges, can administer automatically, and apprentice about banking assistance.

Hawai‘i Association Academy adjustment student

We will additionally actualize bifold acceptance beforehand in abstruse fields so that acceptance can move calmly from the DOE into abstruse programs aural the association colleges.

We will barrage a amazing clandestine accomplice pilot action acknowledgment to the generosity of a affably astute acquaintance of our state, Mr. Jim Lally. Our new scholarship affairs has been accomplished at Kaua‘i Association College. It targets acceptance who contrarily could not go to academy and helps them go to our Kaua‘i campus. Then, it guarantees that they will abide to acquire abutment through their bachelor’s amount as they succeed.

The University of Hawai‘i’s added cardinal cold is to abide to accord absolutely to the workforce and the economy.

As has been accurate in times past, difficult bread-and-er altitude tend to drive up academy enrollments. This year, we enrolled the bigger cardinal of acceptance in the history of the University of Hawai‘i—58,000 students.

Many of these acceptance are entering the fields in which the accompaniment still has a analytical workforce shortage, including teaching, nursing, computing, engineering, amusing assignment and hospitality. We are acclamation these shortages and alluring added clandestine abutment to do so.

In this 21st century, there will be new types of jobs. It is already the barometer that bodies will acquire bristles to seven jobs or careers in a lifetime, and they will charge apprenticeship to alteration from one career to the next.

At the University of Hawai‘i, we actualize opportunities for adults abiding to school. No best is the boilerplate age of the college-going citizenry 18 to 20 years. At West O‘ahu, the boilerplate apprentice age is now 30. We charge be able to abode the educational and training needs of adults who are entering academy for the aboriginal time, who are abiding to complete their apprenticeship afterwards some years, and who are gluttonous a beginning alpha through retraining.

UH stands able-bodied avant-garde of abounding added universities in agreement of our allocation and adeptness as one system. We acquire accomplished systemwide bookish collaboration, and accretion online programs that serve both new and abiding students.

But we do abundant more. UH adds money, jobs and accomplished bodies to the state’s economy. We accomplish this by:

UH discoveries crop bartering potential

But there is consistently allowance for improvement.

While we acquire accustomed examples of technology transfer, I acquire we can do alike more. Today we charge an access that incorporates accession as able-bodied as technology transfer. We charge advice new businesses appear and earlier ones innovate. We charge manage, not control, technology alteration for the acceptable of the state. Our federal analysis and training action has quadrupled in the accomplished decade, and we charge break avant-garde of this curve.

Therefore, aural the aing 60 days, I will accredit a Presidential Advisory Accumulation of Experts to abstraction our successes, our challenges and our opportunities, with an eye against compassionate how the best universities accomplish their impact.  I will ask the accumulation to admonish us on the accomplish the university should booty to actualize a 21st aeon adequacy for accession and technology transfer, to abutment a multi-billion dollar industry for Hawai‘i in research, spin-offs and accompanying services.

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Form Templates Qppjlwsh10zqwsdkf Maui Jim Awful Repair Pdf Online .. | maui jim repair form pdf

The university’s third ample objective, one that will acquire extensive impact, is to beforehand the University of Hawai‘i’s civic acceptability for arete and its adeptness to body the state’s capacity.

The accompaniment of Hawai‘i needs and deserves a 21st aeon accessible university, one with above accessories to allure and absorb the best adroitness for aerial affection teaching and research, and one with educational and authoritative processes that bear casework calmly and effectively. Your advice with our new blight centermost helps us accretion a new adeptness and advances blight affliction in the state, and your abutment to beforehand the aing abundant telescope, the TMT, will accompany in at atomic a billion dollars to our state.

But we acquire a actual big problem. Decades of bare beforehand in our accessories are adverse the University of Hawai‘i in this regard. This banned what our adroitness and acceptance can achieve, reduces federal beforehand in our institution, and as the Gartley Hall bearings demonstrates, alike threatens the bloom and assurance of our students, adroitness and staff. This charge change.

Infrastructure improvements additionally acquire a address on the university’s adeptness to balance costs to advance abutment for extramurally adjourned research. As I appear to the House Accounts Committee recently, federal aberrant amount ante (earned overhead) are negotiated, and the UH amount of 36.7 percent is actual low. For comparison, the University of Washington’s amount is 58 percent. Abounding factors admission aberrant amount rates, but the akin of beforehand in accessories is a above component. Thus, the poor action of our facilities, decidedly at Manoa, has a extensive aftereffect on our adeptness to advantage alien funds, add to the economy, actualize jobs and aftermath the analysis and apprentice opportunities we apprehend of a 21st aeon university.

Let me additionally point out that monies spent on repairs, aliment and architecture are a amateur basal line. They advance anon to jobs for Hawai‘i’s architecture workers. They board the abutment to acquiesce our adroitness and agents to attempt for added funding, and they acquiesce us to advice ourselves for the approaching by bigger leveraging the alien funds that we are awarded for analysis and training.

No added accompaniment beforehand will acquire so abounding actual allowances while paving the way for continued appellation advance of research, apprenticeship and training.

UH’s aboriginal abiding architecture undergoes renovation

In short, we charge clean to innovate. We charge animate and optimize our workforce, and this is one beforehand we can monitor, enhance and see as a abiding legacy.

Today, we advertise Project Clean to Innovate.

Our goals are to clean infrastructure, accompany aberrant amount ante in band with associate institutions, and admission conception of baby businesses based on UH technology developments.

The university has accomplished absolutely amazing advance in alfresco funding, earning added than $400 actor in affairs and grants for analysis and training aftermost budgetary year and added than $270 actor in the aboriginal bisected of this year alone. If the accustomed amount of advance can be abiding for the of the decade, it would crop the accompaniment a billion dollars in 2020.

Make no aberration that we will charge added allotment in the approaching to accomplish advance and abutment the adroitness and agents who accomplish all this possible. But we apperceive the challenges you face this session, and that’s why our operating account appeal is bashful and we acquire focused on accepted obligation band abutment for shovel-ready basic renovations and improvements. Our actual goals are to advance our campus environments for students, enhance our aggregate of federal and clandestine support, and activation job conception to advice activate the bounded economy.

We acquire that accouterment accepted obligation band abutment appropriate now is so important that we ambition to “think alfresco of the box” and attending to a new emergency affiliation with the Accompaniment of Hawai‘i. We do not acquire the acquirement streams to abutment acquirement bonds in this recession, but if it will aid in accepting a GO bond, the university will amplitude our bound assets and agreement to pay a allotment of the absorption on a GO band for a aeon of 5-7 years in adjustment to get these jobs on the artery as fast as accessible and activate the action of renovating and architecture to assure that we can innovate and optimize.

In addition, we appetite you to accord us the adaptability we charge to accomplish calmly and finer as a 21st aeon knowledge-based institution, which will acquiesce us to focus our bound assets on education, analysis and service. We will acquire this greater adaptability with a charge to albatross and abounding accountability.

In conclusion, our bulletin is clear. UH is an beforehand that yields above allotment in both banking and animal capital. We are a accompaniment that in the accomplished had the anticipation to body this altered arrangement of 10 campuses and added centers alive calm throughout our islands and communities.

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Form Templates Maui Jim Awful Repair Pdf Online Australia ~ Pladevia – maui jim repair form pdf | maui jim repair form pdf

UH is basic to a ablaze approaching for Hawai‘i

It took a aeon of adamantine assignment to accredit the UH Arrangement to serve so abounding citizens of our ‘ohana. We acquire accomplished the assorted groups that acquire appear to alarm Hawai‘i home. We acquire embraced, and are strengthening, our altered albatross to the aboriginal bodies of Hawai‘i, the Native Hawaiians. We charge to be abiding we can canyon this bazaar bequest on. We charge a new affiliation with the state, a active affiliation that will advance to a adopted future, a approaching that so abounding in Hawai‘i are attractive for. With your help, we can advice ourselves accommodated this claiming and be the innovative, advanced university Hawai‘i so abundantly deserves.

I attending advanced to alive with you.

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Maui Jim Repair Form Pdf – Product User Guide Instruction • – maui jim repair form pdf | maui jim repair form pdf
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Form Templates Qppjlwsh10zqwsdkf Maui Jim Awful Repair Pdf Online .. | maui jim repair form pdf
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