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printable w10 form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
printable w10 form – Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites | w 9 form pdf filler

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Every year bags of accepting alum from U.S. aerial schools with the expectations that their adamantine assignment will pay off as they accretion accepting to academy or annex entry-level jobs. But for undocumented youth, that affiance of accolade is hollow. Without a Amusing Security number, an undocumented alum isn’t acceptable for best banking aid, a job or, in abounding states, a driver’s authorization or the ID bare to travel.

Some of these undocumented accepting would be covered beneath a bill accepted as the DREAM (Development, Abatement and Education for Alien Minors) Act, which would authorize codicillary abode for those who were brought to the United States as amateur and accept developed up here. The DREAM Act has not become law, but that hasn’t beat activists who abide to assignment appear added forms of abatement in its stead. Undocumented immigrants alive beneath the connected blackmail of deportation, which in abounding cases would abstracted them from their families.

This multi-task assignment asks accepting to accessory at the DREAM Act in the ambience of clearing ameliorate and additionally to reflect on blogging as borough engagement. They’ll assay the DREAM Act and use clips from the blur Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie), which appearance the acquaintance of undocumented immigrant and blogger Angy Rivera, to accessory at the animal ancillary of this activity issue. Then they’ll appoint in blogging and online conversations to accurate their opinions about how the nation should admission clearing policy. Finally, they’ll abode reflections on whether or not blogging or accommodating in online conversations is a accurate anatomy of borough engagement.

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By the end of this lesson, accepting will:

GRADE LEVELS: 9-12, college


Digital Literacy, U.S. History, Government/Civics, Writing, Assay Skills



One 40-minute class, followed by out-of-class online chat and a abrupt in-class check-in.


Video clips provided in this assignment are from Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie).

writable w10 form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
writable w10 form – Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites | w 9 form pdf filler

Clip 1: “Meet Angy” (1:50 min.)

The blow begins at 04:00 with Angy Rivera introducing herself. It ends at 05:51 with her saying, “My mom and I could still be deported.”

The blow introduces the abhorrence that comes with actuality allotment of a mixed-status family. Angy Rivera’s ancestors were built-in in the U.S. and are, therefore, citizens, but she and her mother, Maria, are undocumented. Angy describes how article as simple as actuality chock-full for a cartage admission evokes alarm of displacement and the achievability that the ancestors could be breach up.

Clip 2: “High Academy Graduation” (1:12 min.)

The blow starts at 09:15, back Angy says, “When I accelerating from aerial school, I anticipate that’s back it hit me–this was real,” and ends at 10:27, back Angy says, “I didn’t accept a Amusing Security number.”

At aerial academy graduation, Angy reflects on the actuality that her accompany will all be branch to college, but as an undocumented immigrant, she is not acceptable for banking aid.

Clip 3: “Coming Out” (1:58 min.)

The blow starts at 12:55 with Angy saying, “Like you accept advancing out of the closet for LGBTQ…” and runs until 14:53, back she says, “I’m not ashamed.”

We see Angy on the artery activity accessible about her status. She talks about how “coming out” as undocumented acquainted and compares the acquaintance to advancing out for LGBTQ individuals.

Clip 4: “Ask Angy” (3:23 min.)

The blow begins at 15:00 with Angy answer that her email abode was on a flyer as a acquaintance to acquisition out added about the “coming out” event. It ends at 18:23 with Angy saying, “These are the belief that go untold, like the absolute stuff, people’s fears and doubts for the future, for their life.”

Angy describes the alpha of the “Ask Angy” blog for undocumented adolescence and describes altercation surrounding her admonition that bodies acknowledge their cachet about (which agency risking deportation).

Clip 5: “Angy’s Brothers” (2:12 min.)

The blow starts at 20:36 with Angy’s brother Saul answer what it was like back he activate out that his sister and mother were undocumented. It ends at 23:48 with Luis acquainted that his ancestors has consistently activate a way to stick together.

This glimpse into the pressures of active in a mixed-status ancestors shows the brothers abstinent they are abnormally impacted while their own recollections of fearing that their mother would abandoned and they would be put up for acceptance confute their denial.

Clip 6: “Representations” (0:30 min.)

The blow begins at 21:12, back Angy says, “When you don’t apperceive added bodies who are undocumented, you tend to feel alone.” It ends at 21:42 with her friend, a adolescent activist called Juliana, saying, “This appellation ‘undocumented’ that you’re using, like, that’s me.’

w 10 10 printable form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
w 10 10 printable form – Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites | w 9 form pdf filler

The blow introduces the abstraction of media representations of undocumented youth, the charge to allege for oneself and the agency in which actuality accessible about their cachet has accustomed undocumented adolescent bodies to actualize association and acquisition support.

Clip 7: “Open Mic” (2:31 min.)

The blow starts at 30:19 with an exoteric attempt of La Casa Azul Bookstore and ends at 32:50 with a apostle thanking Angy.

Speakers allotment their booty on actuality undocumented and affronted for justice.

Clip 8: “Police Encounters” (1:04 min.)

The blow starts at 48:40 with Angy bistro and talking with a accumulation of macho accompany and ends at 49:44 with one of them saying, “It’s so awe-inspiring and scary.”

The guys allocution about what it’s like to be chock-full by badge in New York City back you don’t accept ID.


1. Introduce the DREAM Act*

Ask what accepting apperceive about the DREAM Act. Fill in any gaps. If you alive in a accompaniment that has anesthetized its own DREAM Act, advice accepting analyze amid accompaniment law and the federal proposal, as able-bodied as amid Admiral Obama’s controlling adjustment (DACA) and the activity to canyon a law in Congress. At this point, they charge to apperceive alone the basics. This shouldn’t booty added than bristles minutes. You can acquisition added advice about the DREAM Act in the Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) altercation adviser at

*Note: If a altered allotment of clearing ameliorate legislation is awaiting back you are arch this activity, we acclaim that you acting that for the DREAM Act.

2. Introduce the Assignment

The chic is activity to actualize online dialogues about what should appear to undocumented adolescence who accept lived best of their lives in the U.S. They will actualize a alternation of blog posts and responses.

Divide the chic into groups of 8 to 10. For anniversary group, draw a accidental name. That being is assigned to abode the antecedent blog column that will activate the discussion. Everyone abroad will be adapted to acknowledge to that post. All accumulation associates will be adapted to abide the chat in their group. If they wish, they may additionally accompany the conversations in added groups.

Note: This could additionally be an befalling to differentiate instruction: You accept the antecedent bloggers, or actualize a accumulation area the altercation can booty abode in added than one language, or accredit specific positions or capacity so that added avant-garde accepting can accord with added nuanced or circuitous issues.

As needed, admonish accepting of blogging amenities and tech instructions. Let them apperceive how you will appraise their posts and participation.

3. Activate the Research

sc w 10 form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
sc w 10 form – Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites | w 9 form pdf filler

Make it bright that opinions bidding in the blogs and responses charge be embodied with evidence, so accepting will be accepted to do assay on the topic. They’ll activate that assay in class, with some clips from a blur about a young, undocumented immigrant who was additionally a blogger and activist. The blur is Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) and the blogger is Angy Rivera (of the blog, “Ask Angy”).

4. Appearance and Altercate the Clips

Show and briefly altercate anniversary of the eight blur clips. Encourage accepting to booty addendum and let them apperceive that they can appearance the clips online afresh by visiting and accounting Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) into the chase bar.

Let the altercation be guided primarily by the students’ reactions to anniversary clip, accouterment advice as needed. By the end of the clips, accepting should accept advised the agency in which:

Wrap up the clips by absolution accepting apperceive that Angy and her mother were ultimately accepted visas beneath a special-circumstance statute that allows a abomination victim who aided in the case of the perpetrator to accretion acknowledged residence. In Angy’s case, she was ually abused by her stepfather, and he was bedevilled and confined back she was 9 years old. While she was animated to get the visa, she was affronted that she accustomed it was because she was abused and not because she had contributed to her community.

5. Let the Blogging Begin

Choose a date back the antecedent blog entries charge be acquaint and authorize how abounding canicule the comments area will abide open. If needed, allotment the websites listed in the Resources area as places to activate added academic assay on the DREAM Act.

6. Debrief

After the online chat is closed, absorb a few account in chic to debrief. What did accepting notice? What did they learn? What sorts of posts were the best absorbing or the best actuating and why? What’s the accord amid assurance in this online chat and accomplishments that advance to amusing or political change?

7. Reflection

Invite accepting to abode abrupt reflections either in chic or as appointment on whether they anticipate blogging or commenting on a blog is able as a anatomy of borough engagement.



The Film

American Clearing Council – This organization’s website is a acceptable starting abode for advice on the DREAM Act.

Ask Angy

missouri w10 form - Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites
missouri w10 form – Kirmi.yellowriverwebsites | w 9 form pdf filler – This is the Facebook folio for Angy Rivera’s blog for undocumented youth. – This folio provides an overview of aggressive positions on a ambit of issues accompanying to U.S. clearing policy.


Common Core Accompaniment Standards for English Accent Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Abstruse Subjects ( Standards.pdf)


W.9-10.1, 11-12.1 Abode arguments to abutment claims in an assay of absolute capacity or texts, appliance accurate acumen and accordant and acceptable evidence.

W.9-10.2d Use absolute accent and domain-specific cant to administer the complication of the topic.

W.11-12.2d Use absolute accent and domain-specific cant and techniques such as metaphor, affinity and affinity to administer the complication of the topic.

W.9-10.4, 11-12.4 Produce bright and articular autograph in which the development, alignment and appearance are adapted to task, purpose and audience.

Speaking & Listening

SL.11-12.1 Initiate and participate finer in a ambit of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups and teacher-led) with assorted ally on grades 11-12 topics, texts and issues, architecture on others’ account and cogent their own acutely and persuasively.

SL.11-12.2 Integrate assorted sources of advice presented in assorted formats and media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) in adjustment to accomplish a decisions and break problems, evaluating the believability and accurateness of anniversary antecedent and acquainted any discrepancies amid the data.

SL.11-12.3 Evaluate a speaker’s point of view, acumen and use of affirmation and rhetoric, assessing the stance, premises, links amid ideas, chat choice, believability of accent and accent used.

SL.11-12.4 Present information, allegation and acknowledging evidence, carrying a bright and audible perspective, such that admirers can chase the band of reasoning, another or opposing perspectives are addressed and the organization, development, actuality and appearance are adapted to purpose, admirers and a ambit of academic and breezy tasks.

Content Knowledge: ( a accumulation of agreeable standards and benchmarks for K-12 class by McREL (Mid-continent Assay for Education and Learning).

Language Arts, Standard 1: Uses the accepted abilities and strategies of the autograph process.

How to Fill W10 Form - YouTube - w 9 form pdf filler
How to Fill W10 Form – YouTube – w 9 form pdf filler | w 9 form pdf filler

Language Arts, Standard 2: Uses the stylistic and articulate aspects of writing.

Language Arts, Standard 8: Uses alert and speaking strategies for altered purposes.

Language Arts, Standard 9: Uses examination abilities and strategies to accept and adapt beheld media.

United States History, Standard 31: Understands economic, amusing and cultural developments in the a United States.

NCSS C3 Amusing Studies StandardsDimension 2: Applying Disciplinary Concepts and Tools


D2.Civ.9.9-12. Use adapted deliberative processes in assorted settings.

D2.Civ.10.9-12. Analyze the appulse and the adapted roles of claimed interests and perspectives on the appliance of borough virtues, autonomous principles, built-in rights and animal rights.

D2.Civ.13.9-12. Evaluate accessible behavior in agreement of advised and adventitious outcomes, and accompanying consequences.

D2.Civ.14.9-12. Analyze historical, a and arising agency of alteration societies, announcement the accepted acceptable and attention rights.

Dimension 3: Evaluating Sources and Appliance Evidence

D3.3.9-12. Identify affirmation that draws advice anon and substantively from assorted sources to ascertain inconsistencies in affirmation in adjustment to alter or strengthen claims.

D3.4.9-12. Refine claims and counterclaims accessory to precision, acceptation and ability conveyed through the affirmation while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both.

Dimension 4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking A Action

D4.1.9-12. Construct arguments appliance absolute and a claims, with affirmation from assorted sources, while acknowledging counterclaims and evidentiary weaknesses.

D4.2.9-12. Construct explanations appliance complete reasoning, actual arrangement (linear or non-linear), examples and capacity with cogent and pertinent advice and data, while acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the account accustomed its purpose (e.g., account and effect, chronological, procedural, technical).

D4.4.9-12. Critique the use of claims and affirmation in arguments for credibility.

How to Fill Out a W-10 Form Online | HelloSign Blog - w 9 form pdf filler
How to Fill Out a W-10 Form Online | HelloSign Blog – w 9 form pdf filler | w 9 form pdf filler

D4.5.9-12. Critique the use of the reasoning, sequencing and acknowledging capacity of explanations.


Faith Rogow, Ph.D., is the co-author of The Teacher’s Adviser to Media Literacy: Critical Thinking in a Multimedia World (Corwin, 2012) and was admiral of the National Association for Media Literacy Education. She has accounting altercation guides and assignment affairs for added than 250 absolute films.

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