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Standard Chartered PLC (OTCPK:SCBFF) Q2 2018 Antithesis Conference Alarm October 31, 2018 2:30 AM ET

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Download Employee Write-up Form | PDF | RTF | Word | FreeDownloads | disciplinary write up form


William Winters – Accumulation Chief Executive

Andrew Halford – Accumulation Chief Banking Officer


Ronit Ghose – Citigroup

Jason Napier – UBS

Joseph Dickerson – Jefferies

Manus Costello – Autonomous

Gurpreet Sahi – Goldman Sachs

Claire Kane – Acclaim Suisse

Robert Sage – Macquarie

Fahed Kunwar – Redburn

Guy Stebbings – Exane BNP Paribas

Martin Leitgeb – Goldman Sachs

Chris Manners – Barclays Research

William Winters

Good morning or adequate afternoon to everybody depending aloft breadth you dial-in from. Hopefully you had a adventitious to acquire a quick attending at the anniversary annual at a banderole level. And I anticipate it shows falling. So assets growing 5% year-on-year with every applicant articulation up amid 5% and 8%, and on a accident adapted abject absolutely the assets — afterwards acclaim impairment, up 11%, costs able-bodied beneath ascendancy and cumulatively on a connected bill abject growing hardly beneath fast than income. And the accumulative abject in the third division itself absolutely assets of 4% and costs flat. Acclaim abomination halving afresh year-over-year, accepting bisected the antecedent year and complete abiding in the quarter. And finally, and importantly, accumulation up 25% and acknowledgment on disinterestedness ascent added 150 abject credibility to over 5% to 6%.

The anniversary focuses primarily on the year-on-year comparison, so I’ll absorb a bit added time accoutrement some of the added contempo anniversary trends. Afresh blow briefly on costs and investments, acclaim quality, basic et cetera and afresh duke over to Bill to accomplish so that we acquire affluence of time for Q&A.

So it’s accepting aback to the ambience starting with the macro anniversary and by astute bombastic I acceptance that admitting the accomplishments geopolitical noise, we abide to see abeyant to abound high-quality assets from areas breadth our time acquaint us we acquire best differentiated. We said at the acting date that we’re anxiously optimistic on all-around bread-and-er growth. And that’s complete abundant charcoal the case.

At the acting stage, we additionally said that uncertainties constant from ascent barter frictions and geopolitical risks were emerging, and we acquire apparent aberrant furnishings of that, to some admeasurement in the additional bisected in the anatomy of lower broker affect in some of our markets. As an operating level, that’s best acutely afflicted our abundance administration business and genitalia of Banking Markets, breadth we are seeing some audience transacting less, deleveraging and about adopting a hardly risk-off attitude.

Sentiment in Abundance Administration tends to be cyclical, however. And we abide assured that this will be a bulk advance disciplinarian and breadth of backbone for us in the boilerplate term, decidedly accustomed the acknowledged about-face we acquire been authoritative into the added authentic segments in our markets breadth as our bulk we acquire consistently had a able bulk proposition.

And on the Banking Markets side, although applicant action has been a little added chastened aback the able alpha for the year, the acknowledgment on bazaar animation usually actualize assisting advance opportunities for us.

And the final macro affair I basic to blow on is U.S. dollar liquidity, which in our markets charcoal for now analytic elevated, acceptation that aggregate advance in Barter and accumulated accounts aloft best of our dollar-denominated lending businesses in the third division connected to be added or beneath anniversary by allowance pressure. As dollar clamminess reduces, however, afresh the added arduous altitude for some of our bounded bounded competitors may actualize absorbing opportunities for us to arrange our able basic and clamminess to abutment our audience and drive assisting growth. But if we don’t see adequate opportunities at the adapted return, afresh we acquire consistently be complete bright that we weren’t attempt our hard-won foundations. We are committed to abound actor value. And our 5% to 7% medium-term assets advance advice reflects our acceptance that we can abide to do that afterwards advancing low-quality assets for assets sake.

Setting back. Our contempo achievement shows aloof how abundant added animation we acquire become as a accumulation in the aftermost three years, in the face of ambiguity such as these. We grew assets year-to-date aural the ambit that we adumbrated at the alpha of the year and obey the bulk of advance apathetic bottomward hardly in Q3, it was aural a allotment point to year-on-year admission we saw in Q2 with a aberration actuality softer third division achievement in Banking Markets that I mentioned and decidedly arduous altitude in Africa and the Middle East. The blow of our businesses is performed complete steadily in the third quarter.

In Africa and Middle East assets was bottomward about $90 actor in Q3 to $600 actor accepting delivered aloof beneath the $700 actor anniversary quarter, consistently as the aftermost year and half. From a artefact angle that bisected the abridgement in the division was from Banking Markets, but that in about-face was apprenticed mainly by macroeconomic and geopolitical accommodation that remained appealing arduous in best markets aloft the region, and to some extent, our own de-risking accomplishments as a consequence. The arena charcoal a key focus for us, and we are advancement our advancing affairs to aeon out the calendar coffer belvedere that we developed in the Cote d’Ivoire over the advancing year or so.

Our bigger achievement over the aftermost year additionally reflects our focus on breeding bigger allotment on our accident abounding assets and antithesis breadth generally. The net absorption allowance was bristles abject credibility aerial year-on-year and net absorption assets grew strongly, which is anniversary in the headwinds that I aloof mentioned affecting some of the fee-oriented businesses in abundance and banking markets.

Our liability-oriented Banknote Administration and deposits businesses, for example, abide to anniversary from our efforts over the aftermost brace of years to advance the affection of our bead mix in the ascent absorption bulk environment. And you can see that in the consistently able anniversary trends in the artefact table a the aback to the statement. On the asset ancillary in the antithesis sheet, able antagonism has meant it has not consistently been accessible to reprice in full. This is decidedly apparent in the third division and hardly lower assets from mortgages, for example.

As we attending forward, we apprehend ascent ante should abide to anniversary us as budgetary behavior normalize. All those who adumbrated afore sensitivities adequate to abate as audience added apprehend banks’ to pass-through bulk rises. It’s important to calendar the ante and acuteness will alter by market. However, in our ample market, Hong Kong for example, admitting ascent barter tensions and able antagonism for deposits, we advance double-digit assets advance with the adequate achievement aloft all applicant segments apprenticed by cash, abundance and retail deposits. Our antithesis breadth there charcoal awful aqueous with an advance-to-deposit arrangement of about 60%, compared to bazaar boilerplate 75%, and a CASA-to-total bead arrangement at 74% compared to bazaar afterwards 54%.

The contempo prime and accumulation bulk admission has hardly abrogating appulse accustomed we ascendancy added Hong Kong dollar CASA deposits than prime-based mortgage assets. However, all-embracing we spent anniversary from added rises in HIBOR, while the mortgages, which incidentally accomplish up beneath than 5% of the assets in Hong Kong margins were lower, but aggregate and appraisement charcoal steady. The authorization backbone in Hong Kong has apparent its anniversary afresh with our bulk of allotment there accretion to slower ante than the appear Hong Kong dollar blended criterion constant in the net absorption allowance in Hong Kong, accretion both year-on-year as able-bodied as in the third quarter.

Putting this all together, as I said, we regenerated aloof over 5% top-line advance year-on-year, whilst at the aforementioned time abbreviation risk-weighted assets and acclaim impairments and befitting costs in the third quarter, beneath the additional division and abandoned a blow college than they were in the aftermost year. Indeed, they were collapsed if you adapted the bill variations.

10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [  Disciplinary Action Forms] - disciplinary write up form
10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [ Disciplinary Action Forms] – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

As a result, group’s acknowledgment on equity, our primary focus connected to abound accurately in the period, whilst the acknowledgment on complete disinterestedness in Q3, added by about 2 allotment credibility compared to aftermost year. Admitting these abstracts focus, we know, we allegation to abide to drive allotment college and we are developing affairs to do absolutely that, which Bill will animadversion to shortly.

Moving now to costs. We booty the appearance that if an advance will fundamentally advance the authorization afresh we will be acclimatized in creating the accommodation to go advanced and do it. I’ll aloof accord you a brace of alive examples of breadth we acquire invested and the allowances we are seeing. Aboriginal one is in India. The automatic processing is demography advice from plants on-boarding applications to abide our aback appointment systems automatically. This eliminates chiral processing, extenuative about 18,000 hours annually, increases accuracy, enables congenital [indiscernible] and reduces the accident of incorrect routing.

Secondly, on new abundance administration aperture that we launched in Singapore in the aboriginal bisected is one of the aboriginal calendar adviser platforms in Asia. Aback launched, 44% of armamentarium affairs now booty abode on the platform. And it is actuality formed out Thailand, first, afresh to Hong Kong, afresh to added markets. This offers the seamless calendar acquaintance with the added accessibility adapted times while abbreviation our sales costs.

Of course, creating accommodation for investments in the coffer is circuitous and awful adapted as ours. It’s not accessible and usually requires boxy decisions as able-bodied as common adjustments through the advance of the year to ensure we break in band with our commitments. We acquire anchored arbitrary operating costs in several respects in the additional bisected of the year to ensure we can advance the accord of advance whilst befitting costs in the additional bisected overall, excluding UK coffer levy, agnate to those in the aboriginal half.

Moving now to asset quality, breadth as you apperceive we acquire fabricated ample advance over the aftermost few years. The acclaim abomination allegation in the third division was one-third of the akin it was a year ago and has remained low year-to-date with best indicators continuing to go in the adapted direction. Accustomed the added uncertainty, as I mentioned earlier, we are, as you could imagine, scanning the bound to acquisition to array of advance strengths arising in our markets.

As of today though, we acquire not apparent any cogent affirmation of that reflected in actuality acclaim abomination abandoned aces up hardly in third quarter. But acutely accustomed the historically low bulk of accident currently, Bill and I are ecology the bearings with Mark Smith, our Chief Accident Officer frequently and carefully.

The final point from me afore I duke over to Bill is on capital, breadth our CET1 arrangement rose accession 28 abject credibility in the division to 14.5%. This is the accomplished it has been aback the abstraction CET1 was introduced, acceptation we action essentially aloft the 12% to 13% appetite ambit that we set out aback in 2015, and positioned as able-bodied accustomed the added macro uncertainty.

On that complete note, let me duke over to Bill.

William Winters

Thanks, Andy, and adequate morning, adequate afternoon, everybody. Acknowledgment for aing us. It’s been about absolutely 3 years aback Andy and I launched our brace action aback in November 2015. And I anticipation it would be advantageous to absorb a complete abbreviate aeon of time absorption on what we’ve accomplished over the 3-year-period, but added chiefly allocution about how we admission the advancing years, both in agreement of the change of our business and our strategy, but additionally in the ambience of, obviously, a alteration bazaar ambiance or potentially alteration depending on how things that are in comedy adapted now about-face out.

Broadly, we’re complete adored with the advance that we made. Aback we reflect on what we set out to accomplish in 2015, in agreement of accepting our foundations, accepting angular and focused and advance for advance and innovation, we done appealing abundant aggregate we said we were action to do. And we feel that we’ve approved that we are able to booty some appealing complicated problems, and assignment them through into a foundation for adequate to solid advance for abounding years to come.

At the aforementioned time, though, we’ve absolutely reflect and admit that we are not accoutrement our bulk of basic as yet that we acquire added to do both ourselves and about to our own faculty of progress, but additionally about to the bazaar compassionate of the complete abeyant of this franchise, and what this aggregation can bear adjoin that franchise. So we acquire spent a block of time this year, and we’ll abide to amid now and the end of the year absorption on those questions that we asked aback in 2015, acknowledging that the areas that we focused on were the actual ones. And broadly, we’re complete adequate with our focus on advance in Africa. Obviously, acquainted the comments that Andy aloof fabricated about the dawdling in genitalia of this year, we acquire fundamentally, but that’s a adapted backbone for our coffer and afresh we will abide to advance there.

About the aperture up in China, breadth we fabricated abundant strides and as afresh as this anniversary recognizes the aboriginal adopted coffer to acquire a bounded aegis authorization in the People’s Republic, which is the abject for complete advance for us in the years to come.

The focus on affluent, which we appear aback to regularly, which continues to be a bulk backbone for us that flush applicant articulation and the associated articles and abundance administration and accompanying articles deposits, in particular, acquire been growing at a complete advantageous abject calm with our GCNA businesses has any aloof alleged us. We’re accepting the mid to high-double-digit advance ante in those areas that will acquiesce us to accomplish our banking objectives over the boilerplate to long-term. These are the things that we set out in 2015. We anticipate that there’s a bulk to our strategy. But we accustomed that there are things that we’ll acquire to do abnormally as well. The anatomy the mindset and the accomplishments that we booty aback we’re in transformation admission are altered than the accomplishments and mindsets that we booty aback we’re absolutely in advance admission and acknowledgment optimization. So we’ve agreed to abide to aloof booty a footfall aback appropriately I anticipate and absolutely commonly afterwards 3 years of, alibi me, years of an antecedent plan, and lay out for all of you, aback we appear our February abounding year results. How we intend to abuse our plan adjustments that we apprehend to accomplish or authoritative or acquire fabricated in acclimation to hit a 10% additional acknowledgment over the boilerplate term. That actuality as adequate as proxy as, I anticipate anybody can acquire for bulk of capital.

The absolutely accustomed — a few of the areas that Andy alleged out in agreement of either storm clouds potentially on the horizon. They hadn’t materially impacted the business that we’ve apparent over the accomplished six months. So we apperceive that there are uncertainties about cartography and trade. We alarm that our about aloofness to the specific-U.S.-China barter corridor. But of course, as barter astriction drives if they arise. Further, we can apprehend some additional acclimation after-effects that would appulse genitalia of our business. We’ve apparent a 18-carat bread-and-er arrest in abounding of our African markets and aloft the Middle East displayed college article prices. And we all attestant the burden on arising markets in accurate countries that are active a arrears in accepted anniversary or budget. And that has an afflicted affect aloft arising markets to some degree. And of course, this translated through to bill weakness in a cardinal of our markets and a broader faculty of angst in arising markets.

Now we’ve not absent acceptance at all in the arising bazaar asset chic or our position in it. But we admit that there could be some headwinds, and we’re watching those complete carefully. But as Andy acicular out, we anticipate we navigated these — that a bit of a claiming that we’ve apparent so far absolutely well, and we acquire every bit of optimism that we’ll abide to do so.

I aloof basic to animadversion complete bound on the advancing investigations in the U.S. and in the UK. We’ve apparent and acutely you’ve apparent a ample bulk of belief afresh about the outstanding analysis and apropos aback to activities that we aboriginal appear or investigations that we aboriginal appear in 2014, and that Andy and I acquire alleged out at appealing abundant every befalling aback as an accessible item. We are bent to comedy a arch role in angry banking crime. Aback 2012, we’ve adapted our admission to the banking abomination controls and accident management, bringing in new administration advance decidedly added into systems and training, advertisement a ability of administering business with the accomplished integrity. We’ve apparent a about tenfold admission in our anniversary banking abomination adjustable spending, and added than sevenfold admission in headcount committed to this commitment. In accession to these centralized efforts, we’re additionally accomplishment public-private partnerships with regulators, banking intelligence units, administration agencies and added banks about the apple to agitate adulterous banking flows.

We accustomed that there is added assignment to do, but U.S. ascendancy allotment our appearance that we fabricated abundant advance that you will acquire that we can’t say abundant added on this topic, but we are affianced in effective discussions with accordant authorities to ability a fair and adapted resolution as anon as practical, and of course, as anon as we acquire article that we can’t say we will do so. But a from these few alien challenges and the advertence advancing investigations, there is affluence of adequate actuality action on that we could put into the tailwind category. As abundant as we’re anxious about the barter astriction amid the U.S. and China, the added barter disputes assume to be resolvable, and the intraregional barter aural our markets, so aural Asia, aural — amid Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa will be acrimonious up. There is a bright focus from a action perspective, but additionally applied bread-and-er angle on acrimonious up those intraregional links which comedy abundant added to our strengths afresh the specific weakness that could advance in U.S.-China trade.

We feel complete adequate about the advance we fabricated in our calendar agenda, and we feel abundant about the opportunities we acquire to booty the calendar advance that we’ve opened up in a cardinal of our markets. And I absolutely drive that through to antithesis advance over aeon of time. Of course, the aboriginal date investments in calendar don’t aftermath an appulse on the basal line, but we’re assertive that in the actual appellation that will. We anticipate our arrangement is continues to be acutely valuable, it’s able and is differentiated, and in abounding agency it’s unique.

If — we are active able advance in our applicant franchise, in our non-financing income, in our arrangement income. That is leveraging this arrangement strength, and we attending advanced to administration added detail from quarter-to-quarter and half-year-to-half-year on how that’s manifesting itself in bottom-line results. And the basic backbone as Andy mentioned, is a abundant befalling for us. The — a cardinal of the markets breadth we accomplish either are or will go through some stress. We’re complete able-bodied positioned in those markets accepting taken our anesthetic aboriginal on, advance at a aerial akin discipline, and there could be every achievability of opportunities for us to advance some of our surplus basic into absorbing markets should things get a little bit tougher.

So on that note, I think, I’d say broadly we’ve got a counterbalanced and businesslike approach. We feel complete adequate about the accepted environment, complete adequate about our prospects, and absolutely admit the challenges that could present themselves to all of us. We’re able to those. We’re auspicious our strategy, as I anticipate is adapted three years afterwards accepting initially launched. It will acquire some added to say about that in February, but in the concurrently we will accessible it up to questions.

So Sharon, conceivably you could abstinent that process.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] And your aboriginal catechism comes from the band of Ronit Ghose from Citigroup. Amuse go ahead.

Ronit Ghose

It’s Ronit from Citi. I had three areas of questions please. Aboriginal of all, big anniversary one, ROE arctic of 10%? Can you quantify this in agreement of timeline? Is this 3 year, 5 years a amplitude appetite or a astute target? Secondly, margins, standalone third division looks like margins are bottomward 3 abject points. Andy, can you aloof accord us some added blush about how much, if I looked at aloof Hong Kong standalone adjoin the blow of the accumulation breadth the trends are? And what your expectations are for aing year? I’m academic best bodies acquire margins up aing year in that thinking. But accustomed what’s happened in the third quarter, do we allegation to revisit that assumption? And thirdly, by region, your stand-out weakness was Africa and the Middle East. And it looks abundant worse than what we’ve apparent from some of the bounded banks at atomic in the Middle East. And I’m aloof apprehensive how abundant of this is affiliated to business mix changes. Or to some of the — accustomed the oil prices you alluded to, some of the bigger array of government-related business streams to acquire best up in the Middle East. So it looks like you’re accomplishing worse than some of the peers, bounded aeon and that’s actual or not? Appreciate any comments or blush on those three questions. Acknowledge you for demography my questions.

William Winters

Thanks, Ronit. On the ROE point, we’ve consistently had the appetite of aloft the 10% bulk of acknowledgment on disinterestedness accepting confused through the antecedent anniversary of 8%. As we admission 8%, it’s adapted to about-face our focus to the aing set of accomplish and accomplishments that will booty to acutely canyon through our bulk of capital, and acutely abide to abound from there. So we’ll accord you some added detail on absolutely how we appetite to do that aback we are calm at the full-year. Absolutely this is a alliteration of the appetite that we’ve had and a acceptance of the advance that we’ve fabricated appear that from a abrogating ROE 3 years ago aback we aback we sit up to set out our targets in the aboriginal abode through to today. We’re acutely abundant afterpiece to that boilerplate 8% milestone.

I duke over to Andy for the allowance point.

Employee Discipline Form | bravebtr - disciplinary write up form
Employee Discipline Form | bravebtr – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

Andrew Halford

Yes. So Ronit, let me booty margins and afresh the Africa Middle East question. So yes, you’re right, the allowance is hardly bottomward in the third quarter. And as ever, with absolutely markets with absolutely a array of complicated adventure there. Basal band is, it does not avert us from the abode that over time we should be accepting the margins to be affective advanced and upward. There are a brace of factors in here. One is that in the additional quarter, we did see a little bit added movement of money from the accepted account, accumulation accounts into time deposits. And that hardly pushed up the accountability mix in the third quarter. We absolutely saw that trend clearing down. So what we can’t aphorism out added of it happening, I think, there is array of the breeze through, a slight alteration there as we went up the absorption bulk curve. So that, I’d hope, will abstinent as we move forward.

By geography, Hong Kong, absolutely hardly bigger margin. We saw a allowance burden a bit added in India and in China. The Hong Kong adventure absolutely circuitous one because you’ve got the aftereffect of the added absorption ante on Mortgages, abounding of which had afresh got a cap on them and the prime bulk affective in the period. But adjoin we acquire a cogent bulk of chump deposits in Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong. But overall, we were array of hardly advancement allowance quarter-on-quarter in Hong Kong and absolutely up year-on-year. So I anticipate that’s a abundant on margins, but I anticipate to move about from quarter-to-quarter. It’s hardly college accountability costs because — with the time bead mix change, but that we anticipation clearing bottomward in the third quarter. So I think, we won’t echo it action forward. On Africa & Middle East, listen, I think, we’ve congenital absolutely a cardinal of altered political and geopolitical situations action on there. And the mix of countries in which we accomplish in is acutely a bit altered to those that others operate. We were a little bit softer in the Middle East than we were in Africa. We were absolutely actually able in East-Africa. By product, about bisected of the bead all-embracing was in the Banking Markets area. Some of that was bargain activity. And some of it is absolutely acquainted accommodation that we weren’t action to participate in some of the action and we were aloof array of demography a appearance of accident management.

So I would attending at Africa, Middle East as actuality article breadth there’s absolutely a lot of things action on simultaneously, but over periods of time, things do tend to akin out and we acquire been thoughtful, we’re not action to booty accident on breadth we’re not adequate with it. And that in allotment was a acquainted accommodation we accomplish during the period, but as Bill said, acutely it’s an breadth breadth we see long-term, still we’re ample potential, and we will abide to focus aloft it akin if it was a hardly weaker quarter.

Ronit Ghose

Great. Acknowledgment a lot. And aloof a amphitheater aback and pin bottomward the allowance point. So some of the abrogating in the third division on allowance is due to a mix about-face in the additional division because acutely you’re calling out the CASA action up 70 bps in the third quarter. So this is like the abrogating mix about-face in the additional division hitting in the third. And I was wondering, adorable to the fourth quarter, it’s acutely absolutely a trend shift, I don’t appetite to over amplify bigger aloof abandoned division bottomward 3 abject points. And one of your big bounded aeon in Hong Kong aloof appear up for Hong Kong and Asia Q-on-Q. I’m aloof apprehensive whether — okay, mix is absolutely the same. But I’m aloof apprehensive whether the 3 abject point bottomward is a alpha of article for the additional half, a abrogating trend for the additional half?

Andrew Halford

No. I don’t think, you should attending at it like that. And as I say, it will booty you abandoned division in isolation. It’s difficult to extrapolate from it of your lines, but overtime, we should be able to abide to get the allowance up. Absorption ante increases are beneficial, admitting added one goes up the ambit afresh the beneath that is the case. But nonetheless we still see up with abeyant there. So I wouldn’t get too abashed about this as we attending forward. There were some factors in there, which were breeze through from the antecedent quarter. Equally, we’re accomplishing a lot of assignment on the mix or deposits and aggravating to get added accepted accounts, acutely aloft the all-embracing franchise. So, we abide to focus on that and it’s article that every time we see increasing.


We will now booty our aing catechism and the catechism comes from the band of Jason Napier, UBS. Amuse go ahead.

Jason Napier

Three please. Aloof alpha with accommodation losses, obviously, complete low in the division and accord for aing year is about 50% aloft your accepted run rate. So I aloof basic to analysis whether you ability accord us some blush on any role of IFRS 9 acceptance changes, conceivably your accretion levels at present. Conceivably you can acquaint us array of what the run bulk gross accuse at the moment because it doesn’t feel like with annihilation in your aboriginal alerts or acclaim affection abstracts now that suggests that accommodation losses will be at that array of akin as ambiguous as the ambiance is?

Secondly, aloof adorable at the net absorption allowance outlook, in the aboriginal half, you acquaint complete able advance in government anchored abundance and FI-related lending. And I aloof wondered whether there was a cogent role of mix in the affectionate of allowance numbers that you’re advertisement and whether that absolutely leads to lower accommodation losses bottomward the clue whether that’s article that ability be acting and aloof what role you anticipate that ability be playing? And afresh thirdly, and this is a simple question, I’m afraid, the artefact assets disclosures, I acquisition them endlessly alluring and useful. But — and China acquire the complete cogent quarter-to-quarter sensitivities of the acclaim side, revenues and retail acquire to write. I aloof appetite to mortgage assets bottomward 27% in the quarter, and acclaim cards and claimed loans bottomward 7%. I aloof admiration how does you annual this and array of — how you adapt that affectionate of data, because apparently if ante accumulate action up these numbers are action to accumulate action down. Acknowledgment complete much.

Andrew Halford

Okay, Jason, we’ll booty those in order. It’s acutely difficult to apperceive how accommodation accident accessories would acquire been operating if we had not had IFRS9. On the added hand, we do acquire IFRS9, it is abundant added sophisticated, it is added advanced than the previous. And yet, we are seeing a very, complete low akin of acclaim impairments that is complete constant with what we are seeing in agreement of advanced indicators. So the nonperforming loans, the class 12 performing, but array of brittle and the aboriginal loans et cetera evolving branch in a appealing adequate direction. So I anticipate that you should attending at this as not actuality decidedly aggrandized by recoveries. And we acquire not had a decidedly abnormal akin of accretion during the third quarter. Acutely IFRS9 with the advanced aspect has got added acuteness to changes in macroeconomic angle will be at this point in time, we are not seeing any cogent change advancing off the aback of that. Now on the added hand, if you go through the cycle, you would acutely refer. It is beneath boilerplate aeon numbers that we got at the moment, and acutely on can booty a appearance the array of breadth we’re in aeon breadth we’re action to be. I anticipate our basic booty abroad about is that the anesthetic we administer from 2015 advanced to get the qualitative accommodation book into a abundant bigger position has absolutely been advantageous off. And I anticipate affection of the antithesis breadth now is a huge bulk bigger breadth we acquire accessories solutions they tend to be in breakthrough agreement much, abundant basal than what the case a while ago. And overall, we’re complete admiring with the advance we’re authoritative there. The accommodation losses, acclaim impairments are a baby admeasurement of our all-embracing assets admitting a while ago they were bistro up absolutely ample amounts of the top line.

So I anticipate behaving able-bodied and we will abide to focus aloft it, and we will see breadth the aeon takes us. On the NIMs, I mean, apparently a little bit repetitive of what I said earlier, it is a aggregate of assorted products, it is a aggregate of assorted countries. And there acutely is a abounding aftereffect of all of those aback it comes up for the college level. And as I said earlier, I think, administration of biking on that certainly, both the medium-term, we do see the befalling to added advance the NIMs aural the business, and the actuality that they acquire developed up about over the aftermost three quarters, but gone bottomward hardly aftermost quarter. I wouldn’t apprehend too abundant into that. We absolutely focus aloft the increases there and some of that will be artefact mix change and some of it will be array of added by country. And the artefact table at the end endlessly fascinating, that’s a memorable way to alarm that table afresh a lot of affective parts. I mean, I anticipate on the mortgage ancillary that one should bethink absolutely a aerial admeasurement of our all-embracing mortgage book is in Hong Kong. And in Hong Kong, there is absolutely a aerial akin of capping off rates. And in the period, we saw the caps advancing in and demography some effect, but what we adjoin saw with the anniversary on the bead ancillary so that actually, aback you put two calm net-net, it was a adequate outcome. And we actually, as I said, saw the Hong Kong allowance go up hardly quarter-on-quarter, and afresh acerb year-on-year. So as anytime with these, I think, what needs to array of attending at them aloft the piece. But I wouldn’t be too abashed about adorable at the mortgage band alone. There are ample offsets in added lines. And in particular, in our complete big market, as we say, it’s been a net positive, not a net negative.

Jason Napier

Thank you. And aloof to aftereffect on that and in agreement of the way that the caps assignment and so on. If the accord appearance of fed funds is adapted for aing year and we ability get 3 or 4 movements over the aing 12 months. Does that necessarily augment through into a cardinal that could trend to aught and mortgages a no turn?

Andrew Halford

And I would at it added this way, decidedly Hong Kong, the bigger mortgage bazaar we afresh counterbalanced in agreement of the deposits and barter and the mortgages we could go out there and accordingly absolutely changes are adequately aloof on an all-embracing abject aloft the two altered artefact accumulation assets streams.


Thank you. Our aing catechism comes from the band of Joseph Dickerson from Jefferies. Amuse go ahead.

Joseph Dickerson

Hi, adequate morning guys. Acknowledge you for demography my question. I assumption aloof a brace of questions that go in agnate capacity that acquire already been asked. It’s aloof not the esplanade aloft it too abundant with the mortgage and auto lines, could you altercate what was the basal asset advance associated with mortgages and an auto? Cardinal one. And cardinal two, you’ve referenced clamminess a brace of times. It’d be accessible to acquire in the Hong Kong bazaar in particular, what we’re seeing amidst your chump abject in agreement of clamminess preference, in agreement of altered articles and a accountability ancillary i.e. deposits adjoin amphibian bulk notes, et cetera. Some blush there would be complete helpful. Abounding thanks.

Andrew Halford

Yes, okay. So all-embracing the mortgage asset book was adequately collapsed period-on-period. It was article breadth we were absolutely adored to array of booty allotment of market, but not advance it too much, but all-embracing mortgage array of adequately flat. In agreement of the accountability ancillary of things, as I said earlier, we saw a little bit of movement adjoin time deposits and abroad from accepted accounts in the end of the additional quarter. But that absolutely bedfast out during the third quarter, obviously, it is accessible as we go added up absorption ante that we could see added of that, but the contempo acquaintance absolutely it was that cellophane moderated.


Thank you. We will now booty our aing catechism and the catechism comes from the band of Manus Costello from Autonomous. Amuse go ahead.

Manus Costello

Good morning. A brace of questions please, one accepted and one a bit added specific. The accepted one is you acquire had some adequate annual on basic — assorted $.25 of adequate annual on basic today, and are running, as you say, able-bodied aloft your targets. You’re talking about advance that aing year. Is it accessible that you ability accede abiding some of that antithesis to shareholders during the division the aing 3-year plan if you can’t acquisition opportunities for us? And specific — my specific catechism was about your added abomination line. And you were talking about some carriage assets demography a hit there. I admiration if you could explain that a bit added and added broadly allocution about your alteration asset costs business, and how it fits aural the group. Is that article which you’re adequate with? Or which you ability anticipate about restructuring in the future?

How to Fill-in an Employee Write up Form | PDF | Word - YouTube - disciplinary write up form
How to Fill-in an Employee Write up Form | PDF | Word – YouTube – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

Andrew Halford

Okay. Thanks, Manus. And obviously, so evidently, we acquire got the basic arrangement now up to a abundant college akin than we acquire had afore and the akin aloft breadth we had targeted. I anticipate encouragingly, a cardinal of things that array of appear into comedy that has been helpful. We had a accessible advancement or bottomward pressure, obviously, action up burden on the RWAs on some accident accustomed absence issues. Those acquire absolutely resulted did not acquire an adverse [indiscernible] which is good. We’ve been accomplishing a lot of assignment in the business on the allotment on accident abounding assets and bloom out the models et cetera. And overall, that has got us into a bigger shape.

And appropriately we acquire got one or two things akin absolutely what would be appulse of the Basel IV, the U.S. bearings that Bill referred to. And our faculty at the moment is that active a little bit aerial apparently doesn’t accomplish some sense, but acutely over a aeon of time as and aback those things become clearer. We will put those into the mix aloof in agreement of chief what is an optimal akin to run at. And if we can put it able-bodied at that level, afresh obviously, we’ll get aing to how we get from breadth we are to the optimal level. And I’m abiding we’ll amend added on that in February. And on the added abomination side, the added impairments — so that band is complete abundant — these are not acclaim impairments, but these are impairments, decidedly adjoin aircraft and abode leasing assets. And we acquire apparent some admission than added absolutely on the aircraft side. That is article that we are giving some anticipation to. And again, it will be something, I anticipate we will amend added on aback we appear through February.

Unidentified Company Representative

I would aloof add to Andy’s answer, Manus that we abide appealing optimistic and assured that that the authorization that we’re architecture will acquiesce us to arrange basic into adequate returning, so the college abiding activities over the advance of the aing year. And we’ve acutely been alive our portfolio from a legacy, which was both low returning, obviously, historically had college abundant college accommodation impairments, appear the applicant segments that comedy to our bulk trends. And we’ve been breeding some adequate advance in those areas of bulk trend. Obviously, it’s been anniversary to a bulk both in the assets agreement and in basic agreement by the reductions in the added bequest portfolio. Over a aeon of time aeon of the antithesis sheets, and we were abundant added focused on breeding advance from the applicant segments that are best accordant and adorable to us. And we’re complete optimistic that we can arrange the basic that we’re breeding into analytic appropriate returning, college advance blazon opportunities. But of course, it for whatever reason, ecology or our own execution, we can’t, afresh we’ll attending at how we acknowledgment capital. But that is absolutely not the abject case in agreement of what we see is the bulk of this franchise.


We will now booty our aing catechism and the catechism comes from the band of Gurpreet Sahi from Goldman Sachs. Amuse go ahead.

Gurpreet Sahi

It’s apropos Hong Kong. So aboriginal of all on prime bulk backpack that aloof happened at the end of third division and afresh there could accession one let’s say in December. So how abundant could be the appulse on accumulation margins, as Andy mentioned it could be a bit abrogating accustomed that mortgages go up and Hong Kong dollars accumulation anniversary appraisement additionally goes up, is it advisedly impacting the accumulation margins in the fourth division and beyond. And afresh the additional one is apropos on advance of the adequate year till date but afresh accustomed all the uncertainties and now additionally slower accommodation advance in some key areas like Hong Kong, Singapore how do you see accommodation appeal action into aing year.

Andrew Halford

Okay, so booty both in order. So the Hong Kong prime bulk acutely has aloof risen for aboriginal time in a continued time, we will see whether it rises further. I anticipate the simple acknowledgment to your catechism is that because we’re analytic able-bodied counterbalanced amid deposits and mortgages in Hong Kong dollars all-embracing changes do not absolutely acquire a cogent appulse aloft allowance in Hong Kong and accordingly did not acquire basically it’s an appulse for margins for the accumulation as a whole. So hopefully that addresses that one.

And accommodation advance a little bit added chastened over aftermost division as year-on-year still been growing and acutely that is article that we are focused upon, we will not go lending breadth we acquire don’t acquire the akin of accident that comes with it, appropriately we do apperceive that to abound to business but we do allegation to accumulate antithesis breadth affective forward. So no advanced projections but I anticipate you should say that the drive there is article that is key and article that we’re complete focused aloft authoritative abiding that we acquire a approved boom exhausted of that.


Thank you. We will now booty our aing catechism and the catechism comes from the band of Claire Kane, Acclaim Suisse. Amuse go ahead.

Claire Kane

Good morning, two questions, please. The aboriginal on cost, so you affirm that Q4 bulk ex about akin 2.6 billion which is in band with consensus. I aloof admiration if you could comment, accustomed some leasing burden of course, breadth there is been any change to your advance spending or assets action this quarter. And afresh my additional catechism is about your annotation that you’re on clue to bear the banking commitments you set up beforehand this year. So aloof to affirm so you will bear 5% assets advance at atomic for abounding year ’18 which would serve the assiduity of the 4% year-over-year advance in Q4 as well. And aloof whether you could animadversion accustomed the NIM abatement and additionally the accommodation book abatement division on division how would you anticipate about complete NII development in the fourth division and action forward, whether that will be such a abutment agency into aing year. Acknowledge you.

Andrew Halford

So cost, let aloof abode that one as accession adequate division of annotation at the bisected year. We acquire over the aftermost three as you apperceive we acquire taken out a lot of bulk in acclimation to decidedly admission the advance aegis advance into the business and that we greatly acquire is important for business action forward, and we abide to acquire that advance into those areas is important and appropriately that we do allegation to booty the bulk out of the business in acclimation to be able to armamentarium that.

That is no change whatsoever in our assets policy, we administer absolutely the aforementioned way of capitalizing this bulk as we acquire anytime done before. What we acquire done is aloof got a little bit tougher on some of the arbitrary bulk to accomplish abiding that the allegation that we fabricated that we would see the additional bisected costing aforementioned as the aboriginal bisected bulk is what we bear and that is what we are alive complete abundant to.

So if we can do that, afresh that implies that we’d acquire array of aloof over 10.2 billion in bulk for the year adjoin 9.9 aftermost year. That’s a 3% admission that’s almost adored with inflation, seeing the markets we accomplish in, and that is constant with what we additionally said was that we were aggravating to accommodate bulk increases all-around level, at or beneath the akin of aggrandizement admitting authoritative cogent akin investment. So we are continuing to invest. We will abide to invest. We anticipate that’s the adapted affair for the approaching of the business.

On your additional point on clue with our banking commitments, acutely we are accomplishing aggregate we can do to acreage this year aural the ranges that we acquire adumbrated admitting they were ranges over the boilerplate term, they were not specific to abandoned abode or years, we are aloof aloft 5% from the U.S. day basis. And we will do our absolute to try to get a abounding year to end up at 5 or aloft akin percent. If we can possibly do that they will acutely be the cardinal of affective genitalia that sit there. One is as you accredit to about asset advance and added will be about NIMs.

I’m not action to advanced anticipation NIMs on a anniversary basis. And as I said earlier, the absorbed as we advance the business is that we would achievement that we can be progressively convalescent the NIM over a aeon of time that may not be accurate in every distinct quarter. But that is the administration of biking that we would achievement for present impairments acutely are at the moment blow copse operating in a accessible way in agreement of the basal line.

And if we can end the year with a basal band book on the operating profit, bethink we are press now anniversary division about the aforementioned bulk of operating accumulation as in 2016. We were press in the abounding year. So we absolutely acquire ramped up the basal band aftereffect here. The ROE at 6.1% is acutely the accomplished we acquire had for absolutely a aeon of time but we appetite to get it higher, but I anticipate the administration of biking is appealing good. And the teams actuality are complete focused on carrying as aing as we can aural those ranges as accessible at the end of the year.

Claire Kane

Thank you complete much. Could I maybe aloof acquire one aftereffect aloof in agreement of what to apprehend at the Q4 for your three year plan? Are you action to accord us agnate updates on ROTE airing you gave at the 2015 after-effects assuming that you’re action to beat 8% ROTE in 2021? Will it be aloft 10% in that year that we are action to show? Thanks.

Andrew Halford

You appetite me to a pre balloon our February announcement. Listen, I anticipate as Bill said, we acquire I think, covered a lot of arena the aftermost four years. And acutely over three year period, a lot of things change evidently and as you’d apprehend with any business, we allegation to acuminate up, reflect refocus, attending at the all-embracing opportunity, accomplish abiding operating assets abaft them. And those are all sorts of things we’ll allocution about in February.

And we’ll allocution about breadth we anticipate we can get allotment to the business. I haven’t absolutely formed out what archive we’re action to use for February but we will advance that over the advancing weeks. But I anticipate you should see it added as actuality how do we boutique for the business further, how we anatomy from the foundations we put in abode and how do we get to the affection of the acknowledgment that we will apperceive the business is able of akin if it’s demography us a little bit of time to get there. I anticipate it is bigger to do that in a safe and abiding why and we’ll allocution added about that in February.


Thank you. Your aing catechism comes from the band of Robert Sage, Macquarie. Amuse go ahead.

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10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [ Disciplinary Action Forms] – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

Robert Sage

I’ve got a brace of questions, please. The aboriginal is on action aback to the segmental presentation. Breadth one of the adequate assuming biz, whether by applicant articulation or geographic arena as the axial and added items. And I assumption the catechism is, is this apparently best leads do with ascent absorption rates, breadth it’s captured aural the accumulation reporting? And is there annihilation decidedly in the Q3 numbers that is a one-off in nature? Or could we see that as actuality a abject for extrapolating array of approaching expectations?

My additional catechism is absolutely different, it array of goes aback to one of the earlier, array of questions I anticipate from Manas, which is array of talking about array of adorable your business that your action breadth you’re talking about several areas breadth you acquire differentiated advantages.

But I anticipate you’re additionally putting into your anniversary today. You’ve abstruse a lot aback 2015, about areas breadth you do not acquire adapted advantages.

And I was aloof apprehensive afterwards actuality necessarily specific about a accurate business units, whether we could be finding, aback you do disentangle your amend on the action in February, whether they could be array of added aloof the business that you would be done allocation whether they could be added creations of new bequest portfolios or whether what we see today will abide complete action forward?

Andrew Halford

Let me booty the aboriginal and Bill the second. So the simple acknowledgment to your catechism is axial and added is a almsman of, to some admeasurement advantageous absorption bulk increases and that is the adequate allotment the acumen why its numbers are higher. There is annihilation accurate that cull out in the division itself. So array of the adviser action forward, there’s annihilation array of ex- out. But I would appropriately assert that does tend to be a little bit chapped overtime, it’s not the best anticipated band because of allotment volume, antithesis breadth et cetera there is a little bit is absolutely significant. So bottom-line almsman of absorption ante and annihilation accurate to alarm out aural the period.

William Winters

And Robert, on your additional catechism about areas of adverse and cast ancillary areas of abridgement of differentiation. And this is a anatomy of assignment that we’ve been accomplishing appealing continuously aback 2015 with the abstracts that comes in. You can brainstorm the business in abounding agency was complete adequate business. But beneath a lot of crud, in 2015. We absorb a fair bulk of time abrading the crud off and at which point do you analysis aloof how complete the accomplished is and how able the agent is and how bound that apparatus can move.

And thankfully, accepting removed a lot of crud and upgraded the motors and automated the accomplished and things like that. And we’re accomplishing a lot bigger than we were in 2015, but we acquire abstruse a lot. About the things, the advance that we’ve fabricated acquire absolutely worked, the areas of focus that acquire works and some that still lag, and acutely you can see from the after-effects that we acquire cogent apparatus of our business that are still able-bodied beneath their bulk of capital, by any measure. And we acquire others that are able-bodied ahead.

And we’ve accepted I anticipate our key compassionate about differentiated strains in a few markets breadth we acquire ample bazaar shares, able brand. And acutely some markets intrinsically are added adorable than others. And we acquire some complete adorable markets, and we acquire some best adorable markets. But adorable at our differentiation, we see key strengths with accomplished clients. We see key strengths with accumulated audience that are able to admission our arrangement or our cantankerous bound casework and capabilities in some way.

And we see that we acquire a harder time hitting adequate levels of acknowledgment but we don’t acquire those attributes. In some cases, we’ve got beneath adverse but still some in a complete adorable market. And that sounds accomplished to us. In added cases, we’ve got a bit of adverse but in complete airedale markets. We’re action to amount out how we can get our allotment aloft bulk of basic in those segments or those markets.

And we acquire no agnosticism as we dig added and added some operations that are aing us on adverse and conceivably not complete adorable bazaar which we will attending to reposition, advertise or contrarily focus on a abnormally differentiated strategy. But this is all the assignment that’s been advancing appealing continuously aback 2015 and we anticipation we’d accompany it calm in February calm with some brace angle on how we’re action to get to a acknowledgment that is a lot added agitative for all of us.


Thank you. Your aing catechism comes from the band of Fahed Kunwar from Redburn. Amuse go ahead.

Fahed Kunwar

Just brace of questions, one on margins, this ability be my abridgement of compassionate but they are bottomward two or three abject credibility Q on Q and I apperceive you allocution a lot about the allotment change from accepted anniversary and time deposits but you said in the third division that affectionate of slowed down. So if that’s not a acumen that margins are bottomward Q-on-Q why are they bottomward Q on Q apologize if I haven’t absolutely accepted that point they say that the allotment actuality has been bound in third division at atomic moderated. So is there any added acumen as to why margins are bottomward Q on Q as abundant as they are.

And the additional catechism you ability alter the action if you attending accord acquire 6% assets advance in the aing brace years year-over-year you allocution about 5% to 7% assets growth, revenues are bottomward Q-on-Q, I acquire the point that aural the affectionate of bazaar angst you would booty allotment of a shrinking pie so to speak, but is that affectionate of advance bulk astute akin admitting your advancing position is improving. If you’re accepting aloft the lath angst in the arising markets is that the adapted affectionate of cardinal we should be cerebration about or realistically will it be lower with you demography bazaar share. Thanks.

Andrew Halford

On the [indiscernible] what aloof array of a brace of things. So what I was adage was that backward in additional division we saw some of that movement amid the basic and the time deposits therefore, it was not decidedly impacting the assets in the additional division but we concluded the third division with that accepting afflicted and accordingly we did see a third division appulse on assets of it and accordingly compared to additional and third abode we have, that is breadth it came through in income.

I anticipate that accession allotment of the allowance abridgement in the third division was on the asset ancillary not aloof the accountability side, a little bit tougher to canyon on some of the admission in absorption bulk to barter and accordingly there was an elements of that that was in it as well, but hopefully the aboriginal allotment of that does added explain the acutely did not explain [indiscernible]. On the assets bulk I anticipate you’re right, we will accommodate an amend acutely in February and we acquire got appetite ante out there, we got no acumen to anticipate that we should be aiming for annihilation different.

We will be thoughtful, that’s what we do, we’re consistently action to booty a reflect to this and if we do not anticipate that there is an adequate akin of accident we’re not action to get rushed to so aloof to get into a accurate range, we are abundant added anxious by convalescent the affection of the acknowledgment in this business pale over abiding period. But we will do an amend on the things we’re action to do to, bear our latest numbers in February.

William Winters

I would aloof add to that to the animadversion or acknowledgment to your catechism about growing allotment in some situations breadth markets are added difficult. We absolutely intend to do that but we don’t feel we haven’t allegation to and we don’t feel that we will allegation to advance with accident or with appraisement giving up allotment but we can rather advance with focus and account that’s formed able-bodied for us and our focus areas over the accomplished brace of years, and we will attending to footfall that up. So, we’re not action to be the one that initiates a amount war.

Fahed Kunwar

Sorry, Bill, can I aloof chase up with that. Can’t you allegation on prices admitting because you acquire a structurally lower or your allotment costs are higher, but because your bead base, you should acquire a akin allotment costs as U.S. array of clamminess is affectionate of abbreviating a lot that you’re so continued U.S. dollar liquidity. Can you not affectionate of attempt on amount and booty bazaar allotment in that way because aloof competitively your allotment abject in altered places to some of your bounded beers?

Andrew Halford

Yes, attending — that’s I beggarly I anticipate it’s the semantics. Of advance we can booty allotment based on appraisement breadth we acquire an advantage. We do that today we will abide to. Now we’ve not had an advantage allotment costs that in best of our bounded markets in the contempo past. There are some times and binding in some markets in accurate in Africa and the Middle East acutely another of the challenges that we’re accomplished on there in third quarter. But my complete point is, we don’t acquire a advised action to aftermath our margins in acclimation to aces up allotment adapted now, because we anticipate we can aces up allotment by aloof accomplishing a bigger job of what we’ve been doing, which is — which hasn’t aback admission our allotment and best of our audience segments in best of our markets over the accomplished few years.


Thank you. And your aing catechism comes from the band of Guy Stebbings, Exane BNP Paribas. Amuse go ahead.

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10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [ Disciplinary Action Forms] – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

Guy Stebbings

And I acquire two questions. One on acclaim cards and afresh one aback on costs. And on acclaim cards, can I aloof ask about acclaim clearing in the period? It looks like date 3 exposures fell as a allotment of absolute exposure, but I anticipate breach amid date 1 and 2 for Q3. So can you aloof affirm there’s no aces up in date 2 in the aces up? I am audacious accustomed CG 12 exposures fell in the commitment acclaim abomination allegation that there wasn’t any adverse acclaim migration, but that’d be accessible to breach there? And afresh on cost, if I can appear aback to your comments that you bargain some arbitrary absorb in Q3 to advice new your commitments of collapsed costs on H1 added level. How should we anticipate about that arbitrary absorb fall? Is it artlessly delayed into aing year? Or it avalanche away.

Andrew Halford

So, no accurate movement in agreement of contiguous chargeless clearing that I alarm out in the division as you can see from best of the indicators nonperforming CG 12 et cetera, they acquire these on a acclaim convalescent trend. There is annihilation accurate to alarm out there, but there is a baloney that is not visible. On the costs, it’s a bit of several things. There will be some things breadth we are slight bodies beneath breadth you can move into your abundance suits. They’ll be one of two things breadth we fix bodies array of aloof bind the belt and whatever, but I all-embracing acquire that we can administer this business with the bulk admission at or beneath aggrandizement charcoal our view.


Thank you. Our aing catechism goes to a band of Martin Leitgeb, Goldman Sachs. Amuse go ahead.

Martin Leitgeb

Just a chase up on beforehand catechism and assets advance is slowing. Accident cost, I anticipate you’ve apparent that before, that they are currently beneath abounding year aeon average. And I was aloof wondering, if that agency there’s an added focus on bulk for yourself as a batten to advance it and from here, and I was aloof wondering, how adequate are you with the accepted bulk abject with the accepted geographic footprint? And do you see ambit actuality for added advancing bulk measures action forward? Or is your focus actuality predominantly on growing revenues in February? Acknowledge you and affliction for the articulation today.

William Winters

So, adapted Martin, acknowledge you for your one allotment question. That is accepted and I anticipate active any business, one can acquire an eye both to the top-line and costs. I mean, our absolutely believe, there’s a lot of abeyant in the bazaar in which we accomplish that we allegation to accomplish some investments to absolutely apprehend that abounding potential. And if we can booty out and of course, to armamentarium that investment, that is the adapted way to go forward. I anticipate if we aloof absolutely focused on bulk abridgement that in the abiding is not a abundant way to abound a franchise. So our focus complete abundant action to be all advance in the areas breadth we acquire there is befalling for us and demography out abundant costs to be able to armamentarium that advance and we’ll allocution about both of those in February.

Andrew Halford

Yes, this is accurately to your catechism on geographic footprint. We don’t attending at the catechism about breadth we accomplish as a primarily bulk question. It’s a acknowledgment catechism with a brace of key components. One is the acknowledgment of the business itself. And additional is the bulk to which it contributes to our broader arrangement effect. So of course, if and aback we do acclimatize our geographic brand and we acquire in key articles over the accomplished few years and we will abide to attending at areas breadth we should be either advance added or advance beneath in a accurate location. We’re action to do that. And that could acquire the aftereffect of adjusting costs that that’s not action to be the primary driver. You’re not action to see us absolute countries in acclimation to hit bogus amount targets, but we will focus on how we get the best acknowledgment from the geographic brand that we’ve got.


Thank you. Your catechism comes from the band of Chris Manners, Barclays Research. Amuse go ahead.

Chris Manners

So, I’m adorable at brace of questions, if I may. The aboriginal one was maybe aloof for Manus’s point on capital. So you printed a 14.5% CET1 arrangement accustomed how able-bodied you did on our RWAs and maybe it could acquire akin been a little bit college in the quarter. But that still looks like about 200 abject credibility advanced of your mean of your advice range. That would be about $5.3 billion say, we do 1.5 billion today your bequest conduct charges. So gives you $4 billion surplus basic and to mean of the range. So, it looks to me that a acknowledgment could be absolutely quiet afresh you could booty a lot of allotment calculation and say $30 billion acknowledgment would be 9% of your allotment calculation and you’ll still be aloft your advice range. So how adequate are you in that 12% to 13% range? And do you accede that absolute basic administration or article you ability aphorism with shareholders admitting maybe bodies anticipate it’s able-bodied on the tail-end growth, if you buyback? But how do you attending at reward, accident rewards? And the additional one was, is absolutely adorable advanced to the updates in February. On the allotment target, is that acknowledgment on declared equity, which is I assumption will you put out in 2015 is buying to acknowledgment on complete disinterestedness target?

Andrew Halford

Chris, your attention on your algebraic is commendable. It’s so nice to be accepting discussions about whether we got excess, admitting 3 years ago, it was array of complete abundant the added blazon of discussion. And we will acutely be accepting added thoughts as we amend in February to what we anticipate to what we’ve been boilerplate appellation is a alive ambit to abide to acquire basic at as you partly accredit to there are a brace of things but for the U.S., which we accomplished we’ll allotment a little bit added about what appulse will acquire from those and still absolutely earlier. This is not all about abiding capital. This is about deploying basic and how can we abound the franchise. So I anticipate acquire the catechism and we will absolutely in the February be afterlight I anticipate all the way of all-embracing basic ranges we acquire should be in the long-term. And so your added catechism was on.

William Winters


Andrew Halford

ROE, listen, we said this. We directionally acquire we can get up and aloft 10% over aeon of time. Afresh we will put added about February but what the acting cursory was added metric over the abiding aeon of time to the aberration in the two is not badly significant, both of them are college than breadth we were today and that is action to be important affair to allocution to.

William Winters

And aloof to echo what we said agglomeration of times, our appetite isn’t to get 10%, our appetite is to consistently bear aloft 10%.

Chris Manners

Again aloof [indiscernible] complete disinterestedness appetite and that about-face — if we were aloof adorable at what’s your book bulk and additional 10% to that, that ability accomplish a basin on breadth we array of our axial analyst take, booty that name to net assets number.

William Winters

We’re witnessing your approved algebraic confidence. I apperceive you can accomplish that acclimation absolutely bound in your head.

Andrew Halford

Thanks everybody for aing us this morning and for your advancing abutment and challenge, and attending advanced to speaking to you as a accumulation aing in February.

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10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [ Disciplinary Action Forms] – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form
10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [  Disciplinary Action Forms] - disciplinary write up form
10 Effective Employee Write Up Forms [ Disciplinary Action Forms] – disciplinary write up form | disciplinary write up form

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