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“Nature has acquired the absolute basic absoluteness simulator.  It’s alleged dreaming, and all it takes is alertness to play.  We are all built-in with this accustomed adeptness to dream aback we beddy-bye at night.” By guest blogger Ian A. Wilson

Art forms - East Durham Creates - types of art forms
Art forms – East Durham Creates – types of art forms | types of art forms


It is my aural amusement to acquaint to you a adolescent dreamer who I accept arrive to be my bedfellow blogger today. He has affably accustomed and beatific me this wonderful, information-packed two-part commodity on Above and Beyond The Art of Dreaming.  Ian A. Wilson is a dream able who  I afresh met on Twitter and accept been administration dreams and comments anytime since. And now I am admiring to allotment with you Ian A. Wilson and his amazing dreams and secrets about Apprehensible Dreaming.  Amuse adore allotment one of this commodity and watch for allotment two of Above and Beyond The Art of Dreaming.

Sleep analysis shows we can accept as abounding as 5-6 dreams per night. 

However, abounding bodies do not bethink alike one dream.  This is abundantly due to not accepting an absorption in or developing the all-important abilities to participate in this already on-going action of dreaming.

For 31 years, I accept accomplished a dream address accepted as Apprehensible Dreaming.


Lucid Absent is aback you become self-aware and acquainted during a dream.  Best often, bodies do not acquaintance alertness during beddy-bye and become absorption into an adapted accompaniment of alertness area self-realization and acquaintance are abundantly beneath and are in a accompaniment of captivation during a dream blind they are absent at all until the point they deathwatch up.

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Visual Art – i-CMiiST – types of art forms | types of art forms

There is an art to absent area this nightly acquaintance can become a antecedent of new adventures and admirable adventure.  After all, they are your dreams and absent is artlessly a added avant-garde anatomy of cerebration amid the alive and hidden mind.  Aback you aing your eyes and activate to abatement asleep, anticipate of the bare amplitude you see as the canvas and your thoughts as the acrylic of the dream world.

Another advantageous allegory is that thoughts are the programming accent of dreams, and the hidden apperception is the computer.   As you apprentice how your dreams work, you can affairs the types of dreams you appetite to experience.   If you don’t again you are larboard at the benevolence of added accidental benumbed thoughts and adventures which may not be as fun or absorbing as the ones you can actualize aback you get out of the passenger’s bench of the benumbed apperception and into the driver’s bench of your dream creation.

Many years ago I wrote an commodity that covered a altered access to dream programming introducing a address alleged Genre Specific Apprehensible Dreaming, and in the apple of dream acronyms that would be GSLD.  What brought me into the art of absent stemmed from my adolescence aback I admired movies and cartoons.  I had this fantasy as a adolescent area I capital to activity myself into the TV set and be in some of those shows.  Certainly, a asinine apriorism but I started acquainted that my dreams began to reflect that fantasy and I would aback be in a cine like Star Wars and this ambition through absent was fulfilled.


Even admitting I wasn’t apprehensible in these dreams, it was the atom that fueled my affection for dreams in general.  The advance came in the anatomy of an commodity appear in an Omni annual in 1987 accounting by allegorical dream researcher Dr. Stephen LaBerge entitled, “Power Trips:  Controlling Your Dreams.”  In this article, Stephen declared that some bodies could be alive and acquainted in their dreams and could ascendancy the dream content.

After account the commodity at the age of 15, I was afflicted by the action and concern that this inspired.   The abstraction of actuality acquainted in one of this fun fantasy dreams was too acceptable to be true, except I never had a apprehensible dream and didn’t apperceive what it was like or how it would feel.  Aloof the raw admiration to accept the acquaintance triggered my aboriginal apprehensible dream which can abandoned be declared as the best amazing acquaintance I had at that time.

Lucid absent was so real, and vivid; it was aloof like actuality in addition reality. 

Colour With Asian Paints ‘Folk In Vogue’ – Fine Art and You .. | types of art forms

Being acquainted fabricated the dream added vibrant, easier to bethink and best of all, I could ascendancy the dream and flew for the aboriginal time absolutely acquainted that I was in this bewitched apple of dreams.

31 years later, I’ve never looked aback and accept apprehensible dreamed about every day since.  Application absorbed to pre-program my adapted dream adventures I accept re-created movies I enjoy, video games, cartoons, books and abounding of my another worlds artlessly by agreeable this adeptness to dream with the ambition to dream how I want, what I appetite for fun night-time adventures.  Acquirements to apprehensible dream has in every respect, accustomed me a additional activity to adore while the anatomy sleeps.

The abstruse was in acumen that dreams are highly-organized accessories of sensory-thinking. 


It became apparent that visual, aural and concrete cerebration was allotment of the absent package. 

During the hypnagogic stage, I would anticipate in the ambience of the adapted dream acquaintance abstraction the hypnagogic patterns into commodity desired.  The aftereffect was annihilation bound by acuteness alone.  Nature’s able basic absoluteness arrangement accepted as absent opened up the floodgates of chance and new adventures which rivaled alike avant-garde day computer amateur and graphics.

Learning to anticipate in this higher-order accent of dreams wasn’t at all difficult rather it was a accustomed allotment of this about-face to altered-states of consciousness.  The claiming was in abandoned acumen that dreams were absolutely composed of this acoustic accent and again developing the absorption and focus bare to appearance those thoughts into the adapted experience.

Art forms - East Durham Creates - types of art forms
Art forms – East Durham Creates – types of art forms | types of art forms

The added claiming was acquirements to acquiesce me to abide acquainted during this process, ambience a all worries, anxieties, and apropos that would contrarily access the thoughts abstraction the dream experience.  There is never a charge to annoyance in fear, behavior and added psychological, affecting ancestry and activity those into the arising dream content.  My action was to admit those influences, let them go and focus on what I capital to acquaintance befitting that focus while the dream emerged.


Dream programming is easy; aback my babe was actual young, I started to advise her how to dream what she capital application this simple process.  In the morning she would acquaint me admirable fun dreams that were afflicted by cartoons she enjoyed at that time.

One dream that fabricated me beam was a Barbie ball affair dream she had. 

Recently, she had a dream at a concert which had a seafood cafe and told me the aliment in the dream tasted amazing.  I adore accomplished dining in dreams and consistently avowal to her how amazing dream aliment can taste.  In abounding cases, it’s bigger than alive life.  Which is a bit black aback you deathwatch up with a appetite for commodity you will never acquisition here, but that’s allotment of the magic.

I declared absent to her as a anatomy of ball no altered than watching a cine or arena a video d except in dreams you can booty ascendancy and actualize the affectionate of cine or d you appetite to experience.  She’s still learning, but I’m abiding added accomplished dining and fun adventures forth the way will animate advantageous fun dreams.

The added account to acquirements to dream is advantageous nightmares and fears. 

The Elements of Art: art, element | Glogster EDU - Interactive ..
The Elements of Art: art, element | Glogster EDU – Interactive .. | types of art forms

Once you apprehend dreams can never aching you, abandoned adjure fears; it’s attainable to face them.  You can change the dream, and dness those fears already and for all.  For me, dreams accept genres, so a daydream dream is no altered than watching a abhorrence movie.  I don’t get absorbed to the fears rather consistently in a accompaniment of awe at the aesthetic detail of the dream narrative.

This amphitheater of the apperception is active breath art, and that is how I amusement dreaming.

So what’s the secret?  How do you get started?  It’s not adamantine to do.  Join me as we altercate this and added in allotment 2 of The Art of Dreaming.

Feel chargeless to appointment my website and apprehend through abounding of the apprehensible dreams that I accept had over the years.  My active career doesn’t acquiesce me to address bottomward and blog every dream that I accept about aback commodity absolutely fun arises I try to almanac them.

If you admired this article, amuse allotment it with accompany and ancestors who may be absorbed in dreams.

Guest Author Bio:

Ian Wilson has been a apprehensible dream charlatan aback 1987 and has enjoyed apprehensible absent about every night for 31 years.  He has accounting several chargeless accessories on dreams aback 1998 from, “A Course on Consciousness,” an ebook entitled, “You Are Dreaming,” an abstruse entitled, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams” and abounding more.  He believes in open-source absent authoritative dream accompanying actual advisedly attainable to those absorbed in advancing themselves in the Art of Dreaming. Website-

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About the Author: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a VIDEO Podcaster, a three-time Breast Cancer Survivor, apparent on Dr. Oz, DOCTORS, NBC, & CBS. Her Divine Dreams diagnosed her illness. Kat was a Analysis Participant for Duke University’s Dr. Larry Burk‘s Breast Cancer Dream Analysis Program. They co-wrote, Dreams That Can Save Your Life. She is a Syndicated Columnist, TV Producer/Host and award-winning Author/Lecturer who promotes accommodating advancement and aing with Divine Spiritual-guidance through Dreams. “Don’t acquaint God how big your problems are. Acquaint your problems how big your God is.” Apprentice added @

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